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Summary: A place to place to put all the ideas that interrupt the stories I'm writing.

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New Start + Omake

Disclaimer: If you’re reading this then you should be familiar with the concept of me owning nothing, if not then now you know. And knowing is half the battle!!

Unidentified Highway

A large leaf already turned golden by Fall’s arrival floated in the air, swaying lazily in the crisp air over the road. The calm silence is broken by the dull roar of an engine growing louder in the air, back along the road a blurry shape begins to take form. Moments later the shape solidifies into a black 1969 Dodge Charger that rush’s by the stretch of road leaving the retreating sound of its engine and a crushed leaf in its wake.

Inside the car sitting in the driver’s seat, drumming his fingers on the steering wheel in time to The Animals ‘Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” playing over the radio, was Xander Harris. Now someone might wonder what he was doing driving a car not in Sunnydale with the school year about to start back up. Well the answer to that was very simple, he had left Sunnydale. He couldn’t stay any longer, to do so would put the people he loved in danger, more than they would ever know. The simple fact was he, Alexander Harris, was a vampire. It wasn’t always that way, in fact up until recently he’d been a normal human or at least as normal as one could get living on an inter-dimensional tear and fighting vampires and demons alongside a destined champion.

Then Halloween rolled around and brought Ethan Rayne along with it. When he’d seen Buffy’s choice of costume, meant to impress Angel, Xander had changed his mind about going as a soldier to going as a vampire, to mock openly Angel. His jealous little jibe would turn around and bite him in the ass, simply because he had purchased part of his costume (a pair of fangs) at Ethan’s costume shop. For that night he had been a vampire, different from the ones on the Hellmouth but powerful in his own right and like everyone else he had turned back at the end of the spell, mostly. Over the weeks directly following that fateful night he came to realize that he wasn’t exactly normal anymore, he was a vampire.

But he was unique in his vampirism. As far as he could tell he had the strength’s that one would associate with a vampire but none of the weaknesses. He was fast enough to keep up with a car doing 45 miles an hour, strong enough to throw said car like a Frisbee, his endurance had jumped to near godlike levels and his body’s ability to heal was almost instantaneous. His body now only required 3 hours of sleep (total) a week, which was kind of a draw back because he enjoyed sleeping, and his senses were incredible; he could hear and differentiate the heartbeats in a 2 mile radius (3 ½ when he concentrated), he could see the beatings of a hummingbirds wings clear across a football field while 15 stories up. His sense of touch and taste were so amped up he could find a miniscule tangle in Egyptian silk or taste fractional differences in seasoning amount. His sense of smell was as superior to a bloodhound as the bloodhound was to a human. Holy symbols didn’t repel him, holy water didn’t burn him, Buffy couldn’t sense him (neither could demonic vampires) and all the sun did was enhance his SoCal tan. On top of that he was slowly getting stronger, he’d come to the conclusion that he was the great white and everything else was just prey.

There was one glaring drawback though, the thirst. He didn’t need to drink blood to survive but he still had the overwhelming thirst and drive to hunt. He learned that he could drink without killing and that he only actually needed to drink once a month to sate the desire to do so. The hunting he did almost every night, picking out a target and following them all the while ticking off opportunities to kill them. The one change that he really couldn’t objectively deal with was his new mindset, he was still Xander but now he was less inclined to hide his darker side. For example when Ford came to town and he, Willow and Angel had found his little vampire worship club Xander had gone back after they had left. He’d gone back with three cans of gas, proceeded to drain Ford dry in full sight of everyone and then burn the club down with them all inside. Call him protective of his girls, what a little murder and arson to keep safe the ones you love.

That’s when he noticed a wrinkle; his protective streak was starting to swing down a different path of thought. Turning them, after all if they were like him then they could better defend themselves and he could protect them better. He was able to push that aside but it kept coming back and each time it was that much harder not to do it, which is why he left. Sooner or later he wouldn’t stop himself, he’d turn Buffy, Willow and Cordelia because they were his girls, he’d turn Joyce and Giles because they were his parental figures. And if he did that what was to stop him from turning the cheer squad for sex slaves or the football team for minions, and if he did that sooner or later he would make a mistake. A mistake like turning someone who could match Angelus, surpass him because he didn’t have the same limits. He wasn’t willing to risk releasing that kind of monster on humanity, he was enough, that’s why he left.

He would still hunt and drink but now he wouldn’t be tempted to turn someone. He was moving to another small town located in Washington. His great aunt on his mother’s side had lived there and when she died she left her house to the family with the stipulation that it must stay in the family. She had been the second of two girls who were both now dead, his grandfather dying soon after his wife and his parents not interested in moving or something they couldn’t use to buy beer. That meant when he had taken the deed and left the house no one contested it. So that’s where he was moving to and he was pretty close since he didn’t have to stop to sleep. Xander didn’t slow his charger as he sped by the sign declaring ‘THE CITY OF FORKS WELCOMES YOU’.



“You do that I’m married don’t you?” her question delivered with a coy smile and a tilt of her head.

“Yes but that doesn’t answer my question. Dinner, Friday night at my place.” Xander smiled back at Rosalie as they continued to flirt.

“Emmett wouldn’t like that you know.” Rosalie replied adding a little challenge to the twinkle in her eyes.

Xander closed in stopping right in front of her, his larger frame towering over her own. “Well, it’s a good thing that I’m asking you and not him then.” The smile on his face widened as he saw her eyes dilate “He isn’t my type anyway.”

Rosalie took a couple of steps backwards, a little extra sway to her hips, as she brushed a strand of hair behind her ear. “Gonna have to say no to that Xan.” They had flirted on and off for a while and this was the natural conclusion each time, not that it stopped either of them.

“No worries,” Xander said as he backed away turning towards his Dodge Charger. “I’ve got an eternity to change your mind after all.”
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