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Southern Fried Slayer Ficlets

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Summary: Small one shots of "behind the scene" things that happened through out the story. Most of them are just cute moments that have been never before seen until now! :-)

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Literature > Southern Vampire MysteriesSpruceGooseFR1531,862021,8089 May 119 May 11Yes

Self-Defense With Sookie

Self-Defense With Sookie

Sookie had asked, in fact she had nearly begged for Buffy to show her some self-defense moves. Buffy had reluctantly agreed. It wasn't that she didn't want her cousin to know actual defensive or offensive moves, it was that she was worried how this whole thing would turn out.

At that moment, Sookie was laid flat on her back, breathing heavily and staring at Buffy with narrowed eyes, "Did you have to actually demonstrate that move on me?"

Her southern drawl came out thick with annoyance as Buffy placed her hands lightly on her hips, "I told you this wasn't a good idea."

Sookie pushed herself to her feet and stood toe to toe with her cousin. Buffy had to look up a couple inches to see Sookie's eyes, but the taller blond didn't seem angry, so much as embarrassed.

"Let me try it now," Sookie said in a determined tone.

They had shoved most of the furniture in the living room up against the walls so that the middle of the room was empty.

Buffy exhaled loudly, she had a bad feeling about this.

She walked around Sookie to come up behind her and attempted to throw her arms around her cousin's throat, Sookie grabbed her arms as Buffy had instructed and pulled her weight down, lifting Buffy off her feet and then flipping her over so that she landed flat on her back, staring up into Sookie's blue-gray eyes.

Okay, she's a fast learner. Buffy thought as she jumped to her feet. Maybe this won't be so bad.

Buffy smirked as she faced the larger blond, "This next one is another defensive move. It's more about using your opponent's momentum against him."

She explained to Sookie that she needed to lunge toward her in order for Buffy to demonstrate. Sookie did as she was told, reaching and jumping toward Buffy only to miss her as she dropped down and then rolled underneath her.

"That doesn't seem so hard," Sookie said after they were facing each other again.

"It's a pretty basic move, but in the heat of the moment and depending on your opponent's speed, it could be difficult," Buffy's tone was becoming very teacher like, reminding her of the potential slayers she had taught in Sunnydale.

They reversed roles and Sookie dropped down just as Buffy had and rolled underneath her.

Buffy smiled at her, "Good."

The rest of the time was spent with Buffy demonstrating a move and Sookie repeating it fluidly. The slayer realized that her cousin was a natural and had even shown her a few offensive moves toward the end.

When Sookie was tired from the day of training, they went into the kitchen and sat at the table, drinking homemade sweet tea and discussing what they had just done.

"Do you think we could make this a regular thing? I'm really tired of always bein' the one in danger and never bein' able to properly defend myself," Sookie explained as she held the empty glass in her hand.

Buffy thought about that before answering, "I could definitely teach you some things. To be honest, I'm not sure how much of it will really help you in a fight with a supernatural creature."

"Anythings better than nothing," Sookie answered simply and Buffy nodded her agreement.

The least she could do is help her cousin feel more secure if she was always going to be in the line of danger.

"How do you feel about weapon training?" Buffy asked with one eyebrow raised.

The End

You have reached the end of "Southern Fried Slayer Ficlets". This story is complete.

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