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Summary: A place to place to put all the ideas that interrupt the stories I'm writing.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredPupFR151629,44818041,07822 May 112 Oct 12No

What happens when you mess with Death

Disclaimer: If you haven’t figured it out by now I don’t own squat. Usually I try to be a little humorous right here but I ain’t in the mood so just read on and review to let me know what you think.

“Death has a design, when you survived that accident you put a wrinkle in that design. Now it’s gonna be coming for you. One after the other, until you’re all dead.”

“But there has to be a way to beat it, right?” one of the now panicked crash survivors asked in desperation.

“No…..Death cannot be beaten, but there may be a way to delay it.” The Mortician spoke as his audience looked upon him in rapt attention. “Death likes to leave little clues, a song, a picture, a vision if you’re lucky. If you want to survive, then pay attention to the clues, no matter how seemingly inconsequential.”

“But how are we supposed to know what’s a clue and what’s not.” one of the formerly skeptic survivors demanded.

“That’s up to…..”

“ENOUGH!!” the loud yell silenced the room as an ahnk shaped portal opened off to the side of where the survivors and the mortician stood. Out of the portal stepped a pale skinned, leather clad beauty wearing an angry scowl. “This game of yours ends now.” Her eyes never left the mortician as she strode forward.

“What, who are….” The mortician tried to speak only to be interrupted.

“I’m not talking to you human, show yourself Dvaen.” The morticians head dropped his chin landing on his chest and his shoulders slumped, as if he was relaxing.

Laughter, twisted and wrong, began to fill the room as the mortician lifted his head. The formerly human looking eyes now appeared a sickly opaque yellowish color and the lips turned up in a perverse parody of a smile. “Well, Death The Endless.” The changed mortician said giving a bow, never taking his/its eyes off of the now identified Death. “How might I be of assistance?”

Death’s scowl deepened in response. “How long did you think you could play this game, huh?” The morticians smile slipped for a moment “Did you really think, even with the help of demons and dark gods, that you could hide your interference in the matters of death from ME?!”

The smile dropped from the morticians face as he/it turned his/its full attention upon Death, forgetting the human survivors present in the room. “Well that’s just too bad, would have been easier on you if you’d just turned a blind eye.”

A look of incredulity dominated Death’s face “Are you *threatening* me?”

“Now why would I do that? While some deaths are….shall we say delayed, I’m still doing my job and while I am you-can’t-touch-me. Such is the plight of The Endless, to watch but not interfere. Now while my ‘clientele’ wouldn’t be able to stop you, they can stop anyone you send.” An evil smirk adorned his face as he finished, only faltering as he notice the vicious one on Death’s, which some would call a Deaths Head Grin.

“Your right about that, I can’t do anything at least not directly. So let me paraphrase Mephistopheles, You’ll suffer for this. Now deal with my nephew.” The lights in the room flickered before going out for a second, leaving the room wreathed in pitch black darkness, before flickering back to life. The spot where she had stood was now completely empty.

Growling the mortician turned to the survivors and uttered one word in the coldest deadest voice any of them had ever heard. “Leave.” As they ran out of the room his/its mind was a whirl with questions. Could The Endless have children, if so which was the parent of the man that Death would send, could he be killed or would he revive like The Endless themselves. He had to, needed to know. With a carelessness borne of familiarity Dvaen replaced the blank spot in the mortician’s memory with a useful fabrication and slipped away to find the answers to its questions.

Sunnydale, Construction site

“I already told you guys I’m not going to do it. It’s his throne, not mine.” The man neither turned around nor paused in the act of checking, measuring and cutting wood as he spoke.

“Aw no love for auntie D.” said the smiling form of Death as she sat ankles crossed on the skeletal frame of a load bearing wall. The smile slipped into a more serious expression as she continued. “Anyway this isn’t about the politics of The Endless, it’s a more personal matter one I need your help with. And before you refuse let me at least explain the issue, and keep in mind that if you do choose to help I’d owe you one.”

This appeared to catch the man’s interest because he stopped working and turned around, revealing the questioning gaze of Xander Harris. “I’m listening.” Ten minutes later, after calling his friends to let them know that he had to deal with a family issue and would be out of town and contact for a couple of days, Xander Harris was in his car and on the road out of Sunnydale.

Same time

Destiny of The Endless cracked a smile as Alexander accepted Deaths deal. He still found it amusing that after all this time of all his siblings only Destruction, and possibly Dream (but he did always play things close to vest), had a clear understanding of the fact that their abilities and domains stretched far beyond the corporeal realm. In just the right application any one of them could either directly or cause a cascade through the domains of the others to achieve something that they should not be able to.

His nephew had inherited a portion of Destructions power, as evident by his usage of it. The physical side shown by his penchant for it (namely using explosions, such as his high school), and the ethereal by destroying a single moment in destiny and bringing the slayer back to life. And Death had just sent him into a situation where his abilities would most likely encroach on the bounds of her domain, once again.

Speaking of nephews he hadn’t check up on Destructions eldest in a while, maybe it was time to see what he was up to. Now he just had to find when he was, it was so tiresome to keep track of that boy as he went gallivanting through time and space. The boy needed to settled down, just because he was a couple hundred years old he thought he was unstoppable. Hmph, children these days.

The End
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