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Champions, Lost

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Summary: Buffy. Angel. Lost. The Powers that Be intervene when the Light Champions lose the battle with the Senior Partners, and alter reality. Better Summary inside.

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Prologue: Flight 730

Champions, Lost
Summary: Re-enforcements arrive in Los Angeles to help the remainder of Angel’s team in the battle with the Senior Partner’s army, but it’s not enough. When the PtB intervene, the champions find out that everything they’ve been through, all the battles, pain and loss they’ve endured has been leading them to this point. Now they just have to figure out where they are. And who. Includes elements and some characters from Lost. Mainly a Buffy/Angel cross otherwise.

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy, Angel or Lost. The first two belong to Joss Whedon and the last belongs to Cuse and Lindelov. I do claim ownership of James Foley, and any other original characters that appear in this story.

Prologue: Flight 730


Her eyes twitched as she slept, her expression strained as visions of a bloody battle raged around the dreamscape of her mind. Hideous creatures and beasts of nightmares fed on the corpses of the fallen while others of their brethren engaged the remaining human warriors who continued to put up a valiant front, but from where she stood atop the remains of a building, the fight was lost. A odd noise from behind her pulls her out of her thoughts and she whirls around to face the source of the disquiet. What she sees is a gigantic column of smoke towering over her, seemingly unmoving. She knows better though, she can sense the hate and anger from within the dark. She stares at the smoke unflinchingly, and lets out a shriek as it suddenly snaps into movement and bum rushes her.

Her eyes snap open and she is released from the horrors playing out in her mind. She instinctively draws a quick breath and her eyes dart around the cabin of the plane, taking note of the people nearby and not detecting any threats. Sighing inwardly she allows herself to relax and slumps down into her seat. After a moment she glances towards the window, where her younger sister is staring out, the world around her dead, due to the blasting music coming out of the earbuds connected to her mp3 player. Buffy contemplates trying to start a conversation with Dawn, but lets the moment pass. Things had been strained between the two girls since the death of their mother several years prior. Turning away from Dawn, she scans the cabin once again, noting for the first time the fact that there is a curtain hiding the tail section of the plane from the fuselage.

*That’s odd.* she thinks, knowing they usually only had a curtain to block first class from the rest of the plane. She stares at the curtain for a few moments, then finally just shrugs and faces forward again. She grabs a magazine out of the pocket on the back of the seat in front of her and begins flipping through it with an expression of disinterest on her face. She looks up as a tattooed brunette accidently bumps her as she passes, pulling a tall man, also tattooed behind her to the bathrooms. Buffy watches as the girl tries one and it doesn’t open, then she opens the one on the other side and pulls the man in with her. Buffy smirks at the interplay, and then everything starts to come undone.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is the captain. We may be experiencing a slight turbulence within the next few minutes. It is nothing to worry about, but I must ask that everyone observes the fasten seatbelt sign has been turned on.” A male voice says over the intercom, and for a brief moment, Buffy swears she has heard the voice before, but files it away as she buckles up. She turns and nudges Dawn, who pulls the earbuds out and gives her a look of irritation.

“What?” Dawn snarks, glaring at her sister.

“The captain has asked everyone to fasten their seatbelts, we may hit turbulence.” Buffy tells her.

“So? I’ll take my chances, it’ll probably be nothing.” Dawn replies dismissively, and starts to put her earbuds back in, but Buffy stops her with her hand on Dawn’s wrist.

“Just put your seatbelt on Dawn, stop acting like a child.” Buffy’s eyes are piercing and Dawn’s are just as hard, but after a moment the fire fades and Dawn jerks her wrist out of Buffy’s grasp.

“Fine whatever, just leave me alone.” Dawn mutters angrily, but complies. She quickly fastens her seatbelt and replaces the earbuds. Buffy shakes her head, wishing things were better between them. She watches as the tattooed couple emerges from the bathroom, their mile high tryst thwarted, at least for now. They start walking up the aisle to return to their seats as the door to the other bathroom opens and a middle aged man wearing tweed and glasses comes out. Buffy watches as he takes a seat next to the Billy Idol lookalike she saw at the check in counter a few hours ago. A male flight attendant comes out of the first class section, walking hurriedly down the aisle when suddenly the plane jerks violently and the attendant is vaulted upward, his body crashing against the roof of the cabin, then falling to the floor in a boneless heap. The redhaired girl sitting in the middle aisle next to where the body of the flight attendant landed lets out a terrified scream and pulls her legs away from where the man’s arm is laying on the floor in front of her feet. The plane jerks again and several of the baggage rack doors open, causing various pieces of luggage to spill out, striking several passengers, including a well groomed black man in a business suit and a dark haired Caucasian male with an eyepatch. A third jerk of the plane causes the breathing masks to fall down. Both Buffy and Dawn grab the masks and quickly put them on. A loud crack is heard and then a powerful wind whips through the cabin and all Buffy hears as she blacks out are screams from the other passengers.

To Be Continued…
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