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A Fishy Episode

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This story is No. 24 in the series "Life (And Unlife) In Sunnydale". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Alternative outcomes for “Go Fish” and “Sink or Swim”.

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I own nothing. All Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters and Kim Possible characters are the property of their original owners.

Ron Stoppable felt as if his back was about to break any second now, being bent over the edge of the swimming platform a hundred feet from the nearest shore of Lake Wannaweep in the middle of the night. Though, he had more immediate problems, what with his head and upper body presently held underwater by two immensely strong, taloned hands that were clutched around his throat. Looking up through the lake surface into Gil Moss’ leering features that were a horrible combination of half-human and half-fish, Ron futilely clawed at the scaled wrists of his former fellow camper that had been changed by toxic waste into a piscine creature that called himself Gill.

With the roaring in his ears and his dimming vision both clear signs of oxygen starvation, Ron despairingly thought the nightmare face that had just arisen over Gill’s left shoulder was simply a final hallucination before his life ended.

A moment later, Ron was yanked out from the lake, only to be instantly let go by Gill. Rolling onto his side on the swimming platform, the teenage boy concentrated on getting fresh air back into his lungs, ignoring close by him the sounds of angry snarls and savage blows being landed. It wasn’t until the whole swimming platform shuddered, accompanied by a loud THUD! that Ron finally looked up, and at once yelled in pure fright.

From where another fish monster was standing and glaring down at Gill crouched on his knees, this terrifying newcomer turned his scaled features to look at Ron. Gill instantly took advantage of his foe’s distraction, clasping both hands together and swinging a brutal double-fist clout right into the stranger’s stomach. This was done hard enough to lift that combatant completely off his feet and hurl him off the platform in a graceful arc, all while bent over and groaning with pain. That agonized sound ended with an immense splash into Lake Wannaweep a dozen feet away, followed by choking and spluttering that suggested the defeated fighter had just swallowed several gallons of lake water.

Disbelievingly watching all this, Ron then saw the new fish-man had landed right in one of those drifting pools of pollution in the lake that was the result of illegal disposal of toxic sludge over the years. Completely coated with this foul stuff, the other water creature flailed around for a few seconds, until it suddenly sank below the surface.

Ron’s attention concerning this was promptly diverted when a clawed hand once more grabbed him by his throat. Effortlessly lifting his struggling captive with one arm, Gill smirked at his detested rival, and then hissed right into Ron’s paling face, “Okay, squeeb, where were--”

In a majestic dolphin leap, the other fish-man shot up from the lake surface next to the swimming platform, ascending twenty feet into the air, and then it plunged with unerring accuracy right onto Gill.

Ron was nearly knocked off the platform then by that totally unexpected event when Gill hastily let go of his prisoner and again became involved in a vicious fight. As for himself, the sidekick to a red-haired girl only kept from falling into the polluted water by dropping his entire body onto the surface of the platform and desperately holding onto the edge of this floating dock. Even during all this, Ron refused to look away from the battle going on next to him, and he was ultimately rewarded by seeing the other fish-man grab Gill by his throat with one clawed hand and with the other hand curled into a fist, deliver a colossal punch directly into the face, right between that jerk’s eyes. Instantly knocked unconscious, Gill limply collapsed onto the platform after being disdainfully let go by his victorious opponent.

Gazing in sheer awe at the out-cold body of Gill, Ron then slowly lifted his eyes to where the other fish-man was staring down at the boy. There seemed to be a look of actual puzzlement slowly growing in the bulbous eyes of that creature of the seas. A second later, Ron flinched in his lying position, as the fish-man suddenly grabbed his own scaled throat and started to shudder violently. The teenager’s apprehension only increased further at then witnessing how the fish-man himself clumsily collapsed onto the swimming platform’s planks, resting upon his back as his entire body began to convulse.

Any thoughts of getting away were immediately disregarded, as Ron gawked at seeing what happened next. Incredibly, the fish-man was beginning to transform, his body shifting and changing, with that person’s scales, fins, and other seagoing animal attributes starting to become absorbed into newly-appearing pink flesh. An astonished Ron was never sure afterwards how long it took, but eventually there was another genuine, one-hundred-percent human there. This was a dark-haired guy, that couldn’t have been more than a year or two older than Ron, and who was now looking at him right in the eye.

In a grating voice that suggested serious disuse, this complete stranger managed to stutter, “K-kid, you owe me one. Pay it off by keeping your mouth shut about this, and hide me from everybody. NO authorities, NO press, NOBODY!

“But I--” protested Ron, only to close his mouth when the stranger’s eyes rolled up and then he passed out. This guy then started to snore loudly, which at least reassured an increasingly-glum Ron that his new acquaintance hadn’t died on him. Not that the whole ludicrous situation in which Ron had just found himself in had particularly improved.

Cautiously getting to his feet on the swimming platform, Ron looked around the moonlit lake, and then he regarded the two insensible people lying at his feet. An instant later, the teenager hastily glanced away, only to irascibly mutter to himself, “Hey, buddy, I know how easy it is to lose your pants, but couldn’t you have at least kept your underwear on?”
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