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Nobody Expects A Spanish Inquisition

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Summary: A change is as good as a holiday and Willow hits the open road. Take one red-headed witch add not one but two sexy hunters, an ancient prophecy and stir and you have one recipe for a spectacular adventure!

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Supernatural > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Threesome & MoresomesBecstasyFR18933,0132357,2481 May 1120 Dec 11No

Chapter One

Nobody Expects A Spanish Inquisition

Welcome soon to be loyal reader!

So here it is the first chapter of my first fanfiction. First the warnings. This will be a threesome fic because let's face it, which girl doesn't secretly want two gorgeous guys taking care of her? Plus Dean AND Sam together equals H.O.T. Oh and by together no incest or slash because Ewww! So please no flames and if you don't like it don't read. Simple enough, no? Second this is unbeta'ed so while all words will be spelt correctly, grammar and punctuation may not be the best. Thirdly it just may not be good at all, but give it a go you'll never know. Feel free to review with any praise or feedback you want, but if you don't want to that's fine. I promise that I'll never be one of those authors who holds a story ransom. On a final note I do not and will not ever claim to own anything other than an unhealthy obsession with fanfiction and an overactive imagination. Good luck my readers as we start this magical journey together.

The Author.

****Chapter One - They shoot horses don't they****

Rosenberg, Willow Rosenberg. That's me or was anyway (well technically I still am but you get the drift). Just a year ago I knew, or thought I did anyway. Life seemed so simple, so straight-forward. Black was black, up was up and I was just a normal teenager living in Sunnydale, California. No. Scratch that I was not normal. Normal in anyone’s book does not equate to being best friends with a Slayer, dating a werewolf and fighting things you only read about in comic books. Nope, definitely not normal but you know what. I didn't care. I had a place to belong, friends who understood me, a boyfriend I loved and a well stocked library and top of the line computer at my disposal.

Yep I was in nerd nirvana. Then of course it all started to go pear shaped. First it was Buffy. A new slayer turned up, Faith. I mean please Faith! What a name she sounded like a two-bit hussy and was. I soon found that I was very easily replaceable. Buffy no longer needed her best friend. She had someone who was cooler, prettier and stronger than me. It was here today and "you understand don't cha Wills?" tomorrow.

Then inevitably it was Xander. Well what can I say? Xander is Xander. Been there done that. Every single time a new girl even walked past it was Willow, Willow who all over again. "Wills my best bud I just need to spread my wild oats, you understand right?"

But Oz, he was the hardest. I thought he loved me and he thought he did too. That was until the groupies started to flock to the band and then it was a game of how many girls can I stick myself into as quickly as possible. I was brushed off with "I'm a hot commodity at the moment babe, I just can't tie myself down to just one girl. You understand don't you".

Insert wild screaming here. Goddess! Why was I always the one who had to understand. Understand that I was not cool enough, not sexy enough, not slutty up to measure up to their needs, their wants. Well screw them! It was time I grew a backbone. It was time to show them exactly what they were missing. It was time to blow this hellmouth and goddess help anyone who stood in my way!

****Chapter Two - Flat on the floor****

I cleared out my bank and college accounts wrote a few Dear John notes and hit the road. First stop LA to find my feet with my favourite souled vampire, Angel. Angel and I had grown extremely close over the years. Early on I had secretly harboured a very unhealthy obsession with Angel. Let's face it who could resist the dark brooding looks, the sensitive new age guy personality and the threat of danger that was always present around him. Go on I dare you. Try it and see, it's freaking impossible I tells ya. Anyway where was I. What? Oh that's right. So eventually the obsession settled down and turned into a quiet appreciation and deep and lasting friendship.

So one night when Angel opened the door and found me crying on the doorstep he took me in, no questions asked. I soon found a new family in Gunn, Wesley and yes even Cordelia. I took it a day at a time and before I knew it a month had passed and it was time to take my first steps out into the world. Gone was shy, nerdy Willow and in her place was Rogue, freelance hunter and sex goddess extraordinaire. A mix of Jessica Rabbit, Alice Abernathy and of course my namesake, Rogue. So with a very large cash gift from Angel, a sexy name wardrobe from Cordelia, a handshake from Wesley and memories of a sweet but brief make out session from Gunn it was time to hit the road.

It took a while to gain to gain access to the hunter network. They aren't a very trusting bunch and especially after it was revealed that I was also a witch I had to work hard to prove my worth. But after I saved the hides of John Winchester and Bobby Singer from a bunch of "bad" witches I was deemed trustworthy and welcomed into the fold. In fact Bobby even became my mentor and eventually my stand-in father. I was finally in business and business was booming.

Time passed quickly and I was on the move a lot. But, no matter how busy I was I never went more than a few days without checking I with both Bobby and Angel Investigations. After missing one phone I awoke one morning to the Bobby kicking in my door, gun drawn and I never again missed a deadline. In fact Angel threatened to send Cordy after me the next time and trust me, that woman on a mission is scary. I had introduced Bobby to Angel very early on as I wanted the two most important men in my life to know one another but as it turned out there was no need. Angel had met Bobby when Bobby himself was a young man and had been helping him out for years. There was an awkward moment though when Bobby asked what Angel's intentions were towards me but Angel simply laughed it off and described me as his little sister and not anything more and Bobby was right as rain again.

I've always been busy trying to fight the good fight but lately it seems like the bad guys are putting in a whole heap of overtime because it's just go go go. No rest for the wicked they say and boy does the wicked take that to heart. Vampires, Demons, Witches you name it, I'm hunting it. What they're after beats me but Bobby and A.I are looking into it. Whatever it is it seems huge and I'm eager to pull the plug on it. Also lately I seem to have this itch I can't scratch. The little witch on my shoulder is trying to tell me something or lead me somewhere and she just won't stop until she's satisfied. I've stopped for the night in June Bug, Alabama and have decided to take the night off and hit the nearest bar to relax and unwind and maybe just maybe scratch this itch.

****So there it is folks. Part one of our saga. I hope you enjoyed it and I look forward to seeing you in part two of our adventure when one of the boys decides to take over the reins****
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