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Summary: What happens when a certain, well known, comedic and extremely destructive species is introduced to the Buffyverse? lets find out...

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Chapter 2

Restfield graveyard was cold; it was late November and about the only time of the year when the normally sunny Californian weather approached something resembling a chill at night. Buffy Summers, the Slayer extraordinaire, didn’t care. She was happy; there was a French test the next morning which she planned on acing before the slowly-fading knowledge of the French language totally deserted her. She’d already staked 2 newbie’s and got into a fight with a minion of Spike and Drusilla, and so far nothing was going wrong, it was a quiet night. This opinion shortly changed as she heard a whistling sound, she ducked just as a sharpened butcher’s knife went flying through the air above her then slamming into a tree up to the hilt.

“Crap! Not what I needed!”

She vainly tried her ‘spidey senses’ and got a bit of an echo, which meant something might be there, or her mom’s meatloaf surprise may have been a bit bad, not useful. A roar echo through her ears moments later and she span round to witness one of the most ferocious looking monsters she’d yet seen.

It was big, bigger than most demons and every human and vampire she’d ever seen. It had greenish skin and smelled like rotting plants- gross! It was hunched over and wearing clothing? Well, that was new for most demons that large she knew about. Her internal monologue broke off as it leapt for her, arms extended and toothy jaw open. She ducked and rolled forwards under it, coming to her feet and spinning round. It however had landed headfirst in a tombstone, broken it and didn’t seem to be showing many signs of the fall and it pulled itself up and ran at her. She ran forwards throwing her stake at its face and pulling the knife out of her belt.

The stake hit it in the forehead and penetrated about 5 inches, enough to kill most demons straight off. This one however, seemed to have a surplus of brains as it ignored the injury in favour of bull-rushing her and shoving her in the chest. Her momentum stopped, she flew backwards through the air into the tree, hand keeping hold of her knife. She smacked into the tree hard, that thing was stronger than her, intelligent enough to try sneaking up on her, using a weapon and tough enough to continue fighting with 4 inches of wood in its forehead. Prognosis: Not good. She grabbed the knife out of the tree and looked at it, on second thoughts it appeared as if a butcher had designed a short sword big enough for the demon to use as a knife. Nasty. She threw the sword at the demon, her aim was good, and it went through its neck. The monster stopped, pulled it out and jumped at her. She ducked and sliced its arm with her knife. The wound appeared to be healing, and the demon goo appeared to be green, like the rest of it. The wound on its arm healed fast enough that her knife was stuck in it. It was pulled out of her hands. Fuck! This thing was tough. She turned and ran; heading for a nearby crypt she knew had larger weapons inside. The monster ran after her, eerily quiet after the first bellow. She jumped through the doorway and grabbed the ornate and dusty pike that was propped up by a suit of armour. The monster barrelled through the doorway, knocking stone bricks and blocks everywhere and throwing dust up.

It swayed, apparently unable to see her. Finally, a weakness! She ran forwards, pike extended as it turned to meet her, she shoved the pike into its guts and quickly ripped upwards into its head. She pulled it out and span it round her shoulders, hacking into its neck and knocking it off-balance. The creature tore the weapon out of her hands and tried to smash her with it. The stomach and chest wound was already healing and the head appeared to be staying stuck between its shoulders. It had grunted, once, in pain. She ducked and went through its legs, grabbing a sword and hamstringing the creature. It fell backwards and she pushed herself out of the way. The creature grabbed her leg and pulled her off the floor, smashing her into the wall, she felt 2 of her ribs crack, damn that was bad.

The monster picked her up and threw her across the room into the wall. The stone dented behind her and she fell to the floor. She grabbed her sword and jumped to meet the creature, stabbing it through the left lung. The demon punched her in the face, sending her flying through the air. Damn! That hurt way too much. She couldn’t afford to get hit again. The creature moved towards her, savouring the moment. It wasn’t limping anymore. She grabbed the large axe lying across from her and threw it at it. It smashed into the face and laid it bare to the bone. The green monster stumbled back, she pulled the axe out and swung it into the arm, cutting through and sending it flying through the air. It roared then and tried to punch her with its other arm; she ducked and sliced its belly open horizontally, making the shape of a cross on its now mostly bare chest. The arm reversed to hammer into her shoulder. Shoving her into the floor and knocking all her breath out. The axe rattled on the floor. The beast picked her up, lifting her above its head and then slamming her into the tomb. She lay there, stunned as the creature grabbed her leg and prepared to repeat the action with the floor. Her wits recovered, she punched the stake still sticking out further into it head, jarring her knuckles.

The creature froze and fell backwards, dropping her. She crawled for the axe, not willing to take any chances after all the creature had survived. She pulled herself up with and effort. There were cuts and bruises everywhere and her face and shoulder ached more than she could remember. She turned round; the creature was slowly pulling itself to its knees. She stumbled forwards desperately and sliced into its head. The axe stuck. Sticking out, half inside its face. The demon looked like someone was playing Operation with it. She walked backwards as the demon reached down and picked up the pike, ignoring the large axe still in its face. She leaped over it, grabbing the axe and tearing half its face out. She yelled swinging it downwards on its head, tired beyond belief. The axe split its skull apart, slicing through its brain and into its neck.

The creature swayed, then stumbled forwards, clearly unable to see. Arm reaching for her. She scrabbled backwards until it abruptly fell as if it were a puppet whose strings were cut. She watched it carefully until its hand stopped spasming. Then pulled herself up and slowly limped home, too tired to try and do anything but sleep. Gods above, she didn’t ever want to see something like that again without knowing how to kill it. Nothing had slowed it down, it even tried to kill her after it died! The demon had survived a pike to the face and an axe to the face, only actually dying when its brain was cut in two. Screw her place, she needed to see Giles, at least her mom was away tonight.

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "Waaaagh!" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 23 May 11.

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