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Darkness Loses a Warrior

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Summary: A little something i pieced together for Bin Laden's Death

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Multiple Crossings > GeneraltexaswookieFR711,3381161,1522 May 112 May 11Yes
A little something I pieced together while on the high of Bin Ladens death. Call me a bastard for being happy if you want to, but I'm rejoicing over it. BTVS, SG1, SGA, Charmed, Leverage, Hellboy Alias, Dark Angel, Supernatural & Power Rangers all belong to people other than me.

General Jack O’Neill nodded to all of the various soldiers around the room as he walked in. They had all been denied the chance to go after the scum that was Bin Laden. He was hundred percent human, meaning that none of them could go after the guy. No superior tech had been allowed, which had left the people in Cheyenne Mountain and in Atlantis helpless to help their military brethren in hunting down the man. He nodded his greetings to Colonel Sheppard, Col Mitchell, and Carter. As command soldiers they had known that what they had wanted to do wasn’t allowed. They had known that with their resources they could have found the man and brought him to justice long ago but they hadn’t been allowed. For ten years the guy had slipped through the fingers of various people when all it would have taken was people that specialized in the weird to track him down.

Jack nodded in greeting as he saw Special Agents Riley Finn, Samantha Finn, and Graham Millar walking toward him with grins on their faces having heard the news as well. Following behind the soldiers were a bunch of young adults that Jack knew from his briefings on the group. It would appear that the infamous Scooby gang had decided to join them for their celebration over what had happened tonight.

“General,” Buffy Summers said in greeting, as she took her drink from the bartender who was happily pouring drinks for the various people.

Ms. Summers,” The graying man greeted to her with a smirk.

The blonde head Slayer and her companion Xander Harris had more than once offered to send witches, watchers, vampires, vengeance demons, and slayers out after the lead terrorist. All of the offers had been denied by the various government officials though, as they wanted to deal with the man themselves. The Council had very reluctantly backed off, not even able to accidently run into the man since all of his dealing with demons since the man had no knowledge of that world and there was no way that they were going to let him find out about it if they somehow missed him.

“They really did it then?” Xander Harris asked curiously as he reached for a bottle.

“Yep, it finally happened.” Jack said with a smile. “They finally shut the guy down and killed him.”

“That’s great to hear general.” The two echoed happily as they then took off to mingle and celebrate with everyone else.

“Hey look there’s Eliot,” Buffy said happily heading towards a short stocky man with long hair. The blonde rushed to the man happily.

Jack shook his head as he saw that meeting. Eliot Spencer was a member of one of the premier con artist teams in the USA, but had been as helpless as the rest of them in managing to find the terrorist due to his work. He looked around the room and realized that this was going to be an interesting celebration as he saw all of the people that were wandering around the room. Everyone that was connected to the weird in some way or other was wandering around the room. He could see Xander Harris talking with cigar puffing Col. Nick Fury, farther away there was the man simply as Logan drinking beer alongside of the giant creature known simply as Hellboy the top field agent of the B.R.P.D. Those two had been almost as hard to allow the regular soldiers deal with the problem as had Summers and her crew He noticed Frank Castle and Blade were talking with Colonel Lydecker of Manticore. The man had often pushed for letting what he called his ‘kids’ to deal with the problem. The man had been denied and been told through multiple branches not to think about it or Manticore could lose its funding. He saw Agent Darien Fawkes and his partner Bobby Hobbes talking with Agents Sydney Bristow and Vaghn. And then there was Carter and Teal’c who were speaking with none other than Dr. Thomas Oliver and some of his associates. Daniel was speaking quietly with one of the infamous Halliwell sisters he turned and noticed Piper kicking the bartender out of the building as other people began wandering in and she took his place happily mixing drinks. There were others around but the fact that so many people like that were here to celebrate meant something as far as he was concerned. He started a bit as he saw Faith Lehane a secondary member of the Council team break off from the others and leap into the arms of Dean Winchester of all people. How they had known to come here was anybody’s guess but considering that they all seemed to have been magically drawn to this bar somehow he couldn’t really argue that much.

The General raised his hand and the various people quieted down as the man prepared to make a speech. “I’m not sure how we all knew how to come here, but we did not even sure if we all even know exactly how we got here either.” He added shooting accusatory looks at the various magic wielders around the room. “That’s not important right now though.” Jack continued letting the magic wielders know he could care less about that right now. “Somehow, wherever we were, when we walked through the doors to a bar to celebrate this we ended up here. We ended up with people that understand our frustration on having so much power but being unable to do anything about it.”

He looked around and saw that there were nods of agreement with what he was saying. He mentally reminded himself that he needed to send someone to tell the people on the Destiny the good news as well. Who knows, maybe they would bond over that and stop fighting each other for five minutes.

“We were all told to stay out of it because it was a human matter, or a military matter or they wanted to do it themselves. They didn’t want for there to be some questions or anything, and so we were all forced in our own ways to leave them alone while others fought the battles that we couldn’t fight, or the ones that they wouldn’t let us. The ones that we answered to telling us that it wasn’t our job.” He saw several disgruntled nods of agreement at that. The various magic users had not liked it when the various beings that watched over them had forced them to back off from trying to hunt the man down for his crimes. “It’s finally over though, it’s all over tonight, we can all celebrate though.” Jack said with a smile that all of the others agreed with. “All of our waiting for them to get him as finally come to an end and we can go to our work with peace in our hearts and minds knowing that there are others always there to take up the fight for us.”

At this everyone nodded, and raised up their drinks in salute for the death of the man, and in remembrance of all those that had fallen to Bin Laden over the years.

“And may the wanker rest in hell for eternity!” Spike said, getting several cheers of agreement as they all drank.

They may have been bound by their other duties not to help those fighting, but that didn’t mean that they couldn’t be glad that the shadowy human threat was over. With the darkness that was Bin Laden gone the world could breathe slightly easier now. It was easier to deal with aliens, demons, and other monsters, than the darkness of humanity.

The End

You have reached the end of "Darkness Loses a Warrior". This story is complete.

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