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What Binds Us

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Summary: Buffy Summers is finding out that her world is not quite what she thought it was as she is introduced to what might be her new destiny.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Sirius BlackthegirlinquestionFR1837,859175,2574 May 1127 Jun 11No

Chapter Three

What Binds Us

The world is much different than 25 year old Buffy Summers imagined

A/N: So a few things to take note of. This is set after about 6 years after the Season 6 episode Once More With Feeling. That makes Buffy about 25. There was no relationship between her and Spike. In the Potterverse, this is set after Goblet of Fire. During Prisoner of Azkaban, Peter Pettigrew did not escape, allowing Sirius to be proven innocent.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Chapter Three

Buffy had been asleep for a what felt like a few hours before she was abruptly woken up, green light flashing behind her closed eyelids. She sat up in bed, gasping and trying to control her labored breathing. She should have known that falling asleep so easily didn’t mean that the dreams wouldn’t creep into her subconscious and drag her in. Glancing out her window, Buffy winced at the deep darkness that met her eyes. Her internal clock placed the time to be around 3am.

“No rest for the weary,” she mumbled, swinging her legs off the side of her bed and stretching. She could feel restlessness creeping in, the urge to go out becoming stronger. Figures her Slayer side would rear its ugly head while she was ensconced away in a castle, with no discernible way for her to sneak out. And worse, she didn’t think there was actually anything for her to slay, from what Giles had said about the supernatural naturally steering clear of the magical community.

In some ways, she was a little grateful for that. And kind of wishing (in her head, not aloud, never aloud) that she had known these magical people were a supernatural repellant. Maybe she would have hopped a flight to Scotland a long time ago, at least for a vacation.

On the other hand, she knew the Slayer would always be a part of her, and the only way to satisfy that part was by doing what her destiny called for; slaying vampires and demons. And wasn’t it funny that, after 10 years of the being the Slayer, she was finally accepting that part of her? Not only accepting, but also kind of embracing it.

Being away from home, away from the place that she had lived for 9 years, fought to sustain for 9 years, gave her such a profound sense of relief that she immediately felt guilty. Buffy loved her friends, yes, had proven time and time again that she would do anything to keep them safe… but that love and protectiveness had also been a burden that had been set on her too small shoulders.

She didn’t regret living in Sunnydale, never regretted meeting Willow, Xander and Giles. In fact, she was able to recognize that part of the reason she was still alive was because she had them watching her back, had them to fight for. Buffy knew that it was what made her a great Slayer, made her the longest living Slayer. Having something to fight for, to live for, had pushed her into overcoming the multiple obstacles she had faced in her relatively short life. And Dawn…

Dawn was Buffy’s everything these days. She realized that she had been doing a good job pushing her friends away, and even her sister. She saw it in their eyes when they were hanging out. They saw it when they looked at her faraway expressions that were becoming more frequent the past two years. Heard it in her laugh that came a second too late, that rang with a false note.

How could she tell them that living on a Hellmouth that was inactive was slowly killing her? They wouldn’t understand it, and that was partly her fault. For 7 years she had bemoaned her fate, had wanted nothing more than to be a regular girl, have a normal life. And as soon as the Hellmouth had closed, she thought that she had finally had a chance at that. She had quit the council long ago, there was no reason for her to move onto another place with a larger demon population. Faith was out there, fighting the good fight, doing what she loved doing. But then the restlessness had crept in and the Slayer in her had howled for release.

Release that she denied for herself.

But being here, being in another place, with another goal to focus on… Buffy felt more alive than she had in a long time. She felt herself coming back, felt the Slayer stirring in anticipation. She was the Slayer, and she was finally okay with that.

Standing at her little window in her room, Buffy overlooked the schools grounds, eyes resting on the forest that she could make out in the dim moonlight. She felt a longing to be out there, exploring its dark depths, doing anything but waiting in a room. Even before becoming the Slayer, Buffy had never been a patient person, had never done well with inactivity.

Making up her mind, Buffy changed her clothes into something more weather appropriate, which included a pair of black skinny jeans, black combat boots, and a dark purple, long sleeved t-shirt. She grabbed a few knives, sliding them in strategic places on her body, and finally grabbed her trusted stake, Mr. Pointy. Giles may have said that there more than likely wouldn’t be vampires around, but it wouldn’t be the first time he was wrong.

Sneaking out of the castle was surprisingly easy. Buffy retraced her steps to the big doors that had led her into the school, and soon enough she found herself outside, inhaling the crisp air and letting a small smile form on her face. She looked at the expanse of green grass in front of her, and decided to allow herself a moment of immaturity.

She took off running across the ground, her feet not making a sound, and sprang into a front hand spring, flipping in the air two times before landing on her feet. Buffy held her arms up in the air, body formed in a graceful movement like the gymnasts she had watched on TV, and she bowed to an imaginary audience.

Giggling softly to herself, the Slayer shook off her silliness and headed into the dark forest. Upon crossing the barrier from school grounds and creepy forest, she was on high alert, her senses going into overdrive as she explored the forest. Trusting her Slayer instincts to single out the creatures that would be considered evil, Buffy disregarded that ones that seemed to pose no threat.

Soon enough, Buffy felt the tingles that signaled a vampire was near. Grinning, she took off running to where she felt the vampire was hiding. Finally, she felt herself nearing the creature, and her grin widened when she felt the presence of at least two other vampires. Buffy swung herself up a tree, and decided to wait for them to pass her before so she could get the drop on them, literally.

Thankfully she didn’t have to wait long. Soon enough she could hear them talking amongst themselves, and she quieted her breathing so she could listen in.

“I don’t see why Voldemort wants us to hang out in the gross forest all the time, there’s nothing to eat here,” the long female vamp was complaining. Buffy frowned when she heard her say Voldemort, recognizing his name as the evil wizard guy. So, vamps that were working with Voldemort? Guess times had changed and the Wizarding world was becoming a lot more open to supernatural beings. Buffy was shaken from her thoughts when the three vamps came into view, and one of the males answered.

“You know why, and I’m getting real sick of hearing you complain about it,” he grumbled, kicking a chunk of tree out of his path. The female just hissed at him, but decided to ignore his comment. She watched then head further into the forest, and since it seemed like she wasn’t really going to get any info out of just listening in, Buffy decided to just go with the tried and true method of beating it out of them.

Dropping from her perch on the tree branch, Buffy barely made a noise as she landed behind the three vamps. Unobservant much? She thought, raising a brow. Wanting a chance to exercise and dispel some restlessness, Buffy deliberately stepped on a stick, making a loud cracking noise. All three vamps immediately whirled, game faces on.

“Oops?” She said, wincing dramatically. The female hissed at her, and really, what was with the hissing?

One of the male vampires held his arm out in front of the female, shooting Buffy a smirk and allowing his face to morph back into its human visage. “What’s a pretty little thing like you doing out here, all alone?” He asked, voice dripping with fake concern. The other two vampires took their cue from him, dropping their game faces and assuming their human guises, complete with concerned faces and hungry eyes.

Buffy took a step back, and let her eyes widen in what she hoped looked like fear instead of the derision she felt. “I was taking a walk,” she replied, looking from face to face.

The female raised a brow. “An American?” She asked, circling Buffy. The blonde Slayer watched her out of the corner of her eye, unwilling to let her out of sight.

“A little late to be taking a walk, and such an odd place for a late night stroll,” the third vamp stated, a smile playing on his lips. The first male vampire approached Buffy from the front, and she reluctantly tore her eyes away from the female, focusing on where her sense were telling her the bigger threat lay.

He stepped close to Buffy, seriously invading her personal space, something she was just opening her mouth to tell him when she recognized the look in his eyes. Lust. Ugh. Buffy’s face scrunched up in revulsion, and she took an involuntary step back.

She got a smirk in return, and he raised a hand towards her face, running a finger down the side of her cheek. Buffy knocked his hand back, deciding to squash what was sure to come before he got any ideas.

“Yeah, so not gonna work for me buddy,” she said, giving him a small smirk. She saw the surprise flash across his face. “Been there, done that, got the bite mark to prove it.” Buffy drew her stake from her belt, thrusting her hand back and stabbing the female in the heart just as the vampire was leaning in to bite her. She felt dust settle on her hand as she quickly withdrew Mr. Pointy.

The fight was on, and she was going to make it last.

The two male vampires rushed her at once, one managing a blow to her face as she kicked the other one in the chest, sending him flying back. Cheek smarting, Buffy glared at the offending vampire, causing him to take a step back at the ferocity of her look. “That’s gonna bruise tomorrow,” she growled, stalking towards him. The vampire she had knocked into the tree came rushing back, and she turned her attention to him long enough to send him flying back again. Buffy wanted to keep him alive, she figured the creepy vampire would have more info than the other one.

The vamp that had hit her swung at her once more while she was faced towards creepy vamp, but she was able to sense him coming in time to duck out of the way. She swept his legs out from under him, and he fell on his back, quickly rolling away from the kick she was aiming at his side. Jumping to his feet, he rushed her again, and she traded blows with him.

Buffy punched him in the stomach before grabbing the back of his head and kneeing him in the face. He doubled over long enough for her to flip into the air, landing behind creepy vamp as he was about to attack her. He spun quickly, his face meeting Buffy’s flying fist as she punched him in the nose, then kicked him in the chest and sending him flying for the third time.

“Vampires over here are just as dumb as the ones I get in America,” she remarked, shaking her head as the creepy vamp slammed into a tree, knocking him unconscious. She brought her attention back to the other male vampire, who had recovered from being kneed in the face.

They fought for a few more minutes, Buffy acquiring a few more hits to her face and body. Finally, after she had decided that she was done trading blows and toying with him, Buffy brought out her stake and drove it into his heart, relishing the look of disappointment on his face as he turned to dust.

Buffy raised the bottom of her shirt towards her face, wiping the blood that she felt running from the cut above her eye, stopping it from dripping down her chin. Once done, she walked over to the remaining vampire, seeing him beginning to stir. She grabbed his feet, and dragged him away from the tree, laying him out on his back and waited for him to come fully awake. Surprisingly, it didn’t take long, and soon enough he was looking around in confusion, finally spotting her and leaping to his feet. Noticing his friends were gone, he let out a frustrated growl.

Falling into a fighting stance, Buffy waited for him to attack her, then was shocked when he instead turned around and ran. “Hey!” She called, running after him and tackling him to the ground. The wrestled for a moment before she got the upper hand and slugged him across the face, hard. He stopped struggling, blinking up at her through a swollen eye.

“That’s cheating,” she pouted at him, sitting on his chest, holding his hands above his head. “Now, I have a few questions for you.”

“I will never tell you anything,” he stated, glaring at her.

Buffy rolled her eyes, before raising her fist again.

“Okay, okay!” He yelped, flinching. Buffy grinned down at him.

“That’s more like it. Now, I want to know why Voldemort has you watching the forest.”

The vampire looked at her in surprise before letting out a laugh. “We aren’t watching the forest, little girl. We’re watching the school.”

Buffy nodded to herself, suspicions confirmed. “Alright. And why does he have you watching the school. There’s not very many people there right now,” she stated, watching him for signs that he was lying.

“We were supposed to be watching, to see if Harry Potter was going to arrive early. To see if we could find any pertinent information. The Dark Lord Voldemort will destroy you all,” he said, sneering at her.

Raising an eyebrow, Buffy let that one go, deciding to focus on her next question. “And where is he, this Lord Voldemort?”

She was not surprised in the least when the vampire refused to answer. They entertained another brief struggle, this one resulting in him prying his arms loose and shoving her off of him. Instead of him trying to fight her, he again turned tail and ran. Buffy watched him for a second, debating on if it was worth it trying to question him again, before deciding she really wasn’t going to get any further. She threw her spare stake at his back, not wanting to chance Mr. Pointy turning into dust with the creepy vamp. Once the dust settled, Buffy turned and headed back towards the castle, finally noticing the faint pink tinge that filtered through gaps in the trees. She sped up, not wanting to be caught out of the castle, in the dark forest, this early in the morning. And especially not with bruises on her face and blood on her shirt.

Sneaking back into her room was almost as easy as sneaking out. She had to hide only one time when she heard faint footsteps approaching. When Buffy finally reached her room, she sighed in relief and stretched her sore muscles, deciding a bath was in order.

Maybe a nap too, she decided, recalling that she wasn’t going to be expecting breakfast for a few more hours.

Now all she had to do was figure out what exactly she was going to be doing all day, cooped up in her room until dinner time. And all because she was supposed to be a ‘surprise’ for the students and teachers.

That Albus Dumbledore sure was a strange man.

The End?

You have reached the end of "What Binds Us" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 Jun 11.

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