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Primal World

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Dawn and Richard's Awesome Adeventure". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Richard and Dawn's next adventure takes them to a place unlike any they've been to before. Can they manage to survive until the full moon?

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Anita Blake > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: RichardDearestDrusillaFR1876,6651147,2962 May 116 Aug 11Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

The Search Is On

((AN: I seem to be getting a few questions about missing stories and unexplained objects ie: Richard's hat. (What is it about that hat btw?) Simply put, Richard and Dawn will have spent five years hopping through time and space when they finally land for good(ish). I don't intend to write five years worth of stories for them, but I am opening it up for you to write a fic on just where Richard got his hat.

The only requirements are of course that he's a sheriff in the 'old west' (Firefly counts) and the outfit looks similar the one Val Kilmer wore in Tombstone. Heck you can even give Richard the moutache.))


Richard was a man on a mission.

During the last terror bird attack Tic'Tic had been injured, Dawn, Baku and Ka'Ren were captured, and he'd lost his damn machete not seconds after D'leh's girlfriend was Recaptured. The only upside was the raiders were really bad at hiding their tracks.

Also, the others seemed slightly afraid of him. Maybe it was the yellow eyes or the beastly growls escaping his mouth. Perhaps the fangs or the way he'd partially transformed when his Machete had been taken. Whatever the case, it had the others behaving as he sniffed out the camp the raiders had gone to. They smelled sour, like a gym locker in the shower room, left far too long and in desperate need of bleach or burning.

Dawn would have burned them. She'd caught fire to a building filled with mass murdering vampires two stops back. Things like that made him wonder how much he'd changed during their two and a half years together. How much he'd started accepting as part of life and how far he was willing to bend the rules.

Physically he'd changed only a little. He had a scar over one brow from a swordfight with a valkyrie's enchanted blade. Yes, the blade itself had attacked him and everyone else in the castle. That had been a rather fun adventure actually, two months in that world let Dawn and Richard know the spell was wearing off, and Richards transformations were far less hairy.

It was there he learned that he and Dawn were destined for each other. A soothsayer -a crazy valkryie- had told them as much while a witch revealed their shared thread of fate. True mates through eternity. Eternity certainly made one approach situations differently, as did being linked to a goddess of justice and harmony.

Being linked to dawn was different than being linked to Anita and Jean Claude had been, an occasion so far removed from his life that he had to think about what it had been like. It had been rage and plotting, darkness, secrets, horror and shame. Dawn was relaxed in her approach. Not passive, but certainly not aggressive unless the situation called for it. Vengeful might have been the best word. Traits that Richard was starting to take on as time progressed. Vanity too had joined his behavior. A sense of superiority was trying to edge it's way into both of their lives, but both were trying very hard to push it away.

Even if they did deserve it in their divinity. Dawn was a protogenoi; Richard was fast approaching god-hood. Of course they were better.

Richard pulled his sense of pride back when he heard the sound of a camp. It was not the raiders, but the men had come through the place. The scent of death and sorrow was heavy in the air and the ichor in his veins was demanding the raiders be destroyed. Things like that made him wonder what sort of deity he might turn into.

The camp they came across had indeed been destroyed by the raiders. The charred remains of huts were sad reminders of what once was while priests chanted over a burning pile of the lost. The wails of women and children filled the air and the entrance of Richard's group was greatly noticed in the savannah tribe. Amongst the tall grasses and sparse trees, they would have needed to be blind not to notice travelers. They were probably attacked at night.

A discussion happened then. Words Richard couldn't comprehend flying back and forth and making him miss Dawn all the more. They hadn't been separated like this since the Dracula incident and Richard had to team up with a vampire hunter known only as D. And that seperation had ended within two days while Richard had been traveling with D'leh and Tic'tic for a good three.

D'Leh came over to him then, bowing his head and motioning to the chief beside him. Nukudu was the man. D'leh gestured around himself at the gathered villagers and spoke the word Nuku. Richard nodded, telling Nukudu that he was ulfric. D'leh said something to Nukudu in an excited and reverent tone, gesturing to Richard as he made what might have been wolf gestures. When he howled at the sky and pointed at Richard, he knew exactly what the boy was saying. Even more so when the villagers and Nukudu bowed low at his feet. Reverence sure was nice this time of year. Another thing Dawn had done to spoil him.

After Tic'Tic was treated and the two boys fed, D'leh began speaking to Nukudu once, more, drawing in the dirt for Richard's benefit. Birds had come and taken the girls across the sea, but Richard sincerely doubted there were any air-crafts in this world; maybe it was a boat or a domesticated animal? D'leh and Nukudu continued, pointing in the direction the birds had gone before Nukudu offered them something to eat.

Richard had to draw the line when Nukudu tried to offer him a companion for the night. Roaring with fury as he tried to explain why he would not sleep with the fifteen year old. D'leh managed to come to Richard's rescue just in time. While the human male tried explaining the insult Nukudu had given Richard, the demi-god in question tried his damnedest not to simply keep tracking Dawn.
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