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Escaping Destiny For A Bit

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This story is No. 6 in the series "Adventures of a Slayer & a Time Lord". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Telling the few places that the Doctor took Buffy, using a few DW episodes, before they met up with Xander & Dawn in NYC. DW-Verse. Buffy/Ten

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: The DoctorChloeBlackFR18941,499188,15515 May 1112 Jun 11Yes

Evolution of the Daleks

Disclaimer: Yep. Still don’t own ‘em. Sad-face.

Chapter Nine: Evolution of the Daleks

I’m not entirely sure what a human Dalek would mean, but I didn’t think it meant anything stellar. I turned to whisper something to the Doctor, but, when I turned, I noticed that he had slipped off somewhere.

“These…humans will become like me. Prepare them for hybridisation.” Dalek Sec said.

The pig slaves came closing in on us. I jumped out of line and stuck myself in front of Frank and the other prisoners.

“You want them, you have to go through me first.” I said, wishing I had thought of some kind of weapon first.

Music began to drift through the lab.

“What is that sound?” Dalek Sec asked.

The Doctor stepped out, holding a radio in his hands.

“That would be me.” he said, setting the radio down. “Hello. Surprise. Boo. Et cetera.”

I smirked.

“Doctor!” Dalek Sec said, recognizing him.

“The enemy of the Daleks.” said Dalek numero uno.

“Exterminate.” ordered Dalek number two.

“Wait!” Dalek Sec commanded.

“Well, then. A new form of Dalek. Fascinating and very clever.” the Doctor said, conversationally.

“The Cult of Skaro escaped your slaughter.” said Dalek Sec.

“How did you end up in 1930?”

“Emergency Temporal Shift.”

“Oh, that must have roasted up your power cells, yeah?” the Doctor scoffed. He started to pace about.

“Time was, four Daleks could have conquered the world but instead your skulking away, hidden in the dark, experimenting. All of which results in you.”

“I am Dalek in human form.”

I rolled my eyes. I wanted to make a cute little pun about how we had already visited that point, but I felt it would probably be better if I kept my mouth shut for once. I really didn’t want to see what these tin cans were capable of.

“What does it feel like? You can talk to me, Dalek Sec. It is Dalek Sec, isn’t it? That’s your name? You’ve got a name and a mind of your own. Tell me what you’re thinking right now.”


“Good. That’s good.”

“I…feel…everything we wanted from mankind, which is ambition, hatred, aggression and war. Such…a genius for war.”

“No, that’s not what humanity means.”

“I think it does. At heart, this species is so very…Dalek.”

“All right, so what have you achieved hen? With this Final Experiment, eh? Nothing!
‘Cause I can show you what you’re missing with this thing. Simple little radio.”

“What is the purpose of that device?”

“Well, exactly. It plays music. What’s the point of that? Oh, but, with music, you can dance to it, sing with it, even fall in love to it.”

He looked at me as he said the last bit and smiled a small-ish smile. He turned back to the Daleks.

“Unless you’re a Dalek of course. Then it’s just noise.”

The Doctor grabbed his sonic doo-hickey and pointed it at the radio. An extremely high pitch wail emanated from it. Dalek Sec grabbed his head, in immense pain, while the other Daleks scrambled about erratically. The Doctor turned towards us.


The prisoners all did as he said and ran out, Frank included. The Doctor grabbed my hand and pulled me along with him.

We made our way down a random series of tunnels and found Tallulah, huddled up against a wall, lost.

“Tallulah! Run!” I yelled.

“What’s happened to Lazlo?” she panicked.

I turned around to see the pig men chasing us with Dalek One and Dalek Two behind them.

“Never mind worrying about Lazlo right now! We’ve got bigger problems!” I shouted, pushing her towards a ladder at the end of the tunnel.

It wasn’t long before we were returning to Hooverville. We gathered around a fire. The Doctor pulled up two crates for Tallulah and myself to sit on.

“These Daleks, they sound like the stuff of nightmares. And they wanna breed?” Solomon asked.

“They’re splicing themselves into human bodies. If I’m right, they’ve got a farm of breeding stock right here in Hooverville. We’ve got to get everyone out.”

“Hooverville’s the lowest place a man can fall. There’s nowhere else to go.” Solomon stated.

“I’m sorry, Solomon. You’ve got to scatter. Go anywhere. Down to the railroads, travel across state, just get out of New York.”

“There’s got to be a way to reason with these things.” Solomon insisted.

“There’s not a chance.” I said, quietly.

“You ain’t seen ‘em, boss.” Frank agreed.

“Daleks are bad enough at anytime, but right now they’re vulnerable and that makes them more dangerous than ever.” the Doctor explained.

All of a sudden, a loud whistle was blowing throughout the air.

“What is that?” I asked, standing up. My senses were all…prickly.

“They’re coming! They’re coming!” the whistle blower shouted.

“A sentry. Must have seen somethin’.” Solomon said, standing up as well.

“They’re here! I seen ‘em! Monsters! They’re monsters!” the sentry shouted back.

“It’s started.” the Doctor said, almost silently. In fact, I don’t think I would have registered him saying anything at all, if it weren’t for my Slayer hearing.

“We’re under attack! Everyone to arms!” Solomon shouted to his men.

They all started passing out guns and other various weapons that they had collected.

I ran up and stood next to the Doctor. “Knew I should’ve grabbed my scythe out of the TARDIS.”

He didn’t answer, he just nodded in agreement. That itself alerted me to the real danger of the situation.

The Doctor, who absolutely abhorred violence of any kind, was agreeing to me using the scythe.

“I’m ready, boss, but some of the residents run off.” Frank said, running up to Solomon.

“Come back! We gotta stick together! It’s not safe out there! Come back!” Solomon shouted to the runners.

The pig slaves ran up, completely invading Hooverville, attacking anyone that dared escaping.

“We need to get out of the park.” I said to the Doctor.

He shook his head.

“We can’t! They’re on all sides. They’re driving people back towards us.”

“We’re trapped.” Tallulah said, walking up to us.

I nodded. “Looks like it. Tallulah, get behind me and stay behind me. I mean it. Stay put. I’ll protect you.”

“Are you serious?” she asked, astounded.

I rolled my eyes. “Yes, I’m serious. I’m stronger than I look. A lot stronger. If you want to stay alive, then stay behind me.”

“We stand together.” Solomon said.

By now, the pig slaves had forced us all into a tight circle by the fire.

“They can’t take all of us!” Solomon yelled, as he started firing his rifle.

“If they can hold them off long enough for me to get to the TARDIS and back…”

The Doctor lifted his head, up to the sky.

“Oh, Buffy, love, they’re just the foot soldiers.”

Everyone turned their heads upwards.

“Oh. My. God.” Tallulah said.

“They fly. Of course they do. Why wouldn’t they fly?” I said, sarcastically.

“What in this world—“ Solomon said.

“It’s the devil. A devil in the sky. God save us all. It’s damnation.” the sentry boy said, frantically.

“Oh yeah? We’ll see about that!” Frank shouted. He fired his rifle at the Dalek, but, obviously, the bullets did no damage whatsoever.

“That’s not gonna work.” The Doctor said as he reached over and pushed his rifle down.

“There’s more than one of them.” I said, pointing up.

The Daleks began to attack, firing upon the settlement, causing explosions and fires. I managed to just miss a laser-y…laser thing as I ducked and rolled to the ground.

“The humans will surrender.” one of the Daleks said.

The Doctor ran out in front of all of us.

“Leave them alone! They’ve done nothing to you!” he shouted at the Dalek.

“We have located the Doctor!” a different Dalek said.

Solomon started to step forward, but the Doctor held him back.

“No, Solomon. Stay back.” he warned.

“I’m told that I’m addressin’ the Daleks, is that right? From what I hear, you’re
outcasts, too.” Solomon said.

“Solomon, don’t.” I said, stepping forward.

“Young lady, this is my township, you will respect my authority.” he said seriously.

“Just let me try.” he added.

I regretfully stepped back, hoping that they weren’t going to laser him. Or use that plunger looking thing…whatever that did.

“Daleks…ain’t we all the same? Underneath, ain’t we all kin? ‘Cause, see, I’ve just discovered this past day God’s universe is a thousand times the size I thought it was. And that scares me. Oh, yeah. Terrifies me. Right down to the bone. But it’s got to give me hope…hope that maybe together we can make a better tomorrow. So I…I beg you now if you have any compassion in your hearts then you’ll meet with us and stop this fight. Well…what do you say?”

“Exterminate!” a Dalek said. He fired a laser-y thing and it hit Solomon, killing him.

My heart fell. I had known that something like that was going to happen. Guilt started to rise up in me, but I squashed it down, as best as I could. I would have to save it for later, when we weren’t being attacked by giant, knobby tin cans.

The inhabitants of Hooverville started screaming and running for it.

Frank rushed to Solomon’s side.

“No! Solomon!” He bent down over him. I ran over and pulled Frank off of him.

“Frank, I’m sorry. But he’s gone. You have to go. Run. Now.”

“They killed him. They just shot him on the spot.” he said, looking up at me.

“Yeah, they did. I’m sorry, I really am, but you have to go. Now.”

Frank stood up and ran towards the others. I looked back over to the Doctor. He was wearing his heart on his sleeve. Not literally, of course. Though, there was one main emotion I could pick out. An emotion that I can say that I’ve never ever known him to feel.


Absolute hatred.

“Daleks!” he screamed.

He moved forward, arms out to his side, ready to confront the Daleks

“All right, so it’s my turn! Then kill me! Kill me if it’ll stop you attacking these people!”

My eyes widened. I leapt up and ran over to him.

“NO!” I shouted.

“Buffy, get away. This isn’t your battle. It’s mine and mine alone.” His tone was so vicious that it stopped me in my tracks.

“I will be the destroyer of our greatest enemy.”

“Then do it! Do it! Just do it! DO IT!” the Doctor screamed.

I closed my eyes. I didn’t want to see this.


The Dalek stopped mid-word.

I opened my eyes.

“I do not understand. It is the Doctor.” it said to an invisible voice.

“I…obey.” it said, finally.

“What’s going on?” the Doctor asked, skeptically.

“You will follow.”

“No! Absolutely not! You can’t go!” I said, grabbing his arm.

He shook my grip off.

“I’ve got to go. The Daleks just changed their minds. Daleks never change their minds.”

“But what about all the people here? What about…me?”

The Doctor looked back at Hooverville before turning and facing the Dalek once more.

“One condition! If I come with you, you spare the lives of everyone here! Do you hear

The Dalek was silent for a moment.

“The humans will be spared. Doctor…follow.”

“I’m coming with you.” I said, with my resolve face on.

“Buffy, stay here. Do what you do best. Help them. Be their protector.”

He started to walk away, but I grabbed him by the elbow and spun him around.

“Doctor…” I pleaded.

He paused a moment before grabbing me in a tight hug and slipping something in the back pocket of my jeans.

“Just remember, whatever happens…know that I love you.”

He let me go and walked away, following the Daleks.

When they were out of sight, I reached into my back pocket to find the psychic paper.

I’m by far no doctor (the medical kind. well, okay, I'm not the time lord-y kind either.) but my life as the Slayer has given me a bit of knowledge on wounds and how to care for them.

Yeah, I get hurt a lot.

I was in a tent, one of the one’s not currently smoldering in smokiness, absentmindedly applying a bandage to a man’s arm.

“Here you go. I got some more on the boil.” Tallulah said, entering the tent with a pot of hot water.

“Thanks.” I finished the man’s bandage and helped him up. “You’ll be all right. It’s just a cut. Try and keep it clean.”

He nodded his thanks and walked out. Tallulah leaned up against the wall.

“So what about us? What do we do now?”

“The Doctor gave me this. He must have had a reason.” I said, holding the psychic paper.

“What’s that for?”

“Gets you into places, buildings and things.”

We were silent for a bit. Thoughts were flying in and out of my mind.

I punched a wooden table in frustration. It fractured, immediately sending splinters of wood flying.

I pulled my fist out to see that most of the wood splinters were stuck in my knuckles.

Bloody wood. Gross.

Tallulah stood against the wall, horrified. I’m not sure if it was at my random violent outburst, my great strength or both. She shook off her dazed expression after a few seconds though, grabbed the pot of hot water and handed it to me.

“What did you do that for?”

I sighed, putting my fist into the hot water. I winced only momentarily and then settled down as Tallulah began cleaning the splinters out.

“Frustrated. The Doctor expects me to do something and I have no idea what.”

Tallulah just nodded. She dried my knuckles and wrapped a bandage around the middle of my hand.

“He gave me the psychic paper which means he must want me to go somewhere. But where? What am I supposed to do?”

“He trusts you. Otherwise he wouldn’t of left us in your care.” Tallulah said, pointedly.

I stood up and started pacing. I stopped after a few minutes when a light bulb went off.

“Wait a minute. Down in the sewers the Daleks mentioned this…energy conductor.”

"What does that mean?”

“I don’t know. Maybe like a…lightening conductor or…Dalekanium! They said the Dalekanium was in place.”

“In place where?”

“I don’t know…but Frank might. Come on.”

We raced out of the tent to find Frank bent down on the ground, clearly in mourning.

“Frank?” I said, softly.


“That Mr. Diagoras, he was like some sort of fixer, right? Get jobs all over town kind of guy?”

“Yeah. He could find a profit anywhere.”

“But where, though? What sort of things?”

“You name it. We’re all so desperate for work, you just hoped Diagoras would pick you for something good. Building work. That pays the best.”

“But what sort of building work?”

“Mainly building that.” he said, pointing towards the Empire State Building.

“Well, that answers the ‘where’ question then. We better get a move on.”

“What—“ Frank started to ask.

“It’s probably better if you just follow and don’t ask a lot of questions.” I said.

He smiled and got up from the ground. After a bit of a hike through the city, we found ourselves inside the Empire State Building, inside a service lift.

“I’ve always wanted to come here. Never imagined it quite like this, though.”

“How can you have heard about the building when it’s not even finished yet?” Frank asked.

“Oh, um, I, uhhh, I meant New York. I’ve always wanted to come to New York.” I said, fidgeting my way through the sentence.

“Where are we headed anyway?” he asked.

“To the top where they’re still building.”

“How come those guys just let us through? How’s that thing work?” Tallulah asked.

“Psychic paper. Shows them whatever I want them to think. According to this, we’re two engineers and an architect.” I explained.

The lift jolted to a stop. Tallulah opened up the doors and we all stepped out into what appeared to be an office type room.

“Look at this pace. Top of the world.” Tallulah said in complete awe.

I tilted my head a bit and spotted what appeared to be architectural plans.

“Okay, now this looks good.” I said, picking them up. Frank walked up to my side.

“Hey, look at the date. These designs were issued today. They must’ve changed something last minute.”

“You mean the Daleks changed something?”

“Yeah, could be.”

“The ones underneath, they’re from before. That means that whatever they changed must be on this top sheet but not this one. We need to check one against the other.”

“The height of this place! This is amazing!” Tallulah said, excitedly.

“Careful, we’re a hundred floors up. Don’t go wandering off.” I warned.

“ Oh I just wanna see.” she answered back. I watched as she walked to an open area that overlooked the entire city.

“New York City. If aliens had to come to Earth, no wonder they came here.” she said, silently.

I rolled my eyes and let a little smile slip.

I took the architectural plans down from the drafting board and spread them across the floor. I kneeled down and started studying them. Frank had joined Tallulah, standing behind me.

“I’ll go and keep an eye out, make sure we’re safe up here. Don’t want nobody buttin’ in.” Frank said after a few minutes. He walked out a side door, leaving Tallulah and I by ourselves.

“There’s a hell of a storm movin’ in.” Tallulah said, conversationally.

“I wish the Doctor was here. He’d know what we’re looking for.” I sighed.

“So tell me, where did you and him first hook up?” she asked.

“California. It’s where I live. Er, well, lived. He was…passing through my town with a friend and got lost. They were kind enough to help me out with some things.”

“Friend? As in a lady friend?” she asked.

“Rose was a nice girl. And a good person. I liked her a lot.”

“She’s dead?”

“No, not dead. Just…well, it’s really complicated.”

Tallulah kneeled down beside me.

“Complicated. Huh. Boy do I get that.”

I just nodded.

“I hope you don’t mind me askin’, but…who are you? Exactly?”

I smiled. “I’m the Slayer. Er, a Slayer that is. Basically, I fight monsters.”

Tallulah didn’t seem shocked, though after the events of the evening, I wasn’t really expecting her to be.

“Is that Doctor a Slayer too?”

I laughed. “No. Slayers are strictly of the female variety.”

“But he’s different.”

“You have no idea how different he really is.”

“Yeah, he’s a man, sweetheart. That’s different enough.”

I laughed again. “You’re telling me.”

“So have you been together ever since your first meeting?”

“No. He had his friend and I had this…really complicated situation going on. With someone. When they came back again, Rose was still with him and I was with someone else. About a year later, he came back after Mom died. Rose was gone too so it was kind of a downer fest. I had other things going on, besides Mom, with my little sister…there was this—well, it’s not important, not now anyway, but she was in danger. Very grave danger. The Doctor wanted to stay and help but I knew deep down that I couldn’t let him do that. It was my battle and I had to fight it. So, I tricked him into leaving. Just sent him packing. When he came back a few months later, he didn’t realize that I had di—well, things were just really different. He stayed with my sister for a bit and then left off. The next time that he showed up, things were just…really really bad. I was going through some really seriously bad stuff. Stuff that I couldn’t deal with. He left me when I thought I needed him the most. I was so…angry. And hurt. I didn’t realize it until much much later that his leaving actually helped me heal. In so many different ways.”

I hadn’t meant for my answer to turn into a long winded monologue, but that’s what it ended as.

|“Aw, listen sweetheart. You wanna get all sad? You wanna have a contest with me and Lazlo?”

“No. But listen, if the Doctor’s with Lazlo now, there’s every chance that he could get him out.”

“And then what? Don’t talk crazy. There’s no future for me and him. Those Dalek things took that away. The one good thing I had in my life and they destroyed it.”

I nodded, silently. I focused back in on the architectural plans in front of me and we were silent for another few minutes.

“You didn’t answer. When did you finally get together?”

I thought a moment. It only seemed like a couple weeks, but thanks to the whole time travel thing, technically, it was a good year, if not longer. I settled on answering in the middle.

“Few months ago.”

She nodded and walked back over to open area, staring out over the city.

I spent the next several minutes carefully searching over the architectural plans, looking for any little differences that I could spot. My eyes were starting to blur. After another few minutes, however, my blurry eyes paid off.

“Got it!” I yelled, motioning to Tallulah.

She joined me on the floor, staring over the plans.

“There, on the mast. Those little lines? They’re new. They’ve added something, see?”

“Added what?” she asked.

We both looked up at each other, already knowing the answer.

“Dalekanium!” we shouted in unison.

I heard a little ‘ping’ noise and looked up to see the lift doors opening. Inside, were Lazlo and The Doctor. I jumped up and ran over to him.


“First floor, perfumery.” he joked.

I slapped him across the face.

“What in the bloody hell was that for?!" he asked, rubbing the spot where I slapped him.

“For making me worry about you. Now get over here and look at what I’ve found.”

He followed me over to where Tallulah and I had the plans spread out across the floor.

He pulled his specs out and slipped them on, looking over the papers.

“We worked it out. We know what they’ve done. There’s Dalekanium on the mast. And I’m really ecstatic that you’re not dead-by-laser-beam, by the way.”

He smiled wide.

“Oh, come here.” He grabbed me up into a large hug and twirled me around. He dropped me down abruptly though, as the lift bell dinged. The doors closed. He ran over towards the doors, intent on stopping it.

“No, no, no.”

He pulled the sonic out and waved over the panel.

“It’s a deadlock seal. I can’t stop it.” he said after a few seconds.

“Where’s it going?” I asked.

“Right down to the Daleks. And they’re not going to leave us alone up here. What’s the time?”

“11:15.” I said, looking down at my watch.

“Six minutes to go. I’ve got to remove the Dalekanium before the gamma radiation hits.”

“Gammon radiation? What the heck is that?” Tallulah asked, walking forward with Lazlo.

I grabbed the Doctor’s hand and led him outside, to the open area. He looked out over the city and then up towards the top of the building.

“Oh, that’s high. That’s very-- Blimey, that’s high.”

“And we’ve got to go even higher. That’s the mast up there, look. There’s three pieces of Dalekanium at the base. We’ve got to get ‘em off.”

“That’s not “we”. That’s just me.” he corrected.

“I’m not going to just stand here and watch you.”

“No, you’re gonna have your hands full, anyway. You’re going to do what you do best, sweetheart. You’re going to fight.”

Tallulah, Lazlo, Frank, who had rejoined us from his look-outs post, and I stood and
watched as the Doctor climbed higher and higher up the scaffolding. The weather wasn’t making it easy for him, either. High winds and rain were blowing all around him. He reached the base of the mast, took out the sonic and zapped at the bolts that were holding the Dalekanium in place.

I heard the lift ding again. I turned my head away from the Doctor and scrambled around for makeshift weapons for us left down here on the ground.

“The lift’s coming up.” I warned.

“I shoulda brought that gun.” Frank said.

“Right, and I should of brought my scythe.” I said, wishing for the millionth time that I had grabbed it.

“Tallulah, stay back. You too, Buffy. IF they send pig slaves, they’re trained to kill.” Lazlo said.

I snorted.

“I’ve faced worse.”

“But they’re savages. I should know. They’re trained to slit your throat with their bare teeth.”

I smiled. “I’ve faced a lot worse. And lived to tell the tale.”

Lazlo collapsed to the floor. Tallulah ran over to him.

“Lazlo? What is it?” she asked, worried.

He struggled to stand.

“No, it’s nothing. I’m fine. Just leave me.”

He fell back to the floor and leaned against the wall. Tallulah kneeled beside him and put her hand to his forehead.

“Oh, honey, you’re burnin’ up. What’s wrong with you? Tell me.”

“One man down and we ain’t even started yet.” Frank said.

“Well, it looks like it’s just me and you Frankie. Watch my back and I’ll watch yours, but do not get in my way. You’re not going to like it if you do, I promise. Got it?”

He nodded, seemingly picking up the small threat in my tone.

My mind raced into Slayer mode. Realistically, there were probably a lot of pig men coming up. I mean, I’m an awesome Slayer, but not when I have three other people to worry about protecting. I suddenly decided that fighting probably wasn’t a good idea. Not without me having some sort of advantage.

“It’s not looking good, Frank.” I said, changing my tone.


A loud crack of thunder burst down, echoing throughout the open room we were in. It sparked an idea in me.

I ran to the other end of the room, motioning for Frank to follow.

I started arranging long metal rods from the outside across the room to the lift. Frank picked up on what I was doing and started helping.

“Make sure they don’t touch the floor!” I yelled to him.

Tallulah was sitting against the wall with Lazlo, who wasn’t looking so good. Health wise.

I wasn’t making a pig-face related joke. For once.

“What the hell are you two clowns doin’?” she yelled out to Frank and I.

“Even if the Doctor stops the Dalekanium, this place is still gonna get hit. Great big bolt of lightening comes….well, there’s electricity all down this building. Connect the metal to the lift and they get zapped.” I flashed a grin.

“Oh my God, that could work.” Tallulah said. I didn’t miss the shocked tone of voice she used.

I was pretty amazed with my braininess myself. Apparently, the Doctor is good for me.

We finished out handiwork in no time. Which is good. Because time was something that we definitely did not have.

“Is that gonna work?” Tallulah asked.

“It’s got to. It’s our only hope.” I said.

“I’ve got it all piped up to the scaffolding outside.” Frank said, walking back over to us.

“Come here, Frank and sit in the middle with us. Don’t touch anything metal.” I warned.

Just like I had thought, a bolt of lightening struck the building. I thought I heard a scream come from where the Doctor was, but I couldn’t get up due to the fact that the lightening was now passing through the pipes. It went straight to the lift, striking the pig slaves. They fell almost immediately. I stood up, careful to avoid anything and everything metal, and ran over to the lift.

“You did it, Buffy.” Tallulah said, excitedly.

Guilt rushed up through me and my conscience.

“They used to be like Lazlo. They were people and I killed them.” I said.

“No, the Daleks killed them. Long ago.” Lazlo said, comfortingly. I heard another scream come from up above us.

“The Doctor!” I shouted. I ran outside as fast as I could. I climbed the side of the building with ease. I noticed part way up that the sonic doo-hickey was laying, carelessly on a ledge. I grabbed it and made it up to the mast in record time. The Doctor was lying, unconscious. I kneeled down and pulled him into my lap.

“Doctor! Doctor…I found your screwdriver, just floating around on a ledge. You’re getting careless.”

He groaned.

“Oh…my head.”

I exhaled a large breath of relief.

“Hiya.” I smiled down at him.

“Hi. You survived then.” he smiled back.

“What can I say? I’m a survivalist. Looks like you did as well. Mostly unharmed, too.
Though, I can’t help noticing….there’s Dalekanium still attached.”

The Doctor jumped up quickly and raced down the mast, back to where everyone else was gathered.

“The Daleks will have gone straight to a war footing. They’ll be using the sewers, spreading their soldiers out underneath Manhattan.” the Doctor said, pacing about the room.

“How do we stop them?” Lazlo asked, still leaning against the wall.

“There’s only one chance. I got in the way. That gamma strike went zapping though me first.”

“But what does that mean?” I asked.

“We need to draw fire. Before they can attack New York, I need to face them. Think, think, think, think. We need some sort of space, somewhere safe, somewhere out of the way. Tallulah!”

“That’s me. Three Ls and an H.” she said, stepping forward.

“The theatre! It’s right above them, and, what, it’s gone midnight? Can you get us inside?”

“Don’t see why not.”

“Is there another lift?”

“We came up in the service elevator.” I said.

“That’ll do. Allons-y!”

A smile stretched across my face. I knew right then and there that we were going to survive this.


We arrived at the theatre in no time. It was pitch black and appropriately eerie.

“This should do it. Here we go.” the Doctor said, switching on the sonic.

“There ain’t nothin’ more creepy than a theatre in the dark. Listen, Doctor, I know you got a thing for show tunes, but there’s a time and place, huh?” Tallulah said.

Lazlo fell into one of the chairs beside her.

“Lazlo, what’s wrong?” she asked, sitting next to him.

“Nothing. It’s just so hot.” he said, fanning himself.

“But…it’s freezing in here. Doctor, what’s happening to him?”

The Doctor was listening to the sonic screwdriver, trying to figure something out.

“Not now, Tallulah. Sorry.” he replied.

“What are you doing?” I asked, curiously.

“If the Daleks are going to war, they’ll wanna find their number one enemy. I’m just telling them where I am.”

The Doctor held up the screwdriver and turned it on.

“I’m telling you to go. Frank can take you back to Hooverville.”

“And I’m telling you….I’m not going!” I yelled back.

“Buffy, that’s an order.”

I laughed a sarcastic laugh.

“Yeah, no, I don’t take orders. If I wanted orders, I would’ve never quit the Council. What have you turned into? Some sort of Dalek?”

The Doctor opened his mouth to answer but shut it quickly as the theatre doors burst open. The human Daleks entered, surrounding us.

“Oh, my God!” Tallulah yelled.

“Well I guess that’s them…humans…with Dalek DNA.” I said, quietly.

Frank moved to attack, but both the Doctor and I pulled him back.

“It’s all right. Just stay calm. Don’t antagonize them.” the Doctor whispered.

“But what about the Dalek masters? Where are they?” Lazlo asked.

Abruptly, there was an explosion on stage. I grabbed the Doctor and pulled him down, behind the seats, as did the others. After a few moments, the Doctor and I peered over the seats. The smoke was starting to clear. Two Daleks were rolling forward with Dalek Sec chained and walking on all fours, like a dog. A really disfigured, kind of human, dog.

The Doctor stood slowly.

“The Doctor will stand before the Daleks.”

He climbed up over a few theatre chairs and stopped when he reached the front row.

“You will die, Doctor. It is the beginning of a new age.”

“Planet Earth will become New Skaro.”

“Oh, and what a world. With anything just the slightest bit different ground into the dirt. That’s Dalek Sec. Don’t you remember? The cleverest Dalek ever and look what you’ve done to him. Is that your new empire? Hmm? Is that the foundation for a whole new civilization?” the Doctor spat back.

“My Daleks…just understand this. If you choose death and destruction, then death and destruction will choose you.” Dalek Sec said, prophetically.

“Incorrect. We will always survive.”

“Now we will destroy our greatest enemy, the Doctor.”

“But he can help you!” Dalek Sec pleaded.

“The Doctor must die.”

“No, I beg you, don’t!” Dalek Sec pleaded again.

He crawled in front of the Daleks.


Dalek Sec stood just as one of the Daleks fired. He died instantly.

“Your own leader. The only creature who might have led you out of the darkness and you destroyed him.” the Doctor said, disgusted. He turned around and faced the human Daleks. “Do you see what they did? Huh? You see what a Dalek really is? If I’m gonna die, let’s give the new boys a shot. What do you think, eh? The Dalek-Humans. Their first blood. Go on, baptize them.” he added, holding his arms out to his sides.

My eyes widened in horror. I wanted to do something, anything to save him, but I made myself stay put. I knew that I would possibly ruin whatever he had planned. That is, if he even had anything planned.

“Dalek-Humans, take aim.”

The human Daleks cocked their weapons and aimed at the Doctor.

“What are you waiting for? Give the command!” he shouted.


The Doctor closed his eyes. I kept my eyes trained on the human Daleks, prepared to take whomever I needed to, out. Except, nothing happened.

“Exterminate!” the Dalek repeated.

Still nothing happened.

“Obey. Dalek-Humans will obey.”

“They’re not firing…What have you done?” I asked, turning my head to the Doctor.

See? I knew he had a plan.

“You will obey. Exterminate.”

“Why?” asked one of the human Daleks.

The Doctor turned his head to him.

“Daleks do not question orders.”

“But why?” the human Dalek asked again.

“You will stop this.”


“You must not question.”

“But you are not our master. And we…we are not Daleks.”

“No, you’re not, and you never will be.” the Doctor answered. He turned to the two
Daleks. “Sorry, I got in the way of the lightening strike. Time Lord DNA got all mixed up. Just that little bit of freedom.”

“If they will not obey, then they must die.”

The Daleks started firing at the human Daleks.

“Get down!” the Doctor yelled.

I pulled Tallulah, Lazlo and Frank down behind the seats with me.

“Exterminate! Exterminate!”

The human Daleks aimed at the Daleks.

“Destroy the hybrids. Destroy.”

The human Daleks started firing.


The Dalek that had just spoken was blown up.

“Extermin—“ the second Dalek was blown up mid-sentence.

The human Daleks stopped firing. Frank, Tallulah, Lazlo and I stood up. The Doctor stood and walked over to the hybrids.

“It’s all right. It’s all right. It’s all right. You did it. You’re free.” he whispered to them.
Suddenly, all the hybrids gripped their heads and screamed in pain.

“No!” the Doctor screamed.

The human Daleks crumbled to the ground.

“They can’t! They can’t! They can’t!” the Doctor said, kneeling down in frustration.

I walked over and joined him by the bodies.

“What happened? What was that?” I asked, horrified.

“They killed ‘em. Rather than let them live. An entire species. Genocide.” the Doctor said, with a mix of anger, hatred and sadness laced throughout his voice.

“Only two of the Daleks have been destroyed. One of the Dalek masters must still be alive.” Lazlo said.

The Doctor stood, with, honestly, the most terrifying look on his face. A look that told me I should be extremely happy and lucky to be on his good side.

“Oh, yes. In the whole universe, just one.”

I followed the Doctor as he walked into the laboratory where the Daleks had been keeping themselves hidden.

The Dalek was connected to a computer at the other end of the room.

“Now what?” he asked.

“You will be exterminated.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Just think about it, Dalek-- What was your name?”

“Dalek Caan.”

The Doctor walked forward.

“Dalek Caan. Your entire species has been wiped out. And now the Cult of Skaro has been eradicated. Leaving only you. Right now you’re facing the only man in the universe who might show you some compassion. ‘Cause I’ve just seen one genocide. I won’t cause another. Caan…let me help you. What do you say?”

“Emergency Temporal Shift!”

Dalek Caan disappeared, leaving wires hanging. The Doctor let out an angry yell. Tallulah and Frank entered just then, helping to support a very sick Lazlo.

I ran over to help them.

“Doctor! He’s not looking so good.” I said, peering into Lazlo’s face.

He was breathing very heavily and wheezing very loudly. I helped Frank and Tallulah lower him to the floor. Tallulah cradled him in her lap.

“It’s okay. You’re all right.” she said, running her hands over his chest.

The Doctor approached then.

“It’s his heart. It’s racing. I can hear it.” I said, as the Doctor kneeled next to me.

"What is it, Doctor? What’s the matter with him? He says he can’t breathe? What is it?” Tallulah asked.

“It’s time, sweetheart.” Lazlo said, sweetly to her.

He was dying. I could sense it. Death is my gift, remember?

“What do you mean “time”? What are you talking about?”

“None of the slaves …survive for long. Most of them only live a few weeks. I was lucky. I held on ‘cause I had you. But now…I’m dyin’, Tallulah.”

“No you’re not. Not now, after all this. Doctor, can’t you do somethin’?”

The Doctor’s expression changed, rapidly. I knew exactly what he was feeling because I’ve felt it a few times myself. Yeah, you may have just saved the world, but a bunch of innocent people died in the process and one of the aggressors got away. And now, here was a way to redeem a bit of the innocent deaths. By saving just one person.

“Oh, Tallulah with three Ls and an H…just you watch me.” he said, standing up and whipping his coat off.

“What do I need? Oh, I don’t know. How about a great big genetic laboratory? Oh look, I’ve got one. Lazlo, just you hold on.”

The Doctor ran about the lab, mixing up some kind of solution, rambling all the while.

“There’s been too many deaths today. Way too many people have died. Brand new creatures and wise old men and age-old enemies. And I’m tellin’ you, I’m tellin’ you right now, I am not having one more death! Got that? Not one! Tallulah, out of the way.”

I smiled wide. This is the Doctor that I fell in love with.

He took the stethoscope out of his pocket and wrapped it around his neck.

“The Doctor is in.” he grinned.

The Doctor, Tallulah, Lazlo, who was bundled in an overcoat and hat, and myself, were waiting by a park bench. Frank ran up to us a few minutes later.

“Well I talked to ‘em and I told ‘em what Solomon would’ve said and I reckon I shamed one or two of ‘em.”

“What did they say?” the Doctor asked.

“They said yes.” Frank grinned.

Tallulah turned and hugged Lazlo, excitedly.

“They’ll give you a home, Lazlo. I mean, uh, don’t imagine people ain’t gonna stare. I can’t promise you’ll be at peace but, in the end, that is what Hooverville is for, people who ain’t got nowhere else.” Frank said.

“Thank you. I—I can’t thank you enough. All of you.” Lazlo expressed.

We were back on Liberty Island by now. Just the Doctor and myself, looking out at the Manhattan skyline.

The Doctor looked down, away from the beautiful skyline, and picked up my semi-injured hand.

“What happened?” he questioned.

“I…got a little…frustrated. And took it out on a table.”

He smirked. “Oh, Buffy. Someday we will work on your violence issues.”

“Think it’s gonna work out between those two?” I asked, changing the subject.

“I don’t know. Anywhere else in the universe, I might worry about them, but New York, that’s what this city’s good at. Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, and maybe the odd pig-slave-Dalek-mutant-hybrid too.”

I laughed. “The pig and the showgirl.”

“The pig and the showgirl.” the Doctor smiled.

“Just proves it, I suppose. There’s someone for everyone.” I said, thoughtfully.

The Doctor’s smile widened. He slipped his hand in mine.

“The Alien and the Slayer?”

I grinned. “The Alien and the Slayer.”

The End

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