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Am I Buffy? Or Dawn...

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Summary: Xander and Dawn get sucked through a Rift following a Dragon on Halloween.

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Am I Buffy?

Disclaimer: I do not claim to own any of this. Buffy and the gang belongs to Joss Whedon and RIFTS belongs to Palladium.

Am I Buffy?

Liberty, Maryland.
102 Post Apocalyptic.

Xander looked at Dawn and sighed, again. "Your name is Dawn." he said tiredly.

"Buffy." Dawn chirped as she sipped her soda.

Lt. Mike Sorenson smiled as he watched the two Sunnydale natives argue. They've been like this for about an hour now; since the Halloween spell was broken. Somehow these two were sucked through a Rift while chasing a green horned dragon by the name of Kro-Mar. Mike had heard of the dragon from Darren.

Mike knew now, that the dragon was one Warren Meers, who dressed up as the dragon hatch-ling. Xander had dressed up as him, but with a twist.

"Not that I mind, but why did you have to ret-con me and the Guys. Darren and Greg don't have my... your... our memories. Devon and Oz were gang-pressed by Cordelia and the girls because of the bet she lost; I on the other hand know due to the mind transfer between the two of us when you two popped-out of the Rift over Liberty Maryland chasing that damned hatch-ling. What you and I now have inside our heads have marked us for the rest of our now abnormally long lives. And I so am not talking about that primal seed that you shared. Thanks for 'that Gift', by the way. Why couldn't you guys leave well enough alone? Why did you have to turn me, Darren and Greg into Sea Titans, and make us brothers as well? You and I are the only ones that even know the truth. Thanks to the stupid ret-con, they really are my half brothers, and yours too, I guess." Mike sighed in exasperation as he drank from his glass.

"Aw come on Mike. Who knew this would happen?" he asked as he once again shook off the twelve year old Dawn, who was hanging of his back. Sure her body had grown-up a few years to catch up with her sister Buffy, but she was still a twelve year old girl that he baby sat occasionally. Right? "Dawnie, please..."

"Buffy." Dawn replied with a giggle.

Xander gave her the evil eye.

She giggled and went back to her soda. She took a long sip. "This isn't so bad. What's it called again?" she asked Mike.

"Lazlo pop." Mike finished his own drink and waved to the barman to refresh his drink.

"I like it. Xander... Can I have another one please?" she asked.

Xander nodded his head in confirmation.

Dawn clapped her hands in glee.

The front door of the Liberty Restaurant opened, and walked in an unusual assortment of individuals. The first one through the door was Delwin Moon Beam, followed by both Sinclair Van De Graf and Anja who was hanging from his right elbow. Sir David Renfield and Cyndiara were next with Targo the armor-plated Gigante bringing up the rear.

"Xander! Dawn! What are you too doing here?" asked a stunned Cyndiara.

"I would like to know that as well?" asked Van as his hand went up to his brow to remove the glasses that would normally be there, if he was still Rupert Giles. When his hands didn't find the glasses that he never needed before, the True Atlantean Techno-Wizard slowly lowered his hand with a sigh. 'Damn. Giles left a lot more of himself behind than just his frightening knowledge of demons and truly frightening magical rituals.'

Xander noticed the familiar gesture and smiled. "Sorry about that V-man."

"Who's he?" asked Dawn the new Rifts Earth Vampire Slayer.

"That would be Sinclair Van De Graf, and a bit of Giles left over if I'm not mistaken." Xander told her.

"How can you be mistaken? You picked everyones' costumes." asked Mike.

"Details." Xander dismissed the accusation out of hand. "Guys... You want me to do the intros, or do you...?" he asked.

"Xander! You have some explaining to do mister?" shouted Cyndiara as she walked over to the two Sunnydalers and gave them a hug.

"This would be Cyndiara, and a lot of Willow thrown in." Xander told Dawn in a fake stage whisper.

"Thanks. I wouldn't have guessed." snarked Dawn.

"Dawnie be nice. I, I don't think it was his fault." Cyndiara told her.

"No. Apparently it was the fault of an old acquaintance of Giles',I'm not sure if you remember, but before you, you went chasing that dragon, you managed to give me enough information to track down that damn chaos mage and put an end to his malicious prank." explained Van.

"Good to know. So, Van... Does this mean that you're my new watcher?" asked Dawn.

"Why would you need a watcher Dawnie?" asked Cyndi.

"I keep telling you, it's Buffy." Dawn replied with a touch of exasperation.

"Oh really?" asked Cindi?

"Really!" replied Dawn.

"Look me in the eye and say that?" she challenged the young woman.

"'Kay." and Dawn did just that.

The Cindiara/Willow amalgamation looked deep into Dawn's eyes and let her senses probe as deep as she could. Her specialty was fire. She was a Burster after all, but she a few other less developed talents as well. "Nope. Still Dawn, but there's something else there as well."

"That would be the Slayer essence." supplied Van.

"No. I got that much, but there's something else behind that. Can't you feel all that power just rolling off her. She's off the freaking charts." Cindi told Van. "And you little missy, stop pretending. I know you know that you're Dawn."

"Not pretending. It's mostly Buffy. She just freaking took over, like it was her own body or something. I know I'm Dawn, but all I can remember is mostly Buffy stuff. I mean can you blame me if I thought I was a Buffy that felt like Dawn?" explained Dawn.

"That at least clears up why you were hanging off Xander like an ornament." guessed Mike.

"Xander's mine. You better back off, or I'll show what this slayer can do?" Dawn threatened Cindi.

Cindiara laughed. "Don't worry Dawnie. Darren's more than enough for this woman."

"Ooh. Boy gossip. You so gotta share." Dawn demanded.

"'Kay. But not now. I think we gotta get through the intros first." Cindi told her her with a smile that promised that and much more.

'Argh. No good can come of this. My goose is so cooked.' Xander though as Anja/Jenny did her thing.

"... And thanks to Jenny I now have a greater appreciation for Van's work." she explained.

"I guess I'm up next." said Sir David Renfield. "As you know I was possessed by Jonathan, and Delwin by Andrew. Originally Jonathan was going as Greg Merrick, and Andrew as Darren, but Cordelia wanted her Boyfriend to be her partner, so my..." Sir Renfield sighed at the mistake, but continued with his story, "or, I should say Jonathan went with his second choice, and as you guessed he and Andrew ret-conned the original concept. I can't believe I'm saying that about myself. I so am not a concept." he sighed again.

"Let me guess? Sea Titan?" asked Xander.

"Don't get me wrong. The knowledge and extra powers are nice, but, but, uh Delwin could you please stop juggling the water." he asked the changed Crazy Sea Titan. 'No good can come of that crazy mix. He's sure to snap, and when he does it's gonna be a doozy.'

"Aw 'come on man, like chill and enjoy the good vibes. enough with the negative projections and more of that oh so delicious positive energy." replied Delwin

"What's he been smoking?" asked Dawn.

"It's more of what's he hasn't been smoking. Some of the stuff he picks up would keep anyone else in a coma for a week. For him, it just adds an extra color spectrum to his hallucinations." explained the Cyber Knight.

"Uh Van, Who are they?" asked Targo?

"New Friends." explained Van to his childhood friend.

"Oh. Okay." that was good enough for the Gigante. "Hi. I'm Targo." he said in a booming voice.

"Hi Targo." Xander and Dawn waved together.

A teen came through the door and went up to Xander. "The stuff you bought from Mister Watkins' General Store is out back in the parking lot. Here's your remote." he gave Xander the small remote, and kept his hand stretched out. After a moment, Mike's intelligence training kicked in and Xander got the hint. He handed the young teen a few credits for his efforts.

"What did you buy, and with what?" asked the Cyber Knight.

"Well you see, when I flew through the Rift with Dawn, I was in a SAMAS Power Armor. Mr. Watkins' made an offer and we traded the brand new SAMAS for two slightly used NGR T-21 Terrain Hopper Power Armor and a Mountaineer ATV, fully stocked." Xander explained.

"Nice. That's a sweet deal. You got fully equipped and got rid of the bulls-eye painted on the Coalition equipment at the same time." Sir Renfield said approvingly.

To be continued...
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