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Plaid and Paisley Continuum

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Summary: Eddies in the fabric of space-time mean that effect may in fact precede cause. Unconnected crossover drabbles in the greater Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Universe. Open to all.

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Reincarnation is a bitch

Notes: Today is 10 years since the death of Douglas Adams. I originally intended this only to be a drabble but 100 words simply wasn't enough. So it's a drabble times two (i.e. 200 words). This is in Adams' memory and is open to all who wish to post. A few ground rules though:

1. To keep it interesting and challenging, 500 words maximum.
2. The chapters do not necessarily have to be connected in any way.
3. Crossovers preferred since that is what this site is all about. (They don't have to be only between H2G2 and Buffy, but that's the category I've marked it as for the moment. Multiple Cross is a possibility if things go that way.)

Or you can forget adding a chapter here and decide to make your own fully-fledged story (immensely preferred, there simply aren't enough 'feature length' crossovers with this series).

Info: Forum Post

Disclaimer: Nothing Hitchhikers nor Buffy belongs to me. I am only passing through the territory of others.

     George didn’t know what he was doing. One moment, he was perfectly happy to stalk two very drunk and attractive students when suddenly, he encountered the near uncontrollable urge to turn his attention to a man just walking out of a chemist’s shop.

     With it being night and few streetlamps working, the man passed too close to an alley entrance and tripped over trash that had spilled onto the pavement. As he was untangling his shopping from a broken broom, George leapt, shouting, “Dent, you bastard!”

     The man spun around, wide-eyed, unintentionally bringing the broken broom handle into George’s path. George stopped in shock. He glanced from the broom handle in his heart to the horror-stricken face of his... archnemesis. That’s right. He remembered it all now.

     “You’ve zarking killed me. Again.” With that, the vampire once known as George — but in actuality the oft reincarnated Agrajag — burst into dust.

     Arthur Dent dropped the broken broomstick, glanced up at the sky and said, “Why me?”

     Across the street, the two ‘drunk’ college students stared at the scene. Molly the vampire slayer turned to Eliza, the similarly titled, and asked, “Think Buffy will believe us?”
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