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Silent Cries

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Summary: Buffy, Willow and Xander go on a road-trip together to reconnect, but on the way to nowhere they stop at a strange, foggy town called 'Silent Hill'. They find out that Sunnydale was just a warm-up.

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Chapter One

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

BtVS: After season 7
Silent Hill: The 1st game
Characters: Willow, Xander, Buffy

Summary: Buffy, Willow and Xander go on a road-trip together to reconnect, but on the way to nowhere they stop at a strange, foggy town called 'Silent Hill'. They find out that Sunnydale was just a warm-up.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters from Silent Hill or BtVS; I'm just playing.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Chapter One

Buffy had seen her fair share of weird towns since becoming a Slayer; had even resided in a couple, but Sunnydale and Cleveland Ohio had nothing on this little town. It was the epitome of creepy, a town that gave her the wig and tingled her spidey-sense so thoroughly that every nerve within her was stretched taut.

She tried to dispel the quail of trepidation inside; the feeling she’d had ever since she learned of their colossal problem. The one that none of them had ever even considered; it was just that unlikely- that unthinkable.

And it had something to do with the deserted town of Silent Hill.

The name was fitting.

The beam of light from Willow’s flashlight swept across the alleyway opposite the Convenience Store, the fog was so thick that the light only improved visibility for a few feet. It was fine for where they were, but out in the open…

They needed more than a flashlight.

Willow was obviously thinking along those same lines. “I don’t understand why nothing’s working.”

Buffy shook her head, “It could be another Hellmouth…”

Even she didn’t buy that.

And neither did her friends.

“Oh c’mon, we grew up on a Hellmouth!” Xander exclaimed, dubiously. “This isn’t normal… even by our standards.”

Buffy conceded silently, listening out for anything demonic; wishing she didn’t feel so defenseless. Hell, she was defenseless. For the first time since Giles had drugged her for her eighteenth birthday she was…completely human.

No powers attached.

Funny, in any other situation Buffy would have welcomed the change.

But now…

A sudden, unearthly screech rented the air momentarily; the sound bounced off the brick walls around them. Her grip on the axe handle tightened, she raised it slightly and scanned the fog-covered sky above them for the demons.

They’d been attacked by the Pterodactyl-like creatures three times since their arrival, and those critters always brought their friends with them.

Buffy looked at Willow and Xander and knew that they couldn’t wait around, their choice of weapons were an axe, two steel pipes, and a kitchen knife that they’d swiped from an abandoned house about an hour ago.

They weren’t equipped for a standoff.

Xander hefted the pipe, and stared at her, “The Convenience store?”

It was the best form of defense.

Buffy nodded, “Let’s.”

“Oh boy,” mumbled Willow, concerned.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Stumbling through the door, Willow quickly steadied herself and whipped around; determined to keep the enemy within her sight. She clutched the steel pipe in both hands, feeling her sweaty hands slide a little.

She would give anything, anything to have her magic back; to be able to use it. She wanted to use it, to protect herself and her friends in this strange town- she didn’t know what was wrong with Silent Hill and hated that she had to face the oncoming evil with no magic.

Willow watched as Buffy slammed the store door shut, even then she knew that the flimsy door would not hold the demons out for long. Obviously, her friend was thinking the same; for she backed away from the entrance, staring warily through the filthy, stained glass.

Xander sighed, twisting the pipe in his hands with partially-concealed anxiety, “You know that won’t hold ‘em, Buff.”

Buffy was still gazing out through the glass, her lips pursed in sudden resolution, “We’ll go out the backdoor – There is a backdoor, right?”

Heart still hammering, Willow shook her head; she was as ignorant as the rest of them! “I-I’ll go check…”

She was gonna go and check alone?

The bizarre screaming of the demonic pterodactyl outside met her ears, making her blood run cold, she swallowed convulsively; demons seemed a lot less terrifying when she’d had her magic. Once again she cursed whatever was responsible for her inability to access it.

“We’ll all go check it out,” Buffy declared pointedly, looking at her.

As Willow turned away she saw Buffy glance out the door again; she smiled when Buffy’s muttered words met her ears. “Like I wanna get skewered by the Jurassic Park rejects.”

Jurassic Park, huh?

She hoped they wouldn’t encounter any other demonic prehistoric creatures, good old regular demons would be an improvement; these monsters were different somehow, she didn’t know exactly, but she could feel it right down to her bones that the town of Silent Hill was bad news.

Forget the Hellmouth; forget Glory; this was something else altogether.

Willow didn’t need her magic to figure that out.

The steel pipe was warm in her hands, only slightly more reassuring than having no weapon at all; and, all things considered, she certainly needed one. The muscle between her thumb and index finger ached dully and she realized that she’d been holding the weapon a little too tight; she loosened her grip a little… and then saw something that had her raising the pipe slightly. She swallowed nervously as all three of them stopped and stared in revulsion.

“Aw, man,” moaned Xander, despondently, “I hate this town.”

Willow and Buffy both nodded in agreement as they eyed the bloodstained form of what appeared to be a large dog…a large hairless dog; its fur had obviously been ripped from the body. Its blood splattered the nearest wall; dripping from the leaves of the pot plant sitting innocently on the bookshelf that was pushed up against the wall adjacent.

The spines of the collection of books within the case were soaked with the stuff; Willow couldn’t see the titles of them but she could tell that they were cheap, old paperbacks that probably hadn’t looked much better beforehand.

The fog that blanketed the world outside seemed to be kept at bay by the four walls of the convenience store; at least they weren’t walking near-blind anymore. Outside they could never tell when they were about to be attacked, they had listened intently for the flapping of fleshy wings and the ticking sounds of dog nails on asphalt.

The one time she had let her guard down was when they’d first arrived in Silent Hill, their stop-off point between Cleveland and Ashfield in Massachusetts- near enough that they’d wished they’d stopped sooner to get gas, but far enough away that they couldn’t keep going for long without filling the car up- and she had sustained a rather nasty scratch to her upper left arm, courtesy of a pale dragon-like creature.

If she’d been on her guard she would have noticed that the white noise the car radio had been emitting for the past five minutes had, in fact, been growing more insistent.

Neither she, nor her friends, had ever relied on a radio signal to detect the presence of demons before; it made Silent Hill seem a lot weirder to her. The town wasn’t a Hellmouth, no way.

Not even a Hellmouth felt that… dark… and it certainly hadn’t felt tormented and twisted; she should have obeyed her instincts and kept them all away from the place.

As if some higher power were agreeing, a crash of exploding glass rented the air; the several ticks of a mutilated dog; or maybe two met her ears. A growl had her gripping the pipe and, for the millionth time, wishing her magic would break free of the town’s power.

Buffy grasped her arm and pulled her into a run, “Let’s go.”

Her voice was tight, and Willow could tell that she wasn’t the only one wishing that they’d never entered Silent Hill; her friend’s eyes were full of anxiety, and it the dogs weren’t the only reason for it.

She tailed Buffy and Xander to the back door of the store, but faltered as a familiar crackling noise suddenly made itself heard to her, looking in the direction the noise was coming from she zeroed in on a discarded cell phone lying, partially hidden, under an opened packet of beef jerky.

As Buffy and Xander worked feverishly to get the obviously-locked door open an idea already formed in her mind, she leapt towards the small heap and scooped the items up; praying it would work, she threw the partially-contained meat at the dog as its sinewy head edged out from behind the corner.

Ignoring the sting of her injured arm and the crashing, splintering sound of wood, she wheeled around as the dog flew towards the beef jerky, cheering inwardly as she ran towards the now-opened door; she saw the pale, outraged, faces of her friends as she too exited the building.

They looked furious.

Xander shook his head as they all strode towards along Finney Street, his knuckles were white as he clenched the pipe in his hands; the pipe was hanging down by his side as he turned back to look at her, “Jesus, Will. You could have been killed!”

And that was news to her?

The whole town had a ‘could be killed’ factor in it; just like the Hellmouth… actually, she preferred the Hellmouth, she could use her magic; Buffy had her Slayer skills. They had been safer there, and it was familiar.

For one thing, unlike Silent Hill she knew that she was still in her world- in her reality. The spooky little town was surreal, isolated; she knew that she wasn’t the only one who was feeling as though they were completely alone.

They had yet to find another person in Silent Hill.

“A cell phone, Will?” Buffy said, flatly; although a flush of anger was already working its way over her cheeks, “It isn’t exactly worth dying over.”

Hey! How else were they going to figure out how avoid those demons?

Willow held up at the cell emphatically, “If this has a radio on it, which I’m darn sure it has, then it might help us evade those things.”

They just glared at her as they came to the end of Finney Street, seemingly pretty wigged out they turned away; they were looking for street signage, they needed to get familiar with the part of town they were in- their survival may depend on it.

By the time Buffy and Xander had located the street sign- Levin street- Willow had already found the radio incorporated in the cell phone; the white noise was immediate and unnerving.

A demon was nearby.

Her friends turned back to her curiously as she listened intently, the pitch was growing louder; hysterical, almost.

She looked up from the cell at Buffy, “Incoming.”


Xander didn’t just hate Silent Hill, he loathed it. He and his best friends had been stuck in the little town for a few hours and already he felt as though the world was ending, and maybe it was. Usually they would have been forewarned of an oncoming apocalypse, how had they not picked up on it?

On Silent Hill?

Weird that it had remained unknown to them for so long.

Had Silent Hill always been a hell hole, or was it a recent occurrence?

Maybe the world wasn’t ending, ash-rain, thick mists and broken roads didn’t mean anything… right?

And Willow and Buffy’s repressed abilities?

Well, that wasn’t too strange… in bizarre-o world!

What was he thinking?!

Silent Hill made Sunnydale look like a walk in the park… seven years of fighting in that hellhole rendered almost insignificant by a few measly hours in Silent Hill.

Hopefully, they wouldn’t be spending too much time there. A few hours was more than enough for him, he’d give anything to be back in Cleveland, Ohio with the normal, run of the mill demons and hellmouths.

Looking at Willow and Buffy, he knew that he wasn’t the only one feeling that way.

Moments after Willow and her cell had warned them of an incoming hell-critter they’d made a break for it; three skinless dogs had loped off after them, their growls had sounded like gurgles, as though their lungs had been full of mucus… or blood. Were those dogs already dead, or were they just angry, warped demons?

Who knew?

Xander only knew that minutes after the warning he’d finally realized how much shit they were all in, how undeniably screwed they were. What did it say about their chances when the leader, the Slayer who’d taken on the First Evil, had been knocked down by one of the dogs as though she was a sack of potatoes?

They were so very screwed.

Still, at least they had escaped those things; he and his trusty pipe had just about managed to dislodge the dog from Buffy before it had had the chance to inflict even more damage- he wished he’d reacted faster.

Buffy was still grasping the wounds on her forearm tightly, blood was seeping through her fingers; she looked absolutely furious, and he knew that whoever was responsible for Silent Hill’s strangeness had their days numbered.

As soon as they got back to Cleveland they’d be researching like there was no tomorrow.

He noted down the oddities of the town; the monsters; his friends’ sudden… normality; the choking mist; the ash; the shattered roads and… discarded first aid kits?

“Hey, Buff?” he spoke up, eyeing the item; maybe it was a mirage. “Is that a first aid kit I’m seeing?”

All three of them had stopped halfway down Midwich Street, their gazes focused solely on the strangely-placed box; was it a kit, or something else?

“Maybe it’s an evil kit?” he suggested for lack of anything better to say.

They ambled slowly over to the item, eyeing it in collective suspicion. Buffy sighed, “Or it may just be a first aid kit.”

Willow looked doubtful, “In the middle of a street, all shiny an’ new? Not a scratch on it? I-I dunno; it might be evil… evil bandages?”


Buffy shrugged, “I’ll do it. Bleeding to death isn’t a great prospect either.”

He’d agree with that.

Reaching down she scooped the box up, and opened it; pulling away a little as though it carried a disgusting smell, her brow furrowed, “Just bandages, band-aids and alcohol, guys.”

Alcohol huh?

Xander shook his head, “Alcohol, we could make this trip even more interesting.”

Buffy rolled her eyes and shared a look with Willow.

“Cleaning alcohol,” she said, exasperated.

Xander smirked, “Pot-ay-to, pa-tah-to…”

They moved over to the wall of a house and set to work on their injuries, one of them always kept watch even though they had a cell with them; Buffy’s injuries first; the scratch on Willow’s shoulder and then the gash on his elbow.

The awkwardness of the location on his arm meant that he decided to choose the rubbing alcohol; no way was he going to have a encumbered arm in Silent Hill, he needed two arms for the weapon and he hated being the useless member of the gang.

As Xander helped Buffy fasten the bandage around her arm a distant noise reached his ears, he turned away as the blonde secured the safety pin. It was a bell, like a church bell or something… someone was sounding a church bell!

The other two had heard it.

Xander let out a breath, surprised, “We’re not alone.”

There was someone else in Silent Hill.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

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