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Wild Heat

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Summary: Willow casts a spell to remove an argument between Tara, Xander and herself, but uses the wrong spell and it has the most unlikely result and forever changes her relationship with both. (Ch1 & 2 altered, you might to want to read again)

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

(Sunnydale Church, one year later)

Xander stood nervously at the isle of the church with Oz standing as his best man. The musician had returned to Sunnydale a month after Willow had lost her magic. Xander had called him home to aid them with helping Willow recover. The red head had been having trouble letting go of what had been and he felt Oz would be able to help move her past it. It seemed to have worked and slowly the two of them had begun to reform the relationship they had once had.

"Take it easy Xander, relax," Oz whispered to him as he noted Xander fidget again. "I know Oz," Xander responded. "Man this is the hardest thing I have ever done," he added much to Oz's amusement.

The two of them had formed an even stronger friendship than the one they had in school, which had always been strained by his closeness with Willow and the fluke that had followed. Now there was no mistrust between them, glancing back down the aisle he noted Prue, Piper, Phoebe, Paige, Leo and Cole in the stands watching, with Wyatt held by Piper who seemed to be taking in his new surroundings with awe. Prue held Jennifer (Jenny) Joyce Harris, Xander still smiled as every time he laid eyes on his daughter and so did Tara. They had waited until she had been born before having their wedding, Prue had been made Jenny's Godmother as Tara and Prue had become fast friends over the next couple of months that followed there first meeting. Katy, Tara's Whitelighter, sat behind them with a wide smile, as she was about to witness her charge's wedding.

Not only during those times they needed help, but also the lessons Tara had been taking with the sisters had built their friendship. Prue's boyfriend Bill Weasley was the Godfather. They had met them during a rather intense battle with some rather evil magic users they called Death Eaters. Learning about a hidden magical world had been a rather fun experience. They learned about the war they had just fought and the rounding up of the last few evil followers of the Dark Dork Voldemort, the fact that the weight had lain on the shoulders of 17 year old Harry Potter had reminded them of the Slayers having the world on their shoulders. Harry was also here with his girlfriend Hermione Granger and the other Weasleys were behind them with their various girlfriends. Across from them were other people they had met in the last year, and friends from school like Anya, Cordelia, Faith, Angel wearing the Gem of Amara, Doyle, Wesley, Jonathan Levinson and Amy Madison who were just becoming a couple.

As everyone got ready for the big event four new people appeared at the back of the church in a flash of light, drawing everyone's attention. One was a young woman with curly black hair and eyes that seemed to switch color in a purple tutu and jacket which jumped up and down and clapped her hands in joy before giving everyone a wave much to their confusion. The Lady next to her was unlike anything they had seen before with long red hair, hazel eyes and wearing a long flowing dress. The woman next to her had darkish blond hair like Tara's, as well as her kind blue eyes and she wore a nice but simple white dress. It was the tall man behind them that drew Harry's and his friends' attention, for to them he looked like the unlamented ‘dead' Death Eater Severus Snape, except that this guy had wings.

"Holy Merlin, Snape's back," Ron shouted, trying to draw his wand only to be restrained by his girlfriend Pansy.

Metatron, for that was his name, glared at the red head for what he felt was a huge insult. How dare they accuse him of looking like a dumb idiot who followed an even more idiotic Dark Lord to his death? A thump in his ribs caused him to keep quiet. He turned his head to the tutu wearing deity who glared at him.

Harry moved forwards towards the man with Hermione close behind, he kept his hand on his wand inside his pocket just in case, this was some sort of last gasp trap by Voldemort.

"Snape?" he inquired after stopping in front of the group. "Is that you? What happened to your greasy hair?" he couldn't help to ask.

"Why you impudent child, do I look like an accused idiot to you?" Metatron inquired and began to pace up and down. "Doesn't the fact I have wings connected to my back mean anything to you?" he inquired with a raised eyebrow.

"Err," Harry responded before glancing back at Hermione and Ron who tried to do their best not to laugh. "Yeah actually you do look like Snape and for some insane reason you've stuck wings to your back," he added.

Metatron could only stare at the boy and his friends who broke into laughter and when he turned to look at God he found her laughing as well, the Goddess and Sarah Maclay were also smiling. Groaning at always having to deal with this kind of thing when he came to Earth, he wondered why he even bothered. "I am Le Metatron," he all but shouted, feeling like tearing his hair out.

"Who?" Hermione inquired, having never heard the name before.

"Never heard of him, I think Snape's gone bonkers," Ron suggested, going for the simplest answer causing Metatron to start banging his head against the wall.

"I told you before if it ain't in a Charlton Heston movie they just don't care to learn," he grumbled to God who just smirked at him and shook her head in amusement. "I am Le Metatron as in the Voice of God," he repeated himself.

Harry and the others including Xander and the rest of the wedding party just stared blankly back at him, this caused him even more aggravation and in this moment he knew how Rufus felt at being left out of the bible by the church. "I am the Voice of God. In any documented case where some yahoo says he has talked to God he was in fact talking to me," Metatron explained with as much patience as he had. "Or he was talking to himself," he added after a short pause.

"This is new," Oz said. "I wonder if Giles has heard of him," he added, glancing at Xander who shrugged. Leo shook his head amused at how Metatron was getting worked up due to Harry and his friends mistaking him for someone else. He could have spoken up, but he decided God was having fun at the Voice's expense and so kept quiet. Katy giggled at the spectacle, Metatron always ended up the butt of some kind of joke when he visited Earth. She only just stopped herself from laughing as she recalled what happened when he met Bethany Sloane, oh that really had been funny.

"Why would God need to talk through you?" Hermione inquired, as she calmed herself down. "I mean couldn't he just tell us himself?" she added to which most of the others nodded.

"First God is a she most of the time, so you better correct yourself and as to your other question. Human beings have neither the aural nor the psychological capacity to withstand the awesome power of God's true voice. Were you to hear it, you're mind would cave in and your heart would explode within your chest. We went through five Adams before we figured that out," he informed them and all he could see now were shocked or stunned looks.

"That explains a lot," Harry said. "Are you sure you're not related to Snape?" he asked. "It's just you have the same temperament as him as well as his looks," he pointed out.

Metatron glared at the teen and growled. "Wouldn't you be permanently pissed off if people did not bother to learn about you and kept thinking you were a moronic idiot who got himself killed by following a stupid Dark Lord who had daddy issues?" he stared at Harry who fidgeted a little before ducking behind Hermione. "Yeah I reckon I would be," he responded.

"Glad we got that cleared up," Metatron said before he was elbowed again by God who felt he was picking on Harry.

"Who is she and why does she keep hitting you?" Ron asked.

"Oh not worked it out yet, red?" Metatron inquired. "She's God," he stated with the first smile they had seen out of him.

This of course caused the priest to faint, as well as a few others, while the majority of the others stared in a stunned stupor at his response. Every eye was locked on the tutu wearing woman who smirked and curtsied, clearly she found this fun.

"I don't believe it," Hermione stuttered. "I think I'm cracking up," she added.

"I'm right there with you," Harry told her with a weak grin. "Er... no offence, but why are you here?" he inquired. "Good question, is there a problem?" Xander asked after shaking his head to clear his thoughts.

"Nope, God just loves weddings and tries to attend as many as she can," Metatron answered "And yours Alexander is even more special to her as it was her plan to put you and the lovely Miss Maclay together. She told the Goddess what to do and she did it," he explained.

Willow paled at this bit of information and knew without a doubt she was lucky she was still alive. She thanked her lucky stars and God for spearing her. She missed the look God sent her as she thought this and the gentle smile that passed over her face.

With a wave of her hand the priest instantly awoke and although he started to stutter, but a look from God got him to refocus on why he was there, another wave of her hand caused the music to change. Everyone moved back to their seats thinking this was one of the craziest weddings, yet the most special they had ever been too.

Xander quickly straightened up as the music changed to the wedding march and he forced himself to take a deep breath before glancing back. Seemly gliding up the isle towards him and dressed in a wonderful silk wedding dress was Tara. At her side acting as the bride's father was Giles who looked very proud, behind her was Dawn in the role of the maid of honor and Buffy and Willow were bridesmaids. The past year had been a long hard road for Willow, learning to deal with the loss of her powers and re-earning their trust and friendship had been difficult, but they had reached a place where things seemed to be stable between them all.

Tara paused as she saw who was at the back of the church and letting go of Giles she rushed to greet her mother, who pulled her into a powerful hug. Tara could hardly believe her mother was here in spirit. Glancing at who was with her she executed a short bow which gained a pleased smile from the Goddess and God herself. Metatron nodded his head in response pleased by her action of respect before she received a kiss on the forehead from her mother before she moved to rejoin Giles. Giles noted Tara looked even more radiant now, after a few whispered words she began to approach Xander once more.

Tara finally reached him and Giles handed him Tara's hand which he gladly accepted as the priest came towards them with a smile on his face. The music stopped as everyone stopped speaking. Willow watched from beside Buffy as the wedding began, she felt a small sadness at the sight of how happy Tara and Xander were, but knew in her heart this was for the best. She had Oz back in her life now and they were slowing becoming what they had once been, maybe their relationship would be even stronger than last time. According to Leo, she might be given her powers back in the next few months as her progress in learning control and responsibility had been going well. She would never misuse them again. What she had lost had frightened her deeply. She was just thankful she had not lost Tara and Xander as friends. Granted the trust and friendship was far different than it had been before her spell, but she guessed she should be thankful for small mercies. Pushing these thoughts from her mind she focused on what was happening.

"Dearly beloved we are here before the eyes of God to join in holy union Alexander Harris and Tara Maclay," the priest began. Both glanced back at God who smiled at them, she was very happy to witness this moment.

Xander zoned out as he locked eyes with Tara and for the next few minutes the two just stared at one another, a sharp hit to his side brought him back to see everyone laughing at them and the priest shaking his head in amusement. "Repeat after me," he said again.

Xander stated his wedding vows before accepting the ring from Oz and placing it on Tara's finger. She then recited her vows before placing a ring on Xander's finger. The priest then began a blessing before he smiled and said he could kiss the bride. He didn't need to be told twice and quickly kissed Tara as deeply as he could as the crowd cheered. At the back God jumped up and down in joy at witnessing the event, Metatron shook his head at her antics, while the Goddess just smiled gently before glancing to her side where the spirit of Sarah Maclay watched her daughter's wedding with great joy and happiness.

"I now pronounce you man and wife in the eyes of all before you and in the eyes of God, let no one come between you and may you stay faithful to one another," the priest finished as they kissed again before they turned and headed down the aisle.

God embraced Tara and Xander as soon as they reached her, a sense of peace and contentment fell over both of them afterwards. She then moved to where Prue stood before performing a small blessing on young Jennifer Harris. The baby girl was instantly quiet as she stared into the eyes of God who placed a hand on her forehead and smiled before moving back to her place next to Metatron. With a final wave at the people they all vanished in a flash of white light, nit before she left Sarah told Tara how proud she was of her.

As they exited the church they could hear the cheer that went up from the crowd, pausing before they got into the limo, Tara threw her bouquet over her shoulder where Hermione managed to catch it. Glancing at Harry she grinned at him, Harry smiled back and leaned over and kissed her not bothered in the least by the look in Hermione's eyes. Ron sniggered until Pansy elbowed him in the side and glared at him, sighing he took Pansy's hand in his and kissed it before he followed the others causing Pansy to smirk at his instant apology.


(Hotel Room)

Xander held Tara to him as they listened to the silence of the night completely content. They were now married and nothing would ever come between them again. The reception had been a real success, with much enjoyment been had by all. Prue and Bill were going to look after Jenny while they were on their honeymoon and they knew without doubt that their child would be cared for. Watching Oz give his speech had been a fun experience as he had teased them both with a few of their past exploits, then there was the drinking contest between Harry, Ron, Giles, Charlie, Leo and Cole which Giles had won in style. Hermione had not been amused to have Harry drunk as a skunk and hit him with a powerful hang over spell before laying into him and then dragging him onto the dance floor much to everyone's amusement.

Phoebe had done the same to Cole and Piper to Leo, all three men had repentant looks on their faces as they quickly worked to make their girlfriends and wife respectively happy again. Giles had smirked in triumph before having to run to the toilet to puke, Charlie had been scolded by his own girlfriend Tonks, but he had not been dragged to the dance floor as she was known to be very clumsy. Their first dance as man and wife had felt like a magical event and everyone and everything else had faded away as they moved to the music they had chosen together. An hour and a half later they had decided to call it a night and they had come here. He had picked her up and carried her over the threshold. They had showered and dressed for bed and tomorrow they would leave for their honeymoon at one of Harry's family vacation spots in Hawaii.

Tara decided it was time to start their wedding night properly and sat up and removed her night gown before she sat on Xander and began to trail kisses up his chest. She then captured his lips in a scorching kiss while she guided him into her entrance. She let out a groan as he slipped into her and then looked at him and smiled before she set a mild pace. Xander reached up and began to play with her nipples knowing this was going to be a long night, not that he minded. Capturing one of her nipples in his mouth he began to suckle and nip at it as he rolled them over and began to increase the pace as Tara locked her legs around his back loving the sensations rolling through her. Rolling again she ended up back on top as she leaned down and kissed him again as she felt his hands come around her backside and pull her closer, she let out another moan and continued to ride him as hard as she could. This continued for a while as they slowed down every so often to draw out their love making. Finally they couldn't hold back any more and Xander exploded inside her and she quickly followed him as her own climax happened. Collapsing on top on him she took a few deep breathes before she began to move again, kissing him deeply she had no intention of this been over just yet.



The Goddess stood next to God and Metatron and nodded her head, pleased to see that the dark future she had seen had indeed been averted. The friends Xander, Tara and their group had made in the Charmed Ones and Harry Potter and his friends had aided them in stopping the First Evil from rising before it had any chance on carrying out its evil plan. Willow was well on the way to mending her ways, having taken her lessons with the sisters seriously. This new alliance of their forces would give the world far more protection than it had before, and waiting in the wings to take on their roles were Wyatt, Jenny and the other future children who were yet to come.

God smiled seeing the balance become stronger and stronger. This was the best idea she'd had in a long time. Of course it always looked as if someone else had come up with the idea, but nothing happened in this universe without her say so. It was just the way it worked, the wedding had been fun to watch and it always filled her with joy to see two people in love become joined. She knew there would be more in the coming year, Harry and Hermione especially were reaching a point where she knew they would be married soon and she had caught the bouquet so it must have given her ideas. Those two had always been close and their relationship once it had begun during their trek to find the Dark Lord's Horcruxes had quickly progressed. Of course as she watched she recalled that none of this would be possible without the choice made by Tara and Xander, free will had proven once again to be the greatest gift she had given mankind. Some humans including their champions could not see the big picture, but Xander and Tara had and now thanks to their choice the future was a lot brighter than it had been.

The Metatron just watched his two companions just thankful that things on Earth seemed quiet for now. Oh he knew better than to think it would always be that way, but it was better than it had been. The Powers that Be and the Elders had messed up big time in the last couple of years and they had forced God to take action, which she had and he was sure the two groups were still rubbing their sore butts from the ass whipping the Archangels had given them at her command. He chuckled as he'd not had so much fun in a while, and it gave him great satisfaction in kicking the pompous idiots up the ass and making them realize their stupidity. The war would continue, but with their forces now allied, he was confident they could hold the line and at some distant time in the future actually win the war and bring a lasting peace to the Earth.

The End

The End

You have reached the end of "Wild Heat". This story is complete.

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