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Hunter's Balance Established

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Forever The Hunter". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Terrywn has become a creature of myth, set on a destiny that will extend throughout countless lifetimes, yet impact her existence infrequently. Yet, in all things, there must be balance, even for one such as she. How will that balance be established?

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Highlander > Buffy-CenteredGypsyDruidFR18510,8091126,9022 May 111 Sep 12No

Chapter Five

Chapter Five

“Come out, boy.” Terrwyn said suddenly. She heard a sharp gasp, then a young boy hesitantly stepped out of the shadows. “Did you see everything?”

The boy nodded, his eyes wide on the bleeding woman on the ground. “I saw. They are monsters?”

Terrwyn debated her answer, then nodded. “Yes, they are monsters.”

“Are they evil?” He asked. He was well familiar with the presence of the supernatural. There were many that worked along side his mother, and knew that just because they were monsters, did not necessarily mean that they were bad.

“Yes, they are.” Terrwyn answered, brushing a lock of hair behind Drusilla’s ear. “But this one is ill. So remember to never go off with strangers, especially after darkness falls. Do you understand?”

“I understand.”

Terrwyn studied the boy for a moment. Her senses told her that he wasn’t completely human himself. She touched his temple to absorb a bit of his energy to find out exactly what he was. “Where is your mother? Can you bring her here?”

He shook his head quickly. “She works in one of the pleasure houses. She will be angry if I disturb her.”

Terrwyn handed him a gold piece. “Give her this. Tell her that the Astr’ven’ti needs a favor. She will know what it means. Can you remember that?”

“I will remember.”

“Good. Go now. Tell her that I will pay her well for her time and I will give you another gold piece if you can return quickly.”

It wasn’t long before the boy returned with a woman that looking more like his older sister than his mother. She approached them cautiously, holding her son back, until she was a few feet away.

“You are the Astr’ven’ti?” She asked.

“I am, and my request was genuine.” Terrwyn assured her. “I do have a need. I must get these two back to my villa before morning, without being seen. I will pay you for the rest of the evening, and give your son another gold coin for his time.”

The prostitute studied the short blonde standing before her. Then, she turned her attention to her son. “Go and get Viktor and Cassius. We will need their help.”

They both watched as the boy ran off, then the woman turned back to Terrwyn. “You know what I am?”

“An ArjaiH.” Terrwyn answered simply. “He is a beautiful boy. I realized that he did not know the truth of his origins. When do you plan to tell him?”

“When he comes of age. His name is Gaius. His father was a client.”

“A man named Caesar?”

The ArjaiH demon looked shocked. “How did you know?”

“I have my ways.” Terrwyn smirked. “Do not worry. I will not say anything to him. A piece of advice for you, however. Do not, for any reason, tell anyone who his father is. It will do nothing but but both of your lives in danger.”

There was no time to respond as Gaius returned with Viktor and Cassius. After giving them the location of her villa, Terrwyn and the demon, whose name turned out to be Ensi, went to the pleasure house where Ensi worked to grab some supplies to subdue Darla.

“Oh, I like this.” Terrwyn commented on a specially designed chair. It had a high back and the seat was designed to support the buttocks while the person’s legs were spread. There were iron shackles on the armrests and the legs of the chair as well as a neck brace. “This is perfect. Let’s take it.”

Without waiting for an answer, Terrwyn hefted the chair and started for the door. Ensi followed quickly, her curiosity burning and her quota filled for the night with the promise of this strange woman’s money.

Back at the villa, Viktor was standing guard over the two vampires in case they awoke, while Cassius wrestled with Gaius. Terrwyn thanked them and gave them both a few gold coins before sending them on their way. The sun was rising, so Terrwyn did not worry about her sudden guests. She also knew that Cassandra had spent the evening as Caesar’s guest, and would not return until later, around midday. Setting the chair in the bedroom, she stripped Darla and shackled her down. Then she returned to gently lift Drusilla in her arms. Removing her clothes as well, she placed the brunette under the covers and tucked her in.

“Well, I thank you for your help.” Terrwyn said to Ensi, handing her a jingling pouch. She also handed another gold piece to Gaius, as promised. “If there is anything that you need, please let me know. We will probably be here for another few days at least.”

Ensi hesitated at the door, and Terrwyn looked at her in question. “Actually, there is something I could use your assistance with."

~~~ BtVS ~~ Highlander ~~~

Terrwyn perched on the roof of the building as she watched the Morogroth Demon make its way through the light crowd to the pleasure house. Ensi had asked her to take on this demon that was raiding her pleasure house for the energy absorbed by the various species of pleasure demons that worked there. It had already brutally killed several Succubae in the past months, and she had known that it was almost time for another visit. The owner of the pleasure house could not fight the demon himself because he owed the Morogroth a debt and was under blood contract to provide what the demon demanded. Ensi told her that the girls had not minded honoring the contract until the Morogroth had begun killing girls.

Terrwyn dropped to the ground as the demon entered the house. She knew that all the girls were elsewhere and all the other entrances were sealed. Waiting a moment, she followed him inside and closed the door behind her.

The Morogroth spun around to face her. “Who are you?”

“I am the Astr’ven’ti.”

“Astr’ven’ti?” The demon laughed. “The Astr’ven’ti is a myth. There is no such thing.”

“Unfortunately for you, I am very real.” Terrwyn responded, pulling her newly acquired sword into view. “Even worse, I am also a friend of one of the girls, and they have a problem with you coming in here killing them off.”

“I have a blood contract with the owner.” The demon snarled. “He is required to supply me with what I need.”

“Then you should have limited yourself to that.” She answered as she attacked.

Startled by the girl’s speed, he barely managed to jump aside in time. Without hesitation, she shifted her swing and caught him across the stomach before he could move again.

“Are you sure I’m just a myth?” Her brow lifted.

Then the fight got serious. Enraged, the demon released his human guise and instantly grew three feet taller with bulging muscles. With a snarl, he threw a punch at her head, which she ducked, but his other hand slapped away her sword.

“Now, what are you going to do without your little pig-sticker?” His voice was deep and growling. “I can feel the energy in you. You will be very delicious.”

Instead of answering, Terrwyn lashed out with her foot to kick him in the groin. Not expecting such a ‘human’ attack, he went down on his knees to meet a small foot smashing into his nose. He spit out what sounded like curses in a language she didn’t know, as dark brown ichor spurted from his nose. He knocked her off her feet with a sweep of his arm and lumbered to his feet. She rolled out of the way when he tried to stomp on her, then again when he tried with the other foot. She caught a glimpse of something metal beneath a seat next to her and quickly scooped it up. It was a steel hair-pin, thankfully with a sharpened point, and she shoved it into his foot, pinning it to the floor. He screamed in pain, and fell to one knee, clutching his ankle. She jumped to her feet, but before she could move any further, he punched her in the gut, sending her bouncing off the wall.

“Well, this has been fun.” Terrwyn grinned, climbing to her feet. “But I have two very lovely ladies waiting for me, and I just don’t have time to play anymore.”

Her eyes had turned bright silver during the fight. Her blood pumping, and the residual energies in the house were making her mouth water. Running faster than the demon could follow, she slammed her foot into his chest, throwing him backwards and ripping his foot off the hairpin. Without pause, she slammed her foot down on his wrist, shattering it, before jumping up landing with both feet in his stomach. As he was wheezing for breath, Terrwyn walked calmly over and picked up her sword.

“I would advise you to stick to the contract next time,” she said conversationally, “but there won’t be a next time.”

With a swift downward thrust, she buried the sword in his heart, located in the center of his chest, and twisted it for good measure. The demon shuddered convulsively before laying still. She stared down at the body before muttering an incantation Cassandra taught her. The body burst into flames and Terrwyn kept watch until it was nothing but ashes, making sure the flames stayed where they were supposed to. Locating one of the House’s private baths, she washed away the dark blood that was splattered all over her, and changed into one of the spare tunics, making sure her sword was completely hidden even though it was cutting up the inner fabric. With the cloak closed about her to hide her bruised body and bright silver eyes, she looked like any other woman returning home from a liaison, not an uncommon occurrence in Rome.

~~~ BtVS ~~ Highlander ~~~

"It's done." Terrwyn said as she entered the villa. "He won't be bothering anyone again."

"Thank you." Ensi bowed, holding onto her son. She could feel the hunger rolling off the Astr’ven’ti and, not knowing anything about the creature before her, she kept her son behind her. She gasped as the girl removed the cloak, revealing healing bruises on her body.

"Do not fear me." Terrwyn glanced over at them. "I am no danger to any of you. Have they awoken?"

"The blonde awoke a short time ago. She has tried to break the chains and then tried to bribe me into releasing her. She claims to be of the House of Aurelius." Ensi felt heat coil in her belly as she watched the Astr’ven’ti. The girl was beautiful, no doubt, but at that moment, there was something suddenly primal and dangerous about her. She shook her head to clear it and stepped forward. "You were hurt fighting our battles. Please, let me take care of your wounds."

Silver eyes flashed toward her and Terrwyn licked her lips unconsciously as she gazed at the pleasure demon. Then, Gaius shifted slightly, drawing her attention, and she turned away. "I must feed for these to heal."

"You are like them?"

"In a way." She nodded. "They feed on blood. I feed primarily on energy. Sexual energy is best, but living energy in life blood will work if necessary."

Terrwyn's fingers twitched when the scent of Ensi's arousal suddenly flooded the room. She kept Gaius firmly in her sight to keep herself from grabbing the woman and fucking her brains out, fighting back both her hunger and her battle lust. Regardless, she soaked up the spike in sexual energy and some of her bruises began to fade before their eyes. She looked Ensi in the eyes. "I will not take you with your son here, and he cannot leave. If he should be caught in this part of the city, he will be enslaved."

Ensi took a deep breath and nodded, knowing that she was right. Instead, she moved to stand right in front of Terrwyn. "Then I offer you my blood so that you may heal."

Terrwyn's nostrils flared and she couldn't stop the growling purr that rumbled from deep in her chest. It only happened when she was highly aroused. She blamed it on Bast's influence. Standing so close, she could smell the lust that was flowing hotly through the taller woman's veins. Energy or not, she was still part blood demon. Human blood was satisfying, but supernatural blood was exquisite. Especially from powerful witches or pleasure demons. She wondered, not for the first time, what Masika's blood would have tasted like, but dismissed it as she lifted the fine boned hand and licked the soft skin of the prostitute's inner wrist.

"Gaius, into the other room. Now." Ensi said, shivering at the sensation of the warm tongue bathing her skin. She had been with other blood demons in the past, but none of them made her body react like this. The Astr’ven’ti's eyes were closed as she scraped to sharp tips of her fangs along her wrist. Not long after Gaius left the room, Terrwyn bit deep and began to suck hard. Ensi's eyes rolled up as she moaned. "Oh, Gods."

Terrwyn's free hand snaked around Ensi's waist and pulled their bodies together as she drank, the hot, powerful blood hitting her system like a heat flare. She tried to tamp down her instinctive manipulation of the other woman's reaction to her bite, but blood offered freely was a powerful aphrodisiac to a blood demon. She finally broke away when the demon began to weaken, licking the fang marks to seal them. Releasing her wrist, Terrwyn held on to Ensi until she could stand on her own. Silver eyes studied her face for a moment before kissing her gently. She still hungered, but her body was now healed and blemish free.

"There are rooms available." She said softly. "Tomorrow, I will escort you home after my lady returns. For now, you should get some rest."

She led the shaky woman to another room, motioning for Gaius to remain where he was when he tried to follow. When she returned, she took the boy into the kitchen and mixed some herbs into a chalice of water. "Make sure that your mother drinks this when she awakens. It will help with her dizziness."

He nodded and carried the water as if it were liquid gold. She watched as he went directly to his mother's room, without looking. She waiting until she heard him settling in next to his mother before she ducked outside and around the house. She dragged in two bound and unconscious men. One in a guard’s uniform and the other in the robes of a nobleman. Dropping them in a corner of the bedroom, she recited the simple spell that Cassandra had taught her to soundproof the room as she lit the thick candles that were used as a focus.

"Your Sire is Baultar?" She asked the blonde vampire after the spell was cast.

Darla froze and watched her warily. Damn it, she'd forgotten that this one had been hunting her Sire when she'd spouted out her threats to the pleasure demon that had been watching her. There had been rumors among their fellow demons that a true Astr’ven’ti, the one of myths, had arisen and was searching for the Master of the Aurelius Clan. Baultar's other Childer, who had gone out to hunt her to gain his favor, had never returned, and there were stories that they had been brutally tortured before being destroyed. In the last few decades, Baultar had been losing his powerbase as more and more of the higher demons began breaking their ties with him, no longer wanting their names associated together in case the Astr’ven’ti came looking in their direction, because she tended to skip the lower level demons in favor of the more powerful. Although very few survived their encounters, the descriptions that made it to Baultar had him convinced that it was the girl that he'd thought he turned, but that Angelus swore was alive when they'd fought. Now, Darla didn't know what to think.

"Answer the question." Terrwyn ordered softly as she studied the demon. Darla was shackled to the special chair, completely naked. Her body still pulsing with hunger and lust, she smiled appreciatively at the lush figure splayed out before her. She stepped forward to trace her fingers over firm thigh muscles. "I do not wish to damage this beautiful skin."


The End?

You have reached the end of "Hunter's Balance Established" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Sep 12.

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