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Son of...

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Summary: To save Willow, Oz and Cordellia Xander attempts to distract the Judge while they escape, Xander may well discover that he is in fact "The One Who Sees"

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Marvel Universe > Thor > Xander-CenteredTjinFR1856,45949946,0298 May 117 Mar 13No

Heimdall be thy name...

(A/N No Beta, Sorry)


Walking through the small town once more the Guardian of the Bifrost marveled at how little had changed since his last time here almost two decades past, ignoring any looks his Asgarian armor might attract in the night Heimdall made his way to the train Depot and moved through the well let local to the long term luggage storage, after his first near disastrous sojourn to Midgard he had stashed several key items here including but not limited to clothes, money and an identification.

While his lord’s foresight was legendary he was not the only one that could prepare for the future, it took a few minutes to redress himself in the clothing he had left behind so many years ago and store his armor and weapons in a secure location, while he would never be unarmed the mortals tended to frown on his carrying of swords openly in their presence.

For a moment the golden eyed god smiled at the outrage Thor would likely have at such a situation before taking in his appearance in the mirror, Jeans, combat boots and a red flannel shirt tucked in neatly should allow the near seven foot tall god to blend in with little trouble, picking up his duffle bag the eternal guardian stepped out into the Sunnydale night.


With a yell Xander swung his sword at the Vampire that had jumped out of the crypt and blinked as the weapon cleaved the undead in two, looking at the weapon he had in hand Xander cursed as he removed the blade from the scabbard and broken belt that had torn away from him when he grabbed for the blade.
Holding his pants up with his sword hand Xander turned to watch Buffy rip into a second Vampire with the dark rage of an angered Slayer, entranced by the sight Xander nearly missed the third vampire rushing him from behind, finally taking notice of the approaching undead Xander backhanded the demon sending it across the graveyard in a tumble before it came to rest against a gravestone with its head at an unnatural angle.

After a moments consideration Xander moved towards the down vampire and quickly divested it of its belt before stomping on the corpses head and dusting it, turning back to Buffy as he slipped the belt on Xander smiled as she finished up with her opponent and stood over the broken blood demon with a grunt of frustration she slammed her stake home and coating the ground with a fine layer of dust.

Staring at the dust for a moment Buffy grunted before crossing her arms and stomping “Dang it, I wanna be big.” She grumbled before glancing at Xander with a pout before huffing and stomping back towards her patrol route once more.

Finishing up with the belt Xander jogged to catch up with her before slinging the sword over his shoulder and smiling “Well how about this Buffy, if I ever find a magic doohickey that will let you grow I promise that it is all yours.” Xander said as he ambled along beside the petite slayer who sent him a withering glare at the promise.

“You are just saying that to make me feel better.” She grumbled as Xanders smile grew slightly.

“Is it working?”

“No” Buffy said before slumping slightly “Yes, damn it Xander how do you do that?” she grumbled as Xander shrugged at the question.

“I don’t know Buffy, I’ve just always been good at the emotional stuff, even Willow can’t stand up to the patented Feel Good Funky Fresh Xan-Man Emotional wash wax and rinse special.” Xander said and managed to pull a laugh from his friend at his antics before they continued on their way through the night.


Walking through the nearly abandoned streets Joyce Summers cursed her luck, over the course of the evening every last possible thing that could go wrong had, from a last minute customer that spent three hours browsing only to leave without a purchase to her dry cleaning being late and making her wait an extra forty five minutes, and now she was walking through the small town at night because her tire had exploded and the repair garage refused to help out until tomorrow.

Taking a deep breath to center herself the Summers Matron let out a shriek of surprise as a pair of unnaturally strong hands pulled her into the darkness of an ally.

As she was thrown against the wall Joyce stared into the golden eyes and deformed face of a vampire, in a flash images of others with similar facial features filled her mind, Buffys study partner just after they had moved to town, the angry gang member at parent teachers night, the golden eyes that stared at her from the shadows as she drove home.

Opening her mouth to scream Joyce was silenced by the cold hand gripping her neck in a vise like grip before it jerked her up to eye level.

Any ominous threat the thing had to say was interrupted by a massive fist slamming into the side of its head, staggering it and forcing it to let her drop the dirty ground.

Looking up at her savior Joyce blinked as yet another golden eyed being had appeared, this one though seemed to glow with rage as he glared at her attacker, before taking a moment to glance her way and smile.

With that Joyce realized that everything was going to be fine, while she had felt the overwhelming strength in her attacker’s hands there was something about the man’s gaze that promised her that nothing would get past him.


Reaching down Heimdall lifted the shaken woman to her feet and smiled reassuringly at her “Sorry to interrupts, but it appeared you were in need of assistance” he said pleasantly before turning his glare to the still recovering vampire, his eyes could discern the half dozen others further back in the shadows but approaching quickly.

“Sorry, my name is Henry, Henry Dale” he introduced himself while carefully walking the blonde back to the mouth of the alley.

“J-Joyce, Joyce Summers” she said in response as she followed him back to the main street.

“Joyce, a pleasure to meet you, now I need to go have a conversation with that man back there but if you will wait until I am done I’ll be right back out to walk you home.” He promised and smiled at her nod.

For her part Joyce could barely stand the blush that currently heated her face at the man’s gentle and caring attitude for her safety, as he walked back into the alleyway Joyce smiled as Henry ripped into her attacker and his friends.

For a moment she almost felt bad for them before shrugging the thought off, it was their own fault for attacking her and for not getting the hint that they were outclassed far sooner.

As he finished up with the last of them Joyce noticed the duffle bag sitting nearby as well as the train depot tag attached to it, after a moment she wondered if it would be presumptuous to invite him in for the night, Buffy was out visiting friends and she had the whole house all to herself, the least she could do was offer him a place to sleep for the night.

No need for him to suffer in one of those horrible motels that the town offered.


Looking through his books carefully for any indication of what might be responsible for Xander’s sudden change of stature Giles pushed the Babylonian chronicles of Demigods aside before picking up on the Egyptian books, while not as well versed and far harder to remain concealed the Egyptian demigods fit both the general characteristics as well as the skin tone as well as the aspects of his sight, Osiris perhaps, or maybe even Set. He had all but given up on the European cultures and the odds of a demigod such as Xander coming from an Asian pantheon was nearly non-existent, not that he wouldn’t look into them just to be sure, but he believed that he was more likely to find his answers in the middle eastern and African pantheons than any other.

Closing yet another book Giles moved on to the Turkish Jaa’dari text and began looking through possible suspects, marking out those that did not fit the needed characteristics.

So immersed in the search Giles failed to notice the Raven sitting outside his door watching him, after a moment’s scrutiny the bird flew off into the night.


(A/N) Sorry for the long delay, graduation and searching for work plus work itself has been a nightmare…
I know some people are going to be weirded out by Joyce just inviting a stranger into her house, but the texts do have that happening, Heimdall seemed to have an almost supernatural ability to get invitations like that.
I want to thank Dragonelf and all my other reviewer for keeping this story alive, without you I would not be writing.
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