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Hard Road

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Summary: Faith and Willow are assigned to a possible Hellmouth in Northern California, where they run across Jax and the Sons of Anarchy.

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Television > Sons of AnarchyRogueWolfFR15812,5812209,22716 May 1126 May 11Yes

The Grey Wire

Disclaimer: I own neither Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Sons of Anarchy; I’m just borrowing them for a little while.

Last time: “Well, we’re a broken mess, aren’t we?” Jax checked his phone, which now sported two full bars, and was an effective end to a depressing conversation.

Willow appeared like a ray of sunshine in the woods. Apparently she and Opie had taken the time to go back to the hotel to change because Willow arrived in a brilliant yellow and blue and pink broom stick skirt, which floated around her legs and put her at odds with everything around her, yet oddly, she fit perfectly. Opie followed closely behind the red head, with a bag of burgers and a bit of a puppy dog expression on his face. Jax worried a little for his friend. Who had his heart broken twice in the past year, but eased a bit when Willow gave Opie a brilliant grin, then danced off to join Faith.

“So, can doom and gloom and spider scensy things wait for lunch?” Willow asked, practically dancing around Faith.

“I take it you had a good morning,” Faith watched her friend closely. “Or someone fed you coffee.” Opie’s ears turned red. “I always forget to tell people that mocha’s are like crack to Red. Do no feed the witch.”

“Don’t blame Opie,” Willow said in a mock stern voice. “Plus, it’s not just mocha crack happy, it’s I think we’re really going to like it here, and I had a nice morning happy, with a slight bit of I haven’t slept all night buzz.”

“So, it’s not an I’m driving stick again, happy?” Faith asked, wiggling her eyebrows.

“Dirty, and no.” Willow smacked Faith on her arm. “And don’t you even start with me, I saw you dancing in your seat last night, pounding back shots. I know about the two H’s of post slaying. I lived with enough of you.”

“Don’t even go there, Red,” Faith said, taking the bag of burgers from Opie and letting down the back of the truck for them to sit.

“What are the two H’s of post slaying?” Opie asked, helping willow into the bed of the truck.

“I’ll tell you later,” Willow smiled at the bearded giant. “When Faith isn’t in hitting distance.”

“I’m guessing they’re things Faith doesn’t want anyone to know about,” Jax said, taking a bite of burger.

“She came up with the,” Willow took a container of fries from Faith and dug in.

“Eff off, I was fifteen,” Faith so needed to change the subject. “Have we heard from the realtor?”
“Nope,” Willow popped fries into her mouth, swatting Opie’s hands away, while he tried to steal some. “I don’t expect to for at least a few days, if not a week.”

“Are you all planning on staying at the hotel until you can move in?” Jax asked, not one hundred percent sure way.

“For now,” Willow said, taking a bite of burger. “When it’s possible that we’re getting the house, I’ll probably go back to Ohio and pack our stuff and send it out, but it really depends on how long this all takes, I mean, if it’s going to be months, we’re going to need other accommodations, there’s only so much fast food I can eat.”

“If it comes to that, I’m sure we can see what Sam Crow can do to expatiate the process,” Opie said, cleaning up his lunch wrappers and throwing them into one of the empty bags.

“Should make it go faster,” Jax agreed. “I’ll take to Clay. IN the meantime, I’d like to have one of use stick with you, we can learn plenty from each other, and if there is a threat, Charming is out town.”

“Looks like we found our Scooby’s, Faith,” Willow threw her trash into the bag. “Told you we wouldn’t he all alone out here, ‘half a country from Slay Central’,” Willow mocked.

“I do not sound like that,” Faith said, tossing her trash into the bag.

Faith lead Willow and Opie out to where she had felt the disturbance, though Willow was sure she could have found it won her own. Jax lagged along behind, silently kicking himself for agreeing to come on the hike out into the woods again. Especially with a stomach full of greasy burger.

Willow stated at the spot on the ground where the darkness felt strongest, or as Faith put it, her evil compass was pointing. “It’s definitely something,” Willow said, not taking her eyes off of the ground. “I don’t know what it is, but it’s not a fully formed Hellmouth.”

“How do you know?” Jax asked, really just wanting to get back to the shop for a nice cold beer, or possibly a glass of water.

“Well, mostly because if it was a Hellmouth it would be more protected, there would be seals in place to harness and control the energy. I’ll have to run tests to see if that will need to be done, but first, Jax stand right there,” she pointed to the spot on the ground they had all been looking at.

“Why?” he wasn’t at all sure that standing on something that could be called a Hellmouth was a good idea.

“It won’t hurt you, I just need to see something,” Willow pointed again to the spot and looked at Jax expectantly. Jax reluctantly stood were Willow indicated. “How do you feel?”

“Like an idiot, how am I supposed to feel, darlin’?” Jax stood there while the three of them watched him, Willow slowly circling.

“No, that’s good,” Willow replied vaguely. “Faith, switch places with him.”

“I’ve already stood on the scary mystical energy point,” Faith argued.

“And now, you’re going to do it again,” Willow said grumpily. “Goddess, can’t you do something without arguing with me.” Willow’s eyes flashed dangerously at Faith, who jumped into the circle the Witch had subconsciously been walking. “How do you feel?” The red head asked as calmly as she could, forcing the anger and malevolence that had been creeping in since they got near the site, to the back of her mind.

“Every sense I have is screaming that this place is wrong, evil. My Slayer vibes want something to kill to make it stop.” Faith jumped away from, the site before Willow said anything. “And now I’m itching for a fight, or a couple dozen shots of Jack.”

“I’m sure Jax’ll let you take him for a test drive, Faith,” Willow didn’t even bother to look at the Slayer. Her head cocked to the side, looking at what could potentially be their reason for being in Northern Cali. “The woods are pretty dense over there.”

“Don’t be a bitch, Red,” Faith stalked a few yards away, crossing her arms over her chest.

“You know what they say about payback, “Willow said, still not looking up. “Opie, it’s your turn.” Opie didn’t argue, just stepped over to where the other two had been. It was like being plugged into a light socket; every nerve stood on end and came to life.

“That’s not normal,” Jax’s voice drifted over from the trees, over the hum in Opie’s head.

“It’s what I thought,” Willow kept pacing the circle. “The human felt nothing, Jax you my friend are a complete magic null, it’s probably why you and Opie are so close, it’s got to be relaxing to be around you. Faith, as the Slayer you felt the wrongness of this place, you’re not wrong. This shouldn’t be here. And Opie, goddess you’re sexy like that.”

“Uhoh,” Faith said, looking closely at Opie for the first time. His loosely dreaded hair had gone steely grey and his eyes had bled grey clear through the whites. “That can’t be good.”

“Its fine,” Willow said, no longer walking the circle. “It’s balance, light and dark.” She stepped into her own circle, closing it and walked to Opie, who looked confused. “This isn’t a Hellmouth, Faith, but it has the potential to be.” Willow took Opie’s face in her hands, her hair bleeding grey down her back, the power changing her eyes. “There has been so much violence here in the past year, I’ll have to check my charts, but this spot was once just a crossing of Lay Lines, a major crossing, I think, but with everything that’s happened in Charming since the warehouse burning down, its pulled this place wrong.”

“How do you know about that?” Jax asked, clinging to the one thing that she had said that he understood.

“The land told me,” Willow said, her eyes transfixed with Opie’s, who was slowly relaxing. “We’re here to maintain the balance, Faith.”

“How is that?” Faith slowly crept to the edge of Willow’s circle, but wouldn’t go any further. “You’ve gone all power, grey eyed, Willow, I don’t know what to do.”

“Its okay, this isn’t bad,” Willow looked past Opie, keeping her hands on his face, while he debated what to do with his. “Faith, you’re here to deal with the supernatural threats, those that will try to use this place, now that it’s active, for evil, and they will come. It’s in their best interest to open a new Hellmouth on this coast. Jax, the Sons need to reclaim Charming, move the violence back outside the boarders, and push it back to Lodi, because human violence is what opened the gateway.”

“It’s not that easy, sweetheart, ”Jax watched as his friend made a decision and wrapped his arms around the Witch in front of him, closing a circuit that Jax couldn’t feel, but could see, both of their bodies relaxing into each other, like they were always like that.

“When the warehouse burned, something broke in Charming, a balance,” Willow said, leaning into her grey giant, power pulsing between them; this was what she was missing when she was with Tara, what she looked for in Kennedy’s potential Slayer strength, what she fooled herself into thinking she had with Oz. A closed circuit, full powered, connection. “With Opie’s help, I can restore the natural balance you need to enforce the balance of power.”

“How can I help you?” Opie asked, his hands splayed across the Witch’s back, feeling little shocks of energy as he moved his fingers.

“You, my grey giant, are potential, stored, focused, potential,” Willow said, squirming a bit at the sensations across her nerve endings. “Nature has been calling to you your whole life, Opie, and now it’s time to answer. No more dulling your senses with pot, not more lightly tapping in to find the best place to put a charge, we’re going to open you up wide and show you what Mother Nature intended for you to do.” Willows pushed a bit of power into the circle that she had formed earlier. “But first, we’re going to do a bit of magic.” She slipped her hands around the back of Opie’s neck and gently pulled him towards her. His arms tightened around her back, lifting her off the ground. As their lips touched, power exploded from them, hitting the circle and bleeding to the ground, forming a silver seal over the site. Willow leaned her head back, her hands still locked around Opie’s neck; she let out a huge sigh. “Best first kiss, ever.”
“Could you give a girl a little warning?” Faith shouted, picking herself up off the ground, where she had tackled Jax to avoid the burst of power. “I think I just peed a little!” Opie laughed in a deep, full throated way, that Jax hadn’t heard since before prison, if Opie was happy it was worth the numerous bruises he was sure to have from being tackled to the ground by the Slayer, which, if Jax would admit to himself, wasn’t that bad an experience.

Opie let willow gently to the ground, but kept a tight grip on her hand as they exited what was left of the circle. Once they were clear, he leaned down and touched his lips to hers, experimentally. Sparks flew between them, but nothing like the power released from the first kiss.

“Well, you certainly know how to put on a show, Red,” Faith’s jumping nerves starting to settle.

“I aim to please,” Willow smiled at her friend, squeezing Opie’s hand a little. “So, how do you feel now?”

“Less jumpy, though I’m still itchy,” Faith said, truthfully. “Hungry too. It’s nice to have you all red and colorful again.”

“It’s nice to be red and colorful,” Willow said, leading the group away from the site. “Let’s see what we can do about one of your H’s.”

“Which one would that be?” Faith wiggled her eyebrows at Willow. “I mean, you did put on quite a show; might inspire a girl.”

“I’m not going to sleep with you, Faith,” Willow said in a flat voice, Opie and Jax got the feeling this conversation happened often. “I will buy you a burger.”

“Deal.” Faith stalked ahead, towards Opie’s truck and Jax’s bike. “Think my bike’s ready yet?”

A/N: Well, that's all for now, but keep looking for the sequel, I've already started working on it! Don't forget to review, it makes me type faster.

The End

You have reached the end of "Hard Road". This story is complete.

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