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Adventures with the Doctor

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This story is No. 5 in the series "Dawn and Richard's Awesome Adeventure". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The doctor? Doctor who? Dawn and Richard land in the middle of Cardiff, Wales in the middle of Queen Victoria's reign. One-Shot!

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Anita Blake > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: RichardDearestDrusillaFR1512,288041,4648 May 118 May 11Yes
((I do not own B:tVS, AB:VH, or Doctor Who. They each belong to their respective creators, I am simply borrowing a few people.))

Dawn was nto at all surprised when Richard dropped her on the ground. He'd taken to doing that an awful lot since they started their journey two years ago. Two whole years away from home, traveling the multi-verse as they waited for the curse to wear off. Two years away from family and friends and pack. Two years of planning their life in the quiet moments they were so rarely granted.

But, in the two years they'd been travelling, Richard had gotten much better about where he dropped her in his beast form. Case in point, she'd been dropped into a wagon full of hay rather than being deposited on rocks or in a puddle. Bonus points for her puppy.

Another good thing that kept popping up, Wolfram and Hart! Well, maybe not good so much as neutral-evil. They often gave Richard a job to do in whichever universe they happened to be visiting, a job resulting in clothes, food and a place to sleep. And most times, the jobs they gave him consisted of doing something good.

Another thing that kept popping in and out of their lives was Faith. Always fighting the same tenticle monster, flashing in for a few seconds before moving on tot he next universe. Both Faith and her monster would flit between ebing completely healed to being battered and bloody, obviously travelling through time as much as they went through space.

Thank god Faith had dropped the beaded bag on her last pop.

If not for the bag, Richard would be completely nude.

“Why don't you just wear some slacks and a sweater?” Dawn suggested, wondering if she'd rubbed off on him. He was spending more time dressing than she was anymore. “You'll be pretty much covered no matter where we landed.”

“Because all my slacks are covered in blood,” Richard griped. “And my jeans...”

Dawn tried nto to snicker. “We can find a cleaners when we figure out where we are.”

“And if we're a When?” Richard asked. Several times the two of them had ended up in the past, the distant past, or the fairly-recent-but-still-decades-before past. Only once had they found a cleaners and that was during the second world war.

“If we're a when...then we find someone to hit your clothes with a rock.”

“Not funny.”

Dawn believed it to be very funny. After all, when in Rome...

A few minutes later, they were arguing over a kilt and if it was in fact manly to wear one. Richard believed that if he was going to wear a kilt, he better get braided hair and a longsword like he had on stop 36. Dawn believed it could be manly if he wore it with a sweater, after all Duncan from stop 18 had done the very same.

“I think,” a new voice broke in. “That a kilt is very manly when worn with a sporran.”

Dawn and Richard both swung to face a man dressed ina blue pinstripe suit. A brownish-tan trench coat was thrown over the top and...

“Are you wearing sneakers?” Dawn had to ask.

“I am indeed,” the man spoke in a very British accent. “But what I want to know is who are you? And why are you camped out next to my Tardis?”

“Richard Zeeman, this is my fiancee, Dawn Summers.”

“American?” The man in the blue suit asked, pulling a marker shaped device from his coat pocket. Part of it slid out and began making a strange whirring, buzzing noise that made Richard wince slightly. “Oh, sorry mate, sonic screwdriver. Did you know you're from off world? Actually your from off glaxy, off universe even!”

“We picked that up two years ago,” Dawn nodded. “Some idiot got pissy over the fact that I was engaged to a werewolf and decided to cast a counter curse on us.”

“Course there wasn't any curse to counter,” Richard continued. “So instead it disrupts Dawn's ability to create portals through time and space and links it up with my virus.”

“And every full moon I end up transporting us to some crazy place. We're starting to run out of clothes.”

The man in the blue suit looked very fascinated and incredibly excited over what he'd just heard. “Portals through time and space?” He scanned dawn with his pen thing again before his face filled with absolute glee. “Like a living Tardis!”

“You mean the blue box?” richard asked, jerking his thumb over his shoulder. “It's been humming since we got in here.”

“You didn't tell me it was humming.”

“Didn't think it was important.”

“You didn't think that a mysterious humming blue box was important?”


“I promise I'll tell you about humming boxes from now on.”

The doctor was very amused by the two in front of him. They'd been arguing for the last hour as to the relavance of humming boxes, barely even batting an eye when they entered the Tardis at the doctors invitation. In fact, they'd continued arguing as they changed clothes the Tardis supplied them with. Married couples...the doctor remembered what that was like.

Richard stood beside the doctor, wearing a suit of dove gray with hair pulled back, emptying their beaded bag of dirty clothes for the Tardis to clean. Once they'd been informed of the era they currently occupied, btoh had been rather fastidious in keeping things true to form, when in rome they'd told him. Hence, Richard Zeeman looking very much like a Victorian gentleman. His cravat was nicely tied and pinned in place with a gold and sapphire cravat pin – silver simply wouldn't do- while a puce waistcoat and a pocket watch completed the look. The black stetson on the console made him look entirely American.

Dawn was still getting dressed.

“So have you thought up a story?” the Doctor asked his shapeshifting friend. Lycanthropy brought on by a virus! How wonderfully scientific! None of that magic nonsense most humans thoguth up. Energy manipulation and viruses.

“Well, I've been studying science at Princeton. I'm currently working on my masters in animal biology and the two of us are going to meet Dawn's family. I think Dawn decided that she was going to keep with her story. Daddy's a big shot lawyer in charge of Wolfram and Hart-”

“The evil law firm?” the Doctor scowled.

Richard let out a sigh before nodding. “Her dad became the CEO in a hostile takeover. So we've been using Angel's bank account to cover expenses when we can.”

“So, they're not evil anymore?”

“Oh they're still evil, Dad just reined them in a bit.” Both heads turned to look at Dawn, one far more intent than the other. “The silence is of the good?”

“Very of the good,” Richard nodded, walking over to her.

Dawn was dressed in a dress of rose colored silk, complete with bustle. Sweeps and swathes of material rustled as she walked towards them slowly, still not entirely used to being corseted after so long as a hippie girl. And even though her skirts looked loose, everything was very tight and confining. Luckily she'd had the tardis and science to help her get dressed. Self tightening corsets? Mechanical robot arms to button her up? Yes please and thank you! Thankfully her talma had been easier to put on, deep dark blue and thick enough to keep the Scottish chill off, it was embroidered with the outline of roses and funnily enough, keys.

But the way Richard was looking at her right now made her want to see how easy everything was to take off.

“Don't forget your hat,” the doctor interrupted. “Both of you. And gloves. You're going to meet the queen in a few.”


“I can assure you your majesty, no self respecting werewolf would allow himself to become as that one.”

Everyone turned to face Richard, save for Dawn who rest her hand atop his own.

“I beg your pardon,” Victoria asked, backing away a few steps.

“Any lycan of breeding wouldn't allow himself to change at the slightest hint of a moon,” Dawn continued when Richard bowed his head and focused on his breathing. “Its downright savage.”

“You mean to say you're a werewolf?” Sir Robert asked.

“I have been for nearly a decade.” Richard finally spoke. “However, I learned to control myself within a year of being infected by the desease.”

“He's very good at it,” Dawn nodded. “The best in his pack. He's goone a whole year without shifting on the moon. That's why he's the Ulfric.”

“That thing out there is not of my kind,” Richard continued. “It's...different, warped and twisted.”

“Evil,” Dawn summarized.

“You mean to say there's good and evil amongst the cursed?” Victoria asked. “That this whole thing is nothing more than a sickness?”

“At any other time of the month, we're just as human as everyone else. And there is good an evil in everyone. Sometimes, the devil just speaks more strongly to others.”

A silence fell over the library. The Doctor was surprised that richard had exposed himself after such an event as tonight, but he also understood wanting to clear one's name. To clear the reputation of an entire species of a crime caused by one...reminded the doctor of himself a bit.

“You're really a werewolf?” Rose broke the silence. “Howling and fur and everything? Are youa werewolf Dawn?”

“No,” Dawn smiled. “I'm as normal as I ever was.” She ignored the Doctor as he snorted. “But I am in love.” The hand in her lap tightened slightly around her own while the hand he placed behind her tightened on her waist.

Victoria seemed to look at the two of them a bit softer for a moment. Only a moment. And then she was Queen Victoria once more. “I am impressed by your control Mr Zeeman. Perhaps you could become the beast to destroy the one out there?”

“I am sorry,” Richard shook his head. “But if I were to shift I would become little more than a beast myself. Something about this beast is closer to the surface. I can feel it beneath my skin. My wife...She is keeping it at bay by her mere presence.”

“Love is a many splendorous thing,” the doctor nodded as he began inspecting the room. “But what I want to know, is why the beastie out there isn't in here yet?”

“Wards perhaps?” Dawn suggested. “Some sort of protective?”

“You mean like crosses and whatnot?” Rose asked.

“Crosses won't work against lycans,” Richard shook his head. “The room is coated in mistletoe oil. Silver nitrate in the trim...”

“Why didn't you tell me?” Dawn whispered, leaning closer to him. “Why do you insist on suffering alone?”


Dawn was terrified at this moment. Richard had stayed behind to fight the werewolf, to give them a chance to escape and quite possibly live. And all Dawn had left of him at this moment was the hat in her hands. Richard's stupid sheriff hat from Blest. He was like Indiana Jones about the thing.

So he had to come back for it, right?

“He'll be here,” Rose assured her, placing a hand on her shoulder. “Your husband doesn't seem like the type to just walk away.”

A slam sounded outside before another followed suit. Snarls and the sounds of ripping skin and flesh mixed with the growling of wolves. The enemy wolf seemed very intent on opening the door between them, hopefully he wouldn't get through until the Doctor and Sir Robert finished aligning the telescope thing. Then again, Dawn hoped he wouldn't get rhoguh at all.


“I have to go find him,” Dawn fought against the doctor. “He'll calm when I find him-”

“He's a mad beast full of blood lust!” Rose argued, trying to push Dawn into the room.

“Lust for other things too!” Dawn screamed. “My husband would never forgive himself if he hurt someone in his rage, I can calm him, you have to let me go!”

“Let her.” Everyone turned to Victoria beside the telescope. “I have, in my time seen husbands calmed by the slightest of touches. Husbands included. You may seek out your husband Mrs. Zeeman.”

“Thank you, your majesty.” Dawn curtsyed before she bolted from the room with Richard's clothes in her hands. His black sheriff suit folded in her arms and the holster for his six shooter at her waist. Even his stupid hat was in her arms.

Dawn for her part had changed into a pair of leggings and some boots from stop 32a along with a sweater she'd gotten in hell. The quee hadn't seemed very pleased of course, but that wasn't important. The important part was getting out of Torchwood before Richard ecided to come back in and look for her.


“Good to have you back with us Richard,” the Doctor crowed when the walked back through the courtyard. “Looking a bit tired there.”

“Long night,” Richard smiled. “But it's out of my system for another month, perhaps longer.”

“Well, I wouldn't bother going back inside,” Rose scowled at the door. “We've been banished from England.”

Dawn and Richard both started. Banished? They'd only just arrived!

“Oh don't worry your furry little head about it,” the Doctor grinned at richard. “You and your ladylove can come with us. Whaddya say? Travel the stars? Visit distant planets?”

“We've been pretty earthbound for a while,” Dawn smiled. “And we have at least a month.”

Richard let out a smiling breath as he looked at the excitement in Dawn's eyes. “Alright. We'll go into space.”


The End

You have reached the end of "Adventures with the Doctor". This story is complete.

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