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In a Yellow Wood

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Summary: A Secret Santa fic for Saiyasith- a Tara/Richard story about life before it got complicated

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Anita Blake > Tara-CentereddulcineaFR1348,052073,76119 Dec 0319 Dec 03Yes


Dear Verne,

Well, we’ve managed to get Tara settled in the dorms. She says her room is larger than the entire house she grew up in. Hard to believe considering how small dorm rooms are, but I’ve seen her house, so she may be right. She wanted me to pass on her thanks to the pack for covering her expenses. I tried to tell her that it was a gift, but she insists that she’ll find a job to pay you back for the plane ticket to California. I’m glad we got her far away from her father. No matter what the law is, I don’t think the local law enforcement is up to keeping them for a full sentence. One of the drawbacks of small town life, I guess. I went with Tara to the scholarship office and made sure she’d be all taken care of for the next four years. They were very understanding. Evidently, U.C. Sunnydale has several students that are orphans, or missing at least one parent, so having a technically unrelated friend claim guardianship didn’t seem too hard for them to handle. Their counseling department seemed ready to deal with it, so I think Tara will be in good hands. I should be back in a week or so. I’ll give you a call then. Tell the pack thanks again.



PS- Marianne says that a wolf who can survive a gunshot wound without fussing can handle an Ulfric fight no problem. Of course, she also said taking it in my shoulder was probably a lot better than where you got hit. Have any drunk hunting stories you’d care to share? Inquiring pups want to know. ;)

The End

You have reached the end of "In a Yellow Wood". This story is complete.

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