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Mystic Dawn's army

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Mystic Dawn". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Further adventures of the Mystic Dawn's army.

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Multiple Crossings > Dawn-CenteredMistofRainbowsFR181568,92189437,7843 May 1130 Jun 11Yes

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don't own the Buffy verse, I wish I did. I don't own Hercules the Legendary Adventures either, I don't own Stargate (or Stargate Atlantis), nor Starwars. I don't own various DNA samples my characters stole from DC or Marvel either. Nor do I own any characters I borrowed from Marvel. This story is a continuation of my Xander Exile story. This fic is sort of supposed to be vaguely humorous in that I understand that the Mystic Dawn army is over powered. That's what happens when you have the ability to skip between worlds. I don't recommend reading without having read Exiles as I don't think it would really make enough sense, but you're welcome to try. That being said on with the story.

March 20th 07MD

Marisa smiled as she looked up from reading the weekly progress report and over at her sister, “So what do you think of our operation?”

Willow glanced around the gate room’s office, “It’s fairly impressive. Valerie is rather impressed with the new material. She’s working on building several suits of Iron Man armor out of it. We’ll see how that works. Are you planning on staying on Atlantis or building your own ships?”

Marisa shrugged, “Probably both. For all their vaulted ability, there were some glaring issues with the city ship concept.”


“Arrogance, honestly it would have been better if the ship could have sealed itself, then it wouldn’t have had to waste all of that power holding back the ocean with a shield for so long.”

Willow nodded, “I can understand that point of view. Though the ancients probably considered it, they never really imagined being pressed as badly as they were. So how do we avoid the same fate?”

“By getting lots of different researchers and by looking at things from different angles. We also have magic on our side.”

“There is that. How are you coming with your breeding program?”

Marisa chuckled, “Not too bad, with a copy of the Amazon pregnancy device as well as a copy of the belt of gender swapping we’re working on it. We’ve had a lot of orgy parties in between the work parties. We‘ve also had a fair bit of help from Obi-Wan in that department.”

Willow grinned, “So I hear, I hear you even roped Anakin and Padmé into rescuing the other Padmé and the kids.”

“We’re setting up an underwater Jedi based city with the refugees from the temple. I need someone to be in charge and to keep them in line while we build up the army so that when we send them back to their world they‘ll have a decent shot at destroying the galactic empire.”

“Just so long as you bother to inform them when you copy them.”

Marisa rolled her eyes, “Honestly, I wouldn’t copy people without their knowledge that would be completely unethical.”

Willow chuckled, “Good to know. So who do I see about getting some lightsabers?”

“Talk to Heidi RG.”

“Changed the name?”

“We’ve copied the girls hundreds of times already; we had to start naming the commanders to make the chain of command obvious.”

Willow nodded, “Just be careful with all of the copying.”

“As the kids in Mystic Dawn get older, we’ll bring in some new blood, at that point we’ll probably discontinue the copying. For now though it’s an effective way to have a massive amount of trained people on staff.”

Willow nodded, “I’m going to go grab that lightsaber. Maybe I’ll see what the tech team is working on and see if I can be of any help.”

Marisa grinned, “Probably, if nothing else it’s good to have a different viewpoint.”

Willow chuckled, “Thanks for trying to save my ego about not being the smartest girl around anymore.”

Marisa grinned, “You’re still plenty smart.”

Willow chuckled as she left. She knew that she was smart but also knew that she probably wasn’t quite as smart as the girls that were copies of the girls that had been ran through the later stages of the ascension machine. Still it was nice to keep her hand in the science pie so to speak. She smiled as she stopped a girl with a pentacle, wrench and book tattooed on her shoulder that identified her as a research girl. “Excuse me, but can you direct me to Heidi?”

The girl smiled, “Of course my lady, she’s the girl that looks like me with a purple streak in her hair. She should be just in the next lab down the way.”

Willow smiled as she enjoyed the fact that the girl was only wearing a pair of blue shorts and a green sports bra. “Thank you.” She continued on her way to the next lab. She looked around until she noticed the girl with a purple streak died in her hair. “Hi.”

Heidi smiled widely, “My lady, Lady Marisa called ahead and said that I should expect you.”

Willow grinned, “So what do you have?”

Heidi smiled, “I’ve got a whole collection of cutting edge lightsabers.” She snickered at her own joke. “Sorry, it’s been a long week. We’ve been running tests on the lightsaber crystals and trying to come up with some that are the best of the best. We’ve had some success. It helps when you have access to a replicator.”

“You have some that will survive being used by a slayer?”

Heidi chuckled, “While I’m stronger than your average non Xander enhanced slayer, they do have a tendency to break equipment. However, not to worry, we use Felucian bone for the hilts and the rest of the guts are as durable as we can make them. Ours are even guarantied to work underwater.”

Willow grinned, “That sounds good to me. We’re looking to outfit all of the slayers with one.”

“You’re giving up making them all magical weapons?”

“No, but lightsabers can be replicated and work as cutting tools as well as extremely effective weapons.”

Heidi nodded, “So you’re looking for duel length blades. We can do that. How many do you need?”

“Probably about five hundred.”

She nodded, “So an assortment of colors or one standard color?”

“If you can, an assortment would probably be nice.”

Heidi smiled, “They’re still girls even if they are warriors.”

Willow chuckled, “Yep, so I don’t suppose you have any armor or other things that might help?”

“Well we aren’t authorized to hand out the Iron Man armor but we have a couple of other things you might like.”


She grinned, “There is only so much you can tinker with on one problem before you just stop seeing things, so I’ve been swapping the girls around a bit. Dawn was nice enough to loan my department the orbs of Nezzla’Khan. We’ve been studying them in our off time. While we don’t really have the magical might needed to duplicate the orbs perfectly we came up with a weaker version for use with a pair of bracers. It will give the slayers a personal force field that doesn’t need recharging. It would make using the lightsabers safer as well.”

Willow nodded, “How long would it take to create enough of those for the slayers?”

“If we reassigned my department? Then only a couple of weeks.”

“Are you willing to do that?”

“Sure, anything we can do for you my lady.”

Willow grinned, “Thanks. I love you girls.”

Heidi grinned, “There is something I would like now that you mention it.”


“If you could look over some of my weapon ideas, I’d love a second opinion.”

She nodded, “I’ve got plenty of time.”



Marisa smiled as she watched Fieldtech0001 otherwise known as Sparks walk in. The girl was four months pregnant and on light duty. This meant that she was stuck overseeing the research teams rather than running around the galaxy exploring. “How’s the rodeo going?”

“It’s hard to get the girls to focus on any one task sometimes but we’re working on it. We‘ve tested the Felucian bone, and it looks like it would work perfectly for starship hulls not to mention a city ship. The girls are still working on some improvements to the basic concept on both the standard ships they want to use and the city ship ideas.”

“What do they have so far?”

“Several ideas, the first being that they want to just enclose the city in a dome of the Felucian material then enchant it to be transparent or at least mostly transparent. The second idea is to build a massive dome that can cover the city sort of like some football stadiums on earth. They’re also looking into a system much like the ancients’ other than the fact that the buildings will seal against water and space. That one is problematic in that that’s potentially hundreds of thousands of seals that would have to be maintained.”

Marisa nodded, “Let’s skip the hassle of the third idea and go with a mix of all of them, a retractable dome that’s been enchanted to be transparent with a built in ancient shield that can be used in emergencies, like when we don‘t have time to close the dome. We might want to get the girls looking at a way to have the shield cover the outside of the dome so that it’s even stronger against attacks.”

Sparks nodded, “Alright, I’ll see what I can do.”

Marisa smiled, “Sounds good. How are the ideas for weapons going?”

“Heidi’s team is rocking on the personal weapons front. Mindy’s research team is working on some straightforward energy weapons based on some design specs that Janus gave us. We’re working to improve the design and implementation. Cindy’s team is working on getting some of the starwars bots upgraded.”


“It came to our attention when we were doing a group think tank that it was problematic to duplicate hordes and hordes of gunners. It would put a drain on the living quarters, available space and life support functions. Then we thought that we could pack in a hell of a lot more weapons if we did away with needless space for a human gunner.”

“Do I want to know?”

“R2-D2 volunteered to help with the programming. Physically we got the size of the little bots down to not much larger than a microwave oven. They’re small bots but they’re extremely good at shooting. They’re designed to interface with one of the large energy beam weapons and are able to work separately and together via a dedicated communication network. We are planning to have enchanted view ports so that they can actually look out and shoot with their eyes if they need to.”

“Won’t that heat up?”

“We’re tying the beam weapons into a heat sink grid so that we can use it to power other systems. Each gun will have two dedicated subspace capacitors as well as an arc reactor for back up. That should allow nearly continuous firing with the ability to level anything and everything our ships up come against.”

Marisa briefly wondered if her girls were insane for wanting so much firepower but then decided that the reason the ancients had lost was because they didn’t have a large enough population to put forth enough ships to make the difference. She wasn’t going to fall into that trap. While they might not have a large enough population now, they surely would in ten thousand years when she took her people to war. “Sounds like a plan. Who‘s up on the duty rotation for field missions?”

“Fieldtech0109 I believe.”

“Alright, get her to assemble a team and capture a wrath dart or two for research. We might learn something from their craft. You’re dismissed.”

Sparks smiled, “Thanks my lady.”

She headed out to track down Fieldtech0109 for a mission briefing.”


Fieldtech0109 looked over her team and smiled, “Alright troops we’ve got an important mission for the Lady Marisa.”

CM0907 smiled, “What is it boss?”

Stealth0189 grinned, “Do we get to kill wrath?”

Fieldtech0109 chuckled, “And here I thought we were supposed to be the aggressive ones.”

She shrugged, “They put 167 in the hospital on her last mission. I’m just looking for a bit of payback ma’am.”

Fieldtech0109 nodded, “Alright, as long as you think you can complete the mission without endangering the rest of us.”

“Of course. My girlfriend would be pissed if I did anything else.”

“In that case, fine. We’re supposed to go capture a couple of wraith darts for study.”

CM0907 frowned, “Did she bother to give any particulars?”

“Other than that we’re supposed to bring them to the alpha site, rather than here, nope.”

CM0907 grinned, “In that case, I know a research girl that owes me a favor. She’s got some toys she wanted tested out. Meet back here in an hour?”

Fieldtech0109 nodded, “Sure. That gives Stealth and I a chance to load up on supplies.”

Stealth0189 grinned, “I’ll help you with that then talk to my girl 167 and I’ll get a location for us to hit.”

“Do it.”


CM0907 looked around the empty plains that they found around the gate. “Are you sure this is the place?”

Stealth0189 nodded, “Yeah, according to 167 the wraith have been raiding the villages here every couple of days for a month. They’re due back today or tomorrow.”

Fieldtech0109 shrugged, “Let’s set up the tech-jammer.”

CM0907 grinned as she unloaded the large cylinder. “She said it had a range of two hundred yards, more or less.”

Fieldtech0109 frowned, “It’s that more or less part that bothers me.”

Stealth0189 grinned, “Leave it to the research girls to try to get us killed.”

CM0907 rolled her eyes, “We could always try to do this the other way and just blast the dart out of the sky.”

“And listen to the RG girls bitch? Fuck that.” Stealth0189 shivered.

Fieldtech0109 grinned as she picked the device up and jogged toward a spot two hundred and twenty yards from the gate. “This should be far enough.” She started fiddling with it.

Stealth0189 shrugged, “You want to set up the table?”

CM0907 grinned as she pulled a deck of cards out of her pack, “Sure, might as well stay busy.”

“It’s either that or can you see if 109 would fuck you for entertainment.”

CM0907 chuckled, “You just like seeing nearly identical girls having wild sex.”

“I’ve got to admit that it has a certain appeal.”

“How far did you say the natives were?”

“At least a couple of miles from the gate.”

“In that case we’ll see, after all we might be here a while.”

Stealth sighed, “In that case, I’ll set up the table if you dig the latrine.”

“Sure.” CM0907 walked a ways away, pointed her hand at the ground, and unleashed an energy blast at the ground that ripped a hole in the ground. She used a touch of magic and smoothed out the edges of the hole. “That’s good enough. Hopefully we won‘t have to actually use that.” She headed back to where Stealth0189 was setting up the table.


Late that night CM0907 looked up from her cards as she heard the gate spinning up. “109 dial up the power on the device.”

Fieldtech0109 turned the device on, “Already on it.”

Stealth0189 pulled her lightsaber off her belt and held it ready. She didn’t want to turn it on just on the off chance that it wasn’t wraith coming through, after all the natives used the gates as well.

CM0907 raised her hands and readied herself.

Two wraith darts flew out of the gate. They made it about twenty yards then just fell out of the air and crashed into the ground.

CM0907 grinned as she thought about her research girlfriend, “I’m so fucking that girl when we get back.”

Fieldtech0109 chuckled as the darts opened to reveal some pissed off wraith. “Do we need to take prisoners?”

Stealth0189 shrugged, “Might as well. It would give the research team more stuff to look at.”

CM0907 grinned as she walked toward the wraith with her hands held up in the air, “We come in peace.” She smiled as they raised their stunners at her. She dropped down to the ground as two of the stunners hit her in the chest.

Stealth0189 and Fieldtech0109 scattered as the wraith opened fire.

CM0907 waited patiently for the wraith to close the distance before she lunged at the nearest wraith and ripped the stunner out of his hands. She grinned as she fired a couple of volleys into the wraith that was right next to her. She smiled as the other wraith shot her with his stunner, “That doesn’t even tickle.” She shot the other wraith twice with the stunner before walking over and blasting him a couple more times just to be sure he stayed down. “Next time we just kill them.”

Stealth0189 twitched as it was proved again, why the rest of the girls were the combat models and why she was stealth, “I hate those things.”

CM0907 nodded, “That’s what you have me for. I’ll take these two to the alpha site while you break camp and 109 can shut down the darts so that when the field comes down they don’t do anything weird.”

Fieldtech109 grinned as she headed toward the wraith darts. “Sure.”

Stealth0189 rolled her eyes, “Sure. Do you think they’ll come back with more once these two fail to show up?”

CM0907 nodded, “Probably, though if we kill enough of them they will probably send some ground troops to check out what’s killing their people. Either that or they could send a hive ship.”

Stealth0189 sighed, “That’s going to create more issues for the people here.”

“It’s likely that they were going to be fleeing soon anyways.”

“Doesn’t mean I have to like it. I just wish we were ready for a fight now.”

“I know what you mean.”


March 21st 07MD

Maven grinned as two darts and two wraiths were delivered to her lab in near perfect condition. She was the field tech in charge of the alpha site. The site was a bunker on a world with a barely breathable atmosphere. They had selected it because it had little more than algae in the way of natural life, so it was far off the wraith’s radar and likely to stay that way. They had dug down into one of the bogs and used a Naboo shield to hold back the mess then built a shielded bunker under the swamp. They had then collapsed the shield and allowed the bog to fill back in so that there was nothing to indicate that there was anything unnatural on the planet.

The only way into the bunker was a shielded stargate that they had modified such that it physically couldn’t record the Atlantis gate address incoming or outgoing. It also had metal plates that could be flipped down to cover the chevrons as they locked so that people couldn’t see what you were dialing either. It also had dozens of shielded energy and conventional weapon turrets mounted and aimed at the stargate just in case the shield failed. The gate also had a manual disconnect lever that physically broke the connection to its power supply. While they understood that nothing was perfect, they wanted to cut down on the number of surprises that could follow them back to Atlantis. The bunker also held decontamination rooms as well as medical examine rooms. In short, it was their portal to the rest of the galaxy.

Maven grinned as she scanned the wraith so that she could copy them if she needed to. After all her medical team was likely to kill them several times over, as she figured out what made the creatures tick. It wouldn’t do for the retrieval teams to have to go get more specimens each time. She was excited about the possibility of studying the wraith’s tech. Maybe next time the retrieval teams would bring her something bigger than a drone like a scout ship. She considered how to proceed, “We’ll probably need to get a telepath here to make sure there are no surprises with the darts and some type of self destruct device.”

RG0167 nodded, “That sounds like a good suggestion. I was just about ready to send my report back to Atlantis anyways. I‘ll put in a request.”


In the other Atlantis on March 21 07MD or a few months after the Altaran’s left the city.

Elizabeth Weir woke up from her slumber and looked at the smiling face of Janus. “Has it been three thousand years already?”

Janus shook his head, “Actually no, just a couple of months actually.”

“Then why?”

“Because we had a change of plans. The ancients are gone, well other than myself.”

“How are you even here?”

“I went with the others. I had a long life, ascended then de-ascended and traveled back here with some friends. The city didn’t survive as well as I would have liked, so I figured I’d come back and set up shop for a while. It occurred to me that you might like to spend some time learning about the city.”

She nodded, “I’d love to learn about the city.”

He nodded, “Excellent. Perhaps you can help me with another problem.”


“I didn’t really get to hear much about the crew that will eventually come to Atlantis, now that we have plenty of time I‘d like to remedy that.”

She nodded, “I can do that.”


June 07th 07MD

Natasha frowned as she looked over the reports that her research team had given her. They were still working on figuring out how to get a copy of the ascension machine to work on animals. She wasn’t sure if that was insanity or not when she thought of what smart cats could do to a world or gods forbid smart rats. Sometimes it was a bit like trying to herd cats, they went where they wanted to until they wanted affection then they would run back over and stand there until you petted them. Not that her team were bad girls they just liked inventing and because they were super smart mutants that had an almost mystical ability to understand tech they tended to get into mischief unless directed. Still it could occasionally prove useful. One of their failed machines had been shown to randomly induce mutation in the test animals. While it was virtually useless in that it tended to kill the test subject more often than not, it did on occasion give them something to work toward with other more reliable genetic alteration devices. She had sent a copy of the “failed” machine to Maven to use on copies of several of the organic systems in the wraith dart. She wasn’t sure what she expected but figured that the girls might figure out ways to increase their tech in ways that they hadn’t considered.

She flipped though the last report in the pile then stopped as she considered Maven’s latest request. She wanted something more impressive than a dart to play with. Not that she blamed the girl but they were trying not to antagonize the wraith until they had built up enough of an army to deal with the wraith. Still depending on what she could do with the mutation machine, it might be worth figuring out how to collect a larger wraith ship. She would pass the information along.


Rachel frowned in distaste as she continued looking through the wraith’s mindscape for interesting facts. She wondered what her old teacher Xavier would say about her exploring the wraith’s mind and altering its memories in order for it to tell her what she wanted to know about the creature’s technologies. He would probably be against such an abuse of power but honestly, she didn’t think he had often come upon intelligent creatures that ate humans for food. At least practicing on these creatures gave her the chance to get some practice implanting and removing memories on subjects that weren’t due to survive anyways. It gave her a better understanding of her powers, which she supposed was for the best. However, she always felt like eating something after dealing with the two wraiths. Probably bleed over from the fact that wraith seemed to always be hungry unless they had just fed. The second important thing she had learned other than their language was that the wraith were ruled by queens and that the two wraiths they had found were too low on the totem pole to actually know much of anything. The most important thing as far as she was concerned was that she now that a better understanding of the feel of their minds such that she could search them out at range. “Nothing new, we’re going to need a better subject if I want to get more.”

Maven nodded, “Alright, if you’re done with them we’ll send them over to the doc’s to test her latest theories.”

Rachel nodded, “Illyana should be picking me up soon.”

Maven shook her head, “I’m still surprised you don’t just use the stargate like the rest of us.”

Rachel shrugged, “Would if I could, but I can’t. Once we taste the apples of immortality, we can’t gate and can’t be transported. We walk right through the gates and transporters can’t lock on. It’s a bit frustrating really.”

Maven nodded, “I’m glad that Lord Xander’s blessings don’t come with that restriction.”

Rachel nodded, “Makes it a bitch to get around.” She reached out across the void of space and flagged Illyana’s attention. “Can I get a lift?”

“Sure, give me a few.”

Maven nodded, “You just need your own personal ship.”

Rachel chuckled, “That would be nice, maybe a telepathic one.”

“I’ll see what I can do. Though if you can convince Marisa to look through other alternate realities with intelligent ships for samples it might go faster than if I have to back engineer wrath ships.”

Rachel grinned as a black disk appeared in an open space in the room. “Looks like that’s my ride, I’ll talk to Marisa about looking for other ship material.” She jumped on the disk and let it take her to Illyana’s otherworld. She looked around the vibrant world that was Illyana’s personal domain. Her eyes skipped past the various fruit trees and over to where the girl was sitting on the steps of her temple/shrine. The girl had grown up some in the last eight years. She wasn’t a little girl anymore. Instead, she was a rather happy and very hyperactive teen witch. The girl’s long blond hair was pulled back from her face with a simple headband.

Illyana smiled as she stood up and ran her hand over her blue silk dress to straighten it. “You ready to get back?”

“Yep, to Marisa’s Atlantis not Janus’s.”

“I only did that once.”

Rachel chuckled, “True. Thanks for being my taxi service.”

“No problem, Marisa’s paying me well for my vacation time with more spell books. Besides, I wanted to hang out with you. You’ve been pretty focused on this job lately.”

Rachel sighed, “Yeah, I’ve been trying to learn more about my powers. Get some practice in.”

Illyana nodded, “I get it. It’s just that I miss you.”

Rachel smiled, “After I give my report to Marisa how about we go back to Mystic Dawn and relax for a while on the beach?”

Illyana grinned, “As long as Marisa will make a portal there it sounds like a plan.” She created a stepping stone that lead back to Atlantis.


June 8th 07 MD

Stealth0067 grinned as she swam/flew toward the wraith cruiser in her Felucian armor. The cruiser was on the bottom of the Lantean Ocean not too far away from a mobile geothermal energy drilling station that the research girls wanted to look at. Rachel had detected the wraith when she was exploring in her astral form after the research team had asked about going down there. After Marisa had learned about the wraith, she had decided that a stealth team with combat support was the way to deal with the cruiser. She had five of her fellow Stealth models with her and a dozen Cms with her for backup. Not that she thought they needed the backup what with the group being decked out in the new nearly indestructible Felucian Iron Man suits but the lady wanted to make sure that her people were safe. She reached the edge of the ship and stopped, “Alright, we’re here.”

CM0001 otherwise known as Titan checked her heads up display then said, “Everything looks good, get us through the hull and we’ll start clearing the ship of wraith.”

Stealth0067 phased herself out and the two Cms she was holding. “Move out team.”

Titan had to force herself not to twitch as she phased through the wall. No matter how many times she did it, it was still disconcerting. She would have rather blown a hole in the hull or entered through the bay doors but that would have alerted the wraith to their presence. “Break into teams. Stun the wraith if at all practical then kill them and teleport their bodies into the ocean. I want the wraith queen scanned. She has information about this vessel that will come in useful. Move out.” She smiled grimly as she snuck down the hallway with Stealth0067 and CM0907 following behind her. She smiled as she noticed a wrath looking at a computer display. She shot him in the back a couple of times with a stunner. She walked over and ran the portable scanner over the downed wraith. “Got this one.”

CM0907 smiled as she walked over and twisted the creature’s neck around three hundred and sixty degrees then ripped out its spine. “That should keep it dead.”

Titan chuckled, “You really don’t like these things do you?”

“I just saw how well they regenerate at the alpha site, wanted to make sure it was dead.”

“Alright, let’s put a move on it.”


Marisa grinned as the team entered the briefing room, “How did it go?”

Titan smiled as she set a data pad on the table next to Marisa, “Remind me to bring a telepath next time. It would have made things easier. Still we got to the queen before she could activate the self-destruct. We even got her copied with a fair number of her other crewmembers. We still need to drop the scan data off with Maven at the alpha site.”

Marisa smiled, “Great work. That should make the research teams happy.”

“Hopefully. Though I suspect they will want to assign people to look over the ship as soon as they can.”

“Very likely, take some vacation and I’ll see about sending the data along with the next team heading to the alpha site.”

Titan grinned, “Thank you my lady, now if you’ll excuse me I want to get back home and see Shadow and Leah.”

She nodded, “Tell them I said hi.”

“I will.”

Marisa waited until the girls left before picking up the data pad and reading over the mission report.


Padmé glanced at the Jedi council that was arguing about having to stay beneath the water. She was getting tired of having to continually explain to them that they weren’t leaving, at least not for a while. She would rather be taking care of her twins. She sighed, “We’ve been over this, until we have a decent number of ships built and a decent location to drop you all off it would be suicide to go back.”

One of the more self-righteous Jedi scowled, “Then the ships will just have to be completed faster.”

Obi-Wan shook his head, “You do understand that we’re beggars here, right? They have their own issues, their own concerns. They’ve been rather decent just helping us this much.”

“Without their ‘help’ we wouldn’t be stranded here.”

“No, without their help we would be hunted down and killed. So I’ll suggest again that you actually do something useful and continue your training.”

“Fine, how long are we going to be stuck here.”

Padmé sighed, “At least another couple of months. Now, if there isn‘t actually any legit business, I‘m going to go back and play with my children.” She waved the rest of the council out.

Obi-Wan sighed after the rest of the Jedi left, “To borrow a phrase, much arrogance do I sense in them.”

Padmé nodded, “No offense, but there is no way those hide bound idiots are training my children in the force. I’d rather have Anakin do it.”

He nodded, “It fills my heart with happiness to see him doing so well.”

She nodded, “I miss mine.”


“We’ll just have to make sure that Luke and Leia don’t walk down the same path.”

He nodded, “I don’t think they will, especially not here.”

She smiled, “I should get back to my kids, are you still up for dinner?”

He nodded, “Yeah.”

She smiled, “Thanks.”


William the Bloody smiled as he considered Dawn’s offer while he looked out over the L.A. skyline, “You’re offering me a job?”

Dawn smiled, “Yeah, got a vial of demon blood that will turn you human again, from there we work on some enhancements and eventual immortality.”


She grinned, “Horrible, inconceivable emotional pain.”


“A younger version of Xander is the one passing out the upgrades.”

He sighed, that was going to be almost as painful as listening to Angelus gloat, “Ah.” He took a few minutes to consider. “Does Blue have a place in the army?”

Dawn shrugged, “Sure.”

He nodded, “Alright, provided that you can talk Xander into agreeing I’m in.”

She grinned, “Let’s go ask.”

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