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Mystic Dawn's army

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Mystic Dawn". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Further adventures of the Mystic Dawn's army.

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Multiple Crossings > Dawn-CenteredMistofRainbowsFR181568,92189437,7033 May 1130 Jun 11Yes

Chapter Fifteen

July 7th 09MD

By the time Gina Inviere made it to the girl’s shuttle craft she was more than a bit freaked, especially considering the fact that her new “friend” had phased them through several of the bulkheads on their way toward her ship. There was just something creepy about walking through walls or floors. On the other hand she was glad that she had things to distract her from what she had learned about her future, or at least what Alana Hellscream had shown her. She wasn’t completely convinced but just seeing the memory was enough to convince her that she should do everything she could to avoid a similar fate.

Alana wanted to laugh as a group of idiot colonials took some type of cutting torch to the haul of her ship. It would take a lot more than that to even mar the surface. She snuck Gina around their blind side and dropped her off inside the shuttle. “So what do you think?”

“Completely creepy, how are you able to phase?”

“Genetic ability, my people didn’t just settle for baseline human.”

“So you’re not human?”

Alana shrugged, “Not sure actually, I can interbreed with humans from my world, I’m not exactly sure how the humans in this universe are different.”

Gina shook her head, “I’m still having a hard time believing that you came from another reality entirely.”


“So, how long until we can get out of here?”

“As soon as Ares gets done gutting the military that gets in his way, we’ll leave. I knew talking to Helena Cain was a waste but you still have to try.”

Gina sighed, “She’s stubborn.”


Warlock said, “We have the Pegasus taking pop shots at our ship.”

Dawn sighed, “Return the favor.”

“Any particular targets?”

“Whatever you want, just nothing too vital.”

If Warlock could have grinned, he would have as he targeted the other ship’s weapon systems and opened fire with several of his smaller energy cannons. “I believe that should halt the annoying weapon’s fire. If they fire a nuke at me, I’m transporting the damn thing onto their bridge.”

Dawn chuckled, “It’s not like a nuke would do any damage to your hull let alone get past your shields.”

“It’s the principle of the thing. Besides, I don‘t care for the idea of Alana being on a bone jumper if nukes are exploding near her.”

“Just blow them out of the air for now.”


Helena Cain clutched her chair in surprise as hundreds of beams of light lanced out of the strange egg shaped ship and slammed into the Pegasus. “What the hell was that?”

Jack Fisk shook his head, “I’ve no idea, looked like beams of light.”

One of the computer techs gasped as damage reports started flowing in from the various gun sections on the ship. “Sir, our, our weapons are gone…”

A horrified Helena glared at the tech, “What?”

“Whatever they just shot us with, just took out most of our weapons.”

“How the hell is that possible?”

“I don’t know.”

She snarled out, “Open a channel.”

The tech opened a communication channel and nodded to show that it was done.

“I’ll have you hang for this.”

Dawn rolled her eyes, “You and what army? That was just our warning shot. You have three choices, you can surrender and allow anyone on your ship to leave that wants to, you can run like a scared little bitch or I guess you could just order everyone to be shot. You seem to have a habit of doing that.”

“You just crippled humanity’s chance to survive.”

“Ah well damn, go cry to some bitch that cares. Hey I know, your president, that Roslin idiot is a bleeding heart. Maybe she’ll support you. So what is it going to be?”

Helena was almost to the point of steam coming out her nose as she glared at the display screen, “Where did you get your weapon’s tech? I demand that you give it over.”

“None of your business and fuck no. Surrender or run bitch.”

Helena motioned for the channel to be silenced, “Suggestions, can we launch nukes?”

Jack Fisk shook his head, “I don’t recommend it. Whatever they used to knock out our guns would be fast enough to take out any nukes we sent. Our best bet is to run, though without our guns we’ll be defenseless against any group of cylons that comes along.”

Helena swept her gaze back at the screen, “How long will it take to get the guns back up and running?”

Jack Fisk took a couple of seconds to try to figure out an answer that wouldn’t get him killed. “Maybe a couple of days but not as many as they seem to think.” He figured he could blame other people for the time required to completely reinstall new guns. That is if they could find replacements.

Helena nodded, “Alright, we can always come back and salvage the fleet here later. Get us out of here then get me Alastair Thorne, I want some projections on a strike force for the next time we meet.”

Jack nodded, “I’ll go find him. I want to know how the diplomat got off the ship as well. The reports coming in are weird.”

“Do it.”


Dawn watched with amusement as the Pegasus turned tail and jumped out of the system. “That went about as well I could have hoped Warlock.”

“What’s next?”

“Next we go visit a nice little cold world that barely rates habitable but hey it’s got a nice nebula that should hide any colonials we want to stash there. I’ve got a plan.”

“Is this a fiendish plan that can not fail?”

Dawn sighed, “Always the critic. If it makes you feel better once we drop some droids off to start building shelters we’ll head back to the twelve colonies and rescue the rest of the colonials.”

“I’m guessing you want to use the time dilation device on the planet so that you can build up the infrastructure fast enough to make a difference.”

Dawn smiled, “It’s only slightly cheating.”

“Yeah, like magnets and a roulette table.”

“A bit more reliable than that.”

“What about the people in the civilian fleet that wanted to jump ship?”

“I’ve got no problems with sending a team through to see if any of the people meet our standards. We can settle them on the planet with the cylons we’re planning to rescue.”

“What do I tell the team to look for qualification wise?”

“Intelligent, attractive, athletic, and hard working with no fear of technology. A decent moral compass wouldn‘t go amiss either.”

“Is that all? I’ll get right on that.”

Dawn chuckled at her ship’s sarcasm laced reply.


July 10th 09MD

The last several days had been more work than she would have liked. One of her bone carriers had dropped off the droids on the new planet and set up the time dilation field with orders to assemble cities, bases and infrastructure while they were gone. They had then spent a frustrating time limping the civilian ships to where she knew the Galactica was going to pass. After they had actually found the Galactica and dropped the ships off, her teams had spent some time sifting through Galactica’s crew for anyone that might be useful for starting a new civilization. The bad part as far as she was concerned was that after dealing with the colonials for a few days, she wasn’t sure that the cylons didn’t have a point. Well okay not really but still the colonials were frustrating for the most part. Still after a couple of days she had collected about a total of a thousand useful people for her recreate humanity project. She didn’t mind too much stealing as much talent as she could for the new world, being that eventually their descendants would then be able to come back and help the colonials in their fight. Hercules had talked her into helping with some food supplies for the fleet.

She hadn’t minded distributing as much food as they could “spare”, which considering they had replicators that could create tons and tons of food it wasn’t really a big deal to them to share food while her people attempted to collect the start of the new planet’s population. Mostly she just wanted to be far away when the Pegasus showed up to demand that they be tried for killing several crew members. Never mind that Helena would of course blow off the fact that she had kidnapped one of Dawn’s people. She turned to look at Gina, “So any suggestions for cylons to bother saving other than a couple of the eights and sixes?”

Gina nodded, “I’ll make you a list.”

Dawn smiled, “Good. Warlock, is the last of the food distributed?”

“Yes, including several thousand cases of food hidden away in various parts of the fleet that should help keep them supplied for a while.”

“Alright then, get us out of here and let’s go collect the survivors on the twelve colonies.”

“Agreed. Stealth mode or battle mode when we get there?”

“Stealth, no point in destroying cylons we don’t have to. Though if you want to get our stealth girl up here I wouldn’t mind putting together a few ops to kill all of the ones in the cylon fleets.”

“I still can’t believe they knew who the final five were…”

“Honestly, they aren’t as impressive as you would think.”

Gina blinked, “The ones would just resurrect.”

Dawn shook her head, “Not where we would send them.”


Ares frowned as he considered the last couple of days of rescue operations, he felt rather unneeded, twelve worlds burned to radioactive wasteland and it had been caused by human greed and stupidity, no push by gods, no nudging, not even a whisper from the divine and they had put to shame his greatest works. He wondered what exactly she wanted out of this universe, there had to be some angle other than ruining his outlook on life and sending him into a tailspin of depression.


Hercules sighed as he looked at the figures for the planet. “How many survivors?”

“Less than I would like, more than I expected. Most of them we’ll file into ships and send along to Galactica. Some of them we’ll offer a chance at a new world. Maybe they can make something of themselves.”

“You ever get tired of it?”

“Of what?”

“Of going to different places and watching people tear themselves apart.”

She shrugged, “It’s human nature, the best, the worst and the middle of the road are all mixed in, even without gods and goddesses. I could spend a hundred thousand lifetimes and still not save everyone in even the subset of realities close to this one and that’s just one branch of realities in an infinitely large selection of realities. I save who I can and hope the rest find piece in their afterlife. If I tried to do anything else, I would go crazy.”

“But why this one?”

Dawn shrugged, “The human computers interested me. I also wanted to show Ares the results of unchecked war, maybe get him to lose his taste for it.”

He shook his head, “Before I came here, I wouldn’t have believed it possible. Still it probably won’t take him too long before he’s up to his old tricks again.”

She nodded, “Probably but sometimes it’s worth the effort.”

He nodded, “Sometimes.”

Dawn shrugged, “Get some sleep the next colony will be just as bad.”

“I’m still surprised you can fit all of the survivors in the ship.”

“We can’t really; we are keeping them in a sort of stasis until we can find them ships and get them headed off toward Galactica. I’m thinking I should get more ships in though, as the longer the people on the other worlds sit in the radiation rich environments the sicker they will get.”

He nodded, “Might be a good idea. How much luck do you think you’ll have with a peace treaty with the cylons?”

Dawn shrugged, “I’m not sure, they already tried that, but honestly I can’t really see it working, not after what they did, even if they violated their space, you still aren’t supposed to nuke things back to the stone age.”

He sighed, “Yeah.”

“But we’ll give it a go. I have some ideas on how to make things work out.”

“Are you going to share?”

She shook her head, “And ruin the surprise?”

He chuckled.


John Cavil pulled himself up and looked around in shock as he found himself looking at a dozen other ones in a chamber of black stone. “What’s the meaning of this?” He was still wondering what the meaning to them being brought there was when everything exploded in a flash of pain and fire as the explosives that Dawn had set on the floor exploded with enough force to vaporize every living thing in the room.

Dawn smiled as she considered how different things would be without the crazy ones running things. Normally she didn’t care to ask Xander to help her pinpoint people just to grab them and toss them into an extra dimensional holding cell so that they wouldn’t resurrect when she killed them, but sometimes extreme measures were required. She sighed as she looked off into space. “I’m driving myself crazy exploring other worlds, playing the what if game. I think I’ll see how far my new planet can take people then I’ll quit for a while, enjoy my life with Willow and just live. Besides, we‘ve got plenty of worlds to explore back home, no sense borrowing trouble and heartache.”

“Can we at least blow something up with my overly powerful space guns first?”

Dawn chuckled, “Well, we could always make a stop over in the starwars world and blow up the home planet of the force resistant race that plan to take over the universe in a few years.”

“Now that has promise. So how much use do you think your Asgard faction will get out of the resurrection technology?”

“No more missed time for their backups so I think they’ll be glad to look over the tech.”

“Can you imagine what I could do with a fleet of resurrectable minions flying around crushing my enemies?”

“You would likely get very bored very fast with it.”

“Point. Just don’t forget about me when we get back.”

“Never, not even if I have to pull your spark out of this ship and put you into an iron horse to keep me company.”

“I would hope you would make it out of something other than iron, at the very least Felucian bone please.”

Dawn chuckled, “Of course, of course.” While she knew that her current mission wasn’t done it felt like the end of a chapter of her life, she had proved that her army was a force to reckon with, which was enough for her at this stage of her life. Her mind flashed over the cute girls she had waiting for her back home and grinned, “It’s nice to have things to come home for.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Mystic Dawn's army". This story is complete.

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