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The Son of Thunder

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Summary: This is the story of a man who discovers he is more than he seems, his journey will take him to places he only has seen in dreams and nightmares, together he and others shall embark on a quest to bring order and justice to those with none,Xander/?

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Hidden Origins

The Son of Thunder.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters portrayed in this work of fiction, I do not own BTVS or any DC characters that appear here, and there will be a slight reference to the Marvel versions of Thor, you have been warned.

Chapter 1: Hidden origins.

Before man walked the Earth, ancient creatures of evil and power roamed the land, the Old ones as they are now called, this beings lorded over the land unchallenged save by beings of equal power, these were the Elder Gods.

They often clashed for dominance over the world, and as time passed new beings emerged, lesser demons and gods born from the blood of both factions, and took part in the battles.

Several of these beings were what would be called the Aesir or as they are now known, the Norse Gods, they had a love of battle that made them fierce foes to those who challenged them.

One of these Aesir, Odin watched the world and wondered even if they should defeat their foes what then? It would be inhabited by those lesser demons and hybrids, so to rectify this he petitioned Gaia an audience and asked what could be done.

Gaia understood the nature of the question, for it would alter many things to come, and in the end with the help of the one who came before her kin and the Old ones, the one known only as God to them, she created man from her flesh and blood.

They were granted the greatest gift of all, the gift of free will, and with it they did both great and terrible things, some worshiped the demons, others the gods, and some simply lived day by day as best they could.

Finally the ancient demons were banished from the realm, their followers defeated and the armies scattered to the four corners of the Earth.

The Elder Gods slowly left the realm in peace, with the exception of Gaia, who watched over her children, both mortal and immortal alike.

The Gods that remained soon spread out into the world until each formed the many pantheons that would be known throughout the world today.

The Aesir established the golden city of Asgard and were worshipped by the Scandinavian people, and unlike others of their brethren they would walk among them, live with them and even fall in love with the mortals they guarded.

Odin led his people and worshipers through many battles against remnants of the armies who had established themselves in several kingdoms of their own and during that time he married and had children, all were powerful and strong in their own ways but he wanted one who would stand tall in times of unrest.

So he once more went to Gaia and asked him for an heir powerful on Earth as well as on Asgard, worthy of his people’s love and loyalty, she granted him that by mixing his blood with hers and from it came one whose name would live for untold millennia, Thor the God of Thunder, Lighting and Storm.

All of Asgard cheered for the birth of the heir to the throne, all but one that is, Loki God of Evil, Fire and Mischief.

Loki was not born of Odin, but of a frost giant, claimed in the field of battle he coveted the throne of Asgard, but now with the birth of Thor that was a fool’s dream, so he plotted ways to take what he thought his.

Thor grew into his role well, though at often times he was arrogant his Father made sure that he learned well not let it dominate him or it would spell his downfall, when he reached the age of manhood Odin gifted him with the hammer Mjonir, made so only those deemed worthy may wield it.

He was loved by all the people of Asgard for his courage and heroic deeds, and loathed by those he foiled as they attempted to take the city.

They believed that their reign would never end, but sadly all stories must end and theirs was no exception.

It started when Gaia created what would be known as the Powers That Be, they were tasked with watching over the world and make sure all was well and kept in check and that included the gods.

Slowly they began to reduce their influence on the mortal realm; however the Norse gods did not cater to their wishes, yes they did enjoy peace like the others but also enjoyed the company of mortals and did not wish to be forgotten.

This of course put them at odds with the Powers, though never coming to blows the animosity was there nonetheless.

Then came a day when all eyes would turn to them.

Surtur and Ymir, the leaders of the Fire demons and Frost giants had ambushed Odin when he was away from the kingdom by means of Loki’s trickery, they battled long and hard but in the end Odin fell.

The victory was a bittersweet one as Loki came and killed the weakened foes and took control of the armies and declared war on Asgard, the next to fall was Balder most loved by all including Thor, for he discovered the plot and was murdered before he could give warning, with his death Ragnarok had come.

Thor rallied his people to battle, and petitioned the other Gods for aid, but the Powers seeing it as an opportunity to eliminate a thorn in their side decreed that it was their problem and should deal with it forbidding the others from intervening.

All watched sadly as the Aesir were pushed back further into the once beautiful kingdom now marred by the ravages of war, until only the Golden City of Asgard remained.

There a last stand would take place but hidden from all one last action would take place that would shape many lives to come.


A cloaked figure slowly walked towards the massive chamber, only the he and the man who sat on throne present.

He reached the throne and there saw the ruler of the land, golden hair hidden beneath a metal winged helm, chainmail that was covered in cloth and a red cape, here stood the king of Asgard Thor, Mjolnir strapped to his back.

“You asked for me Lord Thor?” a dual voice spoke.

“You need not address me by title Janus; there is little need for it between friends.”

“Friend’s? You still call me friend despite the fact that I cannot provide aid?” The Roman deity asks in surprise.

“I know for a fact that had the Powers not made their decree you and the others would have come to our aid, you were especially vocal on them, and I never knew you could swear in so many languages.” He said with mirth.

“Well…they caught me on a very bad day, but you did not have me brought in secret to reminisce, what have you called me for?”

“Follow me.” The Thunder God spoke as he led him to a hidden chamber and away from prying eyes.

There in lone table of marble surrounded by flowers lay a figure; next to it was a pedestal and woman in battle armor, a Valkyrie from her looks holding something in her arms.

“Is that lady Sif!?” He asks upon seeing it was a woman of raven hair, in a white dress.

“Aye, she fell when guarding the rear during our last retreat she was stabbed in the chest by a rock troll, they did not lived long after I was through with them.” He growled out in fury and sadness.

Many wondered what the cause for the horrible wail of despair and agony was that was heard throughout the realms, the answer was a man’s heart shattering.

“I am so sorry for your loss.” Janus spoke as he bowed his head in respect.

“She died fighting for something more valuable than honor or glory.” Thor said with all the love and respect he had for his love as he stroked her hair.

“What?” the deity asks knowing that the Norse valued those two things more than life itself.

“Our child.” He spoke as the Valkyrie revealed a small bundle wrapped in cloth, in it a sleeping child.

“A…child? But how? When?”

“How?” the king of the Norse asks amusedly “…I would think you now that, as for when, it was an the eve of my ascendance to the throne after Balder fell, she came to me and told me she was with child, I tried to protect her as best I could but…I failed spectacularly.” He finished with shame and guilt in his words.

Janus placed a hand on his shoulder before approaching the child.

The babe look so small and fragile yet Janus could tell, this child had strength within him, he had black hair from her mother and his father’s face the child sensing his presence opened his eyes briefly and showed warm brown eyes.

“He has Sif’s father’s eyes.” Thor said behind him as he near and looked upon the result of the love he and Sif shared.

“This is the reason I called you Janus, I am in need of your help.”

“How may I help you my friend?”

“By sending him into the distant future.” The man spoke in all seriousness.

“You cannot by serious! The Powers would know the moment they sense my power, and even if they shouldn’t they would sense him there and surely would either send him back or heaven forbid, kill him.”

“Do you not believe I know this!? But this is what my Father told me if I wished for him to live.”

“What do you mean your Father? What does Odin have to do with this?”

“You know that my Father was gifted with Foresight, correct?”

“Yes, many of us wondered what could have prevented him from stopping his death at the hands of Surtur and Ymir.” The Roman deity replied.

“That’s because he saw what would have occurred had he done so, meaning we would not be taking right now, because I would have been killed in his stead.”

“You mean..?” Janus cannot even finish the questions at the implications Thor speaks of, Thor in turn looks at a statue of his father, a sad but grateful smile on his lips.

“Yes, he gave his life for me, he anticipated that all of Asgard would fall earlier with my death, Sif and my child included, he built this chamber in secret with the aid of the Norns just for this moment.” He stops as he looks at his son.

“He knew we were doomed, but made sure something of us remained for future generations, upon Sif’s death I placed her in this chamber where she and I first met, here runes appeared explaining what I had to do so our son would live, this place will shield your presence while you open the doorway through time.”

“But where and when shall you place him? And how shall you hide his divine presence?”

“I shall seal his powers and divine blood until he has seen 16 winters and 16 summers, as for when and where? 3000 years in the future, in the only place they would never suspect him to be, on the Hellmouth.” He said grimly.

“Are you mad!? He will be killed there; I might as well leave him here!”

“No he will not, for the powers shall unknowingly give him protection and a desire to protect all of man with it.”


“By the use of their precious Slayer, she will protect him until he is ready to receive the gifts I will leave for him.”

“You are really going through this aren’t you?”

“For him to live, yes I will.”

“What will you give him?”

“My hammer and her sword, and armor my Father had made for him and the knowledge of his abilities, his heritage and more, all of this shall be placed in safe keeping until the day comes when he takes my place as God of the Storm.”

“But what shall you use in battle?”

“The very spear my father used for centuries, Gungnir, it shall aid me for my final act as King of Asgard.”

“Sigh, very well Thor, let us do this now before I rethink your offer, first hide her presence so she may place him where he can be found, I shall place a spell to recall her back, we can’t have her presence ruin everything.”

“Thank you Janus, if I could live beyond this day I would gladly repay you a thousand fold.”

“My friend you should never have to do so, for that is something friends do.”

“Let us begin then.” Thor spoke with finality for what was to come.

“Do you not wish to say goodbye?”

“Heh, more than anything, but if I do I fear I will not have the heart to let him go.”

“Say no more then, and let us commence.”

Thor raised Mjolnir over his unnamed child and a transfer of energy could be seen as all the divine gifts the boy had received were locked away inside of it.

Janus focused his powers and extended them beyond time and space to the place and time chosen, he was rewarded with a portal of energy that showed the exact place and time they wanted.

With that done the Valkirye stepped through the portal and into the future.

Sunnydale, California, 1981…

Once she landed she set out to get a feel for the land, true to word the demonic energies of the Hellmouth, though dormant still permeated the air, giving her a sensation of something crawling on her skin.

Putting that aside she followed her Kings instructions and went West to find the building where the healers of the time dwelled.

She found it soon enough and once she neared the maternity ward and left the child in an empty crib. Before she left she felt a dark presence near them and quickly deduced it was a demon that fed on children, invisible to anyone else, she found it easily and killed it getting rid of the body as well, for it would not do for the creature to target the child.

With one last look and a prayer for his safety she signals Janus to return her to her place in time so she may at least die in battle among her sisters.

Back in the past…

The warrior maiden soon returned with the deed having been accomplished, true to his station Thor did not allow himself to breakdown in sadness or regret, his people needed him strong for what was to come, Leaving Mjolnir and Sif sword near the pedestal that held his child.

“My thanks Janus for your aid; you may use the chamber as a means to return to your realm.” He spoke as slowly walked out of the room the Valkyrie at his back.

“Thor, I may be able to..?”

“No old friend, I know you would wish to aid me in this but only death awaits us beyond this day, I ask that you let the others know that I wish them well in life and death, and do not hold them accountable for what is to come.”

“I…shall do as you ask of me Lord Thor, live well in these last few moments and know that you and the others shall always be remembered.” Janus spoke as he disappeared with a heavy heart.

Soon Thor stood before the remainder of his people, all stood ready for the final assault that would come, he could see some warriors stood proudly, others stoic and some vengeful for lives lost.

“People of Asgard, I come to you now in the eve of battle.”

Silence fell over the crowd as he addressed them.

“There has been much talk of our demise in the closing of this war, and as much as I wish to say it be nothing more than the ramblings of cowards and dissenters, I cannot, for we all know that our end is coming.”

Upon hearing this many hearts sank, but Thor was not done.

“But I tell you this now my brothers and sisters that I for one shall meet this end with a sword in my hand and courage in my heart, I shall meet it head on with one thought in mind, to make all who know of us remember the day Asgard fell…”

Many looked up to their king now hanging from his every word.

“…I shall have them remember how our swords bade in the blood of our enemies and reveled in their anguish as we snuff the life from their cowardly eyes…”

“…I shall have them remember the cries of fear and pain as we broke their spirits with our valor and honor…”

Now many agreed with him.

“…I shall have them remember as for every Asgardian they slay in battle, we repaid unto them threefold…”

Mumurs of approval came.

“…I shall have them remember as we struck a blow like no other has been ever thought as we lay down our lives for our beloved Asgard and its people…”

Cries of approval came.

“…I shall have them remember the day we made these sons of whores rue the mere thought of challenging us, my people I ask you, here and now will you stand with me on the eve of our demise!?”


“For Odin!?”


“For Balder!?”


“For Asgard!?”


Thor nodded in approval as the fire returned to his people, before he spoke once more.

“Lo there do I see my Father…” as he spoke others joined.

“Lo there do I see my Mother, and my sisters, and my brothers…”

“Lo there do I see the line of my people back to the beginning…”

“Lo they do call to me; they bid me take my place among them…”

“In the halls of Valhalla!”

“Where the brave! May live! FOREVER!!!”

With this declaration, with this intent the Aesir entered the field of battle one last time.

And as their King had said, the eyes of the diverse pantheons watch as these noble people fought a battle worthy of legends and story for years to come, for every fallen Asgardian, three opponents fell with them.

When sword and spear failed their bare hands took their place, never before was such ferocity, such passion seen on the battlefield than that day.

Thor, with his father´s spear in hand struck with all the powers granted unto him, Thunder boomed, Lighting cracked and Wind howled as the king of Asgard fought for all his fallen brothers and sisters, for his love who died doing her most sacred duty, and for the son he would never see grow up, for all this and more.

In the end the armies of Asgard fell and only Thor remained, bloody and beaten but not broken and very much defiant as a king should be in the face of adversity.

“Well done my dear Brother, well done your forces managed to actually reduce mine in half, I must say I never expected such an outcome.” Loki spoke as he faces his half-sibling.

“Vile worm, you believe you have won this day?” Thor asked as his body bled.

“Oh? Would you have me believe the contrary my dear brother? What could you possibly do? Our beloved Father´s spear may boost your strength but that alone will not be enough to fell this army.” He mocked.

“True Loki, the powers of the Storm may not be enough but I ask you what of the earth itself?” He spoke ominously as the storms grew in strength, many demon and giant wondering if it was wise to taunt the wounded god.

“What madness do you speak now?”

“Father never told who my mother was did he?” He spoke as he raises Gungnir to the heavens that surged with a power like no other.

“Gaia! Hear me plea! Grant unto me the strength to do what must be done! To ensure the life of the one who shall come after! Mother, heed your son´s final request!” And with those final words all came silent, but not for long as the earth shook with great force and from which energies the likes of which had not been seen since the great war of times gone past, rose into the heavens and concentrated on one single point.

Thor could swear he had heard his mother whisper one final heartfelt good bye to him as he struck the earth with the spear.

Once the very tip touched the earth, a bolt of sea green energy raced to the spot where it touched and with it a wave of power was released.

No one could react, how could they? The power Thor had summoned was like no other seen; Loki for that one instant before death claimed him felt a terror without equal, the one thought that ran through his mind as his body was slowly consumed was how? How could he have been denied when victory was so close at hand? With his end he knew no more.

All the heavenly kingdoms felt it, and wept for the fallen Gods for they knew without a doubt the Aesir were no more.

The power surge was so great that a crater of glass was formed and in the center of it stood the motionless body of Thor, the remains of the spear at his side.

Someone slowly approached the fallen warrior, she had rich brown hair that reached her waist and had flowers attached to it, her fair skin was tanned light brown and her deep brown eyes showed a sadness that would break a thousand hearts.

Finally she stood before the fallen figure and kneeled before it, tears sprung from her eyes as she gently kissed his forehead and cheeks.

“Good bye my child, know that on the day he awakens his heritage I shall be there to guide him when he most needs it, you have made me very proud and I only regret not being there for you.” She finally said and with a wave of her hand his fallen lover appeared next to him dressed in ceremonial armor, she waved her hand again and all his wounds disappeared and his armor repaired itself.

Many would ask if her power was so great why not simply bring them back from the land of the fallen.

The answer was that it was not her right to choose who lived or died or returned, only the all mighty could do so and she would not contest that right no matter how much it pained her.

Finally she conjured a funeral pyre for them, placed them on it, joined their hands and lights it.

As the fires grew, the tears she tried to contain finally burst free and she fell to her knees and sobbed for her children, one by blood and the other by marriage, she felt a hand on her shoulder but did not look, she knew to whom it belonged, God need not speak to show comfort to those in need of it.

And so the tale of Asgard and its people ended, remembered as truth by those who walked and talked with them, and became legend for mortal man until it gave way to myth, but one that would endure for many years.

Time moved onward for mortal man, and with it came many battles between light and darkness by the Powers champions who maintained the balance with little reward for their efforts.

However soon new champions arose among them, men and women who took the fight against evil by their own volition, some from beyond this world and others born from it, some of flesh and others of made, the Powers That Be had tried to intervene against these unknowns but Gaia would not allow it, she decreed that those who took up the fight willingly would be outside their reproach regardless of where there powers came from or who aided them.

The consequences would be severe to those who disobeyed.

And so time flows and moves onward to one point when the fate of one man would be altered irrevocably.

Sunnydale CA, Kingsman Bluff, the present…

Here we find one Alexander Lavelle Harris or Xander as those close to him, sitting over a log overlooking the coast, a despondent look on his face.

He had always come here to think ever since he, Jesse and Willow were kids, sometimes to play, sometimes to talk, and sometimes to just sit in contemplative silence.

The boom of thunder in the distance briefly broke him out of his musings.

“Storm’s coming, probably pass right on through.” He said to no one in particular.

He had no calms about being caught in it; in fact for as far back as he could remember he had never been afraid of thunder and lightning as some children do when they grew up.

Jesse thought it made him the bravest person he knew, but then again they lived with the ignorance of not knowing what lurked in the shadows.

They knew on some level there was something wrong with the town, what with the constant gang attacks and barbecue fork accidents. It made them wonder where all the heroes they see on the news when they needed them.

Where was Superman, Batman or Flash?

After Jesse was turned and killed, and he was made aware of the existence of vampires and demons, he began to think maybe there was something in the Hellmouth that hid the town from their view.

He had asked Giles about it, and the Librarian/Watcher was surprised by both the question and the fact that he could not come up with a reasonable answer, he had sent a letter to the Council in regards to that fact, and they too could not come up with an answer.

They left it at that for now, and resumed their activities which were helping Buffy survive the dangers and ensure the safety of the world.

Buffy Summers, the Slayer destined to fight the forces of darkness all the while she tries to live a normal life, and one of the reasons he was currently here.

The others being Willow and Giles.

*Why can’t they understand? We have to kill him before he kills again.* He thought with anger, lighting going off in the distance.

The reason being that Angel had lost his soul recently thanks to him and Buffy doing the deed, much to his disgust but then again the whole was disgusting to him from the get go, and that wasn’t just jealousy talking.

*He’s a fucking corpse for god sakes and they…Ugh!*

He couldn’t really see her in the eye after that, didn’t help they also had to deal with the The Judge, a powerful demon that could kill every human within reach and no weapon forged could kill it.

They came with the plan to blow him up with a rocket launcher, he, Cordelia and Oz managed to steal from the local army base, thanks to his memories of the soldier he kept from Halloween.

Buffy and Willow weren’t happy he had kept that secret, even less when Cordelia revealed she knew about it after he saved them from being a snack for two minions.

They said they would remove them once they dealt with the crisis at hand, much to his disbelief.

*It wasn’t like I was out hunting alone!*

Things got worse when he asked what they should do if Angelus was there, making sure to emphasize the name to get his point across, sadly it did not work because Buffy replied that she would deal with Angel.

The fact that she used that name told him all he needed to know and he lashed out at her.


“Buffy he isn’t Angel anymore!” the male Scooby yelled at the blonde while the others simply watched.

With them was Giles, Willow, Oz, Cordelia and Jenny Calendar aka Janna Kalderash.

“I know that!”

“Do you really? Because I don’t think you do.”


“That thing out there isn’t him, that thing is a vampire of the worst kind, he’s already taken up his old habits and killed innocent people while the Judge is powering up.” He spoke in a hard tone as he tried to make her understand.

“What do you know!? You’re just saying this because you’re jealous, you’ve always have been.”

“Jealous!? Buffy here’s a news flash I met someone and at least she has a pulse and isn’t out to eat me alive or sacrifice me for some ritual.”

*At least I hope not.* He mentally added while delivering a sideways glance at Cordelia, who saw it of course and discreetly flipped him off.

*Guess no making out in the future.*

“Now you need to think this through because the longer he’s out there more people he will kill.”

“I bet you’d like that wouldn’t you?” She asked with venom before continuing”…well let me tell you something, this is my job so let me handle it! I said I’ll do it and I will, but my way not yours!”

“Are you willing to bet the lives of everyone here on that? Because I’m not.”

“What? You think you’re going to kill him? With what borrowed memories? No I have had it with you getting involved and messing things up for us.”

“Messing up!? I have been involved for as long as you’ve known me, I have tried to help since Jesse was killed and you have the balls to tell me I messed up when it was you who got us in this mess in the first place!”

“Xander, she has a point you do get in trouble a lot.” Willow spoke suddenly, ignoring the look of betrayal on his face.

“See! She agrees with me.”

“Giles help me out here; you know we have to stop him.”

“Well I agree that measures should be taken but we should first deal with the Judge, Angelus will have to wait.”

“Rupert, Xander has a point, we cannot let Angelus linger for too long, who knows what he’ll do next.” Jenny spoke for all to hear.

“You stay out of this! You have no right to be here!” The Slayer yelled at the techno mage.

“I have every right to be here! He murdered my kinsmen, he has to pay!”

“Jenny please, it may be best for you to leave for now.” Rupert asked of her, getting a look of disappointment from her.

“Fine, I know when I’m not wanted.”

“Good riddance.”

“Buffy grow up already she was only trying to help us and we threw it in her face.” Xander said out loud, earning a small smile from the woman before she left.

“Xander.” She growled out as she was starting to lose patience with him.

“And Willow why it is safer for you than me?”

“I-I know magic now and I can hacked into most computers.” She replied.

“Willow you shouldn’t even be messing with it, look what happened to Amy’s mom because of it.” He said in hopes of making her understand, unfortunately her nature to prove herself showed again.

“Xander I can handle it, I can help out more.”

“More than me?”

“Yeah, Xander you can’t this kind of stuff anymore, you’ll get hurt or worse.”

“I can’t believe this, I expected this attitude from Buffy but you Willow?” He asked making no effort to hide his hurt.

“Xander I’m only doing it to keep you safe.”

“Willow I am a big boy now, I don’t need to be babysat, and so help me I am telling you all we need to take care of Angelus now.”

“Enough! Get out Xander and don’t come back, you are out you hear me!? Out!” Buffy spoke with anger.

Xander just stood there for a long time until he ran out ignoring Cordelia calling him out.

End Flashback…

He had made his way here after that, muttering curses and more.

*Fuck it! It was my plan, and I’ll be dammed if I don’t have a part in it, I just have to figure…*

“Lookie here boys a snack.” Voice cut him off from his thoughts.

“Shit!” he spoke as he turned around and saw three vampires all with their game face on.

“Hey! He’s one of the Slayers pals; Angelus said we should bring them to him to teach her a lesson.” The one on the left spoke.

“Yeah? Do you think he’ll mind if we rough him up?” The middle said with a sadistic smile.

“Nah, he may let’s take a sip from the Slayer when she kills her at the mall, with that big thing that they have she won’t stand a chance.”

The three gloated at that, while Xander took stock what he had on hand.

*Stake and a bottle of holy water, great, if I make it through this I am seriously starting to carry a knife with me as well.*

He carefully reached for the bottle he kept in his pocket as the creatures gloated, until one of them noticed.

“Hey! He’s reaching for something, get him!”

“Ah shit!” He forgoes subtlety and just reaches and pulls it out and splashes in a guide arc, managing to catch two of them in the face, making them clutch it out of reflex, while there covers it with his arms and ignores the pain.

Drawing what little knowledge he can Xander ducks down and flips him onto his back, then rushes one of the blind vampires stake in hand and topples him and rams it home, causing him to disappear in a cloud of dust and pain.

However the victory doesn’t last as he is tackled by the vampire he had flipped over losing his stake in the process, one right hook later and he twists his head right, already he can taste blood but does not lose consciousness.

*Guess Dad’s beatings were good for something.* He thinks as he desperately reaches for anything that can help him fend off his attacker, finally grabbing a rock and swinging it hard to the face.

“CRACK!” “Ugh!”

Once the monster is stunned Xander strikes once more and knocks him on his back.

He straddles him and rams the rock repeatedly onto its head, as he does the storm seems to grow more intense almost as if it reacts to his fury, finally it burst into dust.

“Son of a bitch!” He suddenly hears as a foot smashes into his mid back causing him tremendous pain.

As he falls to the side the vampire kicks him repeatedly in the stomach and chest, making breathing and issue.

Now the winds and thunder grow in intensity, as the young teen reels from the beating.

“Forget about Angelus, I’m going to drain you dry and make you my personal dog.” He said as he kicks him over and grabs him.


Now it is battle of dominance as Xander tried desperately to keep the thing from biting down and sucking him dry and turning him.

“No!!” he yelled once more as it drew closer he could feel it’s tongue on his neck.

*No I can’t end this way, not one of them I would rather die than become a monster, I won’t let him win, I won’t let none of them win, I refuse to do so!*

“Game over boy!”

“NO!!!” with powerful denial the heavens responded to his fury as a bolt struck them.

“CRACK!!!” “BOOM!!!”

The vampire stood no chance as the bolt of lightning vaporized him and continued to strike the teen.


The sensation was unlike anything he ever felt before as power surged through him, his body burning up from the inside as his mortality was shed to reveal his true nature as the lightning slowly raised him until he was 5 feet of the ground.

All around the world and mystical realms the wave of power was felt, no one knew what it was but something important had occurred, that would alter the course of history as they knew it.

Once there a startling transformation began as his body grew in height and muscle, the clothes having been burned off by the energy, his mouth still open in a silent scream as power flooded his very being.

Clothes soon materialized to accommodate his new form, his legs were covered in a black colored metal mesh held by a golden belt, an ancient hammer design on the front, golden rectangular strips were on the sides of them that stopped an inch before two golden greaves appeared on his feet, a black chainmail shirt covered his bare muscular chest with four golden disks on the front, two bellow the ribs and two on chest, his hands and forearms were incased in golden gauntlets leaving the rest of his arms bare, finally a red cape attached itself to his back and silvery metal winged helm appeared that covered his eyes.

Finally the power released him and he fell to the earth feet first and falling forward, his hair having grown to his mid back cascaded around him.

One more bolt of lightning fell 5 feet in front of him leaving behind two objects, one a large war hammer whose steel like appearance reflected the light from the storm, one end blunt the other having a large axe head, a large leather grip in the center big enough for three hands to hold onto it, ending in a leather strip to hold onto, and next to it a medieval long sword with Norse runes in the center of it, a hilt that curved upwards and ending in a circle with a tree design in the center of it.

“Ugh! What…hit me?” The newly awakened god said in a deep voice.

“Wha? My voice, what happen to it and…?” He pauses as he sees his outfit and feels it on his skin, and as he runs the metal gauntlet over it he can hear it is metal but feels like silk.

He stands up abruptly and can tell his height and balance is different too, if one were to venture they would guess him to be a good 6´2” tall.

*Okay do not panic Xander!*

“That would be a good idea.” A woman says behind him.

He turns and stops as he sees this beautiful tanned woman in a green toga looking at him with warm brown eyes, filled with admiration and love, but not the kind of love between lovers but familiar love, like a mother reuniting with an estranged child.

Just by standing in her gaze he feels safe and secure, that this woman shall not harm him.

“Who are you?” He gently whispers.

“I will tell you once pick those up.” She replied gently as she points to the sword and hammer.

He turned and saw them for the first time, and a part of him was drawn towards them, and slowly he walked to them as if by some unseen force, the sword was the first as he grabbed it with his left hand and drew it from the earth, light as a feather to his touch and sensation of safety came when he held it, he then turned his eye towards the hammer and slowly reach with his right.

The leather creaked under the pressure of his hand and ever so slowly he lifted it as if it weighed nothing at all, and as he looked at its reflective surface images of the past came to him, and told him the story of a God of great courage and honor, a man who made the hardest choice in his life so that his greatest treasure could be kept safe until his time of awakening.

Finally Xander turned to the woman and say the one word she had dreamt of hearing for so very long.


She nodded with tears of joy as she heard him.

He went to her and hugged her gently his larger from towering over hers.

“Oh how I have waited for this, I wished for this moment for so long I fear I would never see it come true, every day I watched you suffer at the hands of those monstrous people and could do nothing, but know I will make up for that.” Gaia spoke to her grandchild.

“I have so many questions.”

“I know you do and if time permitted I would gladly answer them but right now your little band of friends is need of help right now as the Judge is more powerful than they expect and only you can defeat him.”

“But I don´t even know how to use my powers or…” She places a finger to his lips and gives him a gentle smile.

“You have the knowledge just lack the experience, but we shall remedy that soon enough, for now go with what feels natural, believe in yourself Alexander Thorson, as your father did and as I do.” She spoke to him with pride and conviction.

Xander felt it and gave her a brief node as he placed the sword to his back, held there by some unseen force, and begins two twirl the hammer at great speeds until only a blur could be seen.

*I can do this, I have to do this.*

Soon he released it upwards and took to the skies that parted and cleared for him.

Meanwhile in Sunnydale Mall…

Things had gone to hell rather fast for the remaining Scooby’s as the plan involving the military grade weapon and the blue demon did not go as the originally fought.

They had arrived in time to prevent the demon from killing anymore innocent people and Buffy had fire the rocket at him.

The problem came when the demon caught the rocket and threw it upwards towards the roof causing it to detonate and shatter the class panes that let the light in.

Ha Ha Ha, was that supposed to impress me?” It mocked.

“Face it Slayer you lost, once my boy here burns your filthy humanity out of you I’m going to open the Hellmouth and then the fun will really begin.” Angelus spoke with a sadistic smile.

Behind him Spike and Drusilla laughed at the looks of terror on their faces, the vampire minions celebrating their impending victory.

“This is it! We lost!” Cordelia yells in a frantic panic.

*Oh God! We are all going to die! And thanks to this blonde bitch Xander isn’t even here with me.* She thought as she watched the despondent group spirits fall.

She looked to the others and saw Willow and Oz held one another, Giles looked like he was thinking some way out of this and Buffy just looked crushed.


“Great it’s going to rain, that’s just what we need.” The self-proclaimed Queen of the highschool spoke.

“Rain!? We are about to die and that’s all you can think about!?” Willow yelled hysterically upon hearing that.

“Oh shut up you mousy backstabbing bitch.”


Before anyone could react though a bolt fell from the sky and through the blast hole with a resounding boom to the floor between the two groups, causing smoke to rise and blocked their view.

Once it cleared, there in the middle stood a tall man in a red cape with a sword stuck to his back and a metal winged helmet.

“Who the hell are you!?” Angelus asked the stranger who he saw carried a large War hammer in his hand with no sign of strain.

The man before them did not speak, though if they could see his eyes they would see them narrow at the vampire.

“You’re death.” He spoke before he hurled Mjolnir at the Judge who sent into a pillar by the force behind it.

*I could definitely get used to this.* he thought with pride as he withdrew the sword with his left hand.

“Kill him!” He ordered the minions, however before they could even blink he was already there, sword raised high.

“You can try.” Was all he said to that idea, as he then cleaved two minions in half with the sword and backhanded a third with such force the head came off.

That spurred everybody into action as vampires and the Slayer gang clashed.

Giles and Willow took shots with crossbows with Cordelia behind them, Oz kept them at bay with his axe while Buffy fought them to get to her former lover.

Xander fought on as the vampire struck him with no effects on him, this just enabled him to strike more easily.

He sensed the Judge getting up from the rubble, despite the fact they were quite a distance away, so he summoned his hammer to him, which flew to his outstretched hand before he flung it again at the demon, pushing him further into the broken pillar, before he summoned it again and now held it and the sword.

The vampires finally figured they were not going to win this fight and began to retreat, however Xander had different idea when he spotted Spike and Drusilla running for it, so he reared back his weapons and threw them at them.

Spike was stabbed through the heart by the sword and Drusilla’s head was crushed by the blunt end of the mythical weapon.

Spike died with that image as the divine nature of the sword destroyed him, he summoned them back and looked towards Buffy and Angelus, and he was disappointed to see she was not going to end the threat once and for all.

*Alexander, do not kill him I have a more fitting punishment in mind for him, and a lesson for her.* Gaia mentally spoke to him.

*It won’t hurt her will it?* He sent back, he may be angry but that didn’t mean she wanted to hurt her.

*Physically no, but emotionally it shall leave a reminder, restrain him and have him brought to the library.*

He just gave a mental sigh and made sure to deal with the vampire before he got away, then he’d take it out on the Judge.

He placed the sword back and raised the hammer causing three lightning bolts strike the floor in front of the escaping vampire.


All turned and looked for the man when they heard Angelus cry out.

There the man who had rescued them held him by the throat.

“Guh….Who…are…you?” He barely got out from having the large man squeeze his throat.

“Wait!” Buffy yelled.

“Quiet!” he said harshly to her, making her stop as she had seen what he could do “…you have failed to do the right thing and many innocents would have suffered for it, be thankful someone has a plan for him.” He said as he reared back his fist and knocked him out.

He let him drop before going to some guard rails and ripped them out of the cement that held them; he walked back and wrapped him up in them.

He then turned and addressed them all.

“Take him to the library, I shall meet you there, his fate shall be decided by another.”

Before they could asked they saw the Judge and crawled out of the pillar, holding his ribs, black blood dripped from his mouth.

You are not human or demon, what are you?” He spoke with a labored breath, most likely caused by a rib puncturing a lung.

Xander simply appeared before him hammer held high.

“Something else.” He replied before he brought it down and crushed the head of the demon, ending the threat of the Judge once and for all.

“That’s impossible…No weapon could kill him.” Giles said in awe.

“No weapon forged by man could kill him; mine were forged by something else.” He replied before walking towards the ruptured ceiling.

“Who are you?” Cordelia asks the one question on their minds.

“A friend to those worthy of the title miss.” He replied to her before he flew away from sight.

Meanwhile in another place…

Kent Nelson or better known as Dr. Fate was currently pouring over books for answer to the massive wave of energy he felt outside the tower.

Normally the wards buffered any power to lessen the strain on him, but what he felt this night was something so great it made him collapse from the shock.

His wife was quite worried since he had not woken up for two hours, and that was WITH the help of her healing spells.

He had tried using his helm but Nabu was silent, making him wonder if the connection between them had been ruptured, hence why he was currently in his suit without it.

“Kent you have a visitor.” His wife spoke as she broke him out of his concentration.

“Not now my love, whatever caused that energy could be dangerous, I must find the cause.” He replied.

“I don’t think she is the kind of person to wait.” She said worriedly making him face her and the visitor, the colored drained from his face when he saw who it was and he immediately dropped to a knee in the presence of the Elder Goddess.

“Lady Gaia! I meant no disrespect.”

“Arise Dr. Fate, I have need of you.”

“What may I do to aid you?”

“I need you to go to the active Hellmouth and re-ensoul a vampire among other things you shall find there.”

“But Nabu has told me the Powers shall not allow me to travel there regardless of my intentions.”

“Fear not, for you have my blessing, they shall not interfere if they know what’s good for them.” She said with an edge to it.

“I shall leave as soon as I find the appropriate spell for the vampire.”

“No need I have one here to ensure he learns his lesson now.” With that said she produced a scroll for him to use.

He read it slowly to get a feel for it and quickly understood for who it was.

“So he broke free did he?”

“Yes, Gypsy magic sadly always comes with an escape clause, this will ensure he learns from his mistake and earns redemption the hard way.”

“I see, I shall leave at once.”

“Fate, the wheels have begun to move, change is coming and you and others must be ready for it, mankind will need you all to help guide them.” She spoke as she slowly disappeared.

“I shall Lady Gaia, I promise.” He spoke once more before summoning the helm to him and disappeared in an Ankh shaped portal.

Back at Sunnydale High…

The Scooby’s did as their benefactor asked and transported the restrained vampire to the library where they locked him up in the book cage they used for Oz.

Jenny was their hopping that all went well with the battle with the Judge, however she was surprised to find them carrying an unconscious Angelus wrapped in metal bars.

Buffy tried to get her to leave but she wouldn’t budge this time, not when the murderer of her clansmen was there as well.

When Angelus woke up and found himself restrained in an odd way he began to taunt and insult them, until he was gagged.

It was morning now and thankfully it was a Sunday so no school for them, and no one to question why they were there.

Giles and Willow were looking through every book they could find on the man.

Buffy stared at the vampire.

And Cordelia was explaining what had happened to Jenny at the mall since no one trusted her yet.

“So let me see if I understand this right, a large man in Viking armor came flying through a hole in the beat up the Judge, then slaughter Spike, Drusilla and the others before killing the unkillable demon and tying up Angelus so someone can punish him.”

“That’s about the long and short of it.” She replied as she filed her nails.

“I think I know who it was.” Giles spoke from the front desk.

“Who?” Willow asked as all attention was on him now, even the vampire was looking at him as best he could.

“If I recall correctly this symbol on his belt…” He spoke as he held up a large book with a black and white picture of a stone hammer with runes on it “… is the symbol for the Norse God of Thunder Thor.”

“Are you saying an actual God, came down and saved us?” Willow asks in surprise for the revelation.

“Why would Thor come here and help us?” Jenny asked.

“He didn’t.” A voice they knew spoke from the doorway.

They all turned and saw Xander, still in his new godly form, his helmet still in place.

“I-I beg your pardon?” He asks nervously at the powerful being

“I am not Thor; I am his son, and the last of the Asgardians.”

That shocked the watcher as the legends never spoke of the god having children.

They got another shock as a portal opened and in came Dr. Fate.

Buffy in typical fashion rushed towards him as a perceived threat.

“Buffy no!” Rupert yelled as he did recognize the Earth’s most powerful magic user.

“Bind.” Was all he said, as the Slayer froze in place.

Xander stood still as his grandmother had warned him before hand of the man’s presence.

“Doctor Fate I apologize for the Slayers actions she did not know.” The Watcher said on his charge’s behalf.

“See that she learns to control herself, not all beings are as forgiving as me.” He spoke as unfroze the Slayer and he surveyed the room.

“Who is this man Giles?” Willow asked as she looked at him.

“This is Doctor Fate, the most powerful sorcerer on the planet; I suggest we do not antagonize him.” He said to everyone there.

Fate stopped to look at the armored man and gasped at what he felt and saw.

“Could it be? Is that the hammer Mjolnir?”

“It is, but I am not Thor, I am his son.”

“He had a son? I was not aware.”

“That makes two of us, I just recently have learned of it, I am…adapting to it.” He replied.

“I see, you’re presence will definitely cause an uproar in the higher planes.”

Xander just shrugged.

“Begging your pardon Doctor but what brings you here?” Rupert asked.

“I have been called to re-ensoul this vampire.” He said as he looked at the now trashing Angelous.

“Really?” Buffy asked with some hope, though that was soon dashed by the man’s next word.

“Do not look on with hope Slayer, the curse I have been given for him shall ensure he does not lose his soul should he experience a moment of happiness, but shall instead inflict upon him the pain he visited on all the souls he tormented and killed tenfold.” Causing her to fall to her knees in anguish.

“This shall continue until he has been deemed worthy of redemption and forgiveness, so do not hope to continue this relationship you have with him for this is as much your punishment as it is his.”

“Why!? Why is it my fault!? I deserved something for everything I go through because of this Slayer shit.”

“Before my arrival I looked upon each of you with the exception of this man…” He said in reference to the Thunder God “…and I have seen some things I do not approve of.”

“You could have prevented the bloodshed by heeding your friends Alexander’s words of warning of having a romantic relationship with him, and do not say he was jealous, for he gave up on you when you humiliated him out of jealousy, yet still he came to your aid many times yet you still berated him for it.”

“The path of the righteous has very little rewards, yet he fought out of friendship and loyalty for you all, so that he would never lose another to the darkness, you on the other hand believe it a curse, it is time to leave such childish mentalities aside girl or it will cost you more than you can possibly imagine.”

“Jana Kalderash, your clan is just as guilty for this affair, vengeance does not equal justice. You should have ended his existence when you had the chance, maybe then the lives slained today would still live.”

“Willow Rosenberg, knowledge is indeed power, but without the necessary respect and fear for it all you will unleash is pain and misery.” he pauses as he sees the trembling girl look at him with fear.

“I have seen you attempting magiks beyond your limited mentality and skill, and I am disgusted by your disregard for the rules set in place, these are no mere forces set to bow down to your whim, even I respect their power and tread lightly in their presence.”

“I shall let it pass for now if you can learn your place, but should you abuse them again I shall return and I shall not be as forgiving.” He spoke with great authority.

“Rupert Giles, though your care and well meaning for these children is well placed, you mustn’t let it blind you to their faults, if you cannot guide them when they are lost, what good can come from your past mistakes?”

“What about me and Xander?” Cordelia asked not really knowing why she asked him and that Xander was there with them.

“I saw a great challenge ahead of you Miss Chase, when it comes you must brave that storm or perish, however you won’t be alone when you face it, and as for your lover…”

“Lover!?” Willow shouted as she looked at her.

“We aren’t that far ahead!” She replied as she blushed, and Xander had to will himself not to do the same, he was thankful that they hadn’t made the connection between his old self and his new persona and he wasn’t about to .

“My apologies, but as I was saying, your friend is a mystery to me, his choices and actions cause many divergences, I have never once encountered something like that before, and frankly I do not know what to expect from him but from his past I can tell he is a good person, he has suffered terrible hardships and he has made mistakes but has learned from them, he is very brave and honorable to choose this life willingly.” He said to them all.

“Yeah, he is just that way.” Cordelia said with a smile.

“Regardless I must now begin the curse; I sense something grave involving the Hellmouth.” He spoke as he turned towards the vampire, Buffy looked like she might protest but one glance at the mage told her it was a futile gesture.

Energies soon flowed around the room and surrounded the struggling vampire, finally at the height of power a white glow spilled into him until finally it ended and he collapsed from the strain.

“It is done, if you could please remove the bonds Mr…?”

“Call me Thorson for now.” He said as he moved to the cage and released the unconscious body.

Buffy rushed in and held him despite the fact that Xander was still inside, he decided to simply leave quietly, it would be hard enough for her now that they couldn’t be together anymore, so he focused himself on the next matter.

“You said something about the Hellmouth?”

“Yes I sense a powerful glamour and barrier spell feeding of its energies.” The mystic spoke.

“What? How can that be? Would we have not sensed it?” Rupert asked with alarm.

Fate simply did a series of gestures and lettering soon appeared around the portal to the demonic realm.

“This spell is at least 50 years old, gaining strength as it ages; whoever crafted it is well versed in the dark arts.”

“What do glamour and barriers spells do?” Willow asks meekly.

“In the case of glamour spells they hide the presence of objects or people, and barriers keep things out or within, in this case this barrier was designed to keep certain people out, I could pass through it because of who petitioned me to come, however I have no idea who would be kept out.”

“I think I do.” Xander spoke as the piece to the puzzle fell into place.

All eyes were on him now.

“How long have been costumed heroes been around?” He asks.

“Since WWII, what does…?” Rupert begins when realization hits him “…of course! How could I been so blind!?”


“Xander asked me how come men like Superman or Flash never seemed to be around here despite the fatalities incurred, he thought the Hellmouth was to blame, so as a side project we investigated it, we found nothing and not even the Council could figure it out, but now it all makes sense!”

“Someone wanted to keep them out, and knew I could not set foot here unless some greater power intervened such as this case.” Fate finished as he rose to the air and felt around the ethereal energies of the Hellmouth for the source of the spell.

“I found the source; I shall go and deal with it…”

“I’m coming too.” Xander spoke, his tone left no room for argument.

“Very well, I may need your help.”

“What about us?” Willow asked

“Remain here, Thorson and I shall handle it.” He said before both disappeared.

City Hall…

They soon reappeared in the office of Richard Wilkins the Third.

“Oh gosh, I wasn’t expecting this.” He said as he eyed the two men.

“You are the one who cast the spells.” Fate accused.

“Mayor Wilkins!?” Xander asked in shock that the Mayor was the cause of the spell.

“So you know me? Golly you have me at a disadvantage, Mr.…?.”

“Who he is, is beyond your comprehension sorcerer, but I am sure you know me and my purpose.”

“Doctor Fate, I thought I had crafted careful measures to have you and others far away from here before my ascension.”

“You sold your soul didn’t you?”

“Why yes I did, 100 years ago to be precise, of course when you do gooders started popping up I couldn’t have you interrupt my plans.”

“So you cast those spells to keep us in the Dark.”

“For what? What is this Ascension?” Xander asks as he is not liking where this is going..

“He wants to transform into an ancient and powerful demon, he would later feed on the towns people as a sacrifice.”

“Quite right.”

“Ah hell no!” The God spoke as he pulled out the hammer and sword.

“You won’t kill me; you hero types never have the g…” “SPLURT!”

He never finished as Xander rammed the sword into his heart.

“Sometimes we have to get dirty to do what’s right.”

“Oh…Darn.” Was the last thing the Mayor said as he died.

“Good work, had he completed the ritual he would have been invulnerable for the period of time before he ascended.”

“Yeah well…better him than us.” He said as he took it out and wipes the blood of with the Mayor’s suit.

“Your first kill?”

“First human yeah.” Not really feeling anything for what he did.

“No Thorson, he was not human, not anymore, the moment he sold his soul, he became a monster who sought to kill innocent people, had you not intervened I would have, sometimes some of us must cross the line the other can’t, tell me did you enjoy it?”


“Good it means you have not been reduced to their level, remember that for times when you must face an opponent who has that mentality, for those are the true monsters and they come in many human forms not just demonic.” He spoke to him.

“I hope it isn’t a regular gig.”

“Thankfully it isn’t in these times when many rise to face the forces of evil, now come we must remove the spells, and check up on the group.” Fate spoke as he opened a portal and they with the body of the late mayor disappeared.

Sunnydale High School Library…

Both had returned to find everyone all right and Angel awake, though from the look on his face he was not pleased with what he had done in his brief stint as Angelus.

Buffy was with Willow, crying her heart out.

“I see you are awake…Angel.”

“Yeah…thanks for putting my soul back.” He replied.

“You do remember the new clause?”

“Yeah, sigh, I do.” He said as he lower his gaze form where Buffy was crying.

“You broke it off I take it.” Xander said in a neutral tone.

“Yeah, we did.”

“Did you find the one responsible for the spells?” Rupert asked in hopes of breaking the mood.

“Yes it was the Mayor.”

“Mayor Wilkins?” Willow asks the mage.

“Yes, he was in reality a 100 year old sorcerer who sold his soul to ascend to an ancient demon, I don’t know what species but it doesn’t matter now that Thorson killed him.” Fate spoke.

“Good lord, I never would have imagined the man would do such a thing.”

“Such is the nature of things of this type, I shall remove the spells and maybe you can get some help to ease the work load.”

“Can’t you close the Hellmouth?” Xander asked.

“No that would be outside the boundaries imposed upon me when I was given this task, you might but since you say you have just recently learned of your divine heritage you may wish to wait until you are ready.”

“Right I was planning on training myself, don’t want to mess up because I’m a rookie at this, I should leave now I have much to think about, oh we left the Judge’s body at the mall so you might want to pick that up, who knows what some demon might do with it.”

“Hmm, yes they may be able to revive him or use it for dark purposes.”

“Will we see you again?” Jenny spoke.

“Perhaps.” Was all he said before he ran at high speeds from the room.

Sunnydale High, Monday during lunch…

When Monday rolled in the group was worried, Xander had not been seen all day yesterday, Giles and Jenny went to his parent’s home but didn’t stay long when his father starting making lewd comments at her and he was knocked out by Giles, the squalor they lived in showed what Doctor Fate meant when he said hardship.

Willow, Cordelia and Oz searched his usual haunts but couldn’t be found, much to the redhead’s and cheerleader’s disappointment.

Buffy and Angel, though still dealing with the fact they couldn’t be together went to Willy’s, the barman hadn’t heard nothing about the kid.

Now they were all, minus Angel for obvious reasons, headed towards the Library for a meeting to determine what to do, Jenny was there as she was worried for him, she wouldn’t leave yet as she had sent word to the clan about the recent events and awaited instructions.

“Giles do you think he’s okay?” The witch in training asked.

“I honestly don’t know, I hope he is, he was rather angry when he left.” He replied.

“Yeah well he had a reason too.” Cordelia spoke as she glared at Buffy and Willow.

“He’ll get over it.” Buffy remarked, tired of having to deal with the girl’s anger.

All of them steeped inside and were stopped by teen they had looked for yesterday, casually sitting with his feet propped up on a table and a duffel bag on the floor.

*Thank you glamour spells* He thought as they did not notice his chances under the spell Gaia placed on him until he left.

“Xander!” Willow and Corelia yelled.

“Hello Cordy, Jenny…” He said warmly before he addressed the other two less so“…girls.”

“Where have you been? We were worried sick?”

“Well Willow I was knocked unconscious over at Kingsman for a while after being ambushed by some vamps sent by deadboy and rescued by this big guy with a wicked hammer and sword.”

“Oh so you met him.” Buffy said to him neutrally as she had no way as to how to act with the being who saved them.

“Yep, took me to a hospital before dashing off to the mall to kill the evil Smurf from hell.”

“Xander, why are you here with the duffel bag?” Jenny asked.

“Well Miss Calendar, the answer is I’m leaving Sunnydale…permanently.” He replied as he sat up, grabbed the bag and went passed their shocked expressions.

It took them ten seconds to finally process that and another five to rush out the door after him.

“Xander wait!” Buffy shouted as they found him in the hallway.

“Why? You said I’m out of the business so I’m leaving.” He replied as continued to walk until she overshot him and stood in front of him, causing everyone in the halway to stop and stare, the Cordettes were there as well.

“Xander, we need to talk about this.”

“Talk? I tried talking on Saturday and you went into a meltdown, Willow practically stabbed me in the back, and Giles just pandered to you, the only ones who didn’t were Oz, Cordelia and Jenny.”


“Forget it Buffy, I am not going to just roll over and think you didn’t ignore my warnings or let myself get used anymore, I’m going at that’s final.”

“What about us Xander? What we have?” Cordelia asked him, causing everyone to gasp.

“Oh my God! She is dating Harris!?” Harmony said in shock, though inwardly she was giddy at the prospect of knocking her down from her throne.

Before he could reply, Principal Snyder walked down with a yellow folder in hand and a smile on his face.

“Well Mr. Harris here is your transcript papers, please leave as soon as possible and never return.” The small man spoke.

Xander gave a feral smirk as he placed the folder inside bag.

“Right, thank you Principal Snyder, I just want to say and do one thing before I leave…”

With that he grabbed him by the shoulders, kneed his crotch, headbutted him and gave him a right cross to the face that knocked him out cold.

“That is for being a worthless excuse for a principal and human being, you dickless, scum sucking son of a bitch!”

“Holy shit!”

“You see that!”

“Hell yeah!”

“Quick somebody get a picture!”

“Harris is the man!”

Were some of the things everyone said about what just occurred, the Scooby´s were shock to say the least, and Xander took the opportunity to cement his legacy before leaving, how? He spun Cordelia by the waist in classic movie fashion and said loud enough to hear.

“Hail to the king baby.” He said quoting Ash Williams catchphrase before he kissed her long and hard, while discreetly placing a note inside her blouse.

*God I always wanted to say that* He thought as he savored her lips, Cordelia was just floored and didn´t give a damn as her moans were any indication.

The cries of all the school was heard as they chanted his name.

Finally he came up for air leaving a dazed and smiling Cordelia on her feet.

“Read it in private.” He whispered into her ear.

“Ladies and Gentleman of Sunnydale High! I am out of here, and remember the outcasts shall rule the world so be nice to them.”

And with that Alexander Lavelle Harris left Sunnydale High on well a high note.

Later at the Chase residence…

Cordelia had returned home after a rather unproductive meeting between the Slayer and the gang.

Frankly no one knew how to react to Xander´s departure.

Willow broke down, saying it was all her fault he left while Oz comforted her.

Buffy was still shell shocked.

Angel, once he came around and learned everything, kept quiet.

Giles was at a loss for he felt he should have helped the young man more.

Jenny was saddened; fro though he hardly knew him she felt he was a good person all around.

Cordelia herself was saddened as well, she kept touching her lips were he kissed her, though when Harmony tried to play the bitch card she was publicly chewed out by her that no one even wanted to look at her without incurring her wrath.

Snyder was livid about the treatment he received and would have sued if not that he was arrested that very same day for criminal activity, as a student had stumbled upon a hidden camera in the girl locker room earlier that week, the police investigated and lo and behold found a stash of videos in Snyder´s office.

The students were in an uproar and chanted Xander´s name as some great hero to the school, thus elevating her popularity for actually having a relationship with him despite it being kept secret.

She had just taken a shower and dressed in her sleep wear when she remembered the note he left for her.

*If it weren´t for that kiss I’d have slapped him for coping a feel…oh who am I kidding, I probably would have dragged him to the nearest broom closet and screw the hell out of him.* she thought to herself as she grabbed it and began to read.

__Dear Cordelia.__

__If you are reading this, it means I have finally figured out how to write a Dear Jane Letter, go me! __

“Still a Dork.” She said with a smile.

__No but seriously, I wished to God I didn´t need to do this but I have to in order to protect you and the rest of the gang.__

“Protect us from what?”

__You´re probably wondering from what right now, well the answer is neither easy nor believable but it is the honest to God truth.__

__ Cordelia, I was the one who saved you all from the Judge, I am the son of Thor, you´re probably not believing this so here´s proof__

__I smashed him with my hammer twice, I crush Drusilla´s skull with it, I rammed my sword into Spike, I punched Angelus after I cut him off with lightning bolts I summoned, I snapped at Buffy I killed the Judge, I know Angel can no longer feel happiness or else he feels all the pain he caused and I know that Mayor Wilkins was evil because I killed him.__

At that point she dropped the letter in shock.

“Holy fucking Shit!”

She quickly picked it up and continued.

__You probably just swore really loud, but anyway I´m a God now, weird huh? Anyway, I told you this because, well I´m still pissed and disappointed at Buffy, Willow and Giles, and by telling you, well despite our secret affair I…I care about you Cordy, I don´t know if its love but what we shared was the happiest I ever felt in a long time, I mean that Cor, that´s why if you find someone else I want you to move on, the life I lead is to hectic to drag you in it, I´ll try to stay in touch don´t know how but I will__

By this point she was openly crying, but still she had to finish it.

__ Finally, I want you to look after the gang, despite our differences they’re the only family I got left, since I am getting emancipated from the drunks, if you want to tell them what you know I won´t blame, do what you feel is right.__

__I´ll try to look in on you guys from time to time, whenever thunder booms and lighting cracks the sky on a clear day, you´ll know it´s me, bye Cordelia I will always treasure our time together__

__Love Alexander Thorson__

“I love you too Xander.” She gently whispered as she held the letter close to her chest.

Outskirts of Sunnydale…

“Well Grandma, time to get out of this Hell hole.” He spoke to his divine relative in his true form.

“Quite right Alexander, we have to get you trained in the use of your powers.”

Xander gave a look behind him one last time.

“Cheer up, it’s not good bye, you will see them again, of course hopefully they’ll appreciate you more.”

“Yeah I know but, that doesn’t make this any easier.”

“I know but that’s the thing about growing up, the lessons become harder and harder, even for Gods.” She replied warmly to her kin.

“Great, sigh, well let’s do this thing.” He said as he raised his hammer high and the clouds darkened and lightning crackled.

“Every journey begins with one step Alexander, this is the start of yours, let’s make it a good one.” She said as she held his hand.

He only nodded before the disappeared in a flash of light and a boom.

Time moved on as the young Aesir grew into his role, during that time he would return to the Hellmouth whenever they needed him there.

When the demon posing as two murdered children appeared, he was there to prevent the parents from murdering Willow, Buffy and Amy, thus preventing Amy’s transformation.

He had found the Acathla statue and summarily destroyed it; it was too dangerous to let it be used by anyone.

He was there when Anyanka tried to use Cordelia’s anger at Buffy for driving him away; he just appeared before her in front of everyone and told her to buzz off, which she promptly did.

He only gave a discreet smile to Cordelia and left soon after.

He did keep in touch with her through letters, it was how she told him about her Father’s tax evasion charges, she would have lost everything if not for the intervention of a government sponsored attorney who convinced her to testify against them, she kept her personal belongings and car, plus her college fund and a private trust fund set up in her name by her deceased grandfather.

She told him the woman was very convincing against these attorneys from some L.A firm, it was like seeing a force of nature at work, and they didn’t stand a chance.

She also told him about him about a new Slayer and Watcher coming to the Hellmouth, Faith and Diana, apparently Kendra was killed in Gotham, not by a vampire or Demon but the Joker when he tried to unleash a Smilex gas bomb at hospital she was staying at after a fight with Polgara demons, Batman and his group were too busy fighting the henchmen to disarm it so she did the only thing she could she grabbed it, took it to the quarantine area, and sealed the vents and doors.

She was dubbed a hero by the media, not knowing just how special she really was.

Xander had already met the duo before when Gaia sent him to Boston to save them from a Master Vampire called Kakistos; he took his time with him when he killed him and his minions.

They were shocked at the appearance of an actual God saving them and more so when he suggested they go to the Hellmouth to help out.

At first the group was reluctant to befriend the duo, but Cordelia bridged the gap first and reminded them of how Xander would have done the same.

Afterwards the group brought them into the fold and helped Faith with her issues, when he learned about the abuse she suffered he vowed to find her father and rip him a new one.

Speaking of abusive parent’s after the emancipation papers went through, Tony got arrested for causing a ruckus at a liquor store and had his dirty laundry aired out in the public, years of abuse landed him in prison and his mother into rehab clinic.

Willow was being trained by Jenny and Diana in Witchcraft, Jenny teaching her to combine magic and technology and Diana meditative techniques to help her focus, her relationship with Oz growing by leaps and bounds.

Giles gave Faith a father figure she lacked in life, the young woman was grateful for it.

Angel still remained there to help, as evidenced when Ethan Rayne returned later on possessed by Egyon, he died because of it but they managed to stop the demon by having him posses Angel and let the demon inside kill him.

When the council tried to get Buffy to go through the Slayer right of passion they found a pair of very angry Slayers, but was worse was an angry God who had vowed to smite them to kingdom come if they ever tried that on anyone ever again.

Things on the Hellmouth calmed down once the spells were remove, Superman would sometimes appear to help, causing a severe drop in demonic activity, and he never saw the Slayers thankfully so their presence was safe for now.

Graduation came and was not a happy occasion, a solar eclipse came unexpectedly and caused every vampire to mass onto the school, it was not pretty, the Slayers and Scooby’s tried to stem the tide, but they were outnumbered badly, some demons decided to get in on the action as well. But that’s when the skies darkened and thunder rolled.


Buffy was currently shielding her Mother from a pair of insect like demons that looked really hungry.

Armed with a bastard sword she hacked away, while observing her friends situations.

Faith was handling three vampires throwing axe in her left hand and a kukri in her right, while guarding some students behind her, Angel was fighting a reptilian scaled demon, Jenny and Willow were holding a barrier spell were they kept student and teachers safe.

Giles and Diana were firing crossbows at the blood suckers while Oz and Cordelia tended to the wounded.

“B! Down!” Faith yelled as she hurled the axe at a large hairy beast behind her, she was rewarded by death cry.

“Faith! Angel! Regroup to the barrier!” she yelled as she grabbed her mother’s hand and ran for the place of safety.

After dispatching their opponents they and entered the shielded space.

“Buffy your hurt!” He Mother cried as she spied a nasty gash on her right side.

“I’m okay Mom, Faith, Angel how are you doing?”

“Tired and horny B.” Faith said shamelessly.

“Faith now is not the time.” Diana deadpanned getting a shrug in response.

“I think that thing broke my arm.”

“Can you still fight?”

“Not much of a choice look!”

The vampires and demons had started to mass around the barrier causing noticeable strain on the mages.

“We can’t beat all that, can we?” Faith spoke as she tightened her grip on her kukri.

“We have to Faith.”

“We need a miracle.” Angel spoke.

“Then let’s hope this works.” Cordelia spoke as she got on her knees and prayed.

*Xander, I don’t know if this will work, but we need you.*

Nothing happened at first but soon clouds appeared and further darken the sky, then thunder and lightning appeared, and a mixture of hail and rain fell.

“You guys are so fucked now.” Faith said to the creatures as they too felt the power in the air.

“KRAKOOM!” A bolt fell quickly from the sky and dug a trench between the survivors and the demons.

Another soon fell into the horde, then another and another, finally one more fell but it was in this one that a figure could be seen.

“It’s Thor!” One of the vampires screamed in fear, a name he never claimed but received nonetheless.

And indeed the former Scooby stood hammer and sword at the ready, and though they couldn’t see his eyes they could tell he was glaring at them with much hate.

“You are all…going to die, HA!” With a battle cry he launched himself at the remaining horde and what followed was pure carnage as he beat, burned, hacked and slashes anything that wasn’t remotely human.

The demons and vampires soon retreated when every attempt to stop him was useless.

Xander let the clouds part and the sun shine over them.

He looked at them one last time to make sure they were safe before he took off, with his named being cheered.

End Flashback…

After that things changed, Buffy and Willow enrolled in Sunnydale College, Cordelia went to UCLA with Faith in tow, with Diana saying she needed to experience something outside of Slayer life, Angel went there to set up shop and get away from Buffy since it was too painful to him be reminded of what they shared and what was denied.

Xander still kept watch over the place and his friends, as much as he could, but once Gaia had taught all that she could he set of to help the world, He did so in many city’s earning much attention and speculation as to who he was, he steered clear from cities like Gotham, Metropolis and Central mostly because he wasn’t ready to introduce himself to the rest of the hero community.

During one of his trips to the Hellmouth he had a run in with the Initiative, apparently they were capturing Demons instead of killing them, he put a stop to that as the government had no idea the danger they risked by tying to turn them into weapons, that and the director set him off.

He learned that Oz left after some incident with another werewolf and as much as he wanted to go to his best friend he could not risk her safety, he found out later she started a relationship with a troubled girl named Tara, a wiccan like herself whose family were hell bent on taken her back to their life of misery, or were until he vaporized their truck and told them to fuck off.

His worst challenge came when he fought the Hellgoddess Glorificus who was after the Key, turned flesh, turned sister of the Slayer.

The blonde monstrosity put him through his paces as they fought for the life of the girl, it was the first time he had faced someone as strong as him, but with the safety of Dawn on the line as well as the world he dug deep and finally killed her.

He had to rest after that for his wounds to heal, so he sadly watched as Darkside brainwashed Superman to turn against them, he broke free but it was a hard struggle to regain the trust of the people, he wished him well.

Finally he decided it was time to settle in one area that would serve as his base of operations.

New York city, Manhattan…

The city that never sleeps had seen its fair shares of men and women try to make a difference but always their careers were cut short by many factors.

However now they would get something that would stem the tide of both the darkness and criminal element.

Getting off a train in Grand Central station, a young man in his early twenty’s could be seen, he wore brown work boots, black jeans, a yellow shirt and black denim jacket, he was a good 6’7” in height and had a muscular build that had many females looking at him, his dark hair was tied in a neat ponytail and he hefted his duffel bag on his right shoulder easily.

“Well New York, time to meet the newest hero on the block.” He spoke.

That’s right Alexander Forson, as he called himself had arrived, and with is arrival many lives would change.

Meanwhile in the higher planes of reality…

“WE MUST DO SOMETHING! HE HAS RUINED ALL OF OUR PLANS.” A voice said in the Ether soon joined by others.






Plans had begun, and wheels turned, the time of change had come.

To be continued…

Well in honor of the up and coming Thor movie I decided to create this blend of DC, BTVS and a smidge of Marvel.

He has all powers that make him a heavy hitter, he’s fast just not Flash or Superman fast, and he does have a wide range of abilities that can help him in the fight against evil.

I think I’ll base this on the JL animated version, since I am more familiar with that than the comics.

Finally pairings are undecided, I may go X/C or X/Multi, I haven’t decided yet; just don’t go crazy if I decide Wonder Woman would make a good choice, I get enough of that from my HALO story.

Hope you enjoy it and see you soon.
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