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Nobody Expects A Spanish Inquisition

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Summary: A change is as good as a holiday and Willow hits the open road. Take one red-headed witch add not one but two sexy hunters, an ancient prophecy and stir and you have one recipe for a spectacular adventure!

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Part 9

Nobody Expects A Spanish Inquisition

Hi Peeps,

I know, I know, I know. It’s been a really really really long time but my muse completely died. You all need to give praise to my Beta, Heike. Without her literally writing out 95% of this installment, I would have given up and we would be having a completely different conversation now.

Author’s notes follow for those who wish to read them. Enjoy!


***Chapter 18 – You Belong To Me***


I couldn't stop the thoughts racing through my head as Willow, Dean and I made our way downstairs.

Who in the hell was that prick and what was his relationship with Willow? I could see the look of longing that came into his eyes when he looked at her. Did she feel that way too? And why the fuck did he have to go and open his stupid mouth like that?

What the hell was I going to say to Willow now? What would Dean say? Would we just mess things up even further? What was Willow thinking anyway? Would she run away again?

Why was this freaking staircase so damn long?

I was clearly losing my mind and tried to shake my head to stop the questions from running through my head over and over again, which of course didn't work.

Keeping my eyes on Willow as she walked in front of me, I realized for the first time that she was wearing what appeared to be a man's bathrobe, judging by the way it engulfed her tiny frame.

Why was Willow dressed in a man's robe anyway and who was the man that owned that robe? Was it that fucktard's?

The last thought was the most annoying of them all and I had to try and clamp down on the jealousy that arose within me. Now was really not the time to get jealous of that bastard, even though he would now have Willow's wonderful scent on his clothing. Well not if I burnt it before he had a chance to snatch it back anyway. And it certainly was not the time to think about how goddamn adorable she looked in that robe and how I would give anything for that to be my robe.

I almost laughed at how big it was on her, it kind of made her look like she was dressing up in her dad's clothes, in fact, it made her look positively fragile. And that was not a good thing. Not right now, how could I argue our case against fragile...anger, now that was an emotion I could work with.

While we were still in the lobby, right after that fucking douche had opened his big fat mouth, Willow had been angry. Confused as hell, but mostly angry, and I had kinda hoped she would stay that way. Not for long, of course, but at least until Dean and I had convinced her that the damn prophecy had nothing to do with anything, at least anything that mattered. Angry I could have handled, you can mould anger, get it to work in your favour. You can push against anger, debate anger, fight anger with anger. How could I do that to fragile. Fragile needed to be carefully approached, with the right words and thoughtful actions. All of which I just wasn't in the right frame of mind for, wasn't prepared for. Fragile was too easily shattered. No, fragile was not good at all.

Finally we reached the last step in what must have been the world's longest staircase and Willow opened a door before us, leading us into a spacious and nicely decorated suite. I had hoped Willow would turn around as soon as we entered the suite, hands on her hips, fire in her eyes and start firing questions at us. But no, she was silent, hands clenched together, slightly fidgeting, looking at the floor, the ceiling, the furniture, anywhere but Dean and I. Great, definitely fragile.

Although she wasn't even looking in my direction, I could imagine the wheels turning in her head, forming conclusions that were probably all wrong. We needed to talk. I needed to say something. I didn't know what yet, but I would just have to think of something. Something that would keep her with us.

I wanted to make her comfortable for the conversation and softly placed my hand on the small of her back, to steer her towards the bed so she could sit down, but she jumped away from me as soon as I touched her. For a moment, she looked at me bewildered, like she had forgotten where we were. But then this other look entered her eyes. It was one I had never seen before, and hoped I never would again. I couldn't describe it if my life depended on it, but it made my stomach drop.

"What prophecy?"

Two simple words, but they said so much more. The tone of her voice, the look on her face. She was afraid. And hurt. And confused. And angry. And so much more. And I didn't have a fucking clue what to say.

How did I even begin to explain what needed to be explained and say it in a way that would not hurt her any more. That wouldn't make her doubt us, or our feelings for each other.

Damn it, it wasn't supposed to have gone like this. I hoped to god that that fuck was running cause when I caught up to him...

Clearing the vengeful thoughts from my mind, I sent a quick prayer up to whoever was listening.

"Please Willow, it's going to be alright, I promise. We'll tell you everything we know about this whole damn thing, but can you please sit down first."

The words that I had hoped would have had a calming influence on Willow seemed to have the opposite effect, as she started to pace back and forth in the suite, alternating between wringing her hands and wiping them nervously on her clothes.

"I don't want to sit down Sam. I want to know about this prophecy."

It was probably supposed to come out angry and loud, but it sounded far too broken for my liking. Dean picked up on that too.

"Pix, just listen, this isn't what you think."

He tried to get closer to her, but for every step he took forward, she took one back, shaking her head.

"I don't even know what I'm thinking Dean, or even what to think any more. So would the two of you just tell me about the damn prophecy already so that I will finally be able to understand something?"

She pulled the robe tighter around herself, hugging her middle.

Did I mention how fragile she looked in that robe? And how desperate she sounded?

Okay, what to say? How to start?

"Apparently Bobby and that vamp came across a prophecy foretelling that the three of us would get together and that you would bear our children. It says that one baby is Dean's, and one's mine and then it said that-"

I didn't have the chance to continue, because at that point Willow began pacing back and forth, shaking her head violently. And, was that a laugh I heard?

"Silly Willow. Of course it would say that, of course there would be a prophecy. This is Sunnydale all over again. Have I been gone so long that I already forgot? I can't believe how naive I still am."

This wasn't good. She wasn't making sense.

"Willow, what are you talking about?"

But she didn't answer me, I wasn't even sure if she heard me.

"'Rogue the hunter' my ass. I knew it was too good to be true, that I'd never get away from that place, that person. I'm still the same little Willow I was back then. Trusty little research girl. What the hell was I thinking?"

"Pix, what the hell-"

But Dean didn't get any farther than this, as Willow just rambled on.

"Goddess, didn't I learn anything from back then? Two gorgeous, fantastic men sleep with me. Me. Of course there was a prophecy. Who would want plain old mousy Willow."

I wanted to protest then and there, but she suddenly turned around and looked at me with her big, bright, teary eyes. And my blood froze.

"Did you know? Did you know about all this from the beginning? Did you just want to get this whole thing over with and get me pregnant so you would be able to put it behind you?"

The tears weren't gathering in her eyes anymore, they were running down her cheeks at a rapid pace. This was killing me. She couldn't think like that. Please, God, she couldn't possibly think that.

I went over to her, wanting to just wrap my arms around her and never let her go again. But Dean was closer and arrived at her side before me. He took her face in his hands and tenderly lifted it up to make her look him in the eyes.

"No, Willow, no. Never say that again. Never even think that again. I -, we love you. And this prophecy thing, it doesn't change anything."

Willow shook his hands off her and stepped away quickly.

"Of course it does, don't you get it? It changes everything. If you just slept with me because of-"

But this time I interrupted her.

"We didn't know about the prophecy. We didn't even know it existed. Bobby told us after he found us in the motel, after you left. Please, Baby Girl, I swear, we did not have sex with you because of the prophecy. I did not fall in love with you because of a stupid bit of parchment. It was you, all you, only you."

We hadn't known about it, but even if we had, it wouldn't have been the reason why I slept with her, or why I fell in love with her.

But then there was that sad little laugh again. The one that was really starting to scare me.

"It's always because of a prophecy. And I'm a fool to think otherwise for even a moment. You might not have known about the prophecy, but it doesn't change the fact that you don't really love me.”

She turned away from us, heading back to the door. I was really afraid now. She was shutting down, shutting us out. I didn't know what exactly brought this on, but she had clearly dealt with prophecies before in her life and it probably wasn't good.

God damn it this wasn't how it was supposed to be! And all because of this fucking idiot, Gunn.

I needed to stop her. She couldn't walk out of this room now because I had this nauseating feeling that if she did, she would walk out of our lives as well. And I would not let that happen.

But again, Dean was faster than me. He was behind her before she had even taken two steps, grabbed her arm and spun her around to face him. Then he took her other arm in his other hand as well, like he was a drowning man going down for the third time. And right then I knew, he was just as scared of losing her right now as I was.

"Okay now look here. I know this is a really fucked up situation right now, but if you think I'm letting you walk out of this room, while you believe that some fucking piece of paper that some wannabe prophet wrote some odd years ago made me love you, then you are fucking crazy!"

This was getting beyond bad. Dean was scared and desperate.

"You don't love me Dean, not really. You just think you do. All you need is some time away from me to clear your head and you'll soon realise it."

Dean shook his head. "Fuck that. Yes I do. I do love you."

Dean was getting frustrated, which was also a very bad thing. When that happened he usually took his frustrations out on someone. I did not want to be Gunn when we got back upstairs.

"No. You. Don't. See? That's the funny thing about prophecies. Everything just gets really screwed up and turned upside down and before you know it, you are doing something you wouldn't normally do, or fucking someone you normally wouldn't even think about. Because that's the way those damn things work”

This was getting way out of hand, I silently commanded my mouth to say something, my feet to move to break them apart, but nothing happened.

"It's not the prophecy. This has nothing to do with the fucking prophecy. Why the fuck are you so goddamn hung up on that? And what the hell were you talking about before about this Sunnydale and research girl shit anyway?"

Willow gave a small half laugh again and the sound of it filled me with dread.

"See? You don't even know anything about me. We talked for a few hours in a bar and most of what we told each other wasn't even true because we couldn't reveal ourselves as hunters to the other. I mean, let’s face it, we had a one night stand and if not for this prophecy, it probably wouldn't even have been that."

Dean's eyes blazed, and suddenly I was able to move forward. I had to shut Dean up before he said something stupid.

"So what if those feelings are just a product of the prophecy? What does it even matter?"

Too late, Dean had let his emotions take over. His grip on her arms slackened and she pulled away from him. I think my heart broke as I saw that sad, broken smile on her face.

"I guess it really doesn't."

And then she was out of the door.


***Chapter 19 – Never Say Never***


Delia and I sat on the lounge in the lobby and watched as Angel, Gunn, Wesley and Doyle stood together in a huddle. We couldn't hear what they were talking about, but every now and then one of their voices was raised so I had my ideas.

I sighed, rubbed my tired and sore eyes and started playing with the rim of the cap I had taken off my head earlier. Lord I was too old to be dealing with these types of dramas.

"You only have yourselves to blame for this whole mess you know. You and Angel both."

I quickly turned my head to look at Delia, was she a mind reader now.

She smirked at the shocked look on my face and went back to filing her nails.

"No I can't read your mind Bobby, but you hang around Angel long enough, you start being able to pick up on what people are thinking."

As much as I hated to admit it, the girl was right, this was all our fault. Damn cheeky woman.

"See I knew you'd come around to my way of thinking." she said, smiling as she pointed that damned pink nail file thing at me.

"I don't know if I'd go that far, but yeah this is our fault. We should have sat down with all three of them and just told em about it. It's just...well you see...."

I took a tired breath trying to figure out how to justify our actions.

"What would you have had us do, Delia? Sat the three of them down and say 'Willow, meet Dean and Sam Winchester, guys, this is Willow Rosenberg, also known as Rogue. Just so you know, the three of you are supposed to fall madly in love and produce two babies. Have fun.' I bet that would have gone over well."

Delia stared at me as if I had grown a second head or something.

"Of course not Bobby, but you could have eased them into it. You know how Willow is with surprises."

Rubbing my tired eyes, I hunched over in my seat.

"I know, I know but she would've just headed for the hills. Her and prophecies don't go real well together. She's like a daughter to me Delia. I just wanted her to be happy, to have someone if her life, apart from us, that loved her completely and unconditionally. The guilt over this whole thing has been tearing me up inside, added to that is the worry that she's never gonna forgive me."

She leaned over and patted my hand.

"It's okay Bobby, I get it. Don't get me wrong, I completely disagree with what you guys did but I understand why you did it. And Willow will too once she's cooled off some. Don't worry she'll forgive you, you are more of a father to her then her real Dad ever was. The three of them will get through this, you'll see. Speaking of those three, how do you think they're doing anyway?"

"Honestly, I don't know. It depends too much on Dean and Willow. Willow's so unsure of herself and Gunn opening his fat trap like that didn't help matters, damned fool. Then you've Dean who tends to not think about what he's saying when he gets worked up about something. Under normal circumstances, I would trust Sammy to keep his head and be rational enough to control the situation. He is normally the most level headed one of the three of them. But this is far from normal and he is just as emotionally involved as the other two. It's not like this is something any of them have faced before, so I don't know if he will be able to approach this with his usual cool."

Delia nodded in agreement and sat back in her chair as a look of worry crossed her face.

"As long as she doesn't run again everything should be..."

Delia was cut off as the door leading to Angel's suite banged open and Willow ran across the foyer headed for the front door. Dean and Sam were right behind her but it was obvious that they weren't going to catch her in time.

I breathed a sigh of relief as Angel caught her before she could reach the door. She started to struggle in his arms and my heart broke when I saw the hurt, confusion and desperation on her face. It was obvious that their conversation hadn't gone well, and I wondered whether she was thinking clearly or acting on instinct alone.

Doyle quickly crossed the foyer, and nodding to Angel he took Willow from his arms, gently rocking her and murmuring something in Irish to her. Wesley and I both rushed over to stop the boys. Enough was enough, I had caused this mess and I was going to fix it. No more running, no more fighting.

I grabbed Dean by the arm to distract him.

"Look I know everyone's upset right now, but just give her a minute with Doyle okay?"

"No it's not okay Bobby, if give her a minute she'll just take off again. I can't lose her, I just can't." Sam said as he struggled in Wesley’s grasp.

I had expected Dean to lash out at me, but Sam surprised me. I could hear the desperation in his voice and I knew I had to tread carefully or either Dean or him would lose it. Then of course Dean had to go and open his mouth.

"If that thing doesn't take his goddamn hands off of Willow in ten seconds, then he isn't going to have any to remove."

I shot Dean a filthy look and took a deep breath.

"First off Dean, that 'thing' is one of Willow's closest friends who she considers to be her brother, so just cool it a minute. Look, I know what it's like to be scared that you're going to lose the person you love. Trust me I do. But you two need to calm down. That girl is not running again, I can guarantee that. Let Doyle and Angel calm her down, then when we've let her sit a minute I will explain the whole thing in detail to everyone. Alright?"

Dean looked like he wanted to protest some more, but nodded his agreement. I looked to Sam who nodded also.

"Good, let's see how Red is going."


Did you like it? Are you over all the drama? Don’t worry so am I but Willow and the boys are refusing to cooperate at the moment. Hopefully just one more drama filled installment and then we can get back onto our story.

As always I don’t own any of the characters listed above, heck I don’t even own most of this instalment as my Beta, Heike wrote most of it! Heike, I would be lost without you!

Review if you feel like it and if you want to follow me I’m @Im_Becstasy on Twitter.

My other story, Everything, will be updated next so keep an eye out for that.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. Stay safe, eat and drink way too much and I’ll see you in 2012!

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You Belong To Me – Cobra Starship
Never Say Never – The Fray

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