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Summary: Buffy woke up pregnant.

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Jack O'NeillLotusjaFR132331,690911164,87811 May 117 Nov 14Yes

Chapter Two


2-The Surrogate.                                                             



“Have you been eating too much pumpkin pie?” Xander said thirty minutes later to Buffy. He was in sociology class when he received a frantic and somewhat hysterical call from Willow about Buffy. When he saw Willow sitting calmly beside Buffy on the sofa drinking a cup of tea, he frowned. He lowered his weapon of choice, a baseball bat, putting it neatly by the front door.


“Hey,” he had said softly, looking around him swiftly, trying to discern the threat.


“Willow!” Giles shouted, puffing as he rushed through the open door. “What this about Buffy and a baby?” he said with bewildered wail.


With a glaze look on her face, Willow had gestured to Buffy’s stomach, where their eyes had rest, and continued to rest when Xander had asked. “Have you been eating too much pumpkin pie?”


“Ahhh,” Buffy said, her face glazed with shock.


“That,” he said pointing to her stomach.


She blinked and focused her eyes on her protruding stomach.


“Bu-Buffy,” Giles said blinking owlishly behind his wire-rimmed glasses. “We saw you yesterday, you didn’t have that,” he said with a gestured towards her belly.


Everyone turned to stare, and the baby knowing that they were talking about him, decided in that moment to move.


“Whoa!” Buffy gasped, clutching her hands to her rounded belly in shock. “He moved!” she said in surprise. “He moved,” she said this time in wonder. She gazed down at her stomach and a sweet smile seemed to settle on her face as the baby continued his acrobatic inside her stomach. She didn’t know why or how she was pregnant, but she was.


Giles, Willow and Xander give each other a look of uneasy puzzlement.


“What are you going to do?” Willow asked pointedly. She was thinking that she needed to leave Sunnydale. Others place was not this weird surely?


“Is it a demon?” Xander wondered aloud with a frown.


“We haven’t found that out yet,” Giles admonished with his own frown fixed firmly on his face.


Each of them began talking over each other, and Buffy ignored them, rubbing her stomach and for the first time since she awoke, felt peace. As if the movement of the baby had brought that magic connection. She’s going to have a baby, she thought with an inner smile. She’s going to be someone mother. She has a purpose now, she thought. Since Joyce’s death, she felt displaced.


As a Slayer, she never thought she would live long enough to be a mother. But when she had picture herself, if she had picture herself. She always thought of herself being married first. That was when she used to dream of the white picket fence. But that had change when Angel had left, and others had left. If she couldn’t have that dream, at least she could have this one.


“We need to go the hospital,” said Willow, trying to be sensible.


“No,” Giles said shaking his head. “We don’t know what we are dealing with. It-it could be some sort of an entity or a demon.”


Blinking in surprise, Buffy had tune in just to hear that last comment. “No it’s not,” she said firmly.


“What?” said Giles askance, looking at the young woman in surprise.


“This is my baby!” she snapped. “It’s not a demon or something,” she seethed.


“But Buffy,” said Giles, two deep lines of worry appearing between his eyes.


“No buts,” she said her voice tight. “This is my baby and I’m keeping it,” she said wobbling out the room.


Giles shook his head sadly. “She is not thinking straight,” he muttered.


“But what if she’s right?” said Willow worrying her lips between her teeth.


“Are you crazy?” said Xander sharply. “That’s Satan’s baby,” he said, giving Willow a look of pity.


“Hush!” said Willow frantically, looking around to see if Buffy was nearby. “Not so loud.”


Sighing with exasperation, Giles said, “Willow, You can’t believe that baby is human. Even I had my doubts. We are living on the Hellmouth where things always happen. Someone cannot go to their bed one day and awoke the next pregnant.”


Buffy stood frozen in the hallway, her eyes closed. She felt as if the bottom had dropped out of her. She hadn’t meant to eavesdropped, but she had turned back towards the living-room thinking that she was harsh with them. But they didn’t understand. Can’t they see that the baby is a gift? She cradled her stomach protectively and whispered loving to it. “No one’s going to hurt you.” She knew that they hadn’t come out and says what they wanted to be done, and she’s not willing to stay around and let them make decision that will affect her life.


As Buffy stood in the hallway, listening to Giles, Willow and Xander decide what to do with her child; she felt a mother’s instinct to protect her child. Hesitating briefly, she wheeled around and took the stairs quickly as she could. In her bedroom, she drew a black duffle bag from under the bed, opened several drawers and started stuffing things quickly and haphazard into the bag all the while looking at the closed bedroom door apprehensively. If she knows Willow, and she does know her, she only has a few minutes before she decided to check upon her. She made a point to grab a few weapons including her favorite, Mr. Pointy and pushed them into the bag.


When it was full, she walked over the window, opened it, and dropped the bag a few feet down. She peered down, biting her lips as she took note of how high it appeared, especially since she become pregnant. Before, she could take a big leap, and most she could get was a sprain ankle or a broken foot. Now she was carry precious cargo. The tree near the window seemed far away. As the Slayer, it was an easy jump, but as pregnant Slayer, it would be a little bit harder. She took one look at the close door and the open window. She had two choices, the window or the door. Freedom or prison, she thought with a snort. There was no option at all. She chose the window. She climbed tentative out onto the windowsill balancing her now awkward body; taking a deep breath then jump, grunting when her hands slipped. She tightens her grip using her foot to swing upward to grasp the tree trunk with her knees. After taking another deep breath, she shimmy down the rough bark, her tight t-shirt riding up over her belly.


She didn’t have any maternity wear, so she had to make do with what she had. If she knew that she was going to wake up pregnant, she thought wryly as she tugged the shirt down. She would have bought bigger things. Instead, what she stuck in her bag was actually some of her mother stuff.


Joyce Summers had died six months ago in a car accident. A guy barely out of his teens was drunk and he sideswiped the car Joyce was in. The car had flipped several times to land on it’s side, killing not only Joyce and her passenger, but himself too. After much debate after the funeral, Giles and Willow had moved into the Summer’s house not only to help share expenses, but basically to keep Buffy sane. She had fallen apart, almost cationic. Only for the love of her friends had drawn her back from the brink. She understands what they are trying to do, but she doesn’t think she could forgive them if they do anything to harm her baby, She thought as she jog lightly down the street.


After knowing each other since high school, Willow, Giles and Xander tend to think they own her. As if, she couldn’t make any decision on her own. Even simple things like what food she should eat. She was getting tired of it. But Xander wasn’t as bad because he lived in a couple’s dormitory on the Sunnydale College campus with his girlfriend Anya, although he had might as well live at the house because he was there as often. He had met Anya during their first year of college, where he’s studying electronic engineering. Anya a former vengeance demon had lost her powers. She had felt what Buffy was feeling. Adrift. After being an immortal creature for centuries, now to sudden find one-self into a mortal shell of a teenager. It must have been hard. How does one cope? They don’t.


When Joyce had died, Buffy had felt as if her world had died with her. She had lost focus. A purpose. That was one of the reasons, both Giles and Willow had moved in. they had make sure, she was eating, sleeping and most of all slaying. It was bad enough that Buffy had the world on her tiny shoulders, but she was also carrying emotional baggage. Under normal circumstances, an average person couldn’t deal, but still Buffy was only human.


Willow figured she would give Buffy ten minutes to calm down. Then they can sit down discuss peacefully what needed to be done. As Willow walked up the stairs, she frowned. She hoped Buffy wasn’t still angry. An angry Slayer is not a nice one. But a hormonal one, she shuddered. Could be worse, much worse. She took a deep breath, and turned the doorknob. “Listen…”  What she saw made her heart stop for a second. Buffy’s room was in disarray, she stumble across the threshold and down the steps yelling for both men. “Xander! Giles!” she screamed. “Buffy’s gone!”



A/N: I stated at the beginning, this story was unbeta. I know there are lot of grammatical errors, but my decision to post it as is had depend on several issues. 1. Because I had receive several inquiries regarding this story. And 2. The Surrogate is another version of Second Chance. Same story, but different POV.
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