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Fated Knight

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Summary: Prophecy creates an unspeakable power and a timeless enemy that can only be defeated if the Heroes of the World unite

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredXanderLuvsAllFR1511,211021,48616 May 1116 May 11No
Disclaimor"Sadly don't own Btvs, HP, Charmed or any of the eventual others

There will come a time when the Trinities shall come together,
On all Hollows Eve and they shall each bring forth a child,
Of inconceivable power into the world of Light,
Each child will bring great change to each of their worlds,
For the better until such a time as they will be drawn to,
Each other and shall create a being that will be known as,
Light's Knight among other names and shall be the most,
Glorious being to ever exist and shall force all Dark to END,
Bringing about a new Age that will last till the End of Time,
All that is Light and Good in the Universe shall be in Paradise Forever,
At the Will of the Knight, who shall Rule all in Prosperity and,
Happiness for as long as the Knight and the children of the Knight exist.

Before time could be remembered there was a True Demoness Seer, who foresaw the birth of a being that would bring forth a new age of Light and bring about the end of all that dwelled in the Dark. The Seer, Zanyate, feared this and sought out some way to end this threat to her race. How could she, though when she knew that it would not happen for millions of years.Long after she was dead. Simple. She told others and they made a pledge that when it was the time of this Knight, there would be ones there to stop him and destroy him. Thus the Order of the Knight was born and threw the countless years that have followed continued to this day.

From the translations of Godfrey Pryce, Watcher of Sonya, 1103.

Long has that translation been in the Council's vault as they tried to find signs of this Knight that the Seer,Zanyate, had seen. Many of her visions had come to past, almost all that they possessed so there was hope. That one day this Knight would come and end the endless battle that had existed for as long as humanity had existed. The Council hoped that the Knight would rise up and they could witness this glorious new Age but as time continued without any sign of him they began to stop believing in him. Giving up hope. Completely unaware that across the world it was happening at that very moment.

For in America the Halliwell Brothers had met Omega,an Avatar, and fell in love with her, a fact that shocked their family as they were lovers and none expected anything to come between them. Omega didn't come between them though, she added to them, as if they had always been waiting for her without even knowing of it.And so a Wiccan ceremony was performed and the three of them were married. Within a year Omega was pregnant. And gave birth to a girl, Patience Christina Halliwell.

Across the country and even more unlikely pairing had come together. Remy LeBeau and Jean Grey had gotten together after she had come back from the dead, again, to discover Scott Summers with Frost. At first it was comfort but quickly grew to become more. They were in love and chose to marry as life was to short, especially for them. On their honeymoon, they ended up crashing on a deserted island where somehow their powers didn't work. Thus making them trapped but they were not alone. For Erik Lenisher also known as Maganeto also known as their archenemy-sometimes ally was there. At first both sides blamed the other but eventually realized it was neither faults. An uneasy truce was reached but as the months past, the truce became friendship until one night it became more. By the time they were discovered by the X-men, the three of them were lovers.

To say no one was happy would be an understatement, Scott hadn't liked Jean with Remy in the first place and now she was with Magneto, their foe. It was rather to much. Eventually the three of them simply left and gave up their goals as they loved each other to much to let anything to get in the way of that. It should have been the end, they deserved happily ever after more than most after all but it wasn't. For when Jean realized she was pregnant she was kidnapped by Sinister and when after three weeks of searching, Remy and Erik finally found her. There Remy learned that he was the son of Sinister and the grandson of Apocalypse a double whamming. Still, Remy managed to blast Sinister away and they rescued Jean. They were forced to take her back to the X-men to find out what had happened to her. The answer shocked them.

Sinister had changed the child's DNA, making it so he was now the genetic child of all three of them. Six months later, Lucien Max Grey-LeBeau-Lenisher was born.

Across the pond again, in a world full of magic and nothing else came about another unique pairing. One that would rock their particular world more than any of the others. For one was the Boy-Who-Lived, the Savior of the Wizard World, the Man-Who-Vanquished Voldemort, the Mast of Death, The Savior with Sirius Black, ex-convict, ex-murderer, godfather of Harry Potter which in the Wizard World was a very important role of second father meaning no sex and Lucius Malfoy, Death Eater, Lieutenant of Voldemort, right-hand man of Voldemort and all around bad guy. Neither two were ones the Wizard World wanted or would tolerate for their Savior.

So the three of them were faced with an angry and dangerous sentiment any time they went out. Until finally Harry had enough and allowed Lucius and Sirius to sweep him away from Britain and to the more sane muggle world in France. There the three Mates lived a happy life, especially when Lucius fell pregnant thanks to his Veela breeding. He gave birth to a son, Apollo James Regulus Potter-Black-Malfoy. A perfect blend of all three.

None could possibly know just how special all three would be, of who they would bring forth into this world by a love that would rock the very core of the Cosmos.

Until June 4th, 1985 when Patience,Lucien and Apollo met for the first time and sparks literally flew.Apollo knew instantly that they were his Mates thanks to his heritage, Patience was able to sense that they were meant for her threw the very Magic in the air and Lucien just 'knew' that they were simply HIS. Without much fuss from any of them, they married a day after meeting, without bothering to inform any of their families. They were all sixteen, all had been born on the same day and were all now legally, magically and soulfully bond together. Nothing could part them, no matter how much their families tried. They were simply One and within a year they created the reason for their existence. the being that had been awaited for beyond time can imagine.

Alexander Pagan Destiny. The White Knight. The One Who Sees. Light's Knight. So many names that resonant threw out the verses.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Fated Knight" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 16 May 11.

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