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Wild Heat

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Summary: Willow casts a spell to remove an argument between Tara, Xander and herself, but uses the wrong spell and it has the most unlikely result and forever changes her relationship with both. (Ch1 & 2 altered, you might to want to read again)

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RazialFR18311,94002314,04711 May 1124 May 11Yes

Chapter One - (V1.1 17.05.11)

Wild Heat

Author: Razial
Beta: Hawklan

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or any other characters from the show. I also don't own any of the connected media they belong to Joss Whedon and anyone else who owns the rights and I also don't own Charmed or any of the characters related to the show, they belong to Constance M. Burge and WB TV network and you may already guess it now, but I do not own Harry Potter or any of the other characters or other related media connected to it as well. They belong to J.K. Rowling and anyone else who owns the rights to it. I also do not own Dogma or the characters related to it, they belong to Kevin Smith and whoever else owns the rights. Damn I hate Disclaimers.

Paring: Xander/Tara

Rating: Adult

Notes: This is an AU season six fic, which ignores Buffy and Spike being a couple as well as Xander and Anya. In this she is slowly recovering from being brought back from what they discovered was not heaven, but another dimension. There is no trouble with the trio. Basically things are quite on the slaying front. However Willow is still abusing her magic and they are still at University, Joyce still died during the Glory fight and the Charmed ones only differ in the fact that Prue did not die, but they still found Paige and brought her into the family and Cole is not evil, everything else happened as in cannon.

Summary: Willow casts a spell to remove an argument between Tara, Xander and herself, but uses the wrong spell and it has the most unlikely result and forever changes her relationship with both.


(Willow and Tara's Dorm)

Willow muttered to herself and stalked up and down her dorm, still replaying the argument she'd had with Tara and Xander about what they saw as her abuse of her magic. She did not see what it was they were complaining about, she did not misuse magic at least not in her opinion. Buffy and Giles were close lipped on the matter and stayed away from the arguments. This didn't exactly help her case. Anya had gone on vacation and thus was not there to affect things which left Dawn, the younger Summer's sister, but she seemed afraid of her at times which she did not understand.

Her magic had helped them hold the line against multiple enemies over the years since she had first learned she could do magic, Angelus, the Mayor, Faith, Drusilla, Spike, Glory and her followers and a host of other nastiest, so why now was she being told to hold back and to be more careful how she used her powers? She shook her head and continued her pacing. There had to be a way to get them off her back, the argument had been bitter and left quite a bit of anger, annoyance and bitterness between all three parties and she did not want that. Tara was the woman she loved and Xander was like her brother, she did not want to be on the outs with either. Moving to her shelf of magic books she began to look through them for an answer, thankfully Tara was working at the Magic Box tonight with Xander as stand-ins until Anya returned and would not be back until late.

As she continued to go through one of the bigger books she finally came across a spell that would do what she wanted it do, it would remove the argument from both of their minds as if it had never happened and replace it with a memory of them having a pleasant day together. She ignored the spell on the page on the other end of the page, not realizing that as she moved some other books out of her way the page fell backwards onto its reverse so when she looked back she did not bother to recheck it.

As she looked at the things she needed for the spell she noted she had everything, but two items. Moving to Tara's side of the dorm she went through her supplies and found what she needed. She took a deep breath before she started to mix the ingredients, this needed total concentration. As the stirred the mix and began to cast the spell she felt a cold shiver run down her spine. The power needed for this spell was far more than she had expected. She ignored the rather obvious dangers of this spell as well as the fact she was basically mind raping Xander and Tara, this was in the interest of what was best for the group as a whole. At least that is how she saw it. Finally the spell reached its climax and exploded to search out the targets. Willow's eyes turned black for a few seconds as the darkness of the spell passed over her, her red hair also darkened, but both returned to normal as Buffy walked straight into the dorm without knocking.

Since Buffy had been returned from the dead she had been slowly recovering her wits and confidence, but it had been a hard road for the Slayer. She had come back with the idea she had been in heaven however her description had not meshed with their understanding of it. She had not seen anyone else including Joyce who had sadly passed away the year before during the Glory crisis. She had only seen a bright white light that had given her some measure of peace, but nothing else and thus they were sure she had been trapped in an alternate dimension which had been full of the white light she had seen. Buffy had slowly begun to see her friend's point of view and so let go of her idea of having been in heaven, still been killed a second time had a big effect on her. "Hey Willow, what are you doing?" Buffy inquired, as she noted the magical items displayed around her friend who had a dear in the headlights look in her eyes.


(Magic Box)

Tara watched as Xander locked the door to the shop as they prepared to sort through some of the new shipment that had arrived that morning. They knew it was highly unlikely anyone would come to the shop now that it was pitch black. They'd been covering for Anya for close to a week now and after a certain time they had learned no one bothered to visit after dark, so they had decided to take the time to sort the delivery out.

She moved from behind the counter to where the boxes were stacked and Xander quickly joined her and began to lift and move them into better positions for them to work with. Xander paused for a moment before was going to make them something to drink as it was pretty warm and by the time they were done he guessed they were going to be even hotter. Tara smiled at the gesture. However it quickly vanished as she caught site of a photo Giles kept on the wall showing the group together, it was taken last year before Glory came to town. Seeing how happy she and Willow were in the picture made her pause, things were slowly beginning to disintegrate between her and the red head.

It had begun just after the battle that finally destroyed Glory and saved Dawn, Willow began to misuse her magic. The power she had gathered to fight Glory had begun to mess with her girlfriend's mind. She wouldn't listen to her warnings, nor would she heed Xander's concern, especially once she proposed bringing Buffy back to life. They had both been hesitant to aide her and the only thing that had convinced them to do it was the idea of Buffy being trapped in a hell dimension. It was a possibility they couldn't dismiss due to the fact it was where Glory had wanted to go and where she had opened the portal to. Once she had succeeded in bringing Buffy back Willow's ego grew to such an extent that she started thinking she was the most powerful witch going around. A foolish notion, the most powerful witch alive was Prue Halliwell, the eldest sister of the Halliwell sisters, also known as the Charmed ones.

Every witch and warlock knew about the Charmed Ones. Their legend grew daily. Prue was the strongest and the most experienced. Then there was Piper, the second eldest and the one who seemed the wisest. Then there came Phoebe, the one most led by her emotions and heart. Finally there was their recently found half sister Paige. She was a combination of her sisters from what she had heard from friends who had encountered her. Tara hoped one day she would get to meet the Charmed Ones, it would be a great honor for her.

"It'll work out Tara," Xander's voice broke through her troubled thoughts. "Somehow we will make Willow see the truth," he told her. Tara glanced at him and saw he had noted her distracted gaze on the picture, looking a little closer she saw real concern behind his hazel eyes and smiled again as she accepted his words of comfort.

"I hope you are right Alex," Tara responded with a nod of her head. She was the only one he allowed to call him Alex. She knew he hated been called Alexander, but for some reason he did not mind her using the shortened version of it, she never wondered why as she got on very well with Xander.

"Have faith," he told her, placing his hand on her shoulder. "Every day I feel her slip further and further away from me. I see her change from the caring person I fell in love with," Tara admitted with a sigh, as she brought her own hand up to his and they ended up holding hands for comfort.

"I know, I feel it too, but I refuse to admit we are going to lose her," Xander assured her. "The day I turn my back on Willow, is the day I'm not me anymore. I also don't think she would ever hurt us," he added with what he hoped was his most confident look.

"I pray to the Goddess that you are correct," was all Tara could say as her fear continued to gnaw at her.

As they moved to continue their work they were surprised by the appearance of a sparkle of white light, the fact that it turned into a woman with dark hair and soulful eyes was at least to Tara no big surprise. Tara was the only one who recognised what had appeared before them. Xander moved to defend her, but Tara gently laid her hand on his and shook her head. “It is okay Alex, she is a whitelighter,” Tara told him. “They’re Guardian Angels for natural born witches,” she added.

“I am Katy, your whitelighter Tara,” the woman said. “I know we have not met before, but you’ve never really needed my direct help. You have never strayed from the path your mother started you on,” she explained. “The Goddess has been very pleased by your progress, sadly she does have a major problem right now,” she went on.

“Willow,” Xander guessed.

“I am afraid so. If things continue as they are she will be completely consumed by black magic and she could destroy the world. The Goddess can see ahead in time and she has foreseen this,” Katy told them.

“How can we stop it?” Tara inquired.

“There is only one way, if we stay on the current path you will be dead within the next seven months. This event will push her completely over the edge,” Katy said to Tara, who went white in the face. “The path the Goddess believes will stop this has to be by your own choice. It will require Willow being taught a very hard lesson,” she explained. “At this moment in time Willow is casting a spell to remove the argument from your minds and replace it with a more pleasant memory. This is basically mind rape,” she stated.

“Oh god,” Xander said, wincing in pain from the mere thought of Willow doing something like this. Tara just leaned against him in shock.

“The Goddess intends to change it to another spell, it will change everything between the three of you,” Katy said.

“How?” Tara managed to ask.

“It will make the two of you fall in love completely. Your reality will be changed to the point where in your minds you will have been in love for quite a while,” Katy answered. “The lust part of the spell will help you conceive a child, a powerful child. She will have an important destiny to fulfil next to Wyatt Halliwell and others,” she went on. “Together they will alter the dark future the Goddess and the creator have seen down the line. There is already love in both of your hearts for each other, but it is hidden by your perceptions and past history and so the spell will just bring it out completely,” Katy went on. “The loss of you and the binding of her powers, which will certainly come should shake Willow from the dark path she is on. It should also help you avoid your death, but as I said it has to be your choice,” she finished.

Xander and Tara collapsed into chairs at the table and took everything the whitelighter had told them in. It was a very unpleasant thing to think about. Xander glanced at Tara who quickly returned it, neither looked away, as they looked the other over.

“Are you sure this is the only way?” Xander asked.

“I am afraid so, I know what has been said is disturbing for both of you, but time is of the essence here,” Katy responded with an understanding look.

“I will do it, if the daughter I could have with Alexander is so important to the fight and the future of all then I can not say no,” Tara finally spoke. “I do not wish to die, and if this saves Willow from black magic I’m willing to do this,” she stated.

“So am I. I wish it wasn’t necessary to happen this way, but it is,” Xander added a few seconds later.

Katy smiled and nodded “The spell will hit as soon as I leave. Know this both of you. This is a great sacrifice you make, but you will gain so much more from it. The Creator and the Goddess do not ask you to make useless sacrifices without there being a powerful reason,” she told them. “You may have saved not only your own group, but the world in time,” she stated before she vanished.

Before either of them could say or do anything else the magic from Willow's spell hit them full force, as both of them had been distracted and not expecting such an attack the spell worked on them instantly. Their eyes glowed with a bright green light for a few seconds before it faded. They locked their eyes and a minute later ended up in a heated kiss.


(Willow and Tara's Dorm)

Willow eyed Buffy warily as the Slayer paced up and down just as she had a few minutes before, this was not good. She had been forced to admit what she had been doing and Buffy was not amused or understanding of why her friend would do this. As Buffy began to turn to begin what she was sure was an angry rant, Willow's eyes strayed to the spell she had been casting and it was only then she noted she had used the wrong spell. In shock she leaned forward and looked at the page intently. Her eyes grew wide in horror as she realized what she had inadvertently done.

This stopped Buffy from starting her rant, she eyed the now pale red head in front of her and began to worry that something had gone wrong. She wished Giles was here, but he was safely at home probably asleep or reading a good book.

"Willow, what is it?" she asked, as she knelt next to her friend getting more and more worried by the look in the red head's eyes.

"Oh my god Buffy, I used the wrong spell," Willow babbled in response finally. "Somehow, when I was distracted moving my other books, the page must have fallen backwards and I used the wrong spell on them," she explained.

"And you didn't bother to recheck to ensure you had the right one?" Buffy groaned, amazed at her friend's stupidity in this matter.

"I never had to before," Willow mumbled, feeling her pride take a beating at this realization. "What kind of spell did you cast?" Buffy finally asked dreading the answer.

Willow read the spell from top to bottom and her paleness seemed to increase, turning her almost bone white as the full implications of the spell hit her. ‘What have I done?' she asked herself, before locking her eyes on Buffy before she answered. "It was a combo spell, lust and love," she told her.

Buffy's eyes widened in a combination of horror and surprise as she tried to block out what Xander and Tara could end up doing, especially if they were together right now.

"We have to find them and stop them from doing anything," Buffy shouted as she spun and headed for the door, only to bounce of an invisible shield that came out of nowhere. "What the hell?" Buffy hissed as she glanced at Willow who had meekly followed her.

"I didn't do it," Willow assured her with wide eyes, before she felt a wave of magic pass by her that felt like a cold breeze and she realized she was in trouble. "I'm been punished for my pride and arrogance. The Goddess has raised the shield to keep us here until the spell has run its course," she explained as she came to understand who must have done it.

"Oh crap," Buffy responded, banging her fist against the shield before backing away and collapsing into a nearby chair. "You've fucked up this time Willow," she stated as the red head collapsed onto her bed and curled up into a ball and let out a whimper before she started crying.



The Goddess watched with anger and no amount of satisfaction as the red headed witch known as Willow Rosenberg began to realize and understand that she had to be more careful with magic. This was not something she did without thinking out all possible outcomes. This was the best way to get through to her without real violence breaking out in the group she was a part of. It would also allow her to grant one of her children's fondest wishes. Sarah Maclay's greatest hope was for her daughter to find love and happiness and to start a family based on those emotions. Something she had failed to find before her death at her husband's hands. Her daughter's relationship with Rosenberg was doomed to fail.

At least both had agreed to her plan, both Tara and Alexander saw the need for this to happen, they saw the bigger picture. Tara was one of her greatest followers and this was the best reward she could give her. Saving her life and giving her a family of her own, and it was also a reward for Alexander for all his hard work in keeping his group together and the world spinning. His efforts had not been ignored by the Creator.

The action she took now would ensure Tara lived beyond the dark future she saw with her far sight. Alexander Harris would be a better partner for Tara than Willow could ever be. One who would never leave her once his heart was given to her, which thanks to the spell Willow had cast, had done it. It would be a painful lesson for Willow, but a necessary one. Hopefully it would be the only one she would have to teach her. If not, another would be given to her, in fact maybe that on top of this one would be an even better idea. She turned and summoned Leo Wyatt, the white lighter of the Charmed Ones and husband to Piper Halliwell. She gave him his orders and what exactly to tell the sisters, he seemed to understand why she was doing this.

"Will this be a permanent binding my lady?" Leo inquired. He did not like having to bind the powers of witches, especially those who had been helping them keep back the dark, only to slowly fall into that same darkness.

"No Leo, it will not," the Goddess responded. "Rosenberg must learn control and more importantly she must learn that there is a limit to what she can do with her power," she explained. "Losing her girlfriend to her best friend and their trust for a time will hopefully wake her up to what she has become, but I fear that will only last a short time and so a partial binding which is to last a year or two on top of this loss will make the lesson stick," she continued.

"I understand my lady," Leo said, as he understood what the Goddess intended and that the binding would be lifted if the red head Witch could change. "I will tell the sisters exactly what you have told me and tomorrow we will come to the Hellmouth and bind her powers," he told her before he executed a slow bow before he vanished in a halo of lights.

The Goddess watched Leo leave with a smile, knowing he did not like having to do this just as she did not like it, but he understood why it had to be like this. That is why Leo was such a good white lighter and why he had been assigned to the Charmed Ones, he knew that sometimes a hard lesson had to be taught. The Charmed Ones themselves had forced her to teach her a lesson when they had been flung forward in time, to see how their lack of control and pride had led to Phoebe been sentenced to death and started a new set of witch hunts. It had the desired effect and now she hoped this lesson would be taken to heart as well, turning back she continued to watch events unfold.


(Magic Box)

Tara let out a moan of pleasure as she felt her back hit the wall as her hands were pushed above her head by Xander. He ravished her mouth before he dropped one of his hands and began to play with her blouse covered breasts making her moan even more. Neither of them could think about how this was wrong, that what they were doing was not normal for them. Their minds were clouded with love and lust for each other, they were consumed with it.

Finally he let go of her arms and she brought them around his neck, as he began to work his way down her neck, his fingers nimbly worked the buttons of her blouse open, allowing him closer access to her breasts, which were covered by a simple white bra. She moved her own hands to his t-shirt and began to pull it over his head. He obediently raised his hands and allowed her to remove it. A smirk graced both their faces before they began to kiss each other again. Xander slipped her blouse off, letting it pool at her feet. Tara spun them around so he was against the wall before she dropped to her knees and began to work loose his belt, once that was loose she went to work on his button and zip of his jeans and then pushed them down his legs. Xander could only watch as she did the same thing with his boxers, he worked one hand into her hair and just held on as she looked at his penis before taking it into her mouth. The fact that Tara had never done this before escaped her grasp. She was so blinded by the spell that it never came to the fore of her mind.

Xander moaned as she sucked him hard and almost deep throated him once or twice, this was to him the most sensual bout of love making he had ever engaged in. Not even Faith seemed to match the passion Tara was showing, he to could not recall that he and Tara were not in a relationship and that they should not do this. Running his hand through her hair he jerked a little as he felt her teeth almost nip him, glancing down he noted the wild eyed look she sent him before she continued her work. The peace increased as she placed one of her hands on him and began to jerk him off as well as suck him, this went on for a while as Tara kept stopping so she did not push him over the edge, but finally the urge got too great and this time she did not stop and seconds later Xander exploded in her mouth. She gulped down as much of his cum as she could before she pulled away and let the rest fall on the floor, standing up she made sure he saw her swallow the last of his cum in her mouth.

Xander found this to be one of the biggest turn on's ever. No one he had sex with had ever done something like that. Even Cordy had spat out the cum when she had given him a blow job once. Faith had refused to do that kind of thing and he had never got that far with Willow during the fluke with her. During his road trip he'd had a few flings, but again none of the girls had done that kind of thing. His eyes darkened with even more lust as he watched Tara back away and slowly unhook her bra and drop it to the floor, giving him a close up view of her wonderful full breasts. He could hardly tear his eyes away from the sight as she played with her own nipples for a few seconds. She then unzipped her dress and let it slide down her legs onto the floor before stepping over it. This left her in just her white panties. Before she could remove them Xander quickly moved forward and pulled them down for her. Now both naked they moved towards the counter. Xander helped her jump up onto it before he joined her.

Kissing deeply for a few minutes before Tara reached down and took a hold of his penis and guided it to her entrance, pausing Xander stared deeply into her eyes as she nodded at him and he pushed forward into her. Tara let out a deep throaty moan as he entered her, this was the first time she'd had this kind of sex, but in her spell addled mind it did not occur to her. Her hymen had thankfully been broken during her school days and so she did not feel the pain of it been broken. Xander gave her a few moments to get used to him being inside her before he began a slow steady pace. He also turned them over so she was on top. This gave him a great view of her breasts bouncing up and down as they went. He leaned up and captured one of her nipples in his mouth and began to nibble, nick and suck it, making Tara moan more and more. He moved on to the other nipple and did the same to that one, Tara brought her hands around his head and held him to her bosom. The pace increased as they lost themselves in the sensations they were feeling, sweat began to drip down their bodies as they continued. Both let out a cry of pleasure as the sensations increased before they kissed again. A while later they cried out as they reached their climaxes. Xander had tried to pull out, but Tara had not allowed him too, this was part of the Goddess's plan as she worked her magic to ensure Tara ended up pregnant.



The love created by the spell became real as they collapsed on the counter and feel into a deep sleep. Making love real was easy for a Goddess. The idea that you cannot make love real by magic was true, but her powers were far more than magic. She was far more powerful than beings like the elders, the powers that be or even the darker beings of the underworld. She was one of the elder Gods and Goddess, her powers were limitless. Tara would awake tomorrow in love with Xander and he with her and she would also be pregnant with his child. A very special child, which just like Dawn Summers and Wyatt Halliwell would have a very specific purpose in the war as it continued.

Leaning back the Goddess put a protective shield around the Magic Box so that the two would be safe during the night. Tomorrow their new lives would begin and Willow would begin to understand what her pride and her arrogance had cost her.
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