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Southern Fried Slayer Ficlets

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Summary: Small one shots of "behind the scene" things that happened through out the story. Most of them are just cute moments that have been never before seen until now! :-)

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Picnic By The Creek (Buffy/Sam)

A/N: This is one of Buffy and Sam's first dates, after Arlene's engagement party. I had these ideas and decided to just go with it, since most of them are just adorableness.

Picnic By The Creek (Buffy/Sam)

The sun was shining over Bon Temps, the subtropical air was humid and hot. A heat that left your skin glistening with a sheen of sweat. Buffy enjoyed the heat, she had always loved sunny weather and this kind was one of her favorites.

She sat in the passenger seat of Sam's truck, her legs propped up on the dashboard as he drove through town, heading toward the creek.

A smile seemed permanently attached to his lips as they drove, she had a visual image of a dog sticking his head out the window which made her start laughing.

"What's so funny?" he asked while still smiling at her.

"Do you like car rides so much because of your furry side?" she asked playfully and received a hearty laugh from him.

They finally came to a stop in a gravel clearing. Trees encircled the clearing and a path led down to the creek, where there were large rocks to sit on or old fallen logs.

Buffy felt as though she had found her way into a country song as Sam laid a blanket on a small patch of grass close to the water.

He gestured for her to sit down and she did so happily. A picnic by a creek in a Louisiana town, definitely in a country song. She thought with a smile.

Sam had brought sandwiches and chips, along with a couple sodas. He had said that this was one of his favorite spots in Bon Temps and wanted to show Buffy how beautiful the town really could be.

The creek rushed by with a steady rhythm of moving water and the trees let in the perfect amount of sunlight. Cicadas could be heard in the woods along with the random ribbit of a frog.

They laughed and ate, laid down on the blanket and talked. The setting sun alerted them to how long they had actually been out there.

The weather was still warm and humid and they reluctantly packed up their stuff and climbed back in the truck. Sam drove her back to Hummingbird Road, down the gravel drive to the Stackhouse family home where he walked her to the door.

Sharing in a sweet kiss, Buffy felt that that day may have been one of the best dates she had been on in a long time. It was a normal day with normal activities and she had cherished every minute of it.
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