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Summary: A place to place to put all the ideas that interrupt the stories I'm writing.

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Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or any of the characters who appear in this story.


*Huff* *Huff* *Huff* his chest hurt and his legs ached, but still he ran. ‘Stupid demon mage creating a portal to travel back in time,’ He dipped under branches and dodged around trees as he ran through the forest trying to lose his pursuers. ‘Damn thing doesn’t even work right because I’m sure that this isn’t Africa.’ *Thump* to his left an arrow imbedded itself into the bark of the tree he had just sidestepped, ‘`cause Africa does NOT have women trying to kill me….most of the time.’, he didn’t need or want to look back at who was shooting at him. He knew well enough, seeing as he had dropped from 4ft in the air into a lake where seven attractive women were taking a bath. They had promptly screamed….and then reached for weapons, forcing him to dance out of the way, until more women with weapons came. Then he had turned tail and ran, leading to his current situation of running through a strange forest trying to avoid becoming a Xander shaped pin cushion.

As he ducked under a branch and tried to put another tree between him and his pursuers, a motion that would save his life, an arrow slammed into his shoulder and almost cost him his balance. Gritting his teeth against a scream and holding his wounded shoulder he pushed on. Breaking through the edge of the forest he came to a stop at the lip of a cliff as another arrow grazed his leg. To the side of the cliff was a waterfall that led down into the choppy, foaming water far below. Looking back at the women breaking through the forest he made up his mind and jumped. Arms flailing as he fell, he sent up a fuck you to Murphy for putting him in this situation, 10ft from the water his body went rigid feet straight and arms at his side.

Up above the amazons looked on as the strangely dressed man who had entered their territory jumped to his death.

Five Months Later

She’d come out into the forest to prove herself. Her sisters didn’t think that she was ready to fight out front when they went to war, so she had decided to kill the creature that of late had been haunting the woods. Or at least that had been her intention; unfortunately she had run afoul of some slavers who had been trying to use the forest to transport their ‘goods’ without paying taxes. After a small scuffle, in which she had killed two of the fifteen men and wounded another, she had made her retreat only for nine of the others to come after her. She wouldn’t let them capture her, never; she knew the tales of slavers that took pleasure in trying to ‘break’ an amazon.

A scream echoed off the trees causing dozens of birds to fly from the canopy of the forest and into the air. This event took place twice more before she ran into one of the slavers, due to her training she had been able to recover from her surprise before him and launched an arrow into his throat. Grabbing the dead man’s sword she continued her sprint through the woods, her fear growing not by the threat of the men after her but by the shadow that would occasionally flit through the darkened gaps between the trees. Coming to a clearing she came upon six of the slavers looking both angry and fearful, dropping her bow she tighten her grip on the sword in her hand. As the men slowly advanced on her and she prepared to fight to the death a voice spoke out. The voice was low and gravelly as if it hadn’t been used for ages, it was deep and commanding as if its word was law, it reverberated through the trees echoing from everywhere as if it was a part of the very forest itself and yet so distinctly not. In short it brought everyone to a halt.

“You shouldn’t have come here, these woods are under my protection and your kind isn’t welcome here.” a shadow appeared in the darkness at the edge of the clearing, only to vanish when one of the men shot an arrow at it. “Your comrades are dead, and your slaves freed…..” a bundle of broken shackles landed in the clearing, causing another arrow to be loosed blindly into the woods. “There is nothing but death for you here….leave.”

The slavers looked terrified as they tried to figure out where the voice was coming from. One finally gathered the courage to speak “Show yourself and fight like a man, you coward.” When no one stepped forward and no voice came he spoke again “We’ll leave your forest and never return, but we’ll be taking the woman. As restitution, for our friends and slaves.” For a moment nothing happened and fear began to creep into her heart, would this guardian allow them to take her to protect its woods, then a low growl rolled over the clearing.

From out of the trees came handfuls of balled up leaves, but as each ball hit the ground it releases a cloudy white gas that began to spread. The clearing was quickly covered in the artificial mist, hiding everyone from view…..then the screaming began. Seconds after the screams started she saw it for the first time, a human-like shape rushing through the mist carving furrows that were quickly filled in and leaving blood and pain in its wake. Slowly the screams died out and the mist faded away. Looking on all she saw was the bloodied ground and the bodies of the dead men, hearing a faint dripping sound she looked down to see an arrow lodged in her abdomen. As she began to fall and her world started going black she saw movement out of the corner of her eye, then nothing.

15 years later

Alia stood on the ground that had become the unofficial border between the village and the forest. The forest of the guardian, a place where some of the others felt fear; fear from the watching eyes and the darting shadows, a fear she herself never felt. No in the forest she felt safe, protected, like it was looking at her with loving eyes and a warm embrace. Not that odd really since her father ruled these woods, Xan the lost one, protector of the forest of the just. No-one had ever seen him, just half glimpsed shadows and half heard rustlings, but the dead bodies of slavers, rapists, murderers and other criminals that decorated the forest floor were proof enough of his existence. Her mother, Thelia, was the only exception.

Her mother had been wounded fighting slavers in the forest years ago, an injury that would have killed her as deep and alone as she was in the forest, except for her father. He had saved her…..and her mother had tried to kill him when she woke up, somehow that had ended with them spending weeks together in a cave as she healed. When her mother returned to the village she was, unknowingly, pregnant with Alia. Her mother had been worried if she would be able to give birth to her and if she would be alright, once she had been born her mother had calmed down greatly. Her other four pregnancies had gone easier, leaving Alia with a sister and three brothers. The boys had, as according to amazon law, been given back to their father; they had been brought to him by her mother. Her sister, Keria, like her were above their age-mates; they were able to outrun, overpower and outswim most of them with ease. Some were in awe of them for it, while others claimed it was only because their father wasn’t human but she never let it bother her.

Now she was here, standing in front of the forest, for her own reasons. She had hit a plateau and wanted to be stronger, faster, better. Her instructors had told her that she needed experience to polish herself and her skills, but she remembered. She remembered the stories, stories told to her by her mother about a guardian spirit that watched over her, stories told by those older than her about an unstoppable spirit that preyed on the evil that entered its domain. Stories about her father and the skill that he possessed in the forest, moving through it like a ghost, leaving no trace of his passage, turning the very earth and trees against the wicked, tendrils that came to life and strangled their victims and the earth opening up to devour the hunted and then sealing itself once again. She wanted to learn that, to make herself strong enough to be able to protect those she loved.

As the sun began to set its rays illuminated the forest in light and shadow, in reds, yellows, oranges and gold’s. In that moment four figures were irradiated by the dying light. The first stood on a high branch hand against the tree, looking down at her. The second stood leaned against the trunk of a tree, arms crossed against his chest. The third, and smallest, stood in a gap between trees looking directly at her with a large hand resting on his head. The hand belong to the largest figure, tall, strongly built body, hair tied back, a smile on his lips and warm brown eyes that she remembered from her time in the cradle. Her father and her brothers. As the sun dipped below the horizon Alia vanished into the forest.

The End

I can’t think of title for this, so if you can think up a good one it would be greatly appreciated. Seriously I don’t feel right leaving finished stories without a title, it just feels…..wrong.

This should have been said earlier but any and all stories in here are up for grabs. All I ask is that if you use one I get a little credit and if I put a Do Not Poach label on a story, you leave it alone.
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