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The way it should have been

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Summary: AU NEEDLESS TO SAY. Buffy gets help when it matters from unexpected places

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Final Changes

Buffy woke up the next morning and blearily looked around; finally recognizing the room at the Hyperion. She looked at her watch and was surprised it was almost 9. It was very rare that she slept that long. She lay back and began to collect her thoughts; then she stiffened.

Faith rolled over and groaned; finally deciding that she needed to get up. She sat up and stretched then stopped suddenly.

Buffy made her way down to the Lobby; she ran into Faith halfway down.

“You feel it?”

Faith nodded.

They headed down to the lobby where the rest of the group were gathered. About the same time Willow and Tara came down the stairs. Buffy looked around.

“OK. I guess everyone is here.” She looked at Faith for a moment then took a deep breath.

“Faith and I can feel the other Slayers now.”

That got everyone’s attention. Faith shrugged. “Way in the back I can feel them; just barely but there.”

Buffy nodded. “I can feel them more clearly, I think. I can, if I work at it, feel each one separately.”

Giles was working on his glasses.

“Buffy was the focal point of the calling so it is no real surprise; but Faith being able to also feel them, if to a lesser degree, is a surprise.”

Faith picked up a phone and dialed a long distance number.

“This is Faith. I need to speak to either Jane or Mindy.” She waited for a minute.

“Jane. Listen; can you feel other Slayers? You can? How strong? OK. That figures. Yeah I will be there pretty quick. See ya.” She looked at the group.

“Jane said she can feel the others if she works at it; but she can feel Buffy pretty strongly, and me almost as well.”

Lilah looked at Eve.

“All of them?”

Eve nodded. “Had the building they had holed up in checked out this morning first thing. Those Urgs are toast. Found about a dozen bodies in the building; but nothing else. Then the guys got some tweaks by the sensitive’s and we checked out another building not too far away. Found a room with well over 100 of them; all without their heads. The bodies were starting to decay; by now they are probably nothing but goop.”

Lindsey nodded. “The slayer did not waste any time.”

Lilah was thoughtful. “I wonder if they have anything to do with that Demonic Power surge everyone felt last night? It was felt all over the world.”

Lindsey shrugged. “So far nothing else has come up; no signs of anything. The Seers all agree something big happened but that is all they have.”

Lilah grimaced. “I think we need to get some better seers.”

Eve was pensive. “I noticed that most of the bodies that were still more or less intact had no other wounds. Just missing their heads. Did not look like the work of those Demons the Slayer has been using in her hunting parties.”

Lindsey shuddered. “You don’t think she got some different ones now?”

Lilah took a deep breath. “We are due to meet in a couple of days to finalize the agreement. I will see if I can find out anything then.”

Faith had gone back to Scotland; to control those already there. Buffy would be visiting soon as well. There were now 62 slayers in training; which pretty much filled up the estate. The dorms were ready at the school in LA and all the rest would be sent there. Only the oldest ones would stay in Scotland. From the early results they could expect another 50-75 more to come for training. The 16-17 year olds would stay in Scotland; that would come to around 60 or so. The other 60 or so would go to LA. Already teachers and others were in position; they were almost ready to start up.

The Contract with Wolfram & Hart had been very carefully gone over; Willow and the Coven and the Guardian had all cast spells looking for anything hidden; the Guardian was able to cobble together a Demonic spell detector and found nothing. So after carefully looking at it from all possible ways it was decided to sign it.

Buffy once again walked into the Lobby of the HQ of Wolfram & Hart. This time the receptionist quickly made a phone call.

“Miss Summers, Miss Morgan and the others are waiting for you where the initial meeting was held.” Buffy nodded and headed up.

She wondered who else would be there. She found out.

Lilah and Lindsey and Eve were there. But also there were quite a few Demons present. When Buffy walked into the Conference room it was almost full. It got very quiet as she came in the door. Lilah went to meet her and put out her hand and Buffy shook it.

“Welcome to the meeting, Slayer Summers.”

Buffy smiled so very slightly. Lilah was obviously putting on a show.

“Would not have missed it. Are these the representatives of the major families and clans?”

“Just about all of them. Some are still uncertain about being in the same building; let alone the same room with the Slayer.”

Buffy nodded. “And they wanted to witness the agreement?”

“Of course. This is unprecedented.”

“Well then let’s get down to it.”

Lilah pulled out the old looking parchment. Buffy took out her copy and carefully compared it; it was 10 pages long and it took a few minutes. Buffy was secretly wearing an amulet that allowed Willow to see what she saw; and they were carefully looking for any changes as well. None were found. Buffy nodded.

“Looks the same. So let it be done.”

Buffy then took out a mystically enchanted dagger and cut her hand; drops fell onto the document she had just signed.

“As the Slayer, I commit all Slayers from this moment forward to follow this agreement.”

Lilah then cut her hand; Eve and Lindsey did the same and they all dripped blood on their signatures. They all chanted.

“For all time for all.”

Buffy then looked at the Demon representatives.

“I am sure that Wolfram & Hart made the rules clear. From this point on all humans and demons agree to treat the other as equals. All disputes will be brought before the joint committee that will have representatives of the Slayers and of Wolfram & Hart. That is where it will be settled. All agree to abide by the ruling of that committee. The Slave trade will end; the importation of drugs will be controlled. Travel to and from any demon realm and earth will be unregulated. But feuds and disagreements elsewhere will NOT be fought here; this will be neutral territory for all.”

Lilah then made her statement.

“Wolfram & Hart agrees to represent all Demons who wish to abide by this agreement. Those that do not will receive no protection nor representation. You will be outlaws subject to immediate Termination by the Slayer. The current Civil wars raging in the Demon Realm will not be brought here. All those that wish for sanctuary will get a free and full hearing. Of course some charges will be made for those services.”

Buffy managed to keep a straight face about that.

Some of the Demons muttered but that was all. Lilah looked around the room and then nodded towards the contract.

“Those that want to sign now may do so.”

Clearly some were very reluctant; but in the end all the Demon representatives in the room signed the Contract. When it was over one Demon stepped up to Buffy. It was a Brannish Demon; they looked like a cross between a muppet and a dog.

“Slayer. You will enforce this agreement?”

Buffy nodded. “Those demons that want to be left alone will get that right. No other demons will be allowed to bother them.”

It looked skeptical.

“There are only two of you; we have heard of your demon warriors. They kill easily and without distinction.”

Buffy smiled. Now was the time.

“You all felt what happened recently?”

They all looked at her warily.

“I have called forth many of the potential Slayers. There are now over 100. They will be trained and will enforce the contract.”

Jaws and other things dropped all over the room. Lindsey and Eve were wide eyed. Lilah narrowed her eyes and looked at Buffy.

“That was Demonic Magic that was felt.”

Buffy nodded. Now for the smokescreen.

“That was in reaction to the calling forth of the Potentials. The Demonic Magic reacted to what we had done.”

Now most of the Demons looked seriously worried.

Buffy faced them all. “They are under my command. They will follow their orders; they are also committed to this agreement by my signing.”

Sometime later Lilah, Lindsey and Eve quietly discussed this. Eve was puzzled.

“How were they able to do this? Wolfram and Hart looked for thousands of years for ways to either end or tamper with this spell and never got anywhere with it.”

Lindsey shook his head. “We have rumors that they were able to find one of the Guardians; they are much older than any others; they predate Wolfram and Hart by many thousands of years. There are rumors that they were around when the Slayers were first activated. The Shadowmen, the precursors of the Council, supposedly forced them out. Now I wonder if that was true. Maybe they were waiting for the right time?”

Lilah looked thoughtful. “Our Seers predicted that this slayer would change many things. Once again they seriously underestimated her.”

Lindsey nodded. “As everyone else has, apparently.”

Lilah shrugged. “This actually works in our favor. As the only recognized Demon representatives to the Slayers, we are even more badly needed now by the Demons. Already most of those that had hesitated are rushing to sign the agreement.”

Lindsey sighed. “We got lucky. No other word for it.”

Lilah smiled smugly. “I always believe that you can make most of your luck if you are ready to take advantage of it.” She paused.

“And we need better Seers.”

Buffy faced the Slayers. Over 100 were gathered in front of her. All had committed themselves to the fight.

“Are you ready to be strong? Because it starts now.”

The End

You have reached the end of "The way it should have been". This story is complete.

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