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Summary: A place to place to put all the ideas that interrupt the stories I'm writing.

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White Knight, Red Prince

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy the vampire slayer, Etrigan or any of the characters depicted within. There that should keep the vultures off my back and out my pockets.

White Knight, Red Prince

They were losing; this wasn’t how it was supposed to go. Him, the rest of the Scooby’s and the students were supposed to hold off the vampires and demons as Buffy lured the transformed mayor into the library and escape before they blew him, and it, sky high. But that wasn’t what had, and was still happening.

When the mayor had changed, they were ready or at least they had thought they were. Students had thrown off their graduation gowns revealing weapons and makeshift armor, and prepared to fight the things that they had pretended didn’t roam their ‘sleepy little burg’ in the dark of the night. Vampires they had been ready for, demons they were prepared to fight, what had taken them by surprise was the appearance of a militarized group of demons known as the Scourge.

The Scourge had completely thrown off their battle plan, routing the retreating student and parents and getting in between Buffy and the now demonic mayor. A transformed mayor who was even now eating people, and the unlucky demons too close to them, getting stronger with each soul he consumed. Crossing himself and sending a prayer to every god he’d ever heard of, both above and below, Xander left the little area of resistance he had been able to rally and prepared to do something incredibly stupid.


Research, Oh how he hated research Xander thought as he closed another dust old book and put it in the ‘read’ pile and grabbed another. The Scooby gang was gathered in the library looking for information on and how to beat the newest big bad, The Judge. A demon who was, according to Giles, supposed to be unkillable, Oh joy. Deciding that he needed to stretch his legs, and the rest of him, a little, he got up and went to the vending machine in the hallway.

Five minutes later he was back and looking at another book, so similar to the rest and yet so different. When he had went to turn the page it had flipped through them until he was looking at a page near the end of the book. A page that was in English, even though the rest of the book had been in some language that he could barely decipher, or at least a portion of it was. Xander had to reread it three times, it sounded like a poem, rhymes and everything, but each time he read it he could almost see something….something that made his blood heat up and his throat tighten.

“Giles,” he called to their resident watcher/librarian. “Um, what’s this?” he said pointing to apparent poem.

Looking at the book for a moment Giles closed it and picked it up. “Sorry Xander, this shouldn’t have been out here.” At Xanders confused gaze he continued “This is a supposed copy of one of Merlin’s Grimoire’s, a spell-book, one written in a demonic language and as such it most likely wouldn’t have the information that we are seeking.”

Xander nodded “Ok Giles.” and grabbed another book. For the rest of the night, and a few times since, the poem/incantation danced in his mind.

*End Flashback*

It started out as barely a whisper, “Yarva Demonicus Etrigan.”, and slowly built in force and volume “Change, change the form of man.” And as he spoke the world seemed to quiet, the fights coming to a halt and all eyes turning on him as he walked towards the mayors demonic form “Free the prince forever damned.

Free the might from fleshy mire.” It took a great deal of concentration not to falter or scream as he felt his muscles shift as if they were trying to burst forth from under his skin. Gritting his teeth he continued to intone, “Boil the blood in heart of fire.” and very nearly stopped right then as his insides were roasted by the fire flowing in his veins. But he couldn’t stop, if he stopped the power he was calling would destroy him and devour his soul, and more importantly his only chance to save his friends would be lost.

Gathering all his will, his fury and his resolve he roared out the last line….and hoped he hadn’t just doomed his friends. “Gone, gone the form of man and free the demon Etrigan!!” then Xander Harris knew nothing but pain and darkness as he was replaced by feared Prince of Hell, Etrigan.

Sometime later

The pain was gone, for what seemed like the first time in eternity….the pain was gone…and he could see, and hear. What he saw and heard made him wish that he couldn’t. Oh the mayor was dead, charbroiled and half the school along with him, the demons were dead, dying or/and running away but what had his attention was the man Etrigan was glaring at. A man dressed in a nice black suit with a robe over it, a wizard robe like you would see in an old movie about sorcerers, his black and gray hair slicked back, goatee neatly trimmed and a staff in his hand.

“Hello Etrigan, I see you’ve found a new bearer.” The man said with a sickly sweet smile, this drew a growl from Etrigan.

“Merlin,” Etrigan snarled and threw himself at the now named wizard “my will is mine demon-kin!”

Merlin gave a vicious laugh, followed by a blast of magic from his staff that brought Etrigan to his knees, restrained by magical chains that embedded themselves in the ground. “No, you escaped my power before, but I’ve been waiting, planning. You won’t escape again.” power began to coalesce around Merlin as he spoke.

To this realm I bind thee forevermore, until Morgaine Le Fey lives no more. These souls I bind knight newly eternal, prince forever infernal. I bind you Demon to man, Alexander to Etrigan!” Finished with his spell Merlin looked into the snarling face of the demon.

“I shall end you brother, Etrigan and no other.”

“Maybe, maybe you will, but until then,” Merlin said as he looked at his half-brother with disdain. “Gone, gone O Etrigan! Rise once more the form of man!!

For a moment the forms of Xander and Etrigan were both visible, one imposed over the other, glaring at the form of Merlin. In a dual reverberating voice they spoke “Know by will and by flame, from history we shall burn your form and your name.” Their promise/threat delivered Etrigan faded, leaving a tired Xander Harris who dropped to the ground unconscious.

“I’ll be waiting, brother mine.” Merlin said as he slashed his staff across the air, creating a rift that he walked through.

Two days later

Xander stood, taking a last look at the battlefield that had so changed his life. He now had a demon prince with millennia of esoteric knowledge stuck in his head, a demon prince that liked to speak in rhyme no less. The more physical aspect of the bonding between him and Etrigan were the twin stripes of blood red that now streak through his auburn hair, and his eyes that seemed so much older than they had two days ago.

His introspection done Xander headed back to his car. “I’ve a witch to end, and a wizard’s soul to rend. I’ll kill you both, that is my oath.” Realizing that he was speaking in rhyme again he cursed. “Etrigan quit that, it’s not funny.”

With the laughter of the demon prince in his head Alexander Harris left Sunnydale, embarking on a quest to gain his freedom and mortality.

The End
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