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Reality and Choices

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This story is No. 2 in the series "JLA and the Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and the JLA deal with the the consequences of Xanders actions, and old friends come knocking at his door.

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DC Universe > Justice League(Past Donor)NycorsonFR15717,3563536371,14722 May 117 Aug 11Yes

Hello Murphy

The dance was scheduled for Friday night, and patrols were starting on Saturday, the three girls with the highest grades and highest defense scores would go with him the first night, and he still really wished they had more information about this world’s demons… his mind stopped for a moment, Jason Blood with his guest might be a very good person to visit. Making a note Xander went on with the idea for the dance.

Pat and Lamont were chaperoning it, and he had sweet talked some of the Teen Titans, and a few random others to attend, Zatanna had even agreed to show up, though she had looked extremely uncomfortable up there at that table, but he shrugged that aside. If she had a problem with him, she would have to tell him.

Right now the invitees were heavier on girls than guys, but he could at least count on Garth and Bart to dance with anyone that would move, and Robin would probably get dragged here since Cassandra was here. That and a lot of them were coming to just to scope him out and the girls, he knew very well that right now he was a prime topic of conversation.

Kid Flash – Bart Allen
Superboy – Kon-El
Wonder Girl – Cassie Sandsmark
Batgirl – Cassandra Cain
Beast Boy – Garth (a bit old but never one to miss a party)
Robin – Tim Drake

A little short, and Xander knew he would be dancing, with almost every girl there, and wondered if Nightwing might be willing to attend also. It was more of a bronze party thing than anything else, so he wasn’t too worried about anyone feelings being hurt as most of the girls would dance with each other in a heartbeat.

Finally he sighed, pushing the list off to the side, Pat would deal with the rest, as long as he asked Nightwing if he could show up, he had to figure out the patrols. Here patrolling the cemetery was a waste of time. The bodies that were changing to vampires were never found, Gotham was too dark, and the process to get them to a grave much slower than in Sunnyhell. Most of them seemed to be disappearing from morgues before they could even be autopsied, and the death of hospital workers seemed to be on the rise. Another sigh and he dialed Oracle, days like this he really missed the Willow that had been his friend.

"Yes Xander?" Oracles voice was warm and if anything Xander detected a hint of something else in the voice, but he wasn't sure what.

"How is the most gorgeous lady of cyberspace today?" Xander asked with a smile on his face and in his voice, as a kid he had always kinda wished he could have been someone Batgirl hung out with. Willow had been smart, but it wasn't until years later that the girl part had ever registered, with Batgirl, she had always been all girl.

A low chuckle "Not bad, especially since someone helped lower the rodent population. Thanks Xander."

Xander cleared his throat uncomfortably, "Meh... he just tried to hurt the wrong person. So, I was hoping you might be willing to do me a favor or even just help in general."

"Oh I think you've earned a few thousands favors, so what can I do to you?" Her voice was a low throaty purr as she purposely wound him up, it was so nice to actually flirt with someone who thought you were sexy, even in a wheelchair.

"Oh darling, don't tempt me to tell you exactly what you could do to me." Xander teased back, laughter in his voice and the slightest hint of sincerity, "But at the moment I need your excellent cyber skills. Can you tell me what hospital is getting the most 'missing' dead bodies, and dead workers? Gotham's processes are too different for the cemeteries to be a good hunting ground and I just sense that more vampires are rising than we are really aware of."

"Sure thing Xander." The voice was still a purr, but he could hear her clacking away on the keyboard like a machine gun, and in moments the voice was back, this time all business. "Okay looks like the winner is Gotham General, big surprise there, they have 15 bodies that were brought in as DOA, that disappeared after a day or so in the morgue. They have had 5 employees found dead, 3 have disappeared, and 4 more have quit for reasons unspecified. So I would say that is a great place to start."

"Sounds like it, but that means the vamps are moving faster than I thought, which is not good. One more favor, can you drop Jason Blood a line and let him know I would love to talk to his body guest? I need to get more aligned with how the demons in this universe think and act."

"Sure, not going to guarantee anything, but sure." There was a long pause, "So Cassie tells me you might be planning a dance?"

Xander laughed, "Nothing travels faster than teenage girls gossip. Yep, Friday night, wanna come and help me be the voice of reason, I'll even torture you with my dancing."

There as a long pause, "Umm.. wheelchair remember?"

"So? You haven't seen me dance; in all honestly you might be safer with the wheelchair to protect you. I've been told many times, I don't really dance as much as fail around wildly."

The smile that graced Barbara's face was unseen by anyone, but it would have reminded her father of the daughter he hadn't seen in many years, the daughter that use to know how to laugh with nothing but joy. "I think I just might have to attend, after all, never know when video evidence of your lack of dance skills might be needed."

"Ouch low blow, but you are more than welcome. Casual dress, just come and save me from teenage girls. See ya."

Xander hung up and looked at his list, "Hmm... who else can I talk into coming to deal with teenage slayers?" With a sigh he went back to working, totally unaware that he was the topic of conversation in multiple places, for him the issue was closed, and there were more important things to deal with now, like a dance and teenage girls.

Zatanna and Oliver met at her home, with her pouring them both a glass of bourbon, "So he does know a lot of stuff doesn't he?"

"Yep." Zatanna swallowed a large mouthful, enjoying the burn, "He is a good man, but really given what we did, who are we to judge, how is what we did any different?"

A hard sigh, "You know I really hate it when people crush my righteous anger with logic." His tone was wry as he took a drink, "You sure he is a good guy?"

Zatanna laughed, "Artemis herself likes him, and all I have ever seen is warmth, humor, and iron loyalty from him. Can you say you wouldn't kill if Dinah was in danger."

"No, I probably would. We really are hypocrites. Maybe that is why we rarely have personal lives, it is easier to stay distanced from the emotional part if the people involved are just names to you, when they are ones you love, it is a lot harder to stick to principals, especially when that might cost your loved ones their lives."

"Yep... maybe why I never pushed too hard to do a lot of League stuff, I never wanted to make that choice. Well it is done, he put us in our place properly, I just wonder what else will change now."

Diana headed home, and was standing on her balcony at the embassy thinking, trying to resolve the contradictions that was Xander Harris.

"I wouldn't bother, trying to comprehend him gives even me a headache, and I chose him."

Diana spun at the unfamiliar voice, and then froze at the sight of a man with two faces floating above the beach.

"As you can see I am not touching the ground and therefore not actually on Amazonian soil, so neither your dear mother or Arti, can get upset with me. But I had to drop by and talk to you especially after that wonderfully entertaining scene at the WatchTower earlier, I swear that boy can sow chaos faster than I could even think of what to do."

A slow breath, "Janus. He does seem to leave a wake, he causes chaos everywhere he goes."

A mock long suffering sigh, "Why does everyone think chaos is bad? That it has to bring death and destruction? You know what the best and most entertaining chaos in the world is? A first child in a family. The changes, the upheavals, the forced reshuffling of life. Change is change... not always good or bad, but usually for those of us with the long view, very entertaining. Xander is chosen, Arti told you that, but she didn't tell you he has been blessed by many and by some that have not been active for a very long time. Xander is chaos, change, an ending, and a beginning, he is all of this, by being nothing more than whom he is. A very good man. The Chinese had a blessing that I think fits this situation "May you live in interesting times" I just hope you enjoy what there is to come." With that he was gone, leaving Diana pondering the awakening of so many old gods, and strangely energized for the future.

Xander had it all set up, the food was ready, the DJ was setting up, the girls were bouncing off the walls, even the normally reserved Jo seemed a bit wired but everything was ready and under control.

Pat walked in with Lamont, both looking sort of bemused at the whole idea of them being at a dance for teenagers, but more than willing to help chaperone, "It looks great Xander, you did a wonderful job. Don't worry, nothing is going to go wrong."

Lamont froze and the blood drained from Xander's face, "You had to say it didn't you." He thought frantically wondering if he should cancel, or just prepare for an invasion.

"What?" Pat asked, genuinely confused, "it will be fine."

"Pat dear, shut up before you make it worse. You NEVER say nothing can go wrong, that all but insures something will."

There was a knock at the door, and with a deep breath Xander went to answer, revealing Barbara and Cassie, he let them in with a sigh of relief, maybe, just maybe it wouldn't be as bad as all that. "Hey guys, " he said a bit warily as they came in. "Anything going on?"

Barb looked at Cassie with confusion, "No, the dance is still here in about an hour right? Alfred sent us over with extra goodies for the girls," pointing at the basket strapped to the back of her wheelchair. "Why?"

A deep breath, "Just expecting Murphy I guess."

There was another knock at the door, "Probably the Titans I guess," still talking to Barbara and Cassie as he opened the door, "I don't think you've meet them Cassie, have you?" He turned "Hi g..." and froze, going white as a sheet, causing everyone to react and look at the two people standing in the door the strangest looks on the two visitors faces.

Xander's mind locked up as he looked at the two faces, faces he thought he would only ever see again in his dreams.

Cassie's soft voice interrupted the frozen tableau, "Is this the Murphy you were expecting?"

A soft choke from Xander, "Yeah I guess so. I would like to introduce you to two people from my old universe.... " he turned looking at them again, and took a deep breath....
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