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Out for a Jaunt

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Summary: Buffy and Dawn leave Sunnydale, in an attempt to escape Glory. They come across others fighting their own battles, including Batman and the X-men, while trying to evade Glory and the Knights of Byzantium.

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-CenteredSEAborgFR13514,757064,29523 May 116 Jul 11No

Prologue: Moving at a Brisk Pace

Disclaimer: I do not own any fandoms in this story, which currently include Batman, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, C&C Generals, and X-men. This story is written for strictly non-commercial purposes.

This story is an attempt to create a plausible crossover including a host of fictional universes. Unfortunately, however, I may need to nullify some canon, in order to make the universes mesh together. In addition, I will be making changes to the strengths of characters of certain universes, to put them on a more equal footing. (For example, the X-men characters, in their canon state, have powers so strong that all characters from other universes would be overwhelmingly outclassed.)

The story is set midway through season 5 of BtVS, diverging in the middle of the episode 'Spiral.'


Moving at a Brisk Pace

"Setting: Sunnydale Airport, relatively quiet." Dawn muttered to herself, so that only her sister could hear. "Characters: The Slayer and her younger sister. Plot? I am really, really bored."

"It's better than the alternative." Buffy said quietly.

The regional Sunnydale Airport was a small affair, sufficient to service the town of less than forty thousand people. However, due to the military base nearby, the airport was of a much higher quality than it needed for commercial purposes.

After Glory had discovered, courtesy of Tara's newly-found insanity, that Dawn was the Key, Buffy had come to the conclusion that she couldn't fight the Hell god. She realized that their best chances lay in leaving Sunnydale as fast as possible.

Willow had managed to acquire them a flight to Gotham, via Los Angeles, in the hope that Glory wouldn't be able to find them amongst the millions that inhabited the sprawling city. And unlike Los Angeles, Gotham didn't have a large demon community, nor close friends to Buffy, and thus was not the first place any semi-intelligent person would think to look for the Slayer.

The rest of the Scooby Gang had decided to separate from Buffy and Dawn, in the hope that they could run interference long enough for the girls to get away unnoticed. Spike had assured them that Glory was dimmer than the average light bulb, and thus unlikely to track them before their plane left.

Not that this assertion stopped Buffy from staring at the airport entrance, hoping that her least favorite god didn't come walking through.

Dawn, who wasn't finding the doors so enthralling, stood up, and wandered over to the corner, where a small television sat, displaying world news.

"... fragmented Global Liberation Army on the run, following the last conflict here, terrorist activity remains a clear and present danger. Heavily armed assailants continue their occupation of the Baikonur launch facility in Kazakhstan. The GLA have armed the missiles at Baikonur with newly designed chemical warheads. This arsenal is aimed towards Europe, and evacuations of urban centers have already begun."

"A previous attempt by the Chinese to retake the facility has failed. With Chinese troops battling local warlords to the east, the United States has been asked to undertake the Baikonur mission. Tensions are high. A failed counterstrike could significantly weaken America's influence and strategic interests in Europe. From Falcon Base Command Centre, I am James Seabury."

China and the U.S.A. had been waging a war against the Global Liberation Army, a group of terrorists with surprising strength and numbers, and hard-to-thwart guerilla warfare methods. But perhaps the most dangerous thing about this war was the methods that the GLA were willing to use. Already, they had destroyed most of Beijing in a nuclear attack, and hit several other cities with biological MIRVs.

The Scooby Gang, with their own war to fight, had largely ignored the battles occurring throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa. But sometimes Dawn couldn't help but wonder if it would be humans, rather than demons or gods, who ended up destroying the Earth.

"The Mutant Registration Act lost its main proponent today," Dawn heard, focusing back on the news broadcast, "with the dramatic reversal of Senator Robert Kelly, who until this time had provided the loudest voice in the cry for mutant registration."

"I was wrong in this particular issue,"
Robert Kelly said, pictured standing amongst a host of reporters, "and I hope in time I may be forgiven. Thank you."

"The Mutant Registration Act continues to draw support from many parents' rights groups who feel threatened by unidentified mutants in their school systems."
the reporter continued, "In a related story, the body of Senator Robert Kelly's long-time aid, Henry Guyrich, was found today. Initial coroner's reports seem to indicate that Guyrich was mauled by a bear."

Dawn smiled at this, realizing that it was actually possible the coroners were telling the truth. Years of memories from Sunnydale had ingrained a tendency to disbelieve any cause of death listed on coroner's reports. She realized that, now that she had left the Hellmouth, she would need to come to grips with the fact that not all police were as incompetent as the Sunnydale PD, nor were all tragedies caused by demons and vampires.

At that moment, the loudspeakers activated, and began the boarding call for their flight. Dawn turned back, and began making her way towards her sister.

"So, what's the what?" Buffy asked as Dawn joined up with her in the ticket queue.

"Robert Kelly is now against the Mutant Registration Act, and the American Army will be attacking the Baikonur Cosmodrome."

"I'm sure they come up with those weird names on purpose. I mean, Baikonur?" Buffy stated.

Dawn just smiled, glad that something had finally gotten her thoughts off Glory.

"So, do you think we'll see Batman?" Dawn asked.

"You know we're going to Gotham to get away from weird stuff, right?"

"They say he's perfectly human, not even slightly involved in anything demonic." Dawn protested.

"He's a man dressed in a bat suit. That's not just weird, that's, well, batty."

"Hooray for incredibly lame puns." Dawn laughed, "We seem to have non-mopey-like Buffy again."

They had reached the front of the short line, and they passed their tickets to the airline employee, who scanned them, tore the tickets in two, and gave back the stubs.

"Besides," Buffy continued, as they began walking to the plane, "Apparently Batman went evil and killed a bunch of people."

"Ooh, I know," Dawn said, "We can track him down and you can catch him."

"That would completely wreck his image, admittedly," Buffy said, "But I think this Valley Girl will stick to killing vampires."

"What if a vampire sires him?"

"Then I'd have no choice. We can't let those vampire bats live."

Dawn giggled, before jumping up the stairs leading into the small airliner. Technically, Dawn realized, she had never been on an aircraft before, since she only came into existence less than a year ago. However, she did have the memories of flights she had been on, when they were still living in Los Angeles.

They were directed to their seats, and Buffy took the time to stash her handbag in the overhead locker. Dawn preferred to put her carry-on underneath the seat in front of her.

"So, how are we gonna manage in Gotham?" Dawn asked, "Did Willow arrange anything."

"I'll have to rent someplace once we get there." Buffy said, "We can take a motel room until we arrange something more permanent."

Dawn nodded, and remained silent for several moments, before finally whispering, "Thanks."

Buffy looked at her sister, inquisitive, "For what?"

"You gave up the house, your friends, and pretty much everything else. Nobody else has ever done anything this amazing for me."

Buffy stared at Dawn, sitting in the small seat beside her. They had both been through so much recently, with Riley leaving, Mom dying, and Tara sanity being sucked out.

Buffy hated to flee. She had always been the strong one, the one who would prefer to stay, pun, fight, and maybe even die, rather than let the enemy conquer her. She had been killed once, and come close to it another thousand times, but she always came out on top.

Despite the fact that Buffy couldn't remember a time without Dawn, she knew that her arrival had changed her life tremendously. The monks had done their work well, and despite the tension that often existed between the siblings, there was nobody else that Buffy cared about more. Buffy would let the world collapse before she let anything happen to Dawn.

They remained silent, until the aircraft took to the skies, leaving the vampires, the demons, the Knights, and the Hell god behind. They didn't know if they would ever return.
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