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The Corridors of a Twisted Mind

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Summary: A collection of my stranger ideas. Moving into Multiple X-Overs.

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple PairingsjohnsmithFR181546,61113013,57412 May 1112 Dec 14No


Summary: Buffy's Halloween costume choice has after-effects for both her and the person she dressed up as.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Kara Zor-L, better known as Power Girl, or when she's in a civilian guise Karen Starr, stands upon a rooftop in Metropolis. Her short red cape flutters behind her as she stares out to the distance deep in thought. She had had a weird day.

Ok she gets a lot of odd days. She's a superhero after all. More than that she is the last Kryptonian from a parallel universe to the one she currently resides in.

Her weird day comes courtesy of magic. Now she gets why Clark is always muttering how much he hates it.

Anyway she'll summarise this and hope to Rao it makes some sense. A teenager in another universe, where Kara is a comic book character, decided to dress up for Halloween as her. Now Kara can understand perfectly why someone would do that. After all who wouldn't want to be her.

Problems started when a magic spell made said teenager into person whose costume she was wearing and Kara found herself in this town in California called Sunnydale inhabiting the body of someone named Buffy Summers.

Kara will skip over the whole fighting vampires, breaking spell bit of the adventure and stick to the fact that she can't get out of her head some of Buffy's thoughts which had ended up being intermingled with her own. How that happened Kara has no idea. Stupid magic!

Lets rewind to Buffy discussing with her friend Willow her costume choice. That's the crux of the problem. That's the source of what is really bothering Kara right now.

“You really think you can pull that off Buffy?” Willow asks a little sceptically.

“Of course I can!” Buffy insists.

“Well I mean I get why you identify with her. You're both kick ass blonds don't exactly have the...she's taller.”

Buffy rolls her eyes. “You just don't want to say the word breasts do you?”

Willow turns red as a beetroot. “Well you don't have the”

“I get it Will. I do and yeah I know I’m stretching believability but hey it isn't her figure that attracts me to her. That's hormonal teenage boys.” Buffy looks at the white bodysuit she picked up from this new costume shop called Ethan's. “I never got it.”

“Got what?”

“Why she never hooked up with Superman. I mean in the whole universe there's only one male Kryptonian left. If she wants kids that means there isn't exactly a lot of options...and even if there was can you imagine just what a real Superman would look like. I would be jumping on that train.”

“Buffy!” Willow protests.


“What about Lois Lane?”

“They weren't dating when Power Girl first appeared. He was single and available.”

“And happens to her cousin,” Willow argues.

“Is he?” Buffy questions that assertion. “She's from a parallel universe and they don't even spell their names the same. I'm not sure they ever did any test that proved it.”

“Yeah but Superman?” Willow still questions. “Even if I buy that it has to be more than just 'hey lets bang out a few kids together!'”

“Ok PG is rather cynical about guys because basically they're only after one thing...two things.”

Willow blushes at what Buffy is referring to. “Uh huh.”

“Well Superman is not anything like that right? He's the good guy. The moral upstanding guy and even though Xander complains like crazy how dull he is written these days I know he wasn't always like that. He use to be much more interesting...passionate....god I bet he's passionate in bed!”


“Sorry. Sorry. Teenage girl fantasies. My point is...actually he only got dull after they married him off to Lois. Apparently that is the only make to make it work. Anyway my point is I think Clark and Karen would be perfect for each other. I think they would compliment each other. They understand each other...understand, you know, being alone on a strange planet and not ever really being able to be themselves. God it must be awful to have to hide away what you really are and not be able to show it. I mean I get that being the slayer.”

“So really Power Girl and Superman as a couple?”

Buffy nods. “Sure. I never got why they never considered it.”

“How do you know so much about comics?” Willow wonders.

Buffy realises she is caught. She puts across this image of a shallow shopping obsessed air-head and she just blew it. “Uh....ok I'm a secret comic book nerd. Are you happy?”

Willow smiles, delighted by this confession. “Yes!”

Kara...Karen shakes her head and tries to clear her mind. She wishes she could get the thoughts out but she can't. All she can think about is why did she never give Clark a chance. Yeah he bears a close resemblance to her actual cousin but they're far from identical. It took her awhile after she arrived in this world but she began to notice the differences. Clark's face was slightly differently shaped. His nose was different. His build wasn't identical either. Personality wise they were a world apart. Her Clark was older than her, older than the Clark here and more settled into his life. This one was her age and still seeking his place in this world.

Buffy Summers' ideas have infected her and Karen can't shake them.

Buffy was right. Karen was cynical about men. They saw her figure and basically decided she was to be another notch on their bedpost. She had been stung too many times by that...but like Buffy said Clark isn't like that. Clark is the only person on this planet that hasn't tried to sneak a look at her boobs. She even caught Batman taking a glance once.

The actual goddam Batman!

But putting aside herself Karen's thoughts turn to Clark. He had become...duller when he was dating Lois. More whiny in fact. Like he was...forcing himself into a role to make it work rather than being himself.

Now Karen would never force herself into any role. Yes relationships involve compromises but you shouldn't change fundamentally who you are.

Karen's gaze turns to the apartment block opposite. She activates her x-ray vision and spots Clark sitting alone in his apartment, debating with himself about what to have for dinner.

Him and Lois had gone splits-ville...again. Unlike the memory she got from Buffy they hadn't married...not yet anyhow and Clark was back living by himself and god did he look miserable. Karen had in fact noticed this when she bumped into Superman a couple of weeks back. The usual playful spark in his eyes was gone as of late and Karen really missed it to be truthful.

Clark's boyish good looks and self-deprecating humour combined with the fact he has just always been there for her when she needed him meant she felt she needed to cheer him up and be there for him...and if it led to something more between them...then she wouldn't object to that.

Ok she has to stop getting ahead of herself. Buffy's thoughts put the idea in her head but there was no need to rush. Be his friend first and foremost. She can do that.

Clark Kent aka Kal-El aka Superman was trying to decide what to have for dinner. It would be ordering in...for one. Him and Lois...they were done it seemed...for the moment. Clark still wasn't sure what he had done wrong this time. He had tried really hard to make it work. He had tried to make himself a better man for her but apparently it wasn't enough.

'Is anything ever enough for that woman?' a cynical voice in his head asks.

Good question. Clark didn't have an answer. He raises his eyes slightly at the pair of thick rimmed glasses sitting on his coffee table. Some days he is really sick of those...of being that Clark Kent. It isn't him. Not the real one. The real Clark Kent is a farmboy from Kansas. Not this clumsy, meek, charade he puts on to hide he is Superman.

Clark sits back in his chair and closes his eyes. Now he isn't so hungry. He's more depressed than anything and it isn't like he can have therapy. He's not even human so no-one to share his problems with. It isn't like many people can understand his problems. Kara can to an extent but she's still a teenager and he isn't going to go whining to his baby cousin.

A small smile comes to his lips when he imagines her reaction if he ever said that and her retort about he is in fact her baby cousin.

Diana is another he could talk to...but she seemed more fixated on Bruce these days. Good luck with that! That's playing with fire considering what Clark knows that Bruce gets up to with Catwoman. Seriously for the world's greatest detective Clark would think Bruce would remember that he has a super sense of smell.

Clark's thought are interrupted by someone knocking on his door. He really hopes it isn't Mrs Simpson from down below. She's a widower and apparently he's fair game for a cougar. He shudders at the thought.

Clark sighs and leans forward to pick up his glasses. He slips them on as he makes his way to the door. He doesn't bother x-raying it first and just opens it. His eyes widen in surprise at whom he finds. “Karen?”

Karen smiles warmly. “Hi Clark! Can I come in? I brought dinner!” she enthuses holding up a couple of carrier bags. When she heard him talking to himself about dinner she was struck with what excuse she could use to show up at his door.

“Uh...sure come on in,” Clark invites her, nonplussed to see her and to see her dressed so...casually. He has never seen her dress casually. It's either her costume or those business suits she wears but she is just in jeans and a light blue top. Of course on someone in possession of Karen's figure she made them look amazing.

Clark closes the door and watches Karen unpack the bags. He recognises the smell. “Thai?”

“It's your favourite right?”

“Um...yeah. It is,” he says still very confused as to why she is here. She's never been in any of his apartments before. While he has tried to be there for her if she needed him he would not call them best friends or anything. They certainly didn't 'hang out'.

Karen smiles at him again. Clark has to say it's a very beautiful smile and not one he has ever seen on her face. Oh he's seen her smile. Just not that particular variant she is currently wearing. It's...softer, warmer, more caring...genuine is the word to describe it. It is not the forced one she puts on for the mask of being Karen Starr.

“Karen...I appreciate you bringing dinner but why are you here?” Clark wonders.

Karen heads over to his kitchen. “Where are your plates?”

“Top left cupboard. Karen. You're not answering me.”

Karen reaches up and grabs a couple of plates. “I was just flying over the city and I remembered your break up and Rao don't I know how miserable that is so I decided to bring you dinner and keep you company. That's what friends do for each other right?” she asks him, basically thinking it up on the hoof.

“Yes,” Clark says because he can't argue with that.

“Then here I am,” she says, again wearing that smile.

Clark finds himself smiling a little in return. “Thank you,” he says genuinely moved that she took the time to keep him company.

“No problem...although I’m sure I can think of some way for you to make it up to me,” she says with a little mischievous air.

“Now you sound like Kara.”

“Don't insult me by comparing me to that little snot Clark,” she warns him. The way people are always comparing her and Kara really gets her steamed.

Clark rolls his eyes. He's pretty certain Karen and Kara had a punch up at some point although both deny it.

Karen brings the plates over and dishes out the food before she and Clark sit next to each other on the couch.

“I really don't get why you and Kara don't get along,” Clark idly mentions.

“Uh because she's an annoying little twerp.”

“She says the same thing about you.”

“Like I care,” Karen dismisses whatever Kara says about her.

“Karen...they're aren't exactly a lot of us left,” Clark says softly, referring to their species.

“I know,” Karen says softly. “But she's a brat Clark. An irritating little miss thinks she knows it all.”

“Yeah. I know,” Clark agrees. “But she's my cousin. I'm stuck with her.”

“You have my sympathies.”


“You're welcome.”

Clark and Karen share a laugh.

Karen digs into her dinner. “At least you didn't say we should get along because we're the same person. Otherwise I would have punched you across the state line.”

“I would never get my deposit back then Karen!” Clark jokingly protests because of the hole that would put in his wall

“Pft. No big loss. This place is a dump. My spare room is better. It's bigger.”

“We're not all rich moguls Karen,” Clark points out. Karen's spare room is bigger because she's rich. Very, very rich.

“If you ever need a place though,” she offers.

“Thank you,” he says genuinely. Clark tucks into his meal still a little confused about why she is here. He addresses something she said. “I never thought you and Kara were the same person.”

“You didn't?” Karen says in some surprise. After she revealed her name it was the basic assumption everyone made.

Clark shakes his head. “I tried to imagine Kara at your age. What'd she look like and I never saw you. I mean there are similarities. That's obvious. You would pass for sisters but the same person? No.”

Karen looks at him. This is a bit of a revelation. He had never said that before. Does that mean he doesn't buy into the assumption that he and she are cousins? Karen hopes so because that would mean she actually has a real shot at this. She won't ask that here and now about the cousin thing but one day she'll try and raise it in a conversation with him. She tucks back into her meal and her and Clark chat amicably in a way they never have before. She gets him to smile again and a little bit of the spark comes back to his wonderful cerulean blue eyes. It makes her think that maybe they could have something...once he's over Lois. She could help him get over Lois...and onto her.

Karen finds she really likes that idea and she really likes just sitting here with him. It's been so long since she has been with a guy and just enjoyed the simple company...and to think it is all because of the after-effect of one cocked up spell in another universe she finds herself here. The thought of her and Clark would never have entered her mind otherwise. She would not be here right now.

A downside could be that she now has a few of Buffy's memories she will now have to cope with. A few urges she has to control like this urge to go out and slay vampires and roll off quips while she is doing it. She could do it. This universe has vampires too...and well it's not like Karen needs the memories of a vampire slayer to dislike them. She's always disliked them.

On the plus side she now knows a few good new fighting moves. Maybe she could demonstrate them on that little snot Kara. She smiles at that idea.

Karen pauses for one moment as a thought strikes her. If she got some of Buffy's memories she wonders if Buffy got some of hers. She wonders what the after-effects for Buffy are.

The Buffyverse...

Buffy can look forward to a few peaceful nights. When she became Power Girl the superpowered heroine cleaned up Sunnydale as in she toasted like very vampire in town. Spike and Drusilla dust. Only Angel got spared because Willow vouched for him.

Oh Buffy knows the vamps will be back. This is Sunnydale, atop the Hellmouth. They'll be back but in the meantime she really needs to take advantage of the calm and relearn how to fight.

She has many of Karen's memories which can help because that means Buffy can now add a Kryptonian form of martial arts to her resume.

She didn't get to keep the powers. Bummer!

What really doesn't help is that she also got Karen's extra inches. Both height-wise and otherwise making her top heavy which throws her whole centre of gravity off. Seriously how does Karen live with these?

Buffy works the wooden dummy trying to realign her balance to her body's new centre of gravity. Even if she didn't get to keep the powers Buffy does feel like she has never been in better shape in her life because she got to keep Karen's perfect Kryptonian physique. Seriously she never had muscles this defined even as a slayer...and she isn't really complaining about being taller. She hated being short.

“Better,” comes Giles' compliment at Buffy's improvement over the last few days.

“Thanks...but the better I need is better support for these puppies,” Buffy says, gesturing at her greatly enhanced cleavage.

Giles chokes slightly, his cheeks go red and he does that thing he does when he cleans his glasses.

Buffy smirks. That was too easy. She could ask Xander but he passed out about 10 minutes ago when she did this spinning kick thing and she ended up bent over and he got a good view. So she turns to her best friend. “What do you think Will?”

No response.

“Will?” Buffy asks again.

“Huh?” Willow finally says.

Buffy walks over to the redhead and places her hand under her friend's chin. She raises Willow's head up. “Will. My eyes are up here!” she says pointing at them and not what Willow was looking at

“Yeah. I know that,” Willow says a little mesmerised. Her eyes drift back down to Buffy's new 'enhancements'.

Buffy cannot believe that drool running down Willow's chin? It brings up a question Buffy has to ask. “Will...are you gay?”

“I think I am now.”

That's...that's...uh...some days Buffy really hates living on the damn Hellmouth!

Author's Note: Buffy's hero: Power Girl so a little Halloween induced costume story was overdue and I always wanted to at least hint at a Clark/Karen ship and that was partially what this little collection was for. Thanks to everyone who has previously written reviews.
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