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Summary: A place to place to put all the ideas that interrupt the stories I'm writing.

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A Scorpion's Tale

Disclaimer: I own jack squat, which means NOTHING. Hell all I’ve done is taken characters I like and perverted them and the world to make something that amuses me (and hopefully you). Slight problem deciding on P.O.V so it keeps switching between first and third.

Neritoga Japan 1999

Murphy really was out to get Alexander Harris. He had changed his mind about the road trip, decided that he needed to get out of the country to find himself, who he was without anyone to rely on. He’d bought an open ended round trip ticket to Tokyo Japan; from there he had started travelling the countryside. Eventually he had ended up here in a little hidden away place the locals called Sukōpion no bochi (The Scorpions Graveyard) and heard rumors of evil spirits. Xanders first thought was no the Hellmouth couldn’t have followed me all the way out here. Sticking to the ‘better safe than sorry’ school of potential world end-age I decided to check it out. This leads to my current situation, on a ridge watching a group of what appear to be blue clad ninja torture another clad in yellow.

At first I thought that they were humans, holdouts following an older code of conduct. Until one of them shot a blast that froze their captives foot and then stomped on it, shattering it and tearing a scream of anguish from his throat. After that I couldn’t take it, demon or not there was no need to torture the guy, just end him. Grabbing the sword I had brought along I charged down the ridge, letting loose a yell when I was too close to turn away; both to psych myself up and to get their attention. That turned out to be a bad idea. They turned on me, leaving their captive on the ground by himself, drawing weapons of all kinds; sword, staffs and a chain sickle were the ones I recognized. I took out three before they got the upper hand, one disarming me and another grabbing me from behind, I was sure that this was the end. But fate had something else in store for me.

We’d all forgotten about the man on the ground. My reasoning still remains that I was fighting for my life; theirs most likely was because they didn’t consider him a threat anymore, big mistake. As one of them advanced on me, saying something in a language I didn’t understand, he suddenly stopped and stared down at his chest everyone else’s eyes some following. Sticking out of his chest was a bloody metal looking tentacle that opened itself, revealing small razor sharp serrated blades before closing and retreating back through the demon/ninja. After the ninja fell I got a clear view of the tentacle retreating into a slit in the palm of the man they had been torturing. They threw me aside and ran at the man/demon/ninja intent on killing him; he didn’t go down without a fight. As they charged him the tentacle struck out repeatedly, tearing through flesh, muscle, bone and sinew wherever it impacted but as injured as he was it didn’t last. Three made it to him; the first fell when the tentacle pierced his brain as he pierced the man’s side with his spear, the second freezing a large portion of the man’s torso before the tentacle bisected him. The final ninja beheaded him and the tentacle dropped to the ground, only to pop back up, open itself up and tear a hole through the ninja’s chest as he spat on the corpse.

I sat there stunned for a long time, before I got myself under control. At that moment I made a decision that would change my life, I chose to give the yellow clad ninja a last bit of decency and bury him. Only things didn’t go as planned, when I got close enough the tentacle struck out at me and I threw up my hands thinking it was going to kill me too. Instead it burrowed into my palm and up my arm; I could feel as it pushed aside muscle and sinew and destroy what it couldn’t. I never got the chance to scream, I was unconscious before I got the chance.

New York 2006

Xander stood his brow furrowed as he watched the battle that was raging a few blocks away. His luck was holding alright, not off the plane and in the city 24 hours and already he had run into a fight. Granted it wasn’t his usual no vampires, demons or ninja assassins. No it was a group of mutants (I think these ones called themselves the X-men) fighting against a horse of robotic creatures ranging from humanoid to spiderlike. The mutants were holding their own, overall. Some of them where been worn down and corralled, others were already on the ground injured or (hopefully) unconscious.

A part of him that he had never been able to deny started acting up. The part of him that drove him to help those in need, his white knight half as Angelus had dubbed it. He could help them probably save a few, more than a few if he was honest with himself, but at a price. If he helped there was a good chance that someone would record it and ‘they’ would see him and the time and distance he had put between them and himself would be for nothing. He spent the last five years of his life running from them, training when he could, never able to stay in one place for too long for fear of them killing the people around him to get to him.

With a resigned sigh he made up his mind, tightened his grip on his knapsack strap and turned away. The fingers of his right hand danced separately (a habit he had picked up somewhere), no two doing the same thing as his palm began to itch.

The fight

Jubilation Lee lay on the ground staring up at a Mark I Sentinel staring down at her. She and some of the other students from the Xavier Institute had been out, relaxing and then the Sentinels had attacked. During the ensuing fight someone had gotten out a message to the mansion and the teachers had quickly arrived to help (in costume of course). They had done fairly well since then, only 2 of the original 5 Mark I’s still active (only 1 mostly undamaged) and a lot of the smaller ones had been dealt with already. Unfortunately it looked like her luck had run out and this was where she bit the dust.

Glaring at the Sentinel as it raised its hand, palm open, she offered it a ‘Fuck You’ and prepared herself to die.

“Get Over Here!”

As the yell reverberated in the air twin metal spikes penetrated the sentinels arm and dragged it, the sudden shift unbalancing the machine and making it fall over. The tentacles retreated quickly, only to return (followed closely by a blur) when the Sentinel attempted to right itself, wrapped around the robots neck and sliced clean through.

This time when the tentacles retracted she followed their path. Right back into the palms (which promptly closed) of a man decked out in enough ninja gear to make Psylocke jealous. He stood about 6’2’’ in black and grey armored ninja garb, which looked to be reinforced in places, and two swords strapped to his back. The mask of the suit covered most of his face, leaving only from his eyes and above visible. The only swath of color on his uniform was a bold stylized scorpion on his chest in a mixture of bold and muted yellows.

Six weeks later, unknown location

“My lord, we have found him.” stated the Lin Kuei assassin as he kneeled on the ground.

“Where?” came the deep and reverberating voice from the man sitting on a throne-like chair, his upper body and face hidden in deep shadow. Even through the shadows cold blue eyes could be seen.

“New York My Lord, fighting alongside the mutant group known as the X-men.”

“I care not who he allies himself with. Taleth.” A figure, Taleth, steps out of the shadows behind the throne stopping before more than its legs are free from the darkness. The kneeling assassin’s eyes flicker to Taleth then back to the ground, filled with fear. “Eliminate the last of the Shiria Ryu, put an end to that clan of pretenders.”

“Yes father.” Taleth said as she stepped out of the shadows revealing a strikingly beautiful face, cold blue eyes, and a lithe body dressed in the tight blue uniform of the Lin Kuei.

As Taleth walked out of the room followed by the messenger, the man on the throne spoke. “Go, go and end this my Sub-Zero. Then maybe this wraith will die with the last of his bloodline.”

The End

I completely bastardized the mortal kombat wworld for this story and for that i am sorry.
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