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Am I Buffy? Or Dawn...

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Summary: Xander and Dawn get sucked through a Rift following a Dragon on Halloween.

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Am I Buffy? or Dawn...

Disclaimer: I do not claim to own any of this. Buffy and the gang belongs to Joss Whedon and RIFTS belongs to Palladium.

*Telepathic communication.*

Am I Buffy?

Liberty, Maryland.
May's Village.
102 Post Apocalyptic.

Please Review.
I need to know if you guys want me to keep going with this fic or not?

Xander groaned. Psychic senses were going off the scale. He detected multiple supernatural entities, but that was to be expected. They were after all attacking a Federation of Magic controlled village. He adjusted the zoom on his HUD with a mental flick and the auto focus put the Cyborg Trenton in the center of his display.

The Cyborg was staying out of sight as he tracked the escaping demon. The signal from the radio transmitter planted by Lt. Merrick was working perfectly. Behind he left the rest of his squad mates. Ahead of them were gathering rank after rank of skeletal warriors and behind them were the rows of zombies and other demons waiting to be unleashed by a pair of apprentice wizards. He wasn't too worried about those two. Any Coalition grunt worth his salt knew that you took out the magic users first. The only concern he had was about the numbers. With enough forces they could truly test his units mettle. And boy there sure were an awful lot of undead hidden, just waiting to be unleashed. He gave his warning and hopped the guys would take it seriously. Otherwise he would make sure Cowboy and Bill were gonna get an earful.

Trenton kept to the shadows and Xander followed his example. He kept an eye on both the cyborg and the retreating Brodkil demon. 'I think I'll tag along with Trenton.' Xander knew from Mike's memories that the Cyborg he was tracking was Sgt. Trenton. They slowly bypassed the main force about to counter-attack the village and went after the Lord's compound.

'This is so damn cool. Mike's memories might let me know how to do this and I remember what he felt like the first time he was in a power armor, but daaamnnnn. This feels reaaal goood! Maybe it's the armor, but this feels more like a full virtual reality computer game than real life. It's a lot better than the mech-warrior game me and Jesse played that time we went to Las Vegas with the folks, on their annual drinking and gambling binge. Gotta thank Van for adding the invisibility spell tot he armor. Too bad those Brodkil can see through it. Gotta make like a ninja and fade away.'

He wasn't too worried about the friends he was leaving behind. His new friends and Greg's troops knew their business, and they were dug in to boot.

Xander's danger sense warned him in time to pull the naruni invisibility poncho on top of his armor and get behind some cover. 'quick as can be, no one can see me. He he he. I gotta start takin' this seriously, before I blow this op.' he managed to control the silent giggling, but it took some effort to do so.

He extended his senses to their maximum and boosted his suit's detection suite with his Telemechanics as far as it can go. He managed to double the suit's best factory ratings. He saw the running demon stop before a cloaked Elf.

'The Federation Lord himself. Just like May's memories projected.' Xander noticed quick movement just to the left of the Federation Lord's right. 'It's one of those tiny insect demons. That's the familiar May warned us about, the one that tried to rip out her face.' he saw it jump to the the Elf's shoulder.

Xander concentrated his powers, and turned up the gain on the suit's external-directional-microphone and targeted the Elf. He head him say, "Speak slower, Trix, you stutter when you get excited."

The small demon slowed down at it's master's bid.

"A third exoskeleton and four troops lay in ambush you say?"

The tiny demon's head bobbed up and down furiously.

Lord Credo looked up at the half dozen mecha's distinctive outlines. He could see them against the squalid village skyline. No question of the Coalition's trespass on his domain.

"My opponent has spread his forces too thin, and is not prepared to deal with me. It would have been nice to have had time for better plans, but fortunately the battle can be fought here and not closer to home. One by one these intruders will fall, too weak apart and too late to stand united."

'Sweet! I didn't think I'd get to see a main villain, character monologue this soon. That was pure gold. So glad this baby recorded everything. Ooh... He's not finished...' Xander put more power into the armor to capture every word.

At first all he got was a small increase for all the extra energy he was putting out, but something else started to go on in the background. His connection to the Coalition battle-net was becoming clearer as more input from other sources started to flood his senses.

'...'Hell's going on? Where's all this crap coming from?' he wondered. He put even more oomph into his connection with the suit and suddenly like a burst damn he broke through a barrier of some sort. 'This, this looks like some kind of Cyber-Netscape, but it's connected by all the different battle-armors and mecha comm-gear. Hey! That's Brian in Skull 41 and Corrinne in Enforcer 790.' Xander mentally activated a screen in front of Brian. 'Hey man, join me? Link-up. Lisa can handle the rest.' he typed in front of the newly promoted officer.

Brian sent Lisa a copy of Xander's message and told her to mind the store. He slipped into the new battle-net easily. It was just like before, *Whoa! Man how did you do this? This is like a 'Grade AAA' connection. The best Chi-town has to offer.* he asked in wonder.

*'Dunno man. It, it like just happened. I was amping my suit's sensor suite and somehow I managed to, to like connect the dots. Bam! It's like the Matrix. Now I'm getting signals from every single suit or comm-suite that's operating on this frequency. Hey I wonder if I can add the other frequencies and make join this network? OOH Lordy! Will you look at that. They're blending in on the same frequency.* he whooped.

*Is that the Federation Lord? Man just how close are you?* but instead of waiting for Xander to answer, the appropriate information jumped in front of Brian as soon as he made the request. *Baby, baby. This shit is freaking awesome. 'Ya gotta teach me how to do this.* Brian begged.

*'Kay, but I need to figure out how I did it in the first place. Listen, Bri. Can you... like take it over for a few, This guy is still mono-logging and you never know what kind of info you can pick that will save your ass in the future.* Xander handed the battle-net to Brian and went back to keep an eye on Lord Credo.

*Hey!* yelled Brian, but Xander had already diverted the majority of his attention back to the villain at hand. He kept just enough mental energy to make certain that the new battle-net was stable enough for Brian to keep it going on his own. He directed walked him through the connection and told him to try and duplicate on his end of the network. That way if his connection went down the network would keep going from the new anchor.

Xander saw that the Elf was done with his monologue. He saw, and heard him give orders to his minions.

"Bashir, you will proceed to the southern entrance, and Waylay any Coalition forces there. Kill them quickly. Credo instructed a large, black demon who looked all back with a large mocking grin. Specific instructions were laid out to the Jinn demon. From Credo's experience the powerful demons had a way of twisting their mortal masters' words into something unintended. Bashir left in an apparent pleasant mood, the orders of his master not too far from his own personal desires.

Yazell, move carefully to the south of the village. Wait until Bashir has the Coalition forces occupied, then make your advance quickly into the village itself.

"Yes, my Lord." The Demon Locust growled spitefully, humming its wings in disrespect. Such disgrace for a greater demon was unbearable, but Credo's magic held it to unwilling servitude.

Credo then rode his horse to his base as fast as the horse could carry him.

Trenton waited until the field was clear and followed. The FOM Lord was going to lead him straight back to his base. How cool was that?

Xander waited until the Cyborg disappeared over the small hill, and he in turn gave chase. *Brian. I'm going to cover Trenton's back. Let him know I so don't need to get shot by his plasma rifle.*

*Alright, but don't you dare drop your anchor just yet. I can't keep this battle-net going on my own... If you do... I'm gonna let Trenton roast your ass instead.* Brian threatened half-jokingly.

*Jeez Bri... Why so cranky? It's just a simple battle-net... What could go...* before Xander could complete the friendly teasing.

Brian yelled at him, *Don't you dare finish that sentence. Knowing you... That's like, like just askin' for it dude. You... you chaos magnet...*

Xander's laughter cut him off, *'Kay man chill. You've more than made your point.*

Brian let it go. He could feel the stress from the battle-net lessen as Xander began to shoulder the burden as he requested. He in turn sent Trenton a warning to expect back-up from the the wise-guy in the Terrain Hopper armor.

Liberty, Maryland.
May's Village.
102 Post Apocalyptic.

"Fuck Me! Will you look at all the undead..." Cordelia exclaimed in surprise as the Zombie horde poured into the village.

"Cordelia! Language!" chastised Joyce, looking in Dawn's direction.

"Sorry Mrs. S. but even you gotta admit... That's a heck of a lotta of undead. Sorry Dawn." Cordelia apologized to the strong willed woman and she added the younger Summers as an after thought.

"Eh. Heard worse. Buffy had one heck of a potty mouth on her let me tell you." Dawn replied getting in another dig against her absent, big sister. Even if she had most of her sister's memories. Her inner Dawn was making a come-back under her mother's influence. That and the kick-ass sword she was carrying were helping her take her mind and soul back.

"Dawn Marie. That's enough. I don't want to hear you bad mouth your sister. Especially when she's not here to defend herself. Is that clear young lady?"

"Yes mommy." Dawn stretched the mommy part in an effort to make her mother let the Buffy dig go away. Her mother's new body sure packed a lot of power. Even with her new and improved super constitution, a Joyce spanking now was something she didn't need. Not if she was to have any chance of getting Xander to take her seriously as his new girlfriend. After all she was almost a woman now. If Joyce spanked her in front of Xander like she threatened the last time, she could say good-bye to being Mrs. Xander Harris any time soon.

"Here they come girls. You know what to do." Cordelia shouted. A plasma layer covered her sword and she got ready to receive the undead horde properly.

"We're right with you dear." replied Joyce. The heavenly sword hummed it's agreement as it got ready to send these abominations against HIS will back to where they came from.

The rest of the Cordettes-possessed girls agreed with their leader, and ignited their own swords as well.

"Dawn! Don't you dare young lady! You'll stay in the line with the rest of us. If you jump in like the rank amateur you obviously are you'll get surrounded and chopped into tiny little pieces. Until you get some common sense you will stick by me like glue. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mother!" Dawn pouted putting a little extra rrrs to sow a little tiny bit of rebellion, not too much, but just enough.

Soon enough the undead reached the line and the dug in Coalition troopers let loose a a barrage of plasma fire to decimate the front lines. What got through was met by Sir Renfield and his companions and the Alterran girls.

The plasma swords drew bright circles in the night and every time they did so headless zombie fell at the defenders feet. The fire burned the undead and a wall of burning undead flesh begun to form.

Dawn swung with all her might as she cleaved left and right. The splatters of blood and brain matter covered her pink power armor. She grimaced, "Ewwww. Gross.", but she kept on swinging her borrowed sword at her mother' side.

"Less talk...More swinging!" grunted Cordelia.

"Hey! Who died and made you the Boss of me?" asked the belligerent teen.

"GIRLS! That's enough! If you can't play nice with the undead... you can both sit this one out." Joyce let out an exasperated breath, and took her frustration out on the unfortunate zombie in front of her. She made sure that the splatter of blood and brain matter covered both girls to make sure her point was made.

"Ewww!!!" Cordelia and Dawn complained in sync. The took out their displeasure on the handy targets in front of them. Much safer that way.

While Sgt. Major Jerry Winters and his merry band of ruffians were busy supporting the irregular forces led by Cordelia Chase and Sir Renfield, others were having a harder time of it else where.

To be continued.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Am I Buffy? Or Dawn..." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 3 Dec 11.

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