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Wait For You

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Summary: Angel was alive in the 1400s passing through Bulgaria where he met a young girl named Katerina. They spend a beautiful night together but Angel is gone when she awakens. Nearly 500 years later they are reunited in Mystic Falls by Katerina's doppelganger.

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Chapter 7: Caught By The Devil

Chapter Seven: Caught By The Devil

The morning after Isobel's death and Katherine's disappearance Damon and Stefan had made quick work of putting their house in Elena's name. There was someone at the door by seven in the morning already to notarize the signing.

Angel, Stefan, and Damon stood outside on the porch while Elena signed the papers. Bonnie was inside at Elena's side as a witness.

Angel listened to Damon and Stefan talk about Bonnie's new, stronger magic courtesy of a site where over a hundred witches had died in the last few centuries.

"Elijah thought that could work and he's an Original," Stefan said. "So . . ."

"We just have to find him," Damon said of Klaus. "Can she do one of those witch tracking spells?"

"Nope . . . not without something that belongs to Klaus. Believe me, I already asked," Stefan told him.

Angel took this as his opening and dropped the leaf he'd been fiddling with. "Think he killed her?"

The brothers looked up at him. "Katherine?" Stefan said. "Probably."

"It's not like she didn't have it coming," Damon shrugged.

"Yeah," Angel sighed. They were probably right.

The three looked over as the front door opened. Elena and the notarizer stood in the doorway. She shook his hand and thanked him and he walked past the three vampires and left.

Angel, Stefan, and Damon hovered in the doorway. Elena smiled, looking very much like a little girl who'd been given the only key to the toy store. She opened the door wider, stepping aside, still smiling.

"I'm sorry . . . I completely forgot. Stefan, Angel . . . would you like to come in my house?" She giggled, her eyes on Stefan. Angel chuckled, noticing the look of annoyance on Damon's face as he walked into the Boarding House

"I would love to. Thank you," Stefan sauntered across the threshold, wrapping his arms around Elena's waist. She giggled again as he bent down to kiss her. They both looked out at Damon still on the porch.

The dark haired vampire sighed, "What are we, twelve?"

"One of us is," Elena countered.

Damon rolled his eyes. Stefan and Angel chuckled.

"If I let you in, do you promise to obey the owner of this house?" She said.

"No," Damon immediately said.

"Seriously, Damon. My way . . . you promised. I call the shots. No lies . . . no secret agendas. Remember?" Elena reminded him.

Damon sighed. "Yes, Elena." He winked. "Sure."

"Then please, come in." Elena smirked. Damon strolled in. Elena grinned as she closed the door behind him.

Stefan chuckled. "Shut up." Damon threw the words at him.

Bonnie walked in the room with Elena's jacket and backpack. Stefan turned. "Wait, where are you going?"

Elena put on her jacket as Bonnie adjusted her own backpack on her shoulder. "School." Elena shrugged.

"Huh?" Stefan said.

Damon turned. "No. We didn't create a safe house so you could leave."

"That's not a good idea," Angel agreed.

"Yeah guys, Klaus is out there. We know that," Stefan told her.

"Right," Elena nodded. "But where?" Damon shrugged. "No one knows. Look, I really appreciate what you guys are doing and I'll be able to sleep at night knowing that I'll be safe here. . . but I'm not going to be a prisoner."

Stefan raised his eyebrows, obviously torn between locking her up and giving her freedom.

Damon gave his best fake smile. "Your way, Elena." She nodded.

"Don't worry, I'm ready," Bonnie told them. "If he shows his face I can take him. I know how."

"The way I see it," Elena said. "The safest place that I can be is next to Bonnie." The two girls turned to leave.

Damon scoffed, huffing. Stefan just looked back and forth between Angel and his brother, shaking his head. Angel shrugged. "Wait, um . . . I'm coming . . ." Stefan followed the two girls out of the house.

When they were gone, Damon rolled his eyes. "Geez . . . sometimes I wonder if either of those girls have any common sense at all."

Angel chuckled.


Katherine groaned as she awoke, every muscle in her body aching. For a moment she couldn't remember where she was but then memories of the day before came back to her. She found herself sitting in a chair, her body unable to move.

"Good morning, Katerina . . ." Alaric's voice spoke Klaus's words. She looked up to find him dressed in Alaric's bland clothes.

He'd questioned her all night so he could blend in as Alaric without Damon or Stefan or Elena or anyone knowing who he really was. He made her tell him everything she'd done since fleeing from him in 1492, everything about Stefan and Damon and her time in Mystic Falls in 1864, everything about Elena and her family and friends, and everything that that had happened since she arrived again in Mystic Falls on Founder's Day.

He'd even made her tell him about Angel – the former Scourge of Europe. Everything she'd heard about him, everything she'd learned in the last few days, and every moment she'd had with him when they were human in 1489. He wasn't pleased that she'd kept Angel and their child a secret from him.

. . . hence the sore body. She didn't think she'd ever been beaten and tortured as much in her entire existence.

"You can either bid me a good morning or I can make you," Alaric/Klaus told her. "Either way, it makes no difference to me. But for you, one will be more painful than the other . . ."

Gulping, she spoke. Her voice was raw, "Good morning, Klaus." She felt weak.

"That's better," He smiled that creepy smile. He walked in front of her. "I see everything's healed. Guess I wasn't that rough on you." He sighed.

"Shouldn't you be getting to school? If Alaric doesn't show up for his classes it will be noticed."

Klaus sighed. "I suppose." He went to the closet and opened it. "Ugh . . . " He said as he looked through the over shirts. "Who is this guy . . . Safari Sam?" He took two out and held them up. "Okay . . . bad or badder?"

"The dark colors suit you better," She said.

"Thank you, honey," He said – his voice even sounding sincere (it made Katherine want to throw up) – as he threw the lighter one on Ric's bed. "Did you know, Katerina, that your Irish lover prefers black too?" Klaus smirked as he put the shirt on.

She sighed, wishing she could just disappear.

"Okay . .. pop quiz. The dagger and white oak ash are in the Salvatore's' possession?" Klaus said. "Correct?"

Katherine nodded. "The dagger was used to kill Elijah. You'll find him in the basement of the Salvatore house."

"Yeah, that dagger needs to stay exactly where it is," Klaus said. Katherine was surprised to hear this. "The last thing I need is a resurrected Elijah. That guy is a buzz kill." Katherine made a mental note to file that information away.

"And don't forget you're on the outs with your girlfriend, Jenna." Katherine reminded him.

"Right," Klaus sighed. "Elena's aunt . . . for all the lies about Isobel. What else?"

"That's it," Katherine told him.

Klaus reached forward and Katherine jumped as he stroked her hair. She'd expected another blow to the head. "So jumpy . . ."

"P-Please . . . just kill me." She hated the tremble in her voice. "I've told you everything that I know."

Klaus leaned forward, his hands next to hers on either side of the armrests. She gulped, her mind running through every possible way he could hurt her in this moment. "You see, I believe that you believe that. But what would you not. What would they be keeping from you. Anything?"

A hell of a lot, she thought to herself. Everything she'd told Klaus so far could fit in about a hundred multi-chapter encyclopedias, true, but what she didn't know could probably fit in an entire library.

His eyes dilated and she found herself staring into them, transfixed. "Tell me . . : He whispered, compelling her.

Instantly her mind and mouth obeyed. "They were trying to see if Bonnie could find a way to kill an Original without a dagger."

"Bonnie, the best friend?" Klaus said. He'd been particularly interested in the Bennet line, especially the most recent. She nodded. Klaus stood, crossing his arms. "I though you said she didn't have her powers anymore."

"S-She doesn't . . . or didn't. I don't know. You kidnapped me, remember? I'm kind of out of the loop." She said.

"Well, we'll have to get to the bottom of that. "Anything else?"

Again, her mind obeyed. "I-It seemed as if Elena was beginning to trust Liam – I mean Angel. A-And he wants me as the girl I once was."

"Intriguing," Klaus nodded, smirking. "He still cares for you . . . and your doppelganger will soon enough trust him as family. Interesting how easily you Petrova women trust strangers. Oh well, they will both die anyway." As she saw the gears turn while Klaus processed what she just told him, she felt something twitch painfully inside of her. But only a moment later it was gone and she'd already forgotten about it.

"Please just kill me, Klaus, and be done with it." Katherine begged. She couldn't take it anymore, imagining every second will be her last.

"And show you kindness?" His words drove a fear deep inside of her as she realized just how much pain was headed her way. "I've searched for you for five hundred years." His suddenly smile sent chills down her spine. "Your death is going to last at least half that long . . ." He pulled a pocket knife from his back pocket and drew the blade out. "Take this knife . ." He stared into her eyes, smiling. ". . . and stab yourself."

He calmly held out the knife. Her hand raised and took the knife. Her mind was screaming at her to drop the knife or stab Klaus but his compulsion overpowered her. She held the knife, the blade pointing down. She braced herself for the pain she knew was to come.

Clenching her mouth together tightly and her free hand grasping the armrest almost to the point of it breaking, she quickly brought the knife down and pierced the flesh of her right thigh. Pain shot down her leg to the tips of her toes and bounced right back up to the top of her head. Blood ran down her leg like water as the blade remained in her leg.

"Now take it out," Klaus's voice sounded as if he was talking to a naughty child and she just wanted to lung forward and rip his throat out – but she physically couldn't.

She pulled the blade out, feeling it start to instantly heal.

"Now while I'm gone, I want you to do that over and over and over again." He said. She wiped away the blood as the wound closed. She just stared at him. "And if you get bored, switch legs. And . . . imagine it's your Irish lover who's stabbing you."

She let out a deep breath, still determined to stay focused and find a way out as soon as possible. "Where are you going?"

He leaned over her again, "I'm going to lay eyes on my precious doppelganger . . ." Her blood boiled as she felt his breath so near her face. Her nose scrunched in disgust when he – as if he was a father going off to work – kissed her forehead. He looked at her again. "Now don't look so glum, Katerina. The fun is just beginning . . ." He walked away. "Again . . ."

Rage boiling inside her, Katherine plunged the blade into her leg once again – her mind forcing itself to see her Liam with the knife instead of her.


While Damon was upstairs with his female "friend" Andie, Angel paced the Salvatore living room. He tried to drown out the sounds from upstairs as he thought about his Katerina.

Was she okay? Was she dead? Did she join Klaus? Would he ever see her again?

He wanted to go looking for her but he didn't know the town or where to even start looking. For all he knew she wasn't even in Mystic Falls anymore.

Frustrated and feeling useless, he picked up one of Elena's ancestor's journals and settled in the recliner to thumb through it.

Jonathan Gilbert spoke of meeting "Miss Katherine Pierce", an orphan who lost her family in a fire in Atlanta and her best friend Pearl who ran an apothecary in town. Jonathan spoke of being initially charmed by Katherine and her 'feminine wiles' but that he found Pearl mysterious and elegant and beautiful.

The more he read about the events of 1864, the more he found Katherine to be cruel and manipulative. Could she really have joined Klaus willingly in order to save her own life? Everyone else around him believed her to be selfish and solely driven by her own intentions. Was the girl he knew only briefly truly still in there or was she lost forever?

He thought about Faith and the journey she'd taken to get back from the murderer that she was. But . . . Faith still had a soul. Faith was still human. And . . . Faith hadn't killed for nearly five centuries.

He continued to read the journals, learning everything he could about these Originals. Hours past as he read the journals. At some point, Damon's "friend" left and the younger vampire joined him in reading.

An hour or so more passed and the front door burst open. Stefan, Bonnie, and Elena hurried in the house. Stefan had his arm around Elena's waist and Angel could immediately feel the fear coming off of her.

Damon just stared at them. "What the hell happened?"

"H-He was there," was all Elena said, but the tone in her voice made it very clear as to who she meant: Klaus.

Damon instantly jumped up. "What?"

"We didn't exactly see him . . . he compelled someone to give Elena a message . . . that he would be at the 60's dance tonight at school." Bonnie told them.

"So we go to the dance and find him," Damon said.

"Really?" Stefan said. "We don't even know what he looks like."

"Something tells me he's not gonna be sixteen and pimply," Damon shrugged.

"He could be anywhere at any time. He compelled someone at school." Stefan turned to the two girls. "Guess this isn't as safe as you guys thought, huh?" Elena sighed, obviously a bit shaken up.

Just then the front door opened and someone walked in – without an invitation. He closed the door behind him. "There you are." Damon said to the newcomer. Damon turned to Angel. "Angel, meet Alaric Saltzman. History teacher, vampire hunter, and Isobel's ex-husband. Ric, meet Angel. Vampire with a soul, and – oh, yeah – Katherine's sperm doner from way back when."

Angel ignored that last statement. Ric waved, chuckling slightly from Damon's joke. Angel nodded. There seemed to be something a bit off with the history teacher . . . but Angel just shook it off.

"Sorry I'm late," Alaric said.

"Hey, I need you to put me and Angel down as chaperones at the dance tonight. Klaus made his first move." Damon said. Alaric nodded.

"What's the plan when we find him?" Elena crossed her arms. "What's our plan of attack?"

"Me," Bonnie spoke up. "I'm the plan. He has no idea how much power I can channel. If you can find him, I can kill him."

"That's not gonna be that easy. He is a big badass vampire," Alaric said.

"Alaric has a point. I mean, what if he―" Damon blurred and speedily lunged at Bonnie – only to be propelled backwards across the room by only the wave of her hand. He crashed to the floor, landing on and shattering a wooden chair. Stefan and Elena smirked.

"Well, I was impressed," Stefan was still smirking. Elena was resisting the urge to giggle. Alaric . . . Angel couldn't quite read him but there was definitely something off about him. He didn't seem too happy that Bonnie could do that.

"It doesn't matter if he's an Original. I can take down anyone who comes at me." Bonnie walked over to her friend's side. "I can kill him, Elena. I know I can." Elena visibly relaxed, trusting her best friend completely.

"Okay . . . the dance is in a couple hours. I say we split up, get ready, and meet there," Stefan said.

"Sounds good," Damon shrugged. Everyone nodded. Alaric turned to leave, opening and closing the door behind him.

Angel didn't trust him and decided to follow the teacher. He turned to the others. "I have to get something from my motel room. I'll meet you guys there." They all just nodded, too busy contemplating the next few hours to notice.

Angel went out to his car and discreetly followed the teacher's silver jeep. They drove for a while until the jeep stopped. The teacher go out, a strange smirk on his face, and went into an apartment complex.

From across the street, Angel used his hearing to listening to what was going on in the building . . . . but it was blocked. Angel waited a few minutes before getting out of his car and making his way in the building. He followed Alaric's scent to the third floor. Just as he turned a corner he saw the teacher open a door and go in.

Angel tried to hear what was going on in the room and this time he could . . .

"Hello my sweet . . . did you have fun while I away?"

Angel waited for a reply from whoever "my sweet" was but there was nothing.

"Fine . . . don't answer me. You'll pay for that later." Alaric said. "That witch who you told me lost her powers . . . well she's got them back. In spades."

"I told you they were trying to find a way to get them back . . ."

Wait, Angel recognized that voice.

"You're right," Alaric said. "This witch is all juiced up and aiming to kill."

"That's terrible . . ."

Angel now knew he was right to distrust this teacher/vampire hunter. He had Katerina . . .

"We're going to have to kill her, Maddox," Alaric said.

Angel leaned in closer from out in the hall. He could hear two heartbeats . . . someone else was in there besides Alaric and Katherine.

"Do you think this Alaric guy has anything vintage?"

Angel raised an eyebrow. Why was Alaric talking in the third person? There was a rustling sound like drawers being opened.

"Crossbows, wooden bullets, and automatics . . ." Alaric said. There were more drawer noises. "Who is this guy again?"

"He's a local vampire hunter . . ." Katherine answered. Angel found the tone in her voice to be strange.

"Well, that explains the clothing," Alaric said. Angel was still trying to figure this out. This Alaric guy was talking about himself as if he were another person.

"All I could find . . . guy likes his bourbon," The second person – Maddox? – said. Angel heard footsteps.

"I knew there was something about this guy I li―" Alaric stopped talking. Angel heard a glass being set down on a wooden surface. "Katerina, did you have any visitors while I was away?"

"What? N-No . . ." Katherine stumbled on her words.

"There's someone out in the hall," Maddox said.

Angel tensed. How could they sense him? He turned, about to speed off, but his entire body froze. His legs moved of their own accord. The door opened and his legs stopped just outside the threshold.

"Well, well . . ." Alaric – who stood in the doorway – smirked. "You're smarter than those Salvatore brothers, I've give you that. Why don't you come in?"

His legs moved again, forcing him to walk in to the apartment. His eyes locked with a frightened Katherine's.

"Look, Katerina . . . your Irish lover has come to save you." Alaric chuckled and so did Maddox. Angel shifted his eyes and found himself staring at the teacher. "Grab a chair and sit next to Katerina. And then . . . don't move or speak until I tell you."

Angel's body moved on its own. He picked up a chair identical to the one Katherine was sitting on and walked it over by her. He put the chair down, sat down, and didn't move or speak.

"Very good," Alaric spoke.

Angel could fear Katherine's fear. Why was she so afraid of this teacher?

"Now . . . where was I?" Alaric sighed. "Oh yes. There's a high school dance and I'm going to need you to take out witch-bitch."

"If she has that much power she'll sense me coming a mile away," Ah, so this Maddox guy was a witch. "You have to do it."

"In this body? I'm a haggard history teacher." Okay . . . so this wasn't Alaric. So . . . who was he? "She could easily hurt me. Okay not me – Klaus me but . . . you know what I mean."

It all made sense . . . this was Klaus – in the history teacher's body.

"No witch could handle channeling that much power. It'll kill her. It would kill me." Maddox said. "You just have to make her use it."

"What do you mean, like . . . provoking her to death?" Alaric/Klaus said.

"It won't take long . . . just keep attacking her until it kills her. His body – Alaric's – will last longer than hers will."

"How? He's human," Klaus said.

"I can help in that department," Maddox told Klaus.

Klaus smiled, glancing over toward Angel and Katherine. They both looked down, not wanting to make it obvious they were listening. Klaus looked back up at Maddox. "Well then . . . I just have to change."

Angel glanced over at Katherine and just now noticed the blood on her legs and the pocket knife she held in her hands. His eyes caught hers again. Neither of them could move or speak. He tried to see what she was thinking or feeling through her eyes. She seemed genuinely scared and . . . pissed about being scared.

Soon enough Klaus was changed into a semblance of a 60's outfit. Maddox cast the protection spell on him and they were about to leave. During it all, Angel never stopped watching Katherine. She looked just like a scared little girl . . . so much different from the selfish and confident seductress she'd become in the last five hundred years.

"Okay, kids . . ." Klaus was talking to them now. "While we're gone don't try anything stupid or you'll get a time out. Hmm . . . why don't you chat? I'm sure you have loads to catch up on. But don't move." Klaus turned to leave but turned back around."Oh . . . and I'll be taking this." He snatched the pocketknife from Katherine's hand. And then . . . he and the witch were gone.

To Be Continued . . .

A.N. So . . . from now on the episodes are going to be vastly different from the show. Both Angel and Katherine are stuck in Alaric's apartment under Klaus's clutches. Elena and Stefan and Damon and the others won't know where Angel is. We'll find out what happened at the dance in the next chapter. And, Katherine and Angel have a nice, long, overdue chat.
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