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The New Girls

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Summary: Buffy, Willow, Faith, Cordelia, Fred, and Tara go to hogwarts. Takes place right after Faith comes to Sunndydale for the first time. Before the Mayer. Fred and Tara are there teenage selfs as well.

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire slayer, Angel, Or Harry Potter.

Chapter One

The Leaky Cauldron

"Albus what are we going to about the prophecy. I am worried about Harry he has had enough stress after Sirius died and now a year later and with you-know-who having the ministry in his hands and he is gaining more power and followers what are we going to do." Said Professor Minerva McGonagall.

"I agree with Minerva what are we going to do we can't just leave this up to Potter." Professor Severus Snape said.

"I have an idea but I will need the help of you two and Rupert Giles." Albus Dumbledore said.

"Headmaster you can't be serious he was expelled for demon worshiping him and that Ethan Rayne." McGonagall exclaimed.

"If I am correct he has changed his ways and is in America as a Watcher." Albus said with a twinkle in his eye.

"Now Severus I need you to go to Austin Texas and find Winifred Burkel she will be of help. Let her know of our situation she will be coming here as a student bring her here right away she is experienced in potions and please do be kind to her." Snape just nodded and apparated away.

"Minerva I need you to go to Chicago and find Tara MaClay she is a powerful Wicca her mother is one of us inform her about what is happening and ask them if Tara would like a place at our school as a 7th year." With that she apparated away.

Albus then followed suit and apparated as well.

Sunnydale High School

Buffy Summers, Faith Lehane, Willow Rosenberg, and Rupert Giles were in the Sunnydale High school Library waiting for the last two members of the Scooby gang to show up before the meeting started. Then all of a sudden there was a loud pop and there stood a man with a long white beard, long white hair, half moon glasses, and robes standing in front of them. Buffy and Faith both grabbed stakes.

"Professor Dumbledore what are you doing here." Giles said with hearing that he girls put there weapons down.

"Rupert you are out of school you may call me Albus. I am here to talk to 4 young girls about coming to my school as 7th years." He said with a twinkle in his eye.

"What who are the 4 girls" Giles asked at that moment Cordelia Chase walked in.

"Giles why do I have to be here I could be at the Bronze right now. And who is he." She said pointing to Dumbledore.

"This is Headmaster to one of my old schools." Giles said.

"Now that all four of you are here I would like to ask you all." He said

"Wait what are you talking about us all being here?" Cordelia asked.

"Yeah I want to know the exact same thing." Buffy said

"Well the magical world needs your help. There is a teenager your age that needs to stop a war against evil he is one of our only hope you 4 and 2 other girls are our other. I would like to extend an invention to Hogwarts to become 7th years to you four." He said

"Why us four?" Willow asked

"Well a teacher at school is a seer and see saw you four and two others helping out in her vision I also did some research and Miss. Rosenberg is destined to become a powerful Wicca the most powerful one in the world. Miss Summers because she is the Original Slayer. Miss. Chase is destined to become a Seer I saw that also in prophecy. Miss. Lehane can I ask you what do you know about your father?" He asked

"All I know is that he is wanted for murder and left my mom when I was about one. I took her name and gave up his I didn't want to be a Black anymore." She said

"He is a wizard and he is not a murderer he is completely innocent but it also pains me to inform you that he died a year and half ago." The Professor said with a frown.

"Oh Faith are you ok?' Buffy asked

"Five by Five B. I never really know the guy I mean I wish I did but the thing is I didn't."

"Now I would like you all to come back with me to Hogwarts. I think it would benefit us all."

"I think he is right girls. You should go. It could help all four of you." Giles said

"Rupert I would like you to come as well to become the new Defense ageist the Dark Arts teacher."

"I never finished school though." Giles said

"However you have seen more demons then any other person in the magical world and a slayer does need her watcher. If you are coming I suggest you all go home and pack. Miss. Chase and Rosenberg your parents are rarely home so if you would just tell them that you are going to a private boarding school. Miss. Black do you mind if i call you that since it is your Wizarding name?" He asked her and with a nod he continued. "You I understand have no guardianship the choice is up to you. Miss. Summers I suggest you and Mr. Giles go speak with your mother I will be back in two hours please meet me back here if you are coming." With that he was gone with a pop.

Two hours later and lot of explaining mostly to Xander who felt very left out but did understand. Giles, Buffy, Faith, Willow, and Cordelia were waiting in the library for Dumbledore. When he arrived he pulled out an old looking shoe and told everyone to place one finger on it. When they did they felt a pull in there navel and they found themselves in an old looking pub.

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