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Summary: A place to place to put all the ideas that interrupt the stories I'm writing.

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Vengance Is Mine Part I

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy the Vampire Slayer (show) or Collateral Damage (film), which are the things that inspired this story. As such there will be major plot differences. Hope you enjoy. Warning it’s a little dark. First of a Three part story.

Compound, Mompós Columbia, 2008

CIA Special Agent Peter Brandt surveyed the room with mixed feelings. It reminded him of almost every other room that he had seen, that belonged to a high ranking member of a terrorist cell. Well except for the blood, scorch marks, body parts, plus the overturned and damage/destroyed furniture. The second most eye-catching sight in the room was the words ‘el lobo está muerto’ written in blood on the wall. The first was the body that hung under it.

The corpse crucified to the wall, with what appeared to be slim pieces of bone, had been at the center of his world for the last five years. El Lobo, the wolf; Columbian terrorist with 12 confirmed bombings, 70+ confirmed dead, 37 injured and another 5 suspected bombings to his name. On the one hand he was happy the son of a bitch was dead, it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy. On the other hand he’d wanted el lobo to rot in a US prison for all the people he had killed and had killed, and he wanted to be the one to put him there.

Brandt was brought out of his musings by the voice of a junior agent. “Um, Special Agent Brandt, Special Agent Eakins has something that he wants you to see.” Nodding to the younger agent Brandt walked out of the room expecting to see his partner waiting for him. Passing his gaze over the hustle and bustle of the destroyed former terrorist compound he tried to spot Eakins among the buzz of activity. Dead bodies, body parts and pieces of vehicles and walls littered the ground, no one had been spared by whatever incarnation of death had visited this place, not even el lobo’s wife and son.

“Up here Pete.” Thomas Eakins deep baritone voice sounded behind him causing him to turn around expecting to see his partner. A sharp whistle drew his attention upwards where he spotted Eakins smiling down at him, “Come on up Pete, you’re gonna want to see this.” a slight tipping of his head as he spoke. The tone of appreciation in his partner’s voice caused Brandt’s curiosity to soar. Using the railing as a foothold he grabbed on to the lip of the roof and started to pull himself up, grabbing hold of Eakins outstretched hand to leverage himself the rest of the way up. Panting slightly hands on his knees he looked daggers at his partner who stood looking as if he wasn’t standing on a hot roof in the humid air under the blistering noonday sun.

Standing to his full height Brandt looked down from his new vantage point trying to find what it was that Eakins wanted him to see. Coming up blank he turned to his partner “What am I looking at here?”

“You see those scorch marks going down the center of the compound?” Brandt followed Eakins pointing finger until his eyes settled on the burn marks, nodding his head to indicate that he saw them. “What do they look like to you?”

“A bunch of burn marks.” Looking at his partner he noticed the grin, the same infuriating grin that meant he had seen something that others had missed. Reaching out Eakins grabbed his head and turned it back to the burn marks, only this time he tilted it on angle so that Brandt’s ear was almost grazing his shoulder. Brandt’s forehead scrunched up as he took another look at the marks “Are…are those…..letters?”

“Not just letters, words, Latin to be exact.” only a trace of smugness in his voice.

“I’m gonna take a wild guess here and say that you can read it.” Eakins nodded in response. “What does it say?”

“De Hyaena, The Hyena.”

Brandt frown as he worked the kink out of his neck, he’d just lost a murderer who liked to name himself after an animal only to gain another.

19 hours prior

Heated green eyes hidden in the shadows cast by the dense foliage peered down on the terrorist compound nestled in the valley below. The way the setting sun backlit it in a glowing corona of color you would be hard pressed to believe that it was inhabited by murderous scum that posed as freedom fighters. A low deep throated growl emanates from the undergrowth as the eyes disappear back into the brush. A second later an inhuman roar seems to fill the whole of creation, setting the leaves of trees rustling for miles around.

Almost at the same time something breaks through the jungle, sailing on an ark that terminates well inside the compound. The object rolls before coming to a stop against the back tire of one of the jeeps. Terror filled eyes stare unseeingly from the scarred visage of Lt. Javier Hebron Gonzales, his mouth forever open silently screaming his fear and pain. His body a patchwork of scars, not there when he was last seen a day earlier; his right hand is gone replaced by a burnt and jagged stump, his abdomen is torn open spilling what remains of his internal organs on the earth, rough pointed edges show where bones have been removed from his rib cage and hole underneath where once his heart resided. Screams rose up from the milling terrorists, those who weren’t already bent over releasing the vomit and bile at the sight that had greeted them.

A vicious smile adorned Alexander Harris’s lips before he dropped off the tree branch he had been standing on and vanished into the dense jungle flora below. Any remorse for what he was about to do had been wiped away by that last action. He had given them what they never gave his wife and daughter, a fighting chance.

Part One End

The next part is where it gets darker, the attack on the compound and the torture of the Lt. to find its location. Would appreciate some feedback on this one, its my first time going for a really dark (and probably not very likeable) Xander.
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