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Speed Demon

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Summary: Xanders a member of the Justice League, and now things are changing for everyone.

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DC Universe > Justice LeagueTjinFR1522,84123011,84415 May 1126 Aug 11No

Chapter One

(A/N) I Do not own BtVS or the Justice League


“Speed Demon to the training room immediately” the loudspeaker blared obnoxiously overhead waking Xander from a sound sleep, as his name and needed location was broadcast.

He got up and felt the long famliar rush of energy surge through him as he dressed and made it to the other side of the station, letting the energy drain away as he reached the door. Xander felt his regular form reappear before entering the training room and listened to the last word being transmitted. Looking around, he stuck his hands in his pockets and assumed a rather bored stance as he looked at the small crowd assembled.

On one side; Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman and Jade stood before a considerably larger collective of individuals wearing everything from a pressed business suit to what Xander could only describe as a spandex Kleenex stretched over far too much body. Shaking his head at the spectacles within the group, Xander turned back to his team mates with a smirk, “Aaw, I didn’t know the circus was in town GL. You shoulda told me and I would have picked up some peanuts,”he snarked at the assembled oddities, Immediately he could tell the professionals from the amateurs by their reactions.

Smirking some more as a particularly large individual took a threatening step towards him, Xander let himself shift and in a moments time he went from a rather plain, six foot tall teen to a seven foot tall grey demonic form that seemed purposely formed from the very hellfires itself for speed. As the world slowed around him, Xander saw Kyle’s hand coming up as the guardian summoned the power of his ring to end the conflict while Hippolyta moved to intercept the two. Smirking even more as the power of the demon lord Tempus worked its magic on him, Xander moved.
Keeping his speed to a pleasant jog, he skipped past the Amazon queen’s grasp and delivered a heavy blow to the much larger man’s gut before letting the power go. While the demonic speed was useful, it had a bad habit of bringing out the worst in him with it.

For the gathered recruits the events of the last few seconds really drove home the fact that they weren’t playing around anymore. In the blink of an eye, the young man had dropped a meta-human hero that had stepped in front of a runaway tractor trailer during the recruitment phase. The split among the group deepened with one group becoming even more nervous about the potential for death this particular position offered and the other strengthening their resolve.

Brushing his knuckles off, Xander stood up with a smile. “Well, now that the first impressions are out of the way, why don’t you introduce me to this fine murder of heroes we have with us today.”

Ignoring Kyle’s complaints about the plural title he had come up with for the cape and cowl gangs, Xander went into introductions as Jesse and Walter arrived with the two other speedsters on hand.

Xander was confident Kyle wouldn’t come down on him too hard.


“…AND FINALLY IT IS NOT NOW, NOR HAS IT EVER BEEN, DESCRIBED AS A MURDER OF HEROES!” Kyle railed as Xander leaned back in his chair with his customary smirk.

After a moment of silence, Xander finally shrugged and dropped his feet off the conference room table. “All excellent points there Green Light, and wonderfully expressed with a minimum of spittle. Why, if I hadn’t been ignoring you completely that might have made a serious impact on my attitude and actions in the future.” Any continued baiting of the Lantern Corp guardian was interrupted by Hippolyta.

Gently pushing Kyle back into his seat, the Amazon Queen turned towards Xander with a disappointed frown.,“Alexander this is not helping. Now would you mind explaining why you taunted the new recruits in such a juvenile way before assaulting one?”

Blinking at the revolutionary thought, Xander considered the situation for far longer than was needed by a speedster for any reason other than mocking humor, “You mean I need a reason?” Xander queried before smirking as Hippolyta again resettled the Green Lantern into his seat.

“Fine, I wanted to sort out the professionals from the amateurs, the pros know better than to be baited like that,” Xander explained with a brief mocking glance towards the fuming Green Lantern before continuing, “I also wanted to drive home a few points. First, by popping the biggest ego I taught some humility to him as well as teaching everyone that there are consequences to their actions as well as a rather nasty lesson avoided about underestimating your opponents.” Xander explained before getting deadly serious, “Hopefully that is a lesson that can be learned here and now rather than out in the real world when lives are on the line.”

In the blink of an eye, Xander was gone. Tthe emotional response those memories tended to drag up were agitating the demon within.

Staring at the empty chair, Hippolyta heard the tell-tale thump of Kyle’s skull impacting the table.

“How the hell does he do that,” Kyle growled before looking up again. “One moment I want to throttle the life out of him for being an impulsive, immature child and the next I am left shocked at how much he actually sees and the maturity he manages to work into the crap he does.” Kyle explained the rhetorical question before taking a deep breath and standing. “I guess I need to go deal with the fallout this little fiasco has managed to start.” He said before heading for the door.

Behind him, Wonder Woman rolled her eyes at the “Kick Me” note carefully taped to the back of the sometimes overly stiff hero. Shaking her head at the antics, the Queen of Paradise Island made her way toward the bridge. She had communications duty for the next shift and while it was hardly the most fitting task for a queen, she was well versed in fulfilling duties that were unpleasant and tedious. At least it wasn’t like the paperwork and politics involved in ruling a country.


Stepping into the Cafeteria, Arthur Curry failed to be surprised at the sight of Walter, Wally, Jesse, Clark and Xander playing a rather insane version of the shell game involving several hundred lead cups arrayed in a series of circles around the youngest league member and a small rubber ball. Alexander had once confessed that the type of ball was completely unimportant to the trick, even with Superman’s hearing. As the assembled League speedsters made their choices and failed, yet again to get the right cup, Xander once more gave his condolences to the others and packed up his con. While the League charter forbid gambling for money it had a polite loophole that allowed for “friendly’wagers” in exchange for work details.

To date, Xander hadn’t had to work monitor duty or Comms in the nearly three months since he perfected the little con game. Even worse was the simple fact that all four of the considerably faster league members knew it to be a con and still played in the vain attempt to catch him out. Arthur was pretty sure Batman had an answer, but if so, the tight lipped vigilante was keeping the secret to himself.

Shaking his head at their continued persistence, Aquaman went back about his business. He had just sat down to a meal when the all call alert went off.

Grumbling about how unfair the universe was, Arthur stood and quickly followed the others toward the briefing room. It looked like another busy day for the Justice League.

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