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Summary: A place to place to put all the ideas that interrupt the stories I'm writing.

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Entry #1

Disclaimer: I own Nothing

A Hellmouth corrupts. Everything and everyone on or near enough to it, demon, human, inanimate, living, everything it doesn’t matter. The power that it leaks even at its lowest ebb is enough to twist people and things, to change them. The most obvious are the demons of course, especially the vampires. On the Hellmouth their stronger, faster, more powerful from the day their turned than any vampires sired elsewhere, the vampires that come here get a small increase that grows the longer they spend there. The inorganic change at the slowest rate, most of the time. They gather and store the dark energies until they change, usually due to the influence of something else. Cars coming to life, buildings that devour their inhabitants and books that slowly suck the life and soul from their readers are but a few examples.

The most dangerous though are humans, simply because while the changes in demons and inorganics are mostly structured humans are more chaotic. Humans can change slowly (taking anywhere from months to years), quickly (the span of microseconds to hours), imperceptibly (simply requiring less oxygen) or drastically (turning into monsters that dwarf myth and legend). The ultimate mutable species alongside the most pervasive corruptor….and no-one ever noticed until it was too late, until it gave birth to the greatest threat to its own existence. Me.

Like I said the Hellmouth corrupts, things born on it more than others, those actually conceived there even more. Which leads to why I stand out, I’m the seventh generation to be conceived and born on this particular one. Doesn’t sound like much does it, well let me explain. As I said at least one of my direct ancestors each generation has been conceived and born here, and at first they changed (nothing really noticeable, except my great-great-great grandfather on my father’s side had a real green thumb, some would say almost supernatural). Then something strange happened, the Hellmouth energies began to push against themselves inside my ancestors, meaning that while the energy continued to build in them nothing actually happened to them. I probably would’ve been just another link in the genetic chain if it hadn’t happened.

Halloween night 1998, that’s where it all started. Me and my friends got caught up in a chaos mages fun and for a night people became their costumes. The next day everyone was back to normal, those that had survived the night anyway, not counting some small skills and knowledge that began fading shortly. Me I wasn’t so lucky, or maybe I was, the chaos magic invoked acted on the chaotic Hellmouth energy in me. Chaos met chaos and that was all that was needed for the balance in me to become….not. After that the changes began slowly, I began to notice that I wasn’t affected the same way by magic as my friends it was kind of like it couldn’t see me. Being who I was I began to experiment, found out that I couldn’t directly be affected by magic (no mind control for me yah) but I could still be indirectly affected (note fireballs hurt). After that I started to research, to see if there were any others like me and at first I thought there was.

In a magic book I stumbled upon a term Zero, a rare occurrence in which a person is born without the ability to use or be affected by magic at all. It sounded exactly like what I had experienced so I thought that was what I was. Until I got too cocky and ran afoul of a gang of vampire bikers, I had killed two of their number and they wanted revenge. One night they trapped me in a warehouse and started picking me apart a punch here, a slash here and a kick every now and them to keep it fresh. I was gonna die no-one knew where I was or what I was doing, once I realized and accepted that something changed, I decided that if this is where I fell I’d at least take some of them with me. My mind calm and my resolve set something pulsed inside me, I didn’t know what it was until later. When I attacked the first vampire they laughed, until I caught him with an uppercut (one he should have been able to dodge with the shape I was in) that knocked him on his back and made him bleed. They attacked in numbers then but it was unlike anything that I had seen before, they were so slow, so weak and at first I thought that I had become stronger. Then I began to notice that they weren’t getting back up as fast as they should and their wounds weren’t healing, in fact most of their hits didn’t even hurt it was like fighting out of shape humans.

It took me a week to come up with a theory and test it. My theory was right there was nothing wrong with the vampires it was me, somehow I was no longer just protecting myself from magic I was able to cut them off from most of the magic that powered their abilities. No super strength, super speed, enhanced senses or accelerated healing leaving as just an animated corpse with a bloodlust. I was able to generate a field around myself that counteracted supernatural abilities in anything and anyone spells, curses, demons, vampires, mages…..slayers. I began to experiment with my abilities, to test their limits and as I did they began to grow and change. I was unaffected by magic, I could nullify powers and abilities; I learned how to rip the power from an enemy and destroy it.

Or devour it, that on actually scared me (still does sometimes), I could rip out someone’s power and consume it increasing myself for a while and at first I used it, a lot. After doing it I could think faster, fight better I was a whole new me then I was saved by a Saturday afternoon cartoon. I caught an old episode of superman, the one with parasite and it scared me (was that what I was going to become, some kind of leech worse than the blood suckers) went cold turkey from devouring power unless it was a necessity. But it was too late, like the Hellmouth energy the changes that happened to me had accumulated, I wasn’t Superman or even Batman but I was faster, stronger and quicker at putting things together than most humans (lots of demons too). That’s what led me to figuring it out, for all the evil my friends and I fought in this town there was someone more insidious pulling the strings, a man behind the curtain the proverbial ‘Wizard of Oz’.

I tried to bring it up with my friends but they didn’t really listen so I continued taking hints from cartoons and comics. No, I didn’t put on spandex and run around roof tops by night, I took a slightly darker path. Decided the only way to fight and win was to do it brutally and from the shadows, with an army at my back. Took to calling myself Null and built up a rep, once that was done things got harder building an organization, finding the right people (I use that term loosely) and keeping it under wraps was a pain in the ass. It worked though, we killed off trouble makers, protected the town but I’m getting ahead of myself; let’s start from the beginning.

My name is Alexander LaVelle Harris but most know me as Xander or Null. These are my Journals and this is the story of how I went from a nobody (the Zeppo) to the king of the Hellmouth.

The End

Please Review, it lets me know how I'm doing storywise. And everybody need feedback.
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