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The Son of Thunder

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Summary: This is the story of a man who discovers he is more than he seems, his journey will take him to places he only has seen in dreams and nightmares, together he and others shall embark on a quest to bring order and justice to those with none,Xander/?

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DC Universe > Justice LeagueKaosreignFR181099,9312025179,6235 May 1114 Jul 12No

Underwater adventure...part 2

The Son of Thunder.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters portrayed in this work of fiction, I do not own BTVS or any DC characters that appear here, and there will be a slight reference to the Marvel versions of Thor, you have been warned.




*Sound effect*

--Media or transmission—

Chapter 8 part 2:

Things were not looking good for the true King of Atlantis as he was surrounded by the turncoats and his Brother who stood before him, wearing his crown and wielding his trident.

“For years I have stood in your shadow and watched as you led Atlantis to the brink of ruin, I’ll stand for it no more and neither will your Generals.” The usurper spoke with scorn as he stepped aside for General Brak to speak to his former monarch.

“This is a battle we should have fought years ago, but you betrayed us by siding with our enemies.” The fallen General accused.

The last betrayal to him was enough to push Aquaman´s rage beyond the limit, only one thought was in his mind, to make these men pay dearly for this affront.

He overpowered two of the guards at his sides and delivered two well-placed blows before lunging at his former kin, however…


“ARRG!” he yelled as the energies from the trident were released and managed to knock him unconscious.

Orm look with much satisfaction for his cruel deed.

“Take him away.” He ordered with utter disgust for the man.

After two guards did so he turned towards Brak.

“General Brak, ready your troops at once.”

“Yes my Lord.”

With that said he and the other betrayers went to gather their troops for the coming conflict.

Orm smugly sat on the throne he had usurped, feeling immense satisfaction for his victory over his Brother.

*Atlantis shall be the first to kneel at my rule and then, after I show the surface dwellers their place, they too shall bow before me and no one shall be able to stop me.* He thought, just as Mera rush in a side entrance, not knowing her love was just taken away to some unknown fate.

“Orm! They say my husband has returned…” She spoke as she came to his side “…is this true?” She asked with a desperate hope in her eyes.

“I wish it were…” He said in a tone that betrayed nothing of the treachery that has taken place, he rose to look her in the eyes “…but it is only an unfounded rumor.”

Hearing this she covers her eyes in grief.

“I tried to be strong, but without him.”

“Don´t worry Mera…” He spoke in a gentle tone as he comforted her “…I´ll take care of you and your son.” He spoke ominously.

“My son?” She asks as she does not like the sound of that, what he says next sets alarms off in her mind.

“I´ve already took the precaution of placing him under my protection.”

The woman quickly runs to her child’s bad and is horrified to find it empty and she began to feel deep in her gut that she knew just what happened to him. And who was the one responsible.

He soon follows calmly and speaks to her, in the same monotone voice.

“This are dangerous times Mera, we can´t be too careful.”

“Where is he?” She naturally asks him.

“The Prince will come to no harm as long as you cooperate.”

“How can you do this?” She asks as she tries to find some reason for these man´s actions.

“I assure you I am only doing what is best…for Atlantis.” The would be king says to the Queen though in her heart she knows that is not the case. Orm’s words were all she needed to hear to know that the future of Atlantis, its people, and her family would be very bleak indeed if what Orm planned came to fruition.

Oh Arthur, where are you?

With the League…

Thor and the others were currently traveling in the Javelin towards Atlantis in order to warn the King of their discovery of a traitor in their mists.

“Batman, have you found anything with the Watchtower sensors?” Superman spoke to the caped crusader, who had gone to the Watchtower to see if he could see any sign of activity from the underwater city.

--No, there is no sign of activity in Atlantis, and that’s what worries me. —

“What are the chances we beat him here?” Xander quipped, though not in his jovial way.

--I wouldn’t get my hopes up for that contingency.—

“Batman… Have you ever considered placing some more fabric softener in your undies? I hear it does wonders for a person’s disposition.” The Aesir replied as the man’s outlook chaffed on him.

*All those toys in his belt must cost a mint and he can’t find someone to take that stick out of his ass? Guy has some serious issues, though I can’t fault him for being cautious.*

--…you’ve been spending too much time with Flash; I’ll keep you posted if anything changes, Batman out. —

“Could we have beaten him here?” Diana had to ask as the alternative was not something she was too keen on.


“I hate to say it but no, he had a good head start on us, and in his element he is the hare to our tortoise, and then there’s…” Xander thought over his next comment as it would have some serious implications.


“We shouldn’t be going in like this as if we’re going to be having an easy time.”

“You are expecting resistance of some kind?” J’onn asked in his recognizable tone.

“Isn’t that a bit extreme? We aren’t trying to cause an incident.” Steward spoke respectfully to the man.

“True and I sure as Hell don’t want to start a shooting match, but let’s look at the facts, we know for a fact that there is a traitor in Atlantis, we know he or she is well funded, that proves he is either a high level politician or maybe a member of the Royal family. In either case that person may have already captured or killed Aquaman and usurped control of the city, if that’s the case then we are walking straight into a trap.”

That put all of them on edge as the God raised had a good point.

Before anyone could comment Diana, who was once more at the co-pilot seat and looking at the radar spoke as she saw some incoming vessels.

“Atlantean navy approaching.” She spoke.

“Let’s hope you’re wrong Thor.” Superman spoke to him as he prepared to talk to the vessel.

“You and me both Superman.” He replied with some worry as he clenched and unclenched his fists.

*Come on Murphy, give me a pass just this once in my life…* the Aesir thought as he hoped his typical luck would not see them get into another conflict.

“This is the Justice League with urgent message for Aquaman, we believe his life is in terrible danger.”

On board the main vessel the message was received, however the commander of this vessel was none other than General Brak himself. And he had no plans on letting the surface dwellers leave this battleground alive.

“Order’s General?”

“Destroy them.” He replied coldly.

The soldier soon did so.


*Damn you Murphy! Damn you to Hell! When I get my hands on you I’ll shove a lightning bolt up your nose AND your ass!*

“Damn! This officially means we’re too late!” Stewart shouted as torpedoes were launched and impacted the ship, thankfully the armor held under their assault.

“Get us out of here Sarge!” Thor yelled as he held onto a nearby console.

“On it!”

The Javelin soon did as he it got past the ships and bikes due to its better armor and speed.

“We can’t outrun them forever; we have to take the fight to them.” Superman spoke as handed Diana and Thor a breathing mask, Stewart powered up his ring and J’onn simply followed as his Martian physiology made the use of the mask unnecessary.

The five soon vacated the ship and rushed the soldiers. The kid gloves were off this time around and so the League had to go full throttle.

Superman’s strength proved to be powerful enough to knock out the soldiers despite their tough bodies.

Diana was using her bracers to deflect incoming fire while also getting in close to engage them, some on occasion chased her through the rocky formation, but even underwater her agility proved too much for them as she jumped and twisted in the water as if she was born in it.

Stewart, erected a shield behind her when three water bikes came up, the riders were coming in to fast to avoid it and had to bail out.

J’onn used the ocean floor and his intangibility to his advantage as the riders crashed into the rocks or each other.

Thor was limited to using his brute strength and endurance since underwater combat with his sword and hammer were things he had not been trained in. Not to mention the fact that using Mjolnir IN water was NOT recommended.

Two soldiers rushed his position but instead of retreating like they expected, he pushed of the floor and clothesline the two with enough force they were easily dislodged from their vehicles and knocked out.

“Superman, we have to make a break for the city! We stay here, we’re going to get swamped!” he said through the com link as he evaded incoming fire.

The kryptonian agreed with that plan relayed it to the others.

However the flagship soon came and began to fire their entire ordinance at them.

Superman got underneath a massive boulder and used his great strength to drag it along its hull, causing it to capsize.

They all soon broke away from the fight and came to a reef that overlooked the city.

“We’re almost there!” Stewart spoke as they passed the reef, however behind them external defense platforms activated and fired spiked spheres at them.

“DEPTHCHARGES!” Thor all but screamed, sadly the warning came too late as they blew up around them.

The shockwave sent Xander near two others, when they blew the close range shockwave made him lose consciousness.

The others were also knocked unconscious and fell to the sea bed, but Xander fell in a nearby crack large enough for him, he tumbled down through it, whether by luck or design it curved inward so his form was hidden from the others.

The rogue soldiers soon came upon the Leaguers.

“What should we do with them General?”

“Bring him to his highness, he shall decide their fate.” Brak said to his subordinate.

The soldiers did as asked and pick up the four and led them inside.

“Where is the other one?” a soldier spoke.

But looked but found no sign of him.

“Keep searching, we cannot take any chances he may have survived.” The lead man said to the other two, they nodded in agreement and remained to search the area.

In the Atlantean throne room…

The League was bound and kneeling on the floor still reeling from the explosive encounter. Superman was the first to awaken, and immediately took notice of his bonds and the lack of strength in his arms, and the device on his head.

A power inhibitor?

He looked up when he felt a presence near him and could tell this was not Aquaman.

“Worthless surface scum.” Orm said with utmost disdain for him and the other, who from what he could gather were also wearing the inhibitors and were equally shackled.

“Ugh, where´s Aquaman?” He said weakly as he felt quite drained from the previous battle.

“I thought your kind already took care of him?” He said in a way that betrayed nothing of his involvement.

“No… he came back here.” Diana spoke next followed by Clark.

“We came to warn him about a plot against his life, an Atlantian plot.” He spoke loudly; all unaware that in the balcony Mera was overhearing them.

A plot against Arthur? Could it be true?

“Lies and deception!” the usurper cried out as he used the trident to electrocute Superman.

“I consider this latest incursion an act of war.” He spoke as a soldier carried away the still smoking kryptonian.

“You will be executed as enemies of the crown, and then I’ll wipe out the surface world forever.” He spoke as he turned and left.

“Wait! Where´s Thor? What have you done with him!?” Diana yelled.

“He´s probably dead, rotting away at the bottom of the ocean as we speak.”

“Liar! He is a God and no mere weapon would fell him.”

“A God? Clearly you are more delusional than I believed, but no matter. Guards! Take this land born filth away.”

Diana never ceased to glare at the tyrant as she and the others were taken.

Meanwhile in another section of the city…

Two guards stood near the one of the many pools that led to the murky depths that existed outside the dome that covered the city.

“Why are we here?”

“Because we were ordered too, look I know you don´t like this post and neither do I, but orders are…” He paused suddenly earning a look from his fellow soldier.

“What? What is it?”

“Is it me or is there something floating there?” he spoke as he sees a shadow under the water.

“Yeah, there is, think we should check it or call it in first?”

“Better check, if it turns out to some seaweed or something else will be laughed out of the Navy.”

Both moved slowly toward the shadow and weapons at the ready, slowly they peered into the pool...



“Ugh!” only for the one on the right to be struck by a hammer in the stomach.

“By Poseidon!” The other soldier cried as he looked at his companion who was knocked out on the floor with the war hammer at his side. Unfortunately for him his lack of attention caused him to miss the arm rising from the water towards his ankle until finally…

“Ugh…AAAAAHHH!” The now captive soldier screamed as he was dragged into the water, a moment later Thor rose from the pool while an unconscious soldier floated on the water’s surface.

“Well hate to leave you here gents…” he spoke calmly to no one in particular as Mjolnir floated to his outstretched hand “…but I have some friends that need rescuing and I can’t afford any delays.”

*Okay so if I were to take prisoners…where would be the best place to either keep them or make an example of them?* He thought as he made his way out of the current building while evading patrols. He hoped that the idiot behind this coup was not smart enough to try and play his hand too soon.

Once he successfully exited the building he looked around and saw the tallest building in the very center of the city.

*Well that’s a no brainer.*

Decision made, he carefully made his way towards the palace was located and where his friends were being held captive.

*Guess all those years sneaking into crypts and caves with the gang are finally paying off.*

Inside the palace…

After gaining entry into the palace via a windo, the storm wielding deity went deeper into the bowls of the castle in his search for his friends he paused behind an archway as two soldiers passed.

“Did you hear? They say the King appeared in the city, could he really be alive?”

“Don’t be a fool; did you not hear Lord Orm? Those filthy surface dwellers killed him and desecrated his body as a message to us, oh how I wish I could face them instead of being here.”

“You’re right, they shall rue the day they dared to murder our king.”

*So he did come here and this guy Orm must have caught him, he must be held somewhere outside the city. Orm would never risk letting a single hair on ol’ fishstick’s hair peek out of a crack in the ground*

Xander deduced before refocusing at the task at hand *First thing first, get the League out then we search for him and find out how to bust this plot wide open.

As they made their way through the hall way he spotted a woman in the distance. From her fair complexion, the crown on her hair and high quality robes he would have to guess that this was the Queen of the Atlanteans and Aquaman’s wife.

*Got to give Aquaman his due, he sure picked a strong woman to be his wife if her hefting the mace is any indication. Now why is she here and with a mace?*

Mera was quietly making her way towards the captured heroes, having heard how they attempted to aid her husband, she knew they could help her find him and free her son.

However as she passed a hallway she was grabbed from behind, making her drop her mace.

Don’t struggle…” Thor whispered as he kept a look out for any sentries in the area “…I am not here to harm you, I am simply looking for my friends, now I am going to remove my hand so do not scream, understand?

She nodded and soon the man, from what she could tell, removed his hand and allowed her to get a good look at him.

She was surprised to finds a large armored man standing before her.

“Are you one of the surface dwellers who came to help my husband?”

“Yes ma’am, may ask what your name is?”

“I am Mera, the wife of the one you call Aquaman… do you know where he is?” she asked with fear for his safety.

“I’m sorry but no, I know he isn’t in the city but that is all.”

She bowed her head in sadness for a moment before she regained her composure.

“We must hurry your friends are being held captive and are soon going to be executed.”

She spoke urgently as she picked up her mace once more and lead him towards the area where they were being held.

They soon found them in a tank filled with water.

“No.” He spoke as he grabbed his hammer and hurled it towards the glass.

“What in Neptune’s name!?” one the guards shouted as the saw the hammer crash through the glass.

Both guards moved to the side to avoid the torrent of water, before they stepped back in and raised their rifles towards the interlopers, however...

“Fir...” “WHAM!” “Ugh!”

The Queen soon showed them she was no delicate flower as she bashed one guard and then turned on the other.

“Que…” “WHAM!”

The floor was soon flooded as the glass gave way and the water slowly drained.

Xander started ripping out the shackles and the inhibitors, and lowered them to the floor, Wonder Woman being the last.




“The one and only, how many guys in armor and carrying a hammer and sword do you know?” He gave her a lopsided grin as he spoke to her.

“Oh thank the goddess, we were starting to worry.” She said with relief.

“Heh, the rumors of my demise were greatly exaggerated, but we can have the questions later. Can you stand?”

“Yes, just allow me a moment to catch my breath.”

He did so and checked on the others who were starting to regain consciousness.

“Everyone this is Mera, the Queen of Atlantis and wife of Aquaman, she helped me find you.”

“Thank you.” Superman spoke to the woman.

“There is no need, you came to help Arthur, and it is the least I could do; now I must ask you to continue to do so, for I fear he and my son are in grave danger.”

“Your son?” J’onn asked.

“Yes Orm, Arthur’s half-brother has taken the crown and hidden him; I fear for their lives, please help me.” She implored.

“We will ma’am, but first we need to get you safe, we have no idea who’s on your side and whose on Orm’s. The last thing we want is for you to get caught in a shooting match.”

Superman spoke as he and the others moved away from the area.

Mera’s thoughts turned towards her family and what she would do to Orm should he harm them.

She had no idea the danger both of them found themselves in.

In an unknown location…

Aquaman was currently struggling to free himself from a large rock he found himself chained to.

Below him was an active volcanic fissure, the heat could be felt up to his position and he could tell it was about to get worse before his situation got better.

When I get my hands on those traitors they shall be begging for death´s merciful embrace!

Soon however his attention was caught by the arrival of the ringleader of this nefarious plot.

“Enjoying the view?” Orm mocked a top his water bike.

*Arrogant bastard…*

“Getting rid of me won´t make the people of Atlantis serve you.” He said to his former kin.

“I know that whole lineage thing can get messy, fortunately I have a solution.” He said as he approached his vehicle´s cargo hold.

“What do you mean?”

Orm simply opened the hatch and pulled out a bundle, it´s cries were soon heard and he revealed none other than his son.


Back at Atlantis…

The League was currently escorting the Queen to a safer location, mostly because they didn´t know who was still in favor of Aquaman and who was in on the plot.

Diana overlooked the grand architecture of the city and commented on it.

“You´re kingdom is truly magnificent; I see why Aquaman protects it so passionately.”

“Unfortunately there are those whose ambitions would destroy it.” She spoke with sadness.

“Incoming!” Thor warned as he sensed danger close, he was proven right as several guards came and began to fire at them regardless of the Queen´s presence.

He and Diana covered her, him with his hammer spinning about and she with her bracers, their retreat was hampered by the arrival of three more men who began to fire their laser weaponry at them, Superman taking the brunt of the attack.

Ugh, still not strong enough to keep this up.” He thought as he placed himself before the barrage.

“Stand back!” Stewart orders as he focuses his ring on the bridge they stood on, soon there is a power build up that reaches critical, resulting in a large explosion and the soldiers falling into the waters bellow.

All the heroes remained aloft in the air and headed for a more secure location.

Meanwhile with Aquaman…

Upon seeing his defenseless child in the arms of his treacherous brother, Arthur’s rage knew no bounds.

Orm swam to him just out of reach and openly mocked the man.

“A pity, the young prince will be yet another innocent victim of the surface dwellers aggression…”


“…Sadly that will also make me the rightful heir to the throne.”


Orm simply ignored this as he plunged his dagger into the rocks surface and hanged the crying child next to his father, before swimming back to his vehicle.

“Well I am off to avenge your deaths.” He said as he aimed and fired the trident at the base of rock that held them.


Slowly but surely their prison descended to the fiery pit, by sheer luck one of Aquaman´s bonds was weakened by his struggles allowing him to break free.

His child’s cries spurred him on as he tried to break the other one to save them; ripping off his sharpened buckle he struck the metal repeatedly but would not give.

No! I will not fail now! Not when it counts the most!” He thought before he focused not on the metal band but on another target.


Back in the palace…

Superman, J´onn searched every room they could in search of the missing ruler and prince, while the Queen was guarded by the Aesir, Lantern and the Amazon.

The Martian soon phased in through the floor.

“We´ve searched the entire palace.”

“But there´s still no sign of him.” Superman spoke much to the Queen’s dismay as he flew in through a balcony.

“I’m sorry but I could find no trace.” John said as he walked in from behind them.

Mera cried at this, thoughts of her child and husband running rampant.

However all turned to the entrance as they felt someone arrive, and much to the surprise of everyone it was none other than Aquaman carrying his infant son in his right arm.

Mera ran and embraced her husband as soon as he was in reach.

“My love! You´re safe.”

“And so is our son.” He replied as he handed him to her.

The child was happy to be near his mother who held him, joy swelling up in her heart as she felt his.

This joy turned to shocked horror as she saw the bloody stump where his left hand was.

“Your hand…”

“Where. Is. Orm?” He said in a voice filled with utter hatred.

Medical wing…

Right now they had all relocated to the medical wing where the King’s his personal physician was working on a substitute appendage for his leader, while the others watched on.

“His own hand, I can´t believe it…” the Man of Steel says loud enough to be heard by the others.

“I told you he was a madman.” Stewart added, regardless if he was heard or not.

“Is it madness to sacrifice all for someone you love?” Mera asks the Lantern, who has the decency not to retort.

Xander feels the need to add to that comment.

“Was it mad for my father to send me forward through time so I could live while my people died? Was it madness when Superman’s parents gave their lives to see him to safety? I’d say it was a fair trade, a hand for a life. Better to lose a limb than to lose any chance to save your family.”

They were all silent as they processed his words. Aquaman simply nodded in thanks while he wondered what he meant when he said that he was sent forward through time.

“You´re right, I apologize you highness.” Stewart finally said as he realized he was out of line.

“No need, I understand my husband´s first impression was somewhat tense for you but as your friend said, he is quite passionate in the protection of our people, please do not judge him too harshly because of It.” She replied getting a nod in return.

“Can´t you work any faster?” Arthur asks the surgeon, not for the pain but the urgency to deal with the traitors.

“This is a delicate operation my lord, it can´t be rushed.”

It was then that the man of steel received an incoming communiqué from their teammate.

“Go ahead Batman.” Superman spoke as he pressed the earpiece.

--We have a situation at the North Pole; thermal readings show a large increase in temperature as well a reduction in salt water around the area. —

“If that continues the ecological effects could be catastrophic.” J´onn spoke to all; Aquaman immediately began to think about that.

Is it possible Orm found it?

“Then let´s check it out.” Stewart suggested.

“But what about the crisis here?” She spoke as she looks to the pair.

“There may be a connection.” The monarch spoke gravelly.

“What do you mean?” Clark asked the man.

“It´s the Doomsday Thermal Reactor, we designed it to create a polar meltdown.”

“You what!?” Stewart asks in shock.

“It is a weapon of last resort should Atlantis face dire fate, it is also the reason I never had it armed.” He said with shame at his carelessness.

“Do the terms Mutually Assured Destruction mean anything to you right now?” Xander asked rhetorically as he palmed his face.

“The Plutonium from the sub! He must have stolen it and used it to fuel the device.” GL spoke as the pieces came into place.

“We have to stop him before it´s too late.” Superman spoke in a dire tone.

“And we will…” Arthur spoke as he stood with menacing harpoon for a hand “…I’ll see to it personally.”

The North Pole…

Aquaman had swam at great speeds towards the location of the Doomsday weapon, bursting out of the water and landing with a grace and poise, that would make any world class gymnast green with envy.

He was not alone.

“What is your plan?” Xander asked the monarch as he and the other flew to his side.

“Find Orm and break him in half.”

“Simple and easy, messy to boot, I like it.” The Thunder God quipped

“INCOMING!” Stewart yelled as he saw the incoming laser, from beneath the ice.


Three massive vessels rose from the ice and immediately opened fire upon them.

Stewart shielded Aquaman, Diana, and himself, while J´onn, Superman and Thor flew out to engage the enemy.

At the lead of the army stood none other than Brak, sword held high.

“Soldiers of Atlantis attack!” He yelled making all the men on their water bikes soon race towards the heroes.

The League did the same, with Stewart releasing his shield to allow Aquaman to engage the renegades.

“Here we go again.” He spoke as the fight began.

In his Jet Batman raced to aid his comrades and had a clear view of the destruction of the icecaps.

“Superman the glaciers are already starting to melt.” He said over the Comm.

“I know…” He replied as he pressed the transceiver in his ear “…but we have our hands full here.” He spoke as the League members currently engaged the rebel Atlantians.

Stewart weaved around the laser fire and created a battering ram that slammed into the riders.

Diana and J’onn double teamed the invaders; Diana using her lasso removed the riders causing their vehicles to spin out of control or slam into the others. Those were grabbed by the Martian and dropped into the sea.

Superman took on the capital ship dodging cannon fire and getting an up-close and personal look as he dove into the hull and ripped them out from beneath.

Xander spun his hammer until a powerful tornado came about and raced towards his attackers, the results spoke for themselves as they were suck up into the vortex and thrown into the sea with force.

Aquaman was not idle as he commandeered a water bike and summoned to his aid a Killer Whale that slammed down on his enemies, much to the Lantern’s and Aesir’s surprise..

“I saw it, but I still don’t believe it.” Stewart spoke.

“That makes two of us, and I’m a God and i was impressed.” Thor added.

“John! Thor! Follow him, we’ll keep them busy!” Superman spoke as he dove back into the fight.

Both agreed and soon flew after the monarch, there they met up with Batman along the way.

“There´s not much time if we don´t shut that thing of the entire world is doomed!” The lantern grim tone told Xander all he needed to hear as they flew to stop a madman’s diabolical scheme.

Inside the glacier that housed the device…

Aquaman quietly made his way inside the melting mountain of ice, there was no sign of his treacherous brother but that didn’t mean he wasn’t around.

He soon stood before the device he had built and now threatened the world.

*I hope he hasn’t had the time to change the deactivation sequence. If he has then I will have to do this the hard way.* He thought as he approached the keyboard, however…



“Apparently I underestimated you brother...” He spoke as readied to ram the trident into him “…a mistake I won´t again...YARG!” he yelled before following through with his threat however Aquaman dodged at the last moment and pushes him away with a heel kick to the face.

Both struggled for supremacy as Arthur kept him at bay with his weapon before delivering a powerful right cross to his opponents face.

“It´s over.”

“You´re right…” Orm spoke as he aimed the trident at the console “ZZAAT!” “…and you lost.”

Aquaman could only watch in horror as the controls were destroyed, this proved costly as he was blasted by his treacherous sibling once more.

“The tide is against you…” He spoke as he got up and approached the man “…the reactor can´t be shut down!”

The trio arrived just in time to see the men battling it out with great ferocity as Aquaman punched and slashed at Orm who shielded himself with the trident while firing.

Eventually Orm got the upper hand as Aquaman jumped into the air to tackle him…only to receive a potent blast in the chest that launched him off the broken bridge.

He managed to jab his hook into the ice wall and stopped his decent.

Xander arrived just in time to see Orm head over to ascertain his victory.

“You two deal with the machine I’ll deal with Orm.” He spoke as he grabs his weapons and runs towards the man without waiting for a reply from the others.

Batman reached the controls first and did not like what he saw.

“No good, I’ll have to go inside and shut it off manually.”


Stewart might not have been a nuclear weapons expert, but he knew that what Batman had in mind was suicidal to the extreme.

“Your ring, can it protect me from the radiation?”

“Guess we’ll find out.” Stewart answered as he covers the Dark knight in an emerald glow. He knew that they didn’t have a whole lot of choices so here they went.

Orm in the meantime was firing at the true ruler of Atlantis who jumped the walls to avoid being plunged to the dark depths below.

“Hey dipshit! Heads up!”

“CLANG!” the sound of metal on metal was heard as Orm used the trident to block the blades that would have strike him down.

“Who the blazes are you!?” He yelled at the armored warrior.

“Hi I’m Thor, I’ll be your designated asskicker for the remainder of this battle. Now get ready to be kicked off that throne you don’t deserve you filthy tyrant.” He spoke as he pushed even further into the man.

They broke away from each and Xander strikes with a slash from his sword…

*CLANG!* which is blocked by the Trident’s shaft, and follows with backhanded blow with his hammers axe head.

Orm steps back and thrusts the weapon making the God dodge to the left as he is out of position and is out classed in range. Orm backs away while feeling frustration build.

“Grrr, I am no tyrant, I am the savior of Atlantis, and I shall lead us into victory over the Surface dwellers, gragh!” He spoke before pushing off the Thunder God and aiming his trident.

Xander responded by aiming his hammer at him which started to hum with power.

Both men unleashed the energies contained in them and both struck against one another in a contest of wills. Sparks and bolts flew as the powers fought for dominance.

“You are just a mad man who wants for more power at the cost of innocents!”

“I shall hear no more of your incessant prattle worm! I am a King!”

“And I’m the God of Storms asshole top that!”

Aquaman in the meantime had finally climbed back up and placed himself above the traitor and jumped.


“What!? Ugh!”

Both men fell on an ice bridge below, further weakening it, the trident embedding itself near them.

Arthur got up first before Orm and readied to strike with his bladed appendage, however Orm acted swiftly and swung his dagger at him drawing blood from a slash to the chest.

"You do not deserve to wear the crown or the throne you weak and spineless coward!” He spoke with utter loathing as he approached the King…only for the ground to give underneath him.

“Argh!” He yells only barely managing to hold on at the last second.

Aquaman simply stood at the pitiful figure, who given his battles with both the Spartan and his brother could not hold on much longer.

“B-brother! H-help me!” He implored.

Aquaman did indeed reached down…and took back HIS trident.

“I believe this is mine.” The king of Atlantis stated coldly.

At moment Orm’s strength failed him and he fell into the darkness.


Aquaman simply made his way up, though the Xander met him halfway and extended his hand to help him up.

“Is it over?” Aquaman asks as he takes the offered gesture.

The generator in the background shut down thanks to efforts of the caped crusader.

“It is now, Orm?”


“Good, if you hadn’t I would.” And he meant it too.

“Good to know….” He spoke as the other two came to them “…let’s go, there is still much to be done.”

Back in Atlantis…

With the League’s help, Aquaman rounded up all of those who stood by Orm’s side during the conflict, right now he was looking on with disdain as Brak spoke in a futile attempt to save himself.

He and the others who took part of the coup were surrounded by men who stood loyal to the king. The mere sight of the men who sided with his brother gripped him with rage and it was only due to the fact that the coup was ended that he did not beat them senseless. The fact that his wife was there also gave him more reason not to go all out on Orm’s underlings.

“…so you see your highness we had no other choice but to follow the traitor Orm.”

Spineless cowards…” he internally spoke before he addressed the man

“You filthy cowards, you can’t even accept responsibilities for your actions, you nearly plunged our people into a war that would have cost millions of lives. You went as far as show the location and function of the Doomsday device, the League and Thor has showed me what would have occurred if I had used it and it would have killed us along with the surface dwellers.”

As he spoke the League and his family watched on.

*Cowards always look for the way out when the chips are down.*

“My king I…”

“Be silent! I should have you and your men be thrown into a fiery chasm, but I shall be lenient and have you all stripped or your ranks, and imprisoned for the rest of your miserable lives in our most secure prison. Guards! Get this scum out of my sights.” He ordered.

Once out of their sight the king finally let his tension to drop as he thought about all that happened.


“I should have prevented this from happening, my fears over the surface dwellers allowed these to happen.”

“Your highness if I may, you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself, you are still just a man with many responsibilities and cannot be expected to keep watch over everyone.” Diana said as she recalled the heavy weight her mother had to bare as queen.

“She’s right, we all made a lot of bad judgment calls on this one, let’s be thankful we managed to fix them before it was too late.” Stewart said next to the king.

Arthur simply walked to the balcony and looked at his city.

“All I ever wanted was peace and security for my people.”

“With what’s happen it will not be an easy road.” Superman spoke.

“True, but life has never been meant to be easy…” the Aesir spoke as all turned to look at him “…all we can do is live day by day and try to do right for ourselves and others.”

“Wise words.”

Xander simply shrugs at that.

“I simply have led a…unique life, nothing more.”

“I have lot to make up for, in both our worlds.”

“If you need help you need only ask, think of it as a token of friendship.” Superman spoke as he and the League stood together and nodded.

“Friendship?” he thought it over as he heard the man of steel’s offer “…Yes, perhaps the time has come to get to know our neighbors on the surface.”

“It won’t be quick, but in time both our worlds will be able to coexist and make this world better than it is.”

“I hope to live long enough to see that day.” He spoke as he stood by his wife and child and together looked upon the city.

To be continued…

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