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If Only

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Summary: Faith learns that talking to herself could be hazardous to her health.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > DarkReallyBoredFR1517710485825 May 1125 May 11Yes
Disclaimer: I own nothing here! Joss Whedon and his group own all the characters and material related to Buffy The Vampire Slayer.


It's late night for me, right now, and my brain is partly asleep. Any other time and I wouldn't have bothered to vent like I'm currently doing.






Faith learns that talking to herself could be hazardous to her health.






If Only




Late night strolls upon a deserted Sunnydale street were almost always fatal. The scowling young brunet woman, retrieving her arm and stake clutching hand from the collapsing mass of ash to the side of her, was well aware of that fact, without needing to verbalize, or think, of the obvious.

Faith, Vampire Slayer, one of the Chosen two, Faith considered with sardonic contempt, continued marching along towards her destination--City Hall. With each step Faith took, hot, black rage grew within her--Within her mind, Faith's troubles and mistreatment could all be emanating from one source--

"Buffy!" Faith growled out her hatred for the other slayer--That damn airhead, fucking, shoe obsessed blonde! Just who the fuck does that bitch thinks she is?! Faith hawked and spat, her stake enduring the white knuckled grip she had on it.

For once, Faith thought, for ONE fucking piece of time she thought she had friends? Family? Holy shit! She had no idea what the fuck the Scoobies were suppose to be--! But, hell, she did know what Buffy was suppose to be--A sister, Faith sneered.

So, what the hell happens? The bitch turns her in to save her own mayonnaise-and-white bread ass! Faith mentally ranted, forgetting her own attempt to frame the other girl.

Life's a Bitch like that, ain't it? Yeah, and her name's BUFFY!

None of that mattered, though, Faith assured herself--Fucking only thing that currently mattered was that they were all going to pay for treating her like shit!

Okay, Faith admitted to herself, she did fuck up a little bit, when she came to Sunnydale, with Kakistos and Trick on her sorry ass. She should have been upfront and told them about the bastards . . .But it worked out, right? So, what the fuck?!

See it, want it, have it . . .Like she told Buffy. Seemed to Faith like a good Golden Rule to follow. Why bother following other people's Rules--Hell, why bother following any Rules? Why should she? Slayers were stronger, better, then anyone else--They fought, they suffered, and they died messy deaths, in some cases, before they could experience their first kiss! Why should she deny herself anything? Why not treat herself to what she could, when she could?

Shit! That damn Buffy! Faith growled. Little Miss Perfect! The girl who had a beautiful, perfect, loving mom, a great home, in a good neighborhood--Great, loyal, friends--Hell, she even had the better Watcher! And blonde, too--Damn her!

So, what the fuck does little Faithy get for being such a good girl? Shit!

Well, they were going to pay for that! They all were going to pay! Faith silently promised, spying City Hall.

Faith felt a sudden twist in the middle of her belly--A last moment surge of conscious urged Faith to turn around, and leave Sunnydale anyway she could. But could she just leave? Without revenge of any sort, heh? Could she really walk away, like that? Faith teetered on indecision. If only . . .If only . . .

Suddenly, Faith spat outloud. "I wish I'd never met Buffy Summers!"

"Wish granted!"

Faith spun around in the direction of the voice--And found herself smashed back into a brick wall, with a choking vice around her neck!

She froze in terror and disbelief as Kakistos yellow, demonic glowing eyes bore down into hers--"You're mine!" He snarled.

Mr. Trick, standing to the side, with full game face on, chuckled, "Ooooh, girl! We're gonna have some fun tonight!"

Faith's screams went on for hours . . .

In Sunnydale, Anya the Vengeance demon shrugged. Not exactly the typical Scorned Woman--But close enough.




Later, I'll likely read this story and wonder what was I thinking?

Sorry about all the cursing, but with Faith's upbring that seemed likely for her.

Look, it's not like if I hate Faith, but I've gotten tired of good stories that have been marred by the author seeking some way to excuse her behavior and crimes, even going as far as hitting that old standby--Blaming the Victim. Faith was a ticking timebomb, when she arrived in Sunnydale, and no amount of attention by the Scoobies was going to alter that outcome--She needed serious professional help. It was just Buffy's and the Scoobies bad luck that Faith blew up on their watch.

This story is complete. I hope you enjoy it. Goodbye!

The End

You have reached the end of "If Only". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking