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Speed Demon

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Summary: Xanders a member of the Justice League, and now things are changing for everyone.

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DC Universe > Justice LeagueTjinFR1522,84123011,84415 May 1126 Aug 11No

Speed not...

“Are we in agreement?”




“I suppose.”


“Not a chance in hell, what are you all, freaking stupid?” Xander growled before glaring around the table. The Justice League were currently voting on how to handle the Doctor Light situation and it seemed only The Bat agreed with him.

“We can not go down this path, if we start now where will it stop,” Batman argued .

Xander just rolled his eyes in exasperation.

The Detective wasn’t agreeing with him after all. “Look, prisons don’t work for the Villains. Even the incompetent and insane ones escape far too often for it to be any kind of deterrent. Rikers, Super-Max, Phantom Zone, offworld penal colonies, none of them ever seem to work, the bad guys always seem to escape.” Xander argued before waving his hand around the table. “Even the ultimate punishment of death doesn’t seem to stop them, hell half the people here have been dead at least once.”

Turning towards the newest member of the League Council, Superman sighed before responding, “What would you have us do? If we can’t incarcerate them and we can’t execute them, then what exactly are you suggesting?” he demanded as the young speedster sat back in his chair thoughtfully.

Taking a deep breath to center himself, Xander finally gave an answer that he was sure nobody was going to like. “There are two ways that I know of to remove them as a threat, the first is a soul trap, it leaves them a chance to escape though it usually takes a couple centuries. I don’t recommend it as it is one of the darkest and most morally damaging punishments ever devised and throughout time each nation or power that attempts to use this method has collapsed within a century,” Xander explained as he looked around the room to assure everyone had an understanding of the situation.

“And the second option?” Batman asked as he sought another answer to the difficult question of what to do with the villains they capture.

“A focused Chronoton Detonation,” Xander said and ignored the reactions of the assembled heroes “This is THE final response to a villain, even a soul trap leaves the condemned the right to pass on, to redeem themselves and to reach a moment of ending. A Chronoton Detonation will freeze them in time, they will never die, never age, never move and never pass on… even the fiery heat death of the universe or the cold entropy of existence would not finish them, they would just… continue.”

Looking around at the horrified faces of the assembled heroes Xander had to resist the urge to press them, this was their choice and he could not force the issue, either way he already had a punishment in place for the bastard.


Staring at the man tied down to a chair, Xander slowly walked around him several times before taking a seat in front of him. “Do you know who I am?” Xander asked pleasantly to the smirking man across from him.

Looking at the dark haired man, Doctor Arthur Light racked his brain for a moment before shrugging. “Some new ‘Hero’ here to try and threaten me into reforming,” Light said before leaning forward into the kid’s personal space. “Trust me kid, I’ve been gone over by the Bat and your little Amazon friend, and while she ain’t really my type, once I get out of here I’m going to enjoy…” the Villain trailed off as the young man started to change, his limbs extended, his skin took on a grey hue and his face morphed into a parody of a human.

Taking a moment to get the inner beast under control Xander let out a sigh before looking back at the suddenly nervous villain. “My name is Alexander Harris, the League has me registered as ‘Speed Demon’ of all things. An apt title considering the origins of my abilities,” Xander explained before standing up to pace once more. “You see, my home dimension is considerably closer to the Void than most, so close that we actually have small tears in the fabric of existence that are connected to the void. We call them Hellmouths and demons of all sort and shape are attracted to the hellmouth for a variety of reasons. Conquest, power, food, to open it and free their oppressed cousins, one even claimed it made his ice cream taste better,” Xander said before shaking off that rather odd memory and turned back to the bound villain.

“Now my friends and I fought for many years and finally managed to close one of the hellmouths. Soon after we all split up, going all over the world in search of allies to help and villains to vanquish. I was sent to Africa of all places. A nice enough continent to be on, if you don’t count the heat, cold, bugs, snakes, carnivorous animals, poisonous animals, demons, warlords, wars, minefields, and various diseases and plagues that have affected the continent for the last several thousand years,” Xander rambled before pushing on. “One of the demons I came across was a mostly humanoid demonic entity known as Tempus, a demon sorcerer that was capable of controlling the time lines. Well, needless to say I couldn’t let that go, so for several months I battled Tempus and his minions before confronting him in a final showdown as he attempted to reset time. A quick potion and an axe to the head managed to end the demon, but not the spell,” he explained casually before sitting back down.

“Turns out that I was too close, too chaotic, too steeped in the energies of the Hellmouth,” he said with a sigh. “The power released by Tempus was bound to me, body and soul and I was thrown out of my time stream and out into the multiverse. You couldn’t imagine what I saw as I floated there; Time-wars that shattered universes, beasts that prowl the dark places of time and entire worlds lost in the vortex. Such wonders, such horrors. The beginning, the end… things that no one should ever have knowledge of,” Xander said with a faraway look before dragging himself back to this reality. “And then I landed here. Most consider my ability to be similar to ‘The Flash’ or any of the other Speedsters, but the truth is that the demonic energy of the Time Demon is now a part of me. You see I don’t just move really fast, I make everything else move so very slow, and as I have gained in strength I have found that I can affect a larger and larger area. At the moment I am able to slow down or even stop time for everything outside of a room.”

Smiling at the sudden panicked look on the villain’s face, Xander let some of the inner demon out as he grinned evilly. “That’s right, at this point only me and you are unaffected, I could spend the next five hundred years slowly skinning you alive, only to revert time, slightly, whenever you die… I could actually do it forever. Can you imagine that Doctor? An existence outside of time, one of constant pain,” Xander explained casually before forcing the demon back into place. “But no, I don’t think I’ll be doing that, after the first couple of centuries the screams are no longer amusing. Instead I think I will delegate your punishment to another. The League has voted on whether or not to modify your mind through magic so you can never be a threat again, but magic is so very random, and it always seems to fail at the worst possible times, so I will be carrying out your punishment myself.”

Stepping forward, Xander let out as much of the demon lord’s power as he felt comfortable with and grabbing the now pleading villain by the hair, Xander forced him back until the small man’s head was thrown back as far as it possibly could be. Then he started. Dropping the time flux back down to just himself, Xander snarled at the frozen rapist before starting his work, a single clawed finger quickly dug into the man’s forehead as he clawed the mark of Gachnar into the very flesh. As he finished his work, Xander felt the fear demon take up residence in the man’s mind and quickly locked the small fear demon in place with a drop of his own blood.

The last thing he wanted was for Gachnar to escape from his new prison.

Taking a moment to land a solid strike to Doctor Light’s kidney, Xander turned and walked out of the containment area. Moving through the frozen Watchtower, Xander retook his position next to Flash and Superman as they escorted Zatanna to the cell to mind wipe the Doctor. With both Super-Speedsters in plain view, Xander’s alibi was air tight. After all, even he wasn’t fast enough to get by the fastest man alive.


(A/N) a bit of back-story, while this was a bit darker than I usually prefer I couldn’t see Xander willingly letting a rapist go, it was one of the bigger issues I had with him letting Spike continue to exist in Season 7.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Speed Demon" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Aug 11.

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