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Can't Trust Vampires Remix

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Xander's Twilight". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: What would have happened if James lived and decided to stick around after the Cullens left. What would Xander do? SLASH! Alternate ending!

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Twilight > Xander - CenteredSioFR1826,4923206,29611 May 1124 Dec 11No

Part One to Three

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Twilight. I make no money off the use of these characters and situations, so please don’t sue me.
Author: Sio
Summary: What if James stuck around when the Cullens left? What would Xander do? Warnings: Slash
Rating: FR 15 possible Fr21 overall.
A/N: Alrighty then, this story goes AU of ‘Can’t trust Vampire’ at part 2, so you can skip to part 2 if you like!. Enjoy!

Part One

Bella woke up on her eighteenth birthday and was instantly on an age kick. Xander sighed she was so consumed with wanting to live forever with Edward that she was missing out on living in the now, enjoying her youth. She practically flinched when Xander had wished her a happy birthday. Xander kept quiet about it, he’d talk to her about it when she wasn’t wound so tightly.

The ride to school was quite. Once they pulled up Xander jumped out of the trucks cabin and away from Bella’s overly oppressive attitude. He loved his cousin but she was completely obsessed, this couldn’t be healthy.

Bella got out and was talking to her friends when Edward pulled up. Xander had been leaning against the truck a couple of feet away as he knew that his presence would upset Bella’s human friends; he was a dangerous criminal after all. Xander rolled his eyes at Bella’s ‘my aging not something to celebrate’ comment when Edward wished her a happy birthday. Didn’t she know that coming on to strong and dropping unsubtle hints was a complete turn off for a guy? They had a mini-make out session anyway.

“Come on guys get a room!” grumbled Xander his arms crossed. Edward pulled away from Bella, for an instant Xander thought it had been his comment, but then Xander noticed a fairly older looking Jacob. ‘Whoa!’ thought Xander. ‘Someone’s been eating their Wheaties!’

Jacob gave Bella her birthday present. Xander could see Edward grind his teeth in jealousy it was actually pretty amusing to watch. Xander tried to hold in a snicker. He decided to head into the high school, he doubted that Jake even remembered him.


Xander grinned at Alice giving her a kiss, which made several heads turn in the corridor, Several more heads turned when Jasper bestowed his own kiss onto Xander’s lips. Fortunately nothing was made of this event as even the jocks in the school were afraid of Xander. Something about Xander putting the last person to call him a ‘fag’ in traction for 6 months…Xander may or may not have started that rumor himself…not that anyone could prove it.

“So we all set for Bella’s birthday bash bonanza?” asked Xander with a grin, he was glad to see smiles grace both vampires faces.

“Yup!” Alice said bubbling with excitement almost bouncing in place.

“Your gonna have to steam roll her into it, she’s soooo not happy with being another year older.” Xander stated.

“Don’t worry we’ve got it covered” said Jasper as he tugged a strand of Xander’s hair. “By the way when’s your birthday?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know.”

“We”ll get it out of you eventual.” Exclaimed Alice.


The party was in full swing. Xander had let Alice dress him up for the occasion, after all your favorite cousin was only 18 once, unless of course she had her way, then she would be eighteen for eternity. Jasper seemed to be sticking close to him. Xander couldn’t help but wonder why, he was human after all so he must be setting off the vampires hunger. But Jasper actually seemed to tense when Xander moved away. Weird.

The Presents were being handed out and Bella looked to be becoming even more uncomfortable with all the gifts she was getting. Alice tried to distract Bella from her uneasiness by taking her and Edward’s picture, Xander noticed that she had snuck a picture of him and Jasper, when the vampire in question had been leaning into Xander’s personal space to whisper something teasing about Xander‘s turn at a birthday party. Xander had grinned at Jasper and pushed him away, heading over to Bella to give her his own gift, a warding plate and some herbs. Hey, Xander liked to give practical gifts, protection from unwanted vampire visitors was a very practical gift.

It was all going very great until Bella got a paper cut on her finger. Jasper freaked out, he moved almost to fast for human eyes to track. Edward knocked Bella back smashing her into the wall and into a glass ornament as the other Cullen’s tried their best to contain Jasper and his blood lust. Xander watched the events unfold with large eyes, he unconsciously moved in front of Bella, who was still sprawled on the floor bleeding more as she had hit a glass side take in her decent. He didn’t realize that the speed at which he moved was only slightly slower than that of a vampire, as the hyena had given him a boost to protect his pack. Jasper was subdued in large part thanks to Alice.

Carlisle moved to Bella’s side and was surprised to find an overly sharp blade pressed against the skin on his neck. He looked up at Xander to find the teens eye glowing a solid green, before the glow stuttered out turning back to brown.

Xander blushed drawing the knife away from Carlisle’s throat. “Sorry, instinct” Xander explained. Carlisle spared a moment to be sad that a young man like Xander needed such an instinct before he ordered his family out of the house and took the two mortals to his office.


Xander sat in a chair in the office while Bella was patched up. Again Bella was focusing on being turned or at least the reasons for them not to turn her. Xander wanted to cry. Xander took a moment to wonder why he wasn’t obsessing over the exact same thing, then he suddenly realized that since the night he’d had to stake his own brother, he was going to die young, growing old wasn’t an issue for Xander. He knew that as soon as he graduated he would he’d go back to the hell mouth to fight the good fight. He’d die before he had time to age, he’d probably be dead before reaching Giles’ age. So he was going to make as many happy memories of his two vampires as he possibly could. The flame of his life might be burning fast, but he was as sure as hell going to make sure that it burned bright. Xander never entertained the thought that the two vampires might want him around forever.


The ride home had been a tense affair as Bella and Edward had words about her becoming a vampire. Before the truck had even stopped moving Xander had jumped out leaving the two in privacy Xander did not want to intrude.


The next day the Cullen hadn’t been at school which had worried both Bella and Xander. It was after school while Xander was taking a walk that Jasper found him.


“Xander” Jasper looked at Xander his eyes sorrowful. Then launched into what could only have been the beginning for a scripted speech. “As long as you are around me as a human you are not safe, and I can not bare to damn you as a vampire.”

“Jasper” Xander interrupted as he cupped the pale mans cheek with his hand. “I’ve lived on the mouth of hell, been possessed by a demonic animal spirit for a week and during that time tried to rape a friend. I’ve sent a soul to hell through deceit. In my mind these are very much damnable offenses. I‘m the monster Jasper, not you, never you.” Xander would see the pain those amber eyes at the statements he had made. Xander sighed. “I’ve never been to fond of vampires till I met your family, but the idea no longer repulses me. I understand that you don‘t want to and wont change me. I‘ll still take my chances to be close to you and Alice for as long as I can, for as long as you want me.”

“I- Xander I came here to tell you that we leaving, my family and I are leaving.” Jasper tried not to wince at the emotions of pain that were rolling of the mortal teen.

“Is Bella going with you?” asked Xander trying to keep his from cracking in misery.


“ I see.” His shoulder slumped. Had Bella been going with them then there would have been a chance that Xander might see them again. If Xander had of been anyone else he probably would have fought with Jasper to get him and Alice to stay but his parents had done a fine job of crippling him emotionally and making him doubt his own worth.

“We wont be coming back Xander, you won’t see us again.”

Xander nodded, turning to leave, their was only one thing left to say. “Give my love to Alice and the rest of your family.” With that said Xander started to trudge away, there was no point in prolonging the inevitable.

“Xander!” called Jasper. Xander turned his head for one last look over his shoulder; and Jasper was treated to the image of one lone tear sliding down the teens face. Xander didn’t stop or turn around he just kept walking as if his life depended on it.

Part Two

It was late when he got back to the swan residence. There were a lot of people gathered around the front of the house.

“Xander! Thank God your home. Is Bella with you? Have you seen her?” Asked Charlie relieved that at least Xander was back but discouraged to see that Bella wasn’t with the over protective teen. Charlie called into his walkie-talkie that the search for Xander could be called off but that Bella still needed to be found.

“What can I do to help?” asked Xander, when a rustle from the trees caused Xander to orientate toward the sound. “Bella!” Xander ran to the noise, a half naked man carried Bella out of the forest. Xander relieved him of his burden not sparing him a second glass as Charlie thanked the man who’s name appeared to be Sam. At that very moment Xander was filled with such rage at Edward that he could have tares the vampire limb from limb with his bare hands. He didn’t realized that his eyes had flashed green luckily he’d been looking down at Bella and no one had noticed.


The days and weeks that followed were hard. Bella withdrew from the world, and Xander frantically tried to keep his head above the sea of loneliness and misery that had already consumed Bella, by running. He ran for miles, picked a direction and just kept going until his through up and then he continued on some more, until his body was above the physical and mental pain. Xander also started to use the knowledge that was floating around his head from the soldier incident. He’d started to do the combat drills in the back yard for extra exercises.

When he got home Charlie cast worried looks in his direction as Xander had lost weight at least 20 pounds. Charlie was happy to see that his eating habits hadn’t changed for the worse unlike Bella who barely ate anything. It wasn’t until Charlie gave Bella an ultimatum that she started trying to live again.

The animal attacks had been happening much more frequently since the Cullens had left. That led Xander to believe that James was still around so he’d asked Bella if the Cullens had killed James; but Bella had shaken her head ‘no’.

“He seemed to want to toy with me.” Bella replied “He threw me around and broke my leg, but he didn’t kill me.”

Xander felt a shiver go through his body there was no reason that he could fathom for James not to kill Bella. Unless it somehow furthered the pleasure of the hunt.

“James left before Edward even got there, it was like he just wanted to prove that he could kill me if he wanted to.” Bella continued with a perplexed look on her face. Xander dropped the subject not wanting to cause Bella any alarm.

If Xander didn’t miss his guess, James would be back now that the Cullens had gone and left them undefended. It would be to much for James to resist. How could the Cullens think that they would be safe without them when they’d left a dangerous predator alive; a predator that had a hankering for Bella’s blood and if Xander wasn’t mistaken his body.

Thanks to his somewhat stunted emotional development Xander quickly passed being sad about the Cullens leaving and drove right into ‘Angeryland’. Someone and Xander was sure he knew who had started leaving presents for him, the only problem was that they were from the bodies of dead people. Xander knew that if he got caught with these things he wouldn’t be able to talk his way out of trouble, alternately and equally disheartening if he threw the out the ‘love tokens’ he’d have one enraged vampire to deal with. The latest gift was a wicked looking hunting knife . Xander sighed shoving the latest gift in with the rest of the tokens. Luckily for Xander, he’d found a loose floorboard that he could pry up and hide things under. He’d even rearranged the room so that his bed covered it. It was there that all the items safely resided.

Xander had started to take walks in secluded area’s at night trying to entice the vampire out. He knew that James was obsessed with him and had started to stalk him. They were in the ‘romance’ stage of stalking as strange as that was to say. If James didn’t feel that Xander was appreciating his gifts and attentions as well as he should be then James would go to the destructive stage of stalking. He would probably kill Bella and Charlie as punishment before killing Xander.

This was something that Xander couldn’t allow, but he knew that even with the upgrades from the hyena, he was still no match for James. Therefore his only recourse was to encourage James for the sake of his family. If Xander was lucky he would be able to direct James away from Forks even if it meant that Xander had to go with him.


Seeing flashes of red hair from the corner of his eye was starting to become a regular occurrence for Xander. If Vicki wanted to kill him for taking James from her then she could go right ahead, until then Xander was ignoring her, as that was sure to drive her nuts.


Xander wasn’t the least bit surprised to find James in his room when he got home from school. Xander was more that thankful that Bella had gone out to the Res to hang out with Jacob, and that Charlie was still at work. James was sprawled out on Xander’s bed. Xander saw him but he didn’t pause or hesitate entering the room.

“Hello” James all but purred.

“Uh hi” Replied Xander, he’d hoped against all hope that James was just looking for a hunting partner, but the throaty hello seemed to blow those hopes out of the water.

“Where are the presents I left you?” Asked James curious rather than angry.

“I hid them under the floor boards so Charlie wouldn’t ask any questions that I couldn’t answer.” Replied Xander as he dropped his backpack by his closet door.

James smiled pleased that Xander was hoarding them from sight of those that wouldn’t be able to understand there significance.

“So” Xander began. “you didn’t kill Bella?”

“No, her life is a gift to you.” replied James as he tugged on a loose thread from Xander’s comforter. James looked relaxed; almost human, but Xander wasn’t fooled. He knew James could go from relaxed to feeding frenzy in a split second.

“Thank you.” said Xander sincerity clear in his voice.

“Your welcome” James patted the bed beside him the order clear in his blood red eyes. Xander approached and flopped down beside the vampire with a sigh. He closed his eyes and forced himself to sit still., keeping his heartbeat as slow as possible. The bed shifted slightly and Xander felt eyes on him. Sure enough when he looked James was propped up on his elbow, studying the mortal teen.

Xander looked right back, his gaze however flicked over James’ face and body not lingering long on any particular part, but not avoiding any either. Xander knew this was a dangerous dance. In this situation James was the alpha, he didn’t want to challenge him, but Xander also didn’t want to appear too submissive. Finally Xander met James’ gaze head on and held it for a long moment. Before James could growl in disapproval Xander dropped his gaze to his hands in his lap. Xander wasn’t surprised and so he didn’t struggle when James pulled him against his body and into a prone position.

James hand slid down from Xander shoulder to lay on his stomach. Xander lay quietly exposing his throat and stomach to the large and more dangerous predator. In his head the hyena growled about being abandoned by mates and a new worthy challenger to the claim. Xander quieted the hyena as the hand on his stomach began to stroke him through the clothe of his shirt.

A rumbling purr emerged from James’ throat, Xander felt his body start to relax naturally, it was actually very pleasant, color him surprised. Xander felt his eyelids begin to close as he began to dose off. He shifted into a more comfortable position; he yawned, his head resting on James shoulder.


Upon waking Xander found himself completely entangled with a cool body. Sometime during his nap Xander had become a snuggle monster. He had an arm and a leg thrown over James waist and legs respectively. James’ purr was still going strong, when Xander decided that his continued pretense of sleeping wasn’t going to fool James. With a stretch Xander announced he was awake, several cracking pops sounded as he repositioned the bones in his back.

Still feeling unexplainable relaxed Xander was content to stay were he was, or at least until he heard the front door open and Charlie’s voice call out that he was home. ‘Oh crap’

Xander tried to sit up, but an iron arm attached around his waist wouldn’t let him. He looked up into the pale face beside him, red eyes seemed to laugh at him, as James’ mouth curled into an amused smirk.

“Let me up please” Xander commanded.



“If I let you up I’ll have nothing to occupy myself with and I might start feeling hungry.” James warmed, his smile revealing his fangs. Xander shivered as he pictured Charlie’s dead body.

“Just don’t hurt them.” said Xander as he relaxed back against James, he was happy to feel the steel arm relax it’s grip.

“Give me something better to do.” Suggested James.

Xander didn’t need a map, he knew what James wanted. So he leaned up and in, letting his lips brush the cold ones his companion. Suddenly and with a growl sounding in his ears Xander found himself under the blonde vampire. Kisses and nips were raining down on Xander’s lips, jaw and neck. His stomach tensed as cold hands stokes the skin, causing the shirt to ride up, giving James better access. Needless to say that Xander was otherwise engaged when a knock came to his bedroom door.

“Xander? Are you alright?” Charlie asked, he’d been calling up the stairs for the last five minutes to see if Xander wanted to go out to dinner. He’d started to get worried so he journeyed up the stairs to check on his nephew. From behind Xander’s door he heard and urgent moan, thinking Xander was in trouble he through upon the door. What he saw he certainly wasn’t expecting. Xander was wriggling under a larger blonde teen whose hand was disappearing into his nephew’s pants.

“Xander! What the hell?” asked Charlie his voice booming through the room.

“Charlie?” squeaked Xander his whole face flushing red as he brought his hands to the other teens chest and pushed. Their was obvious reluctance but the blonde moved away. Charlie found himself being glared at by red eyes, even though his logical mind knew that the red had to come from contact lenses or some genetic mutation he couldn’t help the shiver of dread that went through his spine as his instincts told him to run far and fast.

“Xander, care to explain?”

“Uhhhh...” Xander looked between Charlie and James so fast that he should have gotten whiplash. He wasn’t sure exactly what to say. ‘Hey Charlie, meet my stalker Vampire’ didn’t have that great of a ring to it.

“Hello, Chief Swan.” James Said as he stood up from the bed. Xander froze, sure that their was going to be blood decorating his walls. “I apologize for our first meeting to be like this, I got a little carried away.” James looked down as if he was feeling embarrassed or bashful. “I’m Xander’s boyfriend; James.”

Charlie’s turned his attention to Xander who was still on the bed, now looking rather pale. “Is this true Xander?” His nephew turned terrified eyes on him as he nodded, the poor boy was probably scared that Charlie would react badly to his homosexuality. Charlie wondered if this wasn’t part of the reason that his sister had sent Xander to him.

“Well it’s nice to meet you James. I’m just going to go down stairs. Xander you and I are going to have a talk later.” Charlie turned and went down stairs. He needed some beer.

Xander stared wide eyed at his retreating uncle. James sat down behind him rubbing his shoulders, to try and bring Xander out of his catatonic state. James couldn’t help but chuckle, which turned into a full laugh when Xander elbowed him in the stomach telling him that it wasn’t funny.

“How am I going to explain this to Charlie?” Xander asked the air, he didn’t really expect James to reply.

“Simple, tell him that I’m your boyfriend.” James’ arms came around Xander pulling the teen against his chest and into his lap. Xander sighed, he didn’t see away out, God he missed Jasper and Alice, at this very moment it was as if he had been stabbed in the heart. Tears welled in Xander’s eyes but he refused to let them fall. James could smell the tears in his mates eyes.

Xander feared for an instant that James would become furious with him, but the vampire seemly shushed him, rocking him back and forth.

“I know you’ve been hurt Xander, and while I desire you I do not expect you to do the same, yet.” The words made Xander relax, angry with himself he used his hand to wipe his tears.

“Thank you James.”

“I promise you Xander that I’ll do my best to pretend to be a harmless human around your family if you let me court you.” James used his hand to wrap around the back of Xander’s neck bringing their foreheads together. James breathed his mate’s scent in through his noise, he was glad to find that Xander’s scent had calmed somewhat, losing the sourness that it had carried before.

“There better be no hanky-panky going on up there!” Charlie called from the bottom of the steps breaking the tension between James and Xander. Xander found himself laughing helplessly. He pulled away from James and stood, or rather James let him move away. Taking James’ hand he tugged.

“Come on, if I have to talk to my uncle about this, your going to be there with me to feel all the awkwardness.”

“Xander, I’m a vampire, I don’t feel awkward.”

“Pretend” Xander deadpanned with a smile. James’ flashed him an amused smirk, letting himself be pulled down the stairs.


Xander suppressed a growl as James kissed him in front of Charlie and made his excuse to leave. James eyes twinkled with wicked glee as he left the house smiling as Xander gave him an unpleasant look. He’d have to make it up to his human later.

Poor Xander was left standing in front of his uncle who also found the situation incredibly amusing.

“So....” Began Xander.

“Hmmm?” Charlie prompted.

“Are you..uh...okay with the guy and guy thing? Cause I don’t think James is going anywhere.”

Charlie raised an eyebrow. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Some people just aren’t”

“Like your parents?” asked Charlie concern feeling his voice, his sister always had been homophobic. Xander nodded. “Is that why they sent you to Forks?”

Replying with a shrug Xander looked at his feet. Which was misconstrued by Charlie as shame, when it was really Xander feeling guilty for misleading his uncle by omission. Xander was startled to find himself being hugged to within an inch of his life by his uncle.

“Ah heck Xander, I don’t care about that, I just want you happy and healthy regardless of who you find attractive” Said Charlie was he pulled out of the hug. Xander gave him a shaky smile trying to convey his gratitude and the fact that he really really didn’t want to talk about this subject anymore.

“Does that boy James treat you right?”

“Better than right.” answered Xander, because by all rights vampires usually treated humans as snacks.

“That’s all I need to hear. Of course you know there will be no, uh you know, under my roof. “

“Okay.” Xander fought the blush that was creeping up his neck, he hoped this conversation would be over soon.

“You know about safe sex right?”

The blush won, as Xander nodded his head yes vigorously.

“Good, let’s never have this conversation again.”

Xander continued to nodded. “I’m gonna go now....bye.” Xander beat a hasty exit from the house. He found James standing at the tree line not bothering to stifle his laughter.

“Yes ha ha very funny, thanks for that.” grumbled Xander, wishing that he could punch the vampire without hurting his own hand.

“At least you Uncle took it well.” James replied once he got his laughter under control.
A thought popped into Xander’s head and he couldn’t help but asking. “Do vampires Hiccup?” James tilted his head unsure where this line of questioning had come from.

“No, why?”

“Oh nothing, just laughing that hard can cause hiccuping and I was just curious. It’s not as if the cures for hiccups would work, right? I mean good luck sneaking up on a vampire to scare them, and holding your breath wouldn’t help since you don’t need to breath, and drinking water? Can you even drink water, I mean you drink blood so your stomach has to work on some level, so water? Maybe, but then would you need to pee? Can vampire’s go to the bathroom I’ve always wonders. What? Why are you looking at me that way?” Asked Xander.

“Did you always talk so much without breath?”

“No, only when I’m nervous or mortified. Or I suppose right after being mortified, which was all thanks to you by the way.” said Xander pointing his finger at the vampire. “Your so lucky that he didn’t give me the sex talk” groused Xander.

Grinning James garbed Xander’s hand and pulled the teen back into his embrace. Xander went willingly, he was wondering how he was going to bring up James’ human diet. He new that the vampire wouldn’t give up human blood, but maybe Xander could get him to hunt the ‘bad guys’. And what was he going to do about Bella, she knew what kind of vampire James was. What about the Jacob and the other werewolves?

A/N: Unbeta’d please point out my mistakes!

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