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Son of...

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Summary: To save Willow, Oz and Cordellia Xander attempts to distract the Judge while they escape, Xander may well discover that he is in fact "The One Who Sees"

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Marvel Universe > Thor > Xander-CenteredTjinFR1856,45949946,0268 May 117 Mar 13No

In Asgard...

“BUFFY!” At the blond slayer’s look, Giles gave her a disappointed frown. “Would you like to tell the class why you felt it necessary to slay my front door?” Giles asked bitingly as the blond slayer looked between her watcher and the tall bronze hulk in the room.

“Ah… Wha… He… I… Trap?” She commented, confused as she tried to work the thoughts from the day through her tired mind.

Sighing, Giles rubbed the bridge of his nose. “No Buffy, it was a door, not a trap,” Giles explained slowly before setting his glasses back on his nose and glaring again. “What, pray tell, lead you to believe that this was a trap?”

Clearing his throat to drag the focus off the obviously embarrassed slayer, Xander explained, “Actually Giles that was most likely your fault.” He shrugged at the older man’s incredulous look. “With everything that happened today, you being discreet probably sent the wrong impression.” Even as he defended her, Xander kept a wary eye on his slayer friend.

Blinking at the voice, Buffy took a second look at the tall male that she had first thought to be an attacker and felt her jaw drop. “X-Xander?” She asked in shock as she studied the now much larger male’s face and despite the changes, she still found a scary amount of similarity to her friend.

Watching the short blonde as she stared between the two men in shock, Xander smiled as Buffy stamped her foot angrily.

“W-What… WHY DOES HE GET TALLER WHEN HE GETS A POWER?” She dropped into a chair, crossing her arms and pouting at the injustices of the universe.

Chuckling at the petulant slayer, Xander shook his head at the absolute absurdity of it all. Here he had been all set for a Buffy style smack down and Giles had just taken control of the situation and calmed everything down with a combination of commanding orders and cutting dry wit. It was something he really admired about the older man and one day hoped to pull off himself.

Stepping up, Xander pulled the short slayer into a friendly, sideways shoulder hug, “Don’t worry about it Buffy, I’m sure Spike was just kidding when he called you petite.” Any further comment was cut off at the enraged shriek from Buffy before she tore out of his grasp and stormed out over the downed door.

Rubbing his eyes at the two, Giles simply tossed the young man a sword and coat. “Go Xander. Keep an eye on Buffy and I will endeavor to ascertain the cause and extent of your transformation,” Giles said tiredly.

When Xander didn’t move, the Englishman rolled his eyes at the confused look on the much taller young man’s face. “I will see what I can find out about your situation,” He clarified.

As the teen exited the apartment, Giles looked at the shattered door with dismay. It would seem he would be moving again soon and most likely would not be getting his damage deposit back.


Staring at the two demon-kin before him, Richard Wilkens sat back in his overstuffed chair and considered them for a moment.

The duo were good, certainly some of the better demonic warriors on this plane of existence anyway, yet something bothered him. The two were certainly enough to handle any newfound godling that had stumbled upon his powers and could even deal with a full blooded Asgardian, permitting the Asgard was young, stupid and had no clue about his or her pedigree. But something about the situation had him wondering if he should send more, a troll or two perhaps to support them? Certainly overkill for the young sprog, but Wilkens had not gotten to this point by making mistakes. Calling on the outerworld denizens, however, would draw attention to him long before he was ready.

Coming to a decision, the Mayor pushed the rune inscribed silver bowl across the desk. *Go find this child of Asgard!* he snarled in the two’s demonic language. *Bring me his blood, his head and his heart. All the rest is yours for the taking.* He motioned the two out before calling his secretary and ordering several of his ‘sanitation workers’ to go and assist the two. While Trolls would definitely draw attention, half a dozen vampires should be just enough to insure victory.

Soon he would ascend to full power and pull down the Bifrost and its thrice-damned Guardian.


Coming to a stop in front of the colonel, the young Agent snapped a sharp salute before falling into parade rest. “Agent Ross, reporting for duty sir.”

Taking the folder out of the young agent’s hand, the one eyed man looked it over before turning back with only one word, “Ross?”

“No relation to the General sir,” she assured him. The last year had been hard, but thanks to SHIELD she had finally been noticed and finally gotten control of her powers. In doing so, she had discovered another well-known Ross in the military circles she now ran in.

Shrugging at that, Fury turned back to the folder. He wouldn’t make an issue out of it tunless or until it was needed, if Ross wanted to hide his connection to the girl it was no skin off his nose. “Very well, Agent Ross. We recently had a major spike in the EM sensors placed in L.A. You will be assisting Agent Coulson in the investigation in and around Sunnydale.” The ex-super soldier cut off the young agent’s attempt at a comment, “I know your history, Miss Ross. I also understand a little about Sunnydale. Trust me, you either can’t do it, or won’t do it. Can’t do, I can work with. Won’t do? Well, if you won’t do it, I have some rather important penguins to monitor in the Arctic Circle.”

Blinking, Marcie Ross broke her training and corrected, “Sir, penguins are from the Antarctic, not …” she trailed off at the man’s glare before nodding and leaving at his dismissal with another sharp salute.

The unspoken comment was clear, fail to try and spend the rest of her days staring at the snow.

It looked like she was heading back to Sunnydale, ooh what fun.

Making sure to pick up extra ammunition, Marcie headed for the briefing room to get more information on the mission. She was an agent of SHIELD, and she would be damned if some town scared her off.
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