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Things to do in the Pliocene

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Things to do". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: As Buffy and Helen have a time-out in the Pliocene (and others are looking for them), they're not being idle, oh no!

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Staring at the sea

Staring at the sea

Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine, but belong to their proper owners...

“Helen,” Buffy said in her best Los Angeles cheerleader tone of voice, “can you teach me to swim?”

“Miss Summers,” Helen replied in her tone of voice that always reminded Buffy a bit of Giles, “I probably no less about swimming than you do. If you want to swim, please feel free to do it by yourself.”

“You’re no fun,” Buffy pouted, “and no, I can’t swim very well. I’m a land-bound Slayer, you know, I just cannot cruise the waves!”

“Well, neither can I,” Helen shook her head and slapped her right leg, below the knee, “bad leg, you know? A Carboniferous spider’s bite.”

“Aw, shucks!” Buffy said, still petulant, as she observed the prehistoric Pliocene sea cows graze in the forests of kelp that grew in the shallow waters beneath their cliff. “And here I was wanting to tread the water so badly-“

Abruptly, a huge shark – probably much bigger than its prototype in “Jaws” – burst from beneath the waves, seized one of the sea cows, and submerged with a humongous splash, the sea cow still seized in its jaws.

“Megalodon,” Helen said smugly, even if she did still look half-asleep. “The adults hunt big whales in the open seas, while the juveniles hunt smaller, softer targets in these kelp forests. We – and our boat – are just the right size for a large sea cow or dolphin, so no swimming without necessity, you know?”

Buffy looked thoughtfully at the surface of the sea, now tranquil once again. “If it was a land animal – this size – I’d be able to take it,” she muttered.

“Perhaps,” Helen said, with a glint in her eye, indicating that she just had an idea for experiment surface in her mind. “Want to go fishing for this Jormungandr? Maybe you’ll be even able to learn to swim in the process”

“Oooh, let’s!”

And the two women went off to prepare for a boating trip.

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