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Five Slayers That Never Heard the Call

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Summary: Five double drabbles looking at what would have happened if Willow's spell had travelled across other worlds. Five of my favourite female characters are suddenly given superpowers - what are their initial reactions?

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralLakshmibaiFR1311,015061,01325 May 1125 May 11Yes
Disclaimer: none of the worlds mentioned, including Buffy, belong to me. This was written entirely for my own enjoyment, and not for profit.

A/N: Another selection, to add to the many on this site, of 'Five...' Stories, looking at options of what could have happened in another world. The following five characters are favourites of mine from a variety of TV and books. This is just a quick look at their initial reactions - if anyone wanted to take the ideas forward into a full story, I'd love to read them. (Just mention me - for vanity's sake!)

In order, the characters are from: Burn Notice, the Dresden Files, CSI Miami, NCIS and the Discworld.

Fiona: the Impassive

Fiona didn’t think much of the dream at the time. It wouldn’t have featured in her top ten nightmares – which mostly involved dead sisters and wasted bread and butter pudding – so the sight of a vicious battle between girls and monsters had barely registered. The voice had stayed with her though, asking, “Are you ready to be strong?”

She hadn’t thought much about it, just gone back to her normal routine. It was only when she was training with Michael, as usual, just another day, that the dream came back to her. Only then that she began to consider the implications of what she had seen.

She had just finished her warm up and Michael was being annoying. Honestly, couldn’t he see that not everything had to come back to him getting his job back? So she had launched a kick at him, knowing he would block the move, as he always did.

Michael had flown ten feet backwards through the air, smacking hard into the wall of the loft. Stunned and winded, he had dropped to the ground, staring in shock at her. Again, Fiona heard the voice echo in her head, “Are you ready to be strong?”


Karrin: the Cynic

Karrin Murphy woke up and swore. Dresden had done something. That was the only answer. Dresden had done something stupid and now she was having dreams about vampires and teenage girls. Still, she considered, they were better than her usual dreams about Fairies and the Red Court and blackened coins.

Determined to find out what Dresden had done this time, she drove over to his apartment and banged heavily on the door.

That was the second sign that something was wrong. Karrin worked out, and had a black belt in aikido, but she’d never dented solid steel with her bare fists before.

Dresden appeared, clearly ready to blast whatever had ruined yet another front door. “Murph?”

“What did you do?”

“Do about what?” He might have sounded innocent, but she’d fallen for that before. She gestured the beaten door and glared. Studying her closely, he took a moment to close his eyes and take a deep breath. “I’m going to have to use my Sight.”

“Fine, just get on with it.”

When he opened his eyes, Harry took one look at her and started to laugh.

“What is it?”

“Congratulations, Karrin. You just became a superhero.”


Calleigh: the Scientist

Calleigh was very definitely not freaking out, because she was sensible and practical, believed in science not magic and was therefore rational. So she wasn’t freaking out, because this was completely explicable. There had to be a rational explanation for her suddenly enhanced senses.

She’d been at a crime scene, when she noticed a glint of metal. It had to be the bullet casing she was looking for. How it had ended up there, she didn’t know, but there it was. It was only when she was scrambling up the tree with what, in retrospect, was uncanny agility, that she realised she had seen the casing from forty feet away.

Ryan had worried when he saw how high she was, she could see his worried expression clearly, but all of her team had panicked when a strong gust of wind had buffeted the tree, she lost her balance and tumbled from the tree. She landed with catlike grace, holding the evidence bag tightly.


Not sure what had happened, and for some reason unwilling to let her team into this – whatever this was – she shrugged awkwardly and lied even more awkwardly.

“I’ve been working out?”


Abby: the Enthusiast

Abby’s first thought was: this is so cool! Her second thought was: Gibbs is going to be so mad! Her third thought was: hey, now I can take on Ziva! It was only after these first thoughts that she began to consider the realities of her situation.

She’d heard of Sunnydale, of course. Who in law enforcement hadn’t heard the weird stories that occasionally came out of the small Californian town? She hadn’t discounted those tales. Abby, who wanted evidence of alien crop circles, hadn’t dismissed them as hysteria. Abby made notes. Abby noted recurring phenomena.

Abby did what few people did: she believed in evidence, even when it contradicted common sense. If the evidence showed there were vampires, then there were vampires.

And if there were vampires, then the notion of the Slayer – an internet myth, hardened into fact by current evidence – wasn’t stupid. It made sense. As did the vague mutterings of an organisation that managed the Slayer – the Watchers.

She dressed carefully for work that morning – she assumed that someone would be along soon. She wanted to make a good impression. After all, she was quite possibly the world’s first Forensic Vampire Slayer.


Susan: the Pessimist

Susan was in Biers when it happened. There she was, enjoying a gin and tonic, minding her own business, when she was overcome with the urge to stake vampires. It was odd, she considered, how very specific the urge was. Susan was usually prepared to deal with anything that crossed her path – not that much did these days. Word got around about people like Susan.

But no, it was just vampires. It was all rather odd. She ordered another drink while she thought. Her introspection drew the attention of someone who must have been new in town. And, of course, it had to be a vampire. “What’s a pretty lady doing drinking in here all alone?”

“Drinking.” The vampire leaned in closer and Susan fought what appeared to be her now natural instincts to jab a chair leg into his heart. Instead, she turned to him and said gravely, LEAVE ME ALONE.

The vampire fled and Susan sighed. Whatever had happened, it was something she hadn’t heard of. Which meant there was only one person she could ask.

She stood in front of a black house with black stables and black trees, but fields of golden wheat. “Grandfather!”

The End

You have reached the end of "Five Slayers That Never Heard the Call". This story is complete.

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