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Summary: A place to place to put all the ideas that interrupt the stories I'm writing.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredPupFR151629,44818041,08822 May 112 Oct 12No

Entry #13

Disclaimer: Nope I still don’t own it. From the continuing Journals of Alexander Harris aka ‘Null’. Story switches from Journal to live action.

{} Xander memory voice

It’s not as hard as you would think it is to deceive those you care about; actually it’s easy, too easy. What is hard is living up to the responsibilities of those separate but equally important lives that you try to maintain. I forgot that and some of my people, on both sides, payed the price. No longer, it’s time to put down the rabid dog that haunts my town; it’s time to end Angelus.

For weeks I’ve sat back and watched as Buffy let Angelus run roughshod over this town and its inhabitants. Time and time again she has the opportunity to finish him and each time she lets him go. And every time that happens he gets just a little bolder, playing her emotions like a fiddle. What’s worse is that we, not them we let her do it, each of us has a different reason for letting it happen but the result is the same. Death and destruction for everything in Angelus’ path. Tonight it ends, Angelus will be at the Sunnydale Mall with his minions and a resurrected demon named The Judge. We’ve come up with a plan to kill the unkillable Judge and if things go according to plan, my plan anyway, Angelus’ existence will end tonight as well.


Sunnydale Mall

As Buffy stood on top of the crate staring down The Judge, Xander knelt beside it glaring at Angelus. He barely managed to pay enough attention to Buffy’s banter through the whirling torrent of rage that flowed through his veins. There right in front of him stood the monster responsible for the death of a friend, Giles’ love. And Jenny Calendar wasn’t the only one; innumerable citizens of Sunnydale had died by his hand and actions, including two of the newer recruits eager to prove themselves to the boss.

Reining in the anger and storing it away he hands the Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher to Buffy. As Buffy raises the weapon Xander watches as Angelus’ eyes widen. “This is now.” While the rocket flies through the air his eyes follow the course of Angelus and Drusilla’s leap over the railing in hopes of avoiding the blast. The Judge didn’t register on his radar once the rocket impacted, his attention was focused solely on Angelus as he ran away. As Angelus rounded a corner and left his sight Xander reached up and tapped an almost impossible to see earwig twice before turning back to his friends.


Rooftop 3 blocks away

Darwin lay on top of the roof looking through the scope of his custom modified Berrett M-107, waiting for the signal. While the course of action that he was undertaking hadn’t been his first choice, Xanders plan was a good one. With a little more seasoning the kid would go from a good boss to the stuff of legends. Two quick echoes over his earwig brought him back to the present, showtime. Darwin resettled the butt of his rifle against his shoulder, slowed his breathing till each breath became a lifetime, let everything that wasn’t in the view of his scope slide away. In that moment as his marine instructor used to say nothing mattered but the man, the rifle and the target.

{He’s taken too much, too many good people. And I’ve let it go on for too long but no more, he dies tonight, Darwin can you do it?}

He waited; he was used to it, after all he had spent the better part of a decade doing exactly what he was doing right now. Of course back then he was doing it for Uncle Sam and the targets were a little different, but it didn’t matter the right tools could make any job easy. His index finger slowly and softly caressed the trigger as the door to the underground exit of the Mall began to open.

{Angelus is a coward, but he’s a smart one. He will have a back door out if and when things go south. Chances are he’ll be alone; the less minions that know about his exit the more for us to clean up, which means a better chance for him to escape. Just in case he isn’t alone, remember the target IS Angelus. Anyone else is secondary.}

As the door opened and a man stepped into the dark of the night the fact that he barely registered above the ambient temperature of the area around him confirmed that he was a vampire. Darwin waited anyway; no mistakes, always confirm the target before you take the shot. As the vampire turned its head to survey its surroundings Darwin switched back from infrared and saw the face of Angelus. His breath slowly released as his finger caressed the trigger and a custom cast 12.7x99mm NATO round left the barrel at subsonic speed toward its target. Darwin watched as Angelus’ head snapped back from the bullets impact, a smile on his face as the round did what it was designed to do. Two painstakingly built glass separators in two separate chambers shattered; the first chamber contained holy water and ammonia, the second holy water and sodium. As the chemicals in the first chamber mixed they reacted violently as was their want and resulted in an explosion that destroyed Angelus’ spinal cord and separated his head from his body. The chemicals in the second chamber reacted a split second later, erupting into a chemical blaze that began to burn the vampire from the inside out.

Seconds after the ashes that were formerly one quarter of the group known as The Scourge of Europe drifted to the ground Darwin tapped his earwig twice and began to pack up. Minutes later, even the best forensic experts in the world would be hard pressed to say that someone had been in that now vacant spot. While down at ground level a man wearing a hoodie walked towards the spot where Angelus was dusted stopping there and bending down for a moment as if to tie his shoe. When he walked away the ground was clear of any dust.


Three nights later, unidentified graveyard

Five figures stood around a small 6 foot deep hole in the ground, their faces illuminated by moonlight. One of them, Darwin, stepped towards the hole holding a small metallic safe engraved with runes that seemed to twist and turn the eyes away from it. Another man, this one younger steps forward and hands him a cylinder marked with sigils powered by dark magic that Darwin drops into the safe slamming it shut soon after. Looking at the people around him Darwin drops the safe into the hole and steps back as two other men step forward and begin to fill it in. after they finished the last man stepped forward and bowed, placing his hands on the freshly filled hole as he started to intone, English turning to Latin which in turn shifted to an almost lyrical language. As he spoke glowing runes began to appear over the fresh laid ground, growing and spinning as the chanting continued before fading into the soil as he stopped and stood back up.

Darwin looked into the shadow of a tree “I hated this son of a bitch as much as the next guy, but this is a little much, don’t you think.”

“No,” a man stepped out from the shadow of the trees as he spoke. Unlike the others gathered he wasn’t dressed in casual everyday clothes. He wore a dark black suit over a light grey dress shirt and charcoal tie, polished black leather shoes and a pair of black gloves but what drew the eyes was the grey on black full face mask that completed his look. “Given that we’re from Sunnydale I feel that this might be a little light. If I could I’d have put more protection on it, I don’t want to see someone bring that thing back after all.”

After he finished speaking he walked to where the hole had been and pushed a block of granite about the size of a man’s fist into the ground and began to walk away. The others quickly fell in behind him, one of them speaking up. “What was that boss?”

“Insurance, just a little insurance.”

With that Null, his left hand (Darwin) and other trusted members of his organization left behind the graveyard. In that little hole rested the ashes of the vampire Angelus inside a cylinder scarred by dark binding magic, inside of a tungsten safe marked with runes to hide its location and make people avoid its position. The hole itself protected by wards powered by earth magic in a graveyard on truly consecrated ground, all of this protected by a hollow granite block containing a mix of Semtex, HMK and C4 that would be triggered if anyone tried to dig up the hole and what it contained.


AN: This has nothing to do with the story; it’s just that recently I got hooked on a British comedy/drama called Misfits. I am a rabid fan and especially like Simon, played by Welsh actor Iwan Rhoen. It’s quirky, funny, fun, awesome and a whole bunch of other positive adjectives. It starts with group of young 20 something delinquents who get caught up in a storm during their community service and end up with powers only to kill their probation officer when he goes insane and tries to kill them. The story continues with them trying to make sure no one finds out about it, learning to live with their abilities (which unlike most shows where people get powers, their abilities reflect them and are not always useful), life and a continuously shifting group dynamic. If it sounds interesting check it out on or
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