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Summary: Buffy woke up pregnant.

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Jack O'NeillLotusjaFR132331,690911164,86011 May 117 Nov 14Yes

Chapter One

This story was written prior to Second Chance.  Halfway through this story I believe it wasn’t quite working for me, so I had stop and rewritten it and re-named it Second Chance. Because of recent interest in this story I decided to post as is. Meaning this story is un-beta.  Have fun reading, and please review.



Title: The Surrogate.

Author: Lotusja

Genre:  Crossover/AU

Fandoms: BTVS/Stargate SG-1

Spoilers: Take place sometime after Season 5 of Buffy & Season 6 of Stargate.

Pairings: Buffy Summers-Jack O’Neill

Ratings: PG-13

Feedback: Yes Please.

Disclaimer: All characters from BTVS belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy productions and the world of Stargate SG-1 and its characters are the property of Stargate (II) Productions, Showtime/Viacom, MGM/UA, Double Secret productions, and Gekko Productions. This fiction is purely for the entertainment of the writer and the readers, not for commercial benefit. 

Distribution:  Please ask and it will be given unto you.

Summary: Buffy woke up pregnant.

Authors Note. : One day I was randomly checking fan-fiction when one word leapt out at me. Surrogate. And with that my imagination went wild. So I asked myself what if. What if Buffy was a baby surrogate for someone and she doesn’t know how she gotten pregnant. I felt that there were many possibilities out there and it would make a great story if someone chose to do it. So here is the challenge that I had to answer myself.


Challenge: The Surrogate.

Have Buffy Summers awoke one morning pregnant and have her having no idea who the father is.

-Story must take place after Season Four of Buffy.
-Have one the Scooby mention that the baby might be a demon.
-Your decision on how she got pregnant. (e.g. Magical means, science, or the old fashion way.)
-Have whoever the father is surprise at being a DAD!
-Chose the fan-verse. But I would love to see an Anita Blake, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Sg-1, Merry Gentry, and Firefly.
-Have Buffy and father of baby being attracted to each other.



The Surrogate.




Buffy Summers jerked up from a fitful sleep with a gasp. She bewilderedly looked around, her eyes making out a familiar room---her bedroom. Her heart was beating a mile a minute as she shakily wiped sweat-drenched hair from her face. She laid back on the bed willing her heart to slow to it’s normal beat.


She took a deep breath, then blew out a breath nosily through her nose. It’s a dream, she thought in relief.  As the Slayer, she was used to dreams of a prophetic nature, but this didn’t feel like one.


She shook her head, trying not to think about the dream she had, but it kept playing on her mind like a kaleidoscope.  She was in a cemetery fighting vampires. It seemed like she always in a cemetery, she mused deprecatingly. But this was different. Everything seemed real. But it can’t be real…right?


Buffy frowned wondering why she was doing in bed especially since, she didn’t remember going to bed the night before. The last thing she had remembered was she had just entered Leyland Cemetery when a bright light seemed to come out of nowhere. Instinctually she had shaded her eyes but the light seemed to grew brighter and brighter. It was so bright that things that live in shadows scurried quickly away like rats on a sinking ship. Because of the blinding light, she had felt disorientated and helpless, then what happened after that, Buffy didn’t know.  She must have fainted, she thought with a grimace. She felt embarrassed even thinking about it. She wondered if she should tell Giles. That’s was something he would want to know, as a Watcher.


She sighed as she thought about her relationship with the Watcher. The last couple of months, some thing had change, not only between them, but within the Scoobies as well.


Buffy frown deepen, as her mind replayed the dream. She had come to, but not in the cemetery but she found herself she was in a sterile looking white room and to her embarrassed horror, she was naked, strapped to a bed that looked like it belonged in a gynecologist office.


She sensed that she wasn’t quite alone. Turning her head slowly, Buffy peered through half-lidded eyes. What she saw was out of nightmare. It was a creature with big head, black eyes, narrowed mouth, thin arms, legs, and a small concave belly; she thought that it wouldn’t be out of place in a souvenir store in New Mexico.


It floated towards her, and Buffy tried to free herself, but she couldn’t move; she have never felt so helpless.


Buffy tried to scrabble backwards. “Who are you?” she demanded her mouth dry, and a wave a terror swept over her. Buffy was breathless with fear.


She screamed, as the creature stretch out a hand towards her “Who are you,” she screamed as he continued to advance towards her. “Let me go,” she cried, moaning helplessly. Buffy never thought she’d be in a situation like that; she was ‘The Slayer’.  A creature of legend. Boogeyman to creatures such as this, and she was scared!


Fragment of the dream flickered into her mind as she remembered hearing screaming and not knowing where it came from as the creature continued to move towards her.  Then as it touched her, there was a horrible twisting pain in her stomach, then she realize that she was the one screaming. Her heart started to pounding, beating a stacco of fear as the creature moved it’s clammy hand across her face. The creature mouth never moves, but Buffy could have swear, she could hear it repeating the phrase ‘you are the one’ over and over again.  Suddenlypain tore through Buffy body, white-hot, that she was bowed in half, losing consciousness again.


“It was a dream,” Buffy muttered. She thought saying it aloud would willed it true, but she have a heavy feeling that it wasn’t a dream.  I’m safe, she thought. I’m safe, running a shaky hand through her hair. But no matter how much she says those words, she cannot quite shake the feeling that this was the beginning of momentous event. 


Buffy swung her feet off the bed and staggered towards the bathroom. She rubbed her face with shaking hands, breathing deeply. She lurched towards the sink, turned on a facet and splashed water onto her face. Her eyes were red and she blinked, moving closer to the mirror. For the first time in memory, a dream had upsets her. It was so vivid almost real, so real that it was imprinted on her brain. She had to tell Giles. She wondered what he would make of it. It didn’t make any sense to her, but he was the Watcher. It was his job to make sense of her dreams.


Not only the dream was a weird one but could also feel a headache coming on. She opened the medicine cabinet and took down a headache pill where she fumbled to open the childproof cap.


She swore, as the bottle dropped onto the floor spilling it’s content. It was not her lucky day, she moaned. She reached to pick it, but her equilibrium seemed to be off. What’s going on? she wondered as she steadies herself on the bathroom sink and look down. She blinked.


Buffy shuffled awkwardly towards the small mirror positioned over the sink but it was too small. She needed a larger mirror. Don’t panic, she recited to herself as she rushed towards the bedroom. It was dark in the bathroom. You are not seeing what you are seeing. And you are not touching what you are touching, she thought as panic whimpers flew out her mouth, her hand touching at a hard stomach.


She stepped slowly towards a full-length mirror and closed her eyes, blinking incredulously. She looked down. “Oh my God!” Buffy gasped as she came face to face with a living nightmare. She turned side to side stumbling into a dresser in shock. Her face ashen, she stared flabbergasted at what her image was showing her. Her eyes glazed over and she fell backwards unto the ground in a dead faint.



It was 12 o’clock in the afternoon, and Willow was getting concern. She hadn’t heard Buffy came in the night before, after her patrol. When she had checked at eight o’clock that morning, Buffy wasn’t in her bed, which was unusual. The Slayer tends not to worry anyone if she could help it. Maybe something had happened to cause Buffy to be late, she thought with a frown. But she didn’t want to panic Giles as yet. She will give Buffy a few minutes more before she headed on up the stairs.  Sometimes Buffy patrol throughout the wee hours of the night and forget the time especially when she was in a Slayer mode.


She glances at her watch. This is it, she thought.  She can’t wait any longer. She took a deep breath and marched up the stairs. She felt as if she had been worrying a lot about Buffy lately especially since a drunk driver killed Joyce six months ago. How weird was that. After living on the Hellmouth, you tend to forget ordinary things like car accidents do happen to mere mortals, instead of weird ones like impaling oneself on barbeque forks.


Lately she felt that Buffy had a death wish since Joyce passing. It was subtle, but even Giles seemed to notice. And last night was the first time since the accident Buffy had patrolled alone. 


Maybe it was too soon, she thought as she paused at Buffy’s bedroom door. She bit her lip in indecision. Maybe she should leave her alone, she thought her green eyes darken with emotion. She took a deep breath and knocked rapidly at the door. “Buffy?” she call. “Are you up?” Hearing not a sound, she opened the door and peered cautiously around it. “Buffy?” she said. Buffy!” she yelled as she saw the other girl lying unconscious on the floor. “What happen?” she demand as she rushed to the still figure.


Buffy moaned.


“Where does it hurt?” Willow demanded, running her hand briskly over Buffy’s inert body. Feeling her hand touching something unusual, she glanced down. She jumped to her feet in surprise and a scream echoed from her throat.

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